Songs in the Classroom Linky Party

Hadar over at Miss Kindergarten is having a linky party about songs and I had to join in because I just LOVE her blog! She posed this question, "Do you sing songs in your classroom?" and then asked us to link up.

YES. YES. YES. I sing the whole livelong day. I use songs for transitions, learning, and getting the wiggles out. If the kids and I aren't singing, then I have Baroque, Beethoven, or George Winston playing in the background. Having an IPod Touch in my classroom has changed my whole teaching career!!! But I also sing songs that are not on my IPod and I can't help myself whenever I tell the students that we'll be doing something tomorrow. I inevitably break out into the song "The Sun Will Come Out Tomorrow" from Annie. If only I could carry a tune . . .

Here's a song (not on my IPod) that I love to use for learning AND as a transition because eventually the kids' voices turn off (hooray!) and they kind of have to follow a clapping rhythm. It's to the tune of "And Bingo Was His Name-Oh" but it's called "There Are Five Vowels In Our Alphabet". I have no idea where I got it! But if it's yours, please take the credit by commenting on my post.
You can get your copy HERE. Do YOU sing songs in your classroom? Be sure to link up with Hadar at Miss Kindergarten!


  1. Woohoo!! Great song! I will definitely be using this one. Thanks for linking up :)

    Miss Kindergarten

  2. hi ..new follower...love the vowel song and your owl blog.
    :) Sue

  3. awww I love that song! I think it will definitely help my kids remember them when we play games at the end of the day (like hangman--although we change up the things we draw according to the season. And we never draw a hangman--too morbid for 5 year olds lol and they much prefer making a snowman or whatever)

  4. Love the song. Thanks for sharing on the linky party.

  5. Your blog design is very cute! I like your PIN treat bags. Great idea. I'm a new follower, thanks for following my blog too.


  6. So as I was teaching today, I realized that some of the students didn't know what vowels were! I immediately thought of this song, but couldn't quite remember it, so I searched for it as soon as I got home! I should've known it was from you!!! I'm going to change a verse to say "Each vowel makes a sound, and I know what they say.../a/ /e/ /i/ /o/ /u/, I know what they say! Yay! I love our jobs!

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