The Mall School

I went back today! To the school inside the mall! And I took pictures! Check this out and then I think you'll believe me! (yes, those exclamation marks are necessary because I can't help myself)

This is where we parked. See? THE. MALL.

These are the doors that we went through. Which, when you're there in person, if you look straight ahead, and not to the right or left where you can see store signs, it could actually appear as if it might lead into a school. No? Well, you have to have a good imagination.

And, no jokes or me trying to be funny, this picture is taken from the door of her classroom. I am STANDING IN THE DOORWAY and looking OUT. INTO. THE. MALL. And YES, that is a lady on the bench that is taking a break from her shopping. And no, you are NOT seeing things. That's a CAROUSEL. A CAROUSEL!!!! Which makes complete sense because the mall's name is THE. CAROUSEL. MALL.
I am fascinated by this Charter School, if you can't tell. I'm mad at myself, though, because we worked all day and her classroom looks ADORABLE. And I didn't take pictures of that and I don't know when I'm going back! :( Maybe when I go shopping for my first day of school outfit?? Hee hee! Seriously, though, she got BRAND NEW furniture, computers, book cases, etc. The classroom itself is normal except it doesn't have a sink. And she has a connecting door to the classroom next door and THAT'S the door that the kids and parents and she will have to use. The other door that leads into the mall is supposed to be kept locked. FOR OBVIOUS REASONS.

One thing Alyssa made were crate chairs! Remember this amazing idea from Rachelle at What The Teacher Wants? Rachelle got the idea from someone else who got the idea from someone else and so on. I hope I'm not breaking any blogging laws by not going all the way back up the family tree to link to the original creator. Anyways, Alyssa put a little spin on it. She has no time to actually make the crate seats right now. But she wants to eventually. So for right now, she came up with this:
She just flipped the crate over and tied a chair cushion to it! She really does want the storage but for right now, she just wanted some cute seats. So if you're in a pinch, you could try this idea. All of the mall school teachers LOVED them.

Really quick - I wanted to say thank you to all of my peeps who left comments on my carpet spot predicament. I liked A LOT of the ideas!!! I have a lot of thinking to do! :)

I am off to watch Big Brother. If you're ANYTHING like me, Rachel must have really ticked you off last night! GRRRR. She really gets under my skin and I do a lot of yelling at the TV!!! How about you?



  1. Ahhh! Rachel drives me insane. Her and Brenden are too much. Tonight's episode is sitting in my DVR because I need to wait for the boyfriend to get home so we can watch it. Glad I am not the only Big Brother Teacher fan out there.

    Oh and this whole "Mall School" is killing me. Your friend needs to start a blog and talk about her experiences teaching in a mall with a CAROUSEL right outside the door of it! My kids flip out when the carnival starts going up down the street. I cannot imagine teaching with it right outside my door!

    A Day in the Life of a 2nd Grade Teacher

  2. I watch Big Brother too but am about to give it up because of Rachel! I can't tolerate her laugh any longer and she's such a drama queen!!! The only thing keeping me watching is how stinkin adorable Jordan and Jeff are:)) Stop by my blog and visit;) I'm a follower:)

    4th Grade Frolics

  3. Rachel needs to GO! I just about died when she walked in on the first episode... her voice, ugh!

    P.S. The mall school is CRAZY! I'd get in trouble teaching there... heading out to shop on my lunch break! :)

    Tales of a Teacherista

  4. You must go back and take more pictures of the mall school! Ms. Male is right! Your friend should start a blog and update us all. I am fascinated! Where do they go for recess and gym?? What about library? Do they eat lunch in the food court?

  5. We have tons of "mall schools" here! All of them are charter schools and most of the malls are abandoned by any retail shops. I actually interviewed for a position at a charter school that was in a strip mall (a little different than a large mall but still odd)! I can't wait to see more pictures of this room, it sounds great!

  6. I feel thankful for my big classroom in a little k-2 school, but I'm sure she'll do just great.

  7. That's hysterical. I'll stop complaining about my lack of counter space...