Teeth Talk

Once again, let me thank Christina for this fab idea! And for those of you who actually know me, this "losing a tooth stuff" makes me feel very ill. But I shall power through!

Last year, I made these adorable tooth badges using clear plastic badges and lanyards from Staples. I hung them by my meeting area and the kids could go grab one if they'd lost a tooth the night before or on the weekend. They didn't have to ask and then when I would notice that they were wearing one, I'd ooh and aah and ask to see their window (the spot where the tooth once was). And, of course, if they lost one during our school day, I'd make a BIGGER fuss, give them a cute certificate, and they could wear a badge. But honestly, it just grosses me out when they are wiggling their teeth and/or they have one hanging by a thread. Am I alone in this? Don't get me wrong - I LOVE when they are missing teeth. They are super cute but it's the PROCESS that bothers me.

You can download them HERE. Mine are for 3x4 sized badges so if you need to tweak them, you can download the non-PDF format HERE. I have a graph that I hang up near the badges and students color a square in the appropriate month. You can do all sorts of graphing activities with it at the end of the year.

You can download the graph HERE. And if you need to play with the months, you can get a non-PDF format HERE.

I also suggest making 2 sets because the package comes with 10 badges. Last year, I had some kids that destroyed ruined accidentally ripped the lanyard through the badge. Badges. Plural. But that's neither here nor there. Bygones.

This badge idea has endless possibilites - I saw some in the Oriental Trading magazine that had "pre-made" badges for bathroom passes. Or how about star of the week, math wizard, good friend, etc?

If you like this, please leave me a comment. Thanks again, Christina! :)
And it's Monday so you know what that means! BACHELORETTE! Let's hear it for JP! :)


  1. Hey Kristin, Cute idea!! I used to use a child of the day clip!! Those kids LOVED that thing. Maybe it will come out again this year!! :)

  2. This is such an adorable idea! I LOVE it!! Not too many of my 3 and 4 year olds are loosing their teeth or else I'd love to adopt your idea! :) Super cute!!

  3. You are not alone. The whole wiggly process makes me ill, too. I have an even bigger problem since my six year old son has wiggly teeth, I'm dealing with it from all angles! ;) I shall power through, though! Thanks for these, I can't wait to print them out.


  4. I am so glad I am not the only one who can't stand wiggling teeth! It soooo grosses me out!
    Thanks for the ideas!
    Spotlight on Kindergarten

  5. Eek...TEETH! They CREEP me out...but they look so presh with their "windows!" Love the tags!
    Off to watch Bach...I Tivo'd it...ready to fast forward through the commercials! GO JP!

  6. You are so good at sharing! your graphics are wayyyyy cuter than mine so I'm stealin them! FYI I don't use the lanyards...Staples sells those clips that attach to the badge and their shirts and it seems like less have gotten ripped... :0

  7. I feel the same way about the wiggly tooth. My rule is, I don't want to see it unless/until it is in your hand. At that point, we will celebrate proudly:-) This is my rule for ALL children I know and work with!

    Thanks for sharing your ideas. I love the badge idea.