Dr. Jean and Some More Claps

I printed out all of the Dr. Jean "Cheer" cards the other day, laminated them, and just finished cutting them out a little bit ago (which means there are tiny bits and pieces of laminate all over my bed and floor). Fran over at Kindergarten Crayons got to meet Dr. Jean at a conference and took a picture with her! Lucky! Thank you, Fran, for the link. (I act like I know Fran. She has a million followers and won the Really Good Blog Contest. She has left me a comment or two so that's why I feel like we're friends but we've never met which is really too bad) Anyways, I got a lot of new claps that I never did (Parrot Clap and Snap, Crackle, Pop, for examples) but I also use claps that were NOT on the website. I'm sure they are Dr. Jean claps or inspired by her claps or something. I have no idea where I picked them up but most likely, I saw a friend do it with her class and then took it back to my class, etc. You know how it goes. The bottom line is that I am NOT taking credit for these claps and if you know where the REAL CARDS are, please tell me. In the meantime, I whipped six or so up for the claps I didn't have cards for.
You can download them HERE. Please leave me some love if you take them! :)
Wow - I'm really proud of myself because this may be my shortest post yet! I kind of fooled everyone with the teeny tiny name -- nothing about my posts tend to be teeny tiny! So this may be a record but as I continue to type, it's getting longer, so I'm stopping now.

We are off to walk Sidney. It's REALLY NICE OUTSIDE TODAY!!!! :)


  1. I was there too and Fran was right... she was amazing! Her website actually has videos of some of these cheers too! Linked right to you tube and teacher tube so you can use them in the classroom! =) Here is a link to the Banana Cheer I posted on my page. =)

    Thanks for the cards... I had not seen those. I plan on putting them on popsicle sticks and randomly picking them out... or letting the kids do it! =)

    Empowering Little Learners!

  2. These are terrific, thanks! I use Dr. Jean's but it is nice to have some more!!
    Finally in First

  3. Really **dumb** question for everyone! I have never used cheers in my kinder room. I love the idea though and of course heard it. I can recall seeing a fireworks cheer once. How do you go about it? Someone does something great or answers a question and you say something like "let's give a __(name of cheer)__ cheer" and the whole class does whatever cheer? Thanks :)

  4. Mrs. Capps - you can use the cheers however you want! Exactly like you just said would totally work! My class mostly uses them during our Sharing (oral language) time each day. But we're also spontaneous about them, too, and I find myself using "Hip, HIp . . .Hooray" a lot, as well as, "Kiss your brain". We also use special claps as a way to thank our volunteers! It's however it works for you and fits into your classroom. :) I think you'll really like it!

  5. I love these!! I use cheers in my classroom, but had never seen the golf clap!! so cute! thanks for sharing!

    Mrs. Bee
    Bee's KinderGarden

  6. Stop it. We are friends. I hope I meet you one day too! come and visit me in California. Dr. jean suggested you put these on a ring in a handy place so you can change them out frequently or let a child pick a card. She really is a rock star. I see her every year at the California Kinder Conference which she does for FREE.
    Ya gotta love those kinder teachers.

  7. Thanks for sharing your cheers! I love your blog design, just became a follower!
    Here We Go Loopty Loo

  8. Kristin, Hurrah! More cheers for my collection! Okay, you can't see this or hear this, but I am doing the roller coaster cheer for you right now! Have you sent these cards to Dr. Jean? I am sure she would love them. (Heh heh - sounds like I know her personally, doesn't it? Yeah, right! I totally get what you mean - we read someone's blog and over time, we really do know them, even if we have never met in person.)
    An Open Door

  9. I love Dr. Jean songs. The kids really enjoy them in class :) Thanks for sharing!

  10. My kiddos LOVE these... thanks for adding some new ones to my collection!!!! LOVE IT! I have a mini lunch box--that I call my "Super Kids Lunchbox!" (hope you read that like an announcer!). Anyway, they are all tucked inside and whenever a student does something SUPER--we pull out a card and do a cheer for them! They absolutely love it!! Of course the SUPER thing can be big or small (getting a tricky answer to helping a friend to being the 1st one who remembers to say thank you).
    Have a great day,
    Karen :o)
    Mrs. Stamp's Kindergarten

  11. I love these! My class has so much fun with the cheers and claps, I love the cards! I do have a blog but I don't keep it updated very much :-/ tried to do a blog post today and it disappeared.


  12. I love these! I created one of my own that she didn't have as well--the oreo cookie! I'll post it on my blog and you can pick it up! :) Thanks for sharing!

  13. Thanks so much!! :)