Hey all! If you watch Big Bro like me then you're happy that Jeff and Jordan are still safe! :) Can't wait to see what happens tonight with the new HOH competition. Seriously - am I the only loser one who watches this show?!?

Question for all of you who have done giveaways with gift cards . . . How does it work? Do you mail the gift card to the winner? This worries me. One time (at band camp) my parents sent my aunt a card with a Home Depot gift card inside for when she first got her house. The Hallmark card arrived BUT NOT THE GIFT CARD. The envelope had been slit open, the gift card removed, and then the Hallmark card carried on. TRUE STORY. So can someone please explain how gift card giveaways work?

I would appreciate anyone's help. Especially if you were the recipient of a gift card in the mail. It IS true that my family tends to travel around with a black cloud above us. So maybe it's just us. :)

Thank you!


  1. I watch BB!! I have watched it since Season 1 way back when! Brenchel is driving me bonkers! Seriously, all Rachel does is CRY! So manipulative! Very happy J/J are safe! Not sure who will go tonight though; am also curious what the twist is and who will win HOH.


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  2. I usually do e-cards so they get the card via their e-mail. That has worked the best for me.

  3. I won a Target gift card and I got it in the mail, no problem. However, it was in a card, so maybe they couldn't tell what was in there.

    Ms. M
    Ms.M's Blog
    A Teacher's Plan

  4. My step mom is retired from the post office. She says this happens all the time that the card arrives, but not the gift card. This has happened to our family before, so I take a safer route.

  5. I won a Target gift card and it came directly from Target.


  6. I totally watch BB and I'm not ashamed to admit it! Rachel and Brendan are driving me crazy and I would have been furious if Rachel had back-doored Jeff and Jordan last night. I hope Jeff, Jordan, or one of their alliance gets HOH tonight!

  7. I think you could send it through insured mail for a little extra. Then you wouldn't have to worry about that.
    Fun 2B in First

  8. Seriously your blog posts crack me up and I'm a Big Brother loser too!!! LOVE IT! How stinkin' funny was Jordan's goodbye message?!? :0) -- Kelly @allinafirstgradeday

  9. I do ecards when I can, like to Amazon and TpT. I did send an actual gift card once, but wrapped it inside a piece of paper that I placed inside a card. I'm guessing it wasn't quite as easy to detect as a free floating card, sliding around in a card/envelope.
    ☺ Tanya
    First Grade is Fantabulous!

  10. I LOVE BB!! I'm a huge Jeff and Jordan fan!! They're too cute...and I LOVED their goodbye message. :-) "Brenchel" drives me NUTS!! I hope they're kicked out soon!! I'm over her obnoxious cackle! I have nightmares about it.

    I've never tried to send a gift card, so I can't help you there. Good luck!!

  11. I just came across your blog tonight and I am a new follower! Love the stencil writing idea!


  12. Oh my gosh!! That makes me nervous to mail gift cards now haha. By the way I laughed out loud at "one time (at band camp)"



  13. I'm with Miss Megan - I laughed out loud. I seriously have to stifle my giggles whenever someone says "This one time...". Too funny:)

  14. Thank you for giving me a giggle this morning, you are too funny! I have been shamelessly watching BB since the first season (my hubby too) and love it! I love J and J, they are so funny and I hope Jeff wins this time around. Isn't he so patient with Jordan's blond moments?
    On the gift card I have no idea, how do you all afford to send out gift cards anyway? I am stressing over the cash I just spent on book bins for my classroom! Yikes!

  15. I am a big brother fan and I am rooting for Jordan to win- but my second choice to win is Daniele- even if she is trying to backdoor jeff and Jordan..

  16. I am a HUGE BB fan!!!!! I have also watched from season one and am totally crazy about it!! I even watch BB After Dark on Showtime and follow the spoiler threads...I feel like such a dork each summer!! LOL Anyway! I love Jeff and Jordan and am now following your blog. :) BTW..can't wait to see the movie for The Help~!!

  17. I only do e-gift cards or certificates! That way i can ensure it isn't intercepted on the way.