First Day = Success

I made it through the first day!  :)  Even though it was my 15th first day in first grade, I was still nervous and felt a tad bit . . . will I remember how to do this???  My feet hurt (I wore wedges that are pretty comfortable but they pinched my toes on my right foot today so the flip flops came out at lunch time) and my throat hurts from all of the talking I had to do but it was a success.  This class is so sweet!  They are also all CUTE and LITTLE!  I felt like a GIANT!  Woo hoo!  :)

I had the usual craziness that seems to happen only at my school (although please tell me if this happens at your school) and I tried really hard to be flexible and to just go with the flow (which is really hard for me because I do not like surprises and I must be in control and prepared at all times) but still.  Here's a snippet:

I have a Madison.  Cutie.  Identical twin (I start thinking . . . I don't remember her being a twin. I wonder who has the twin?) and dressed to the nines!  Takes a seat at the desk that says "Madison.".  Perfect.  This is going off without a hitch.  Look at all my new friends doing what they are supposed to be doing.  Look at all of their parents looking at me wishing that I would read The Kissing Hand and make a big to-do or a brilliant speech or something . . .

Here comes Madison number two.  With the correct last name.  Madison number one is in the wrong class!  Nice parent takes daughter to office.  No problem!

Nope.  Madison number one is on my new and improved list.  Identical twin is in another class and I found out at lunch time that my teamie knew about her twin student YESTERDAY.  They just forgot to tell ME about mine.  Rush, rush, grab, grab, write, write, sit here, welcome, welcome.  Smell the soup. I have 30 kids now.  It's all okay!  15 girls, 15 boys, even number, I like this.


I dismiss my kids.  It goes well (which is extremely hard at my school of 1100 kids with a front and back gate pick up, as well as bus, kids club, etc. It's stressful in the beginning!  Last year I "lost" three kids but not really because other families stole took them to their parents) and I'm heading back to class when a family stops to introduce themselves to me.  Because their son is going to be in my class tomorrow.  Because they requested me and didn't get me so they spent the afternoon with my principal and abracadabra . . . he is now pulled from my teamie's room and put in mine.  My partner is getting two tomorrow from other classes, my other teamie is getting one from another class . . . all because my principal will not take a stand.  GRRRRR.  So I spent tonight making new stuff for this poor guy who started in one room today and will start over again with me tomorrow.  And did I mention he is five years old and his birthday is not until December 1????????????????????  That is THE cut off date for California.  I mean, HONESTLY.

I should have started this post thanking everyone for their nice, sweet, supportive comments on my other post.  You all are so nice - I can't get over it.  Blogging has taken over my life because when I sat in our meeting yesterday and heard about all of these horrible changes, I just kept thinking, "Wait until I blog about this!!!!  You'll see!!!!!"  :) :) :)  I love all of the comments about sneaking stuff in -- how did you guys know that my halo goes crooked every once in awhile??  I plan on spending this weekend reading my stupid T.E. cover to cover and documenting every little thing that says independent reading or independent ANYTHING (so that I can do Daily 5).  Surely I can make this work!

Lastly, here are a few more pics.

This is my little supply table where kids can get extra crayons, trade "not sharp" pencils for "sharp" pencils, get bandaids, turn in sight word lists, etc.

This is my guided reading table.  I love my windows - I feel really lucky to have 4!!! (the other two are on other walls)   :)  Most of the other rooms only have 2.

This is my desk area.  Nothing too special.

This is the library -- a light is burned out above it so it's kind of dark cozy.

Also, I probably don't need to point this out but as you can see, I don't have a theme.  Unless you call DJ Inkers a theme.  I change my bulletin boards ALL OF THE TIME.  I drive myself crazy with it but as soon as fall starts to approach, I have to change all my boards.  And then again with winter, spring, open house, etc.  It's never ending.  I am so anal that I started using a level about 10 years ago.  I have corrupted a lot of my friends with the need to have a level, too.  Do any of you use a level?  My husband  and my friend Susan's hubby were going to try to design a stapler that had a level in it - we were going to call it The Strapler (as in straight) but it never came to fruition.  If someone designs this, I will buy it!!

I have got to go to bed.  I can barely type this!  Thanks again for all of your support!!

PS  How about LeWon (spelling) on Big Brother?  Have you ever????????!!!!!!!!


  1. Your pics look great! I think we all have situations like you mentioned about class lists!! Some years it seems like you get real good at making name tags from parents controlling class lists after they are posted!
    Relax and have a great day!

  2. I LOVE your curtains! Will you come make mine? I have giant windows too and making curtains is one thing *still* on my to do list for the summer...

    I'm right there with you with changing the bulletin boards! Last year I didn't have a theme, and decided this year I would have one. I ALWAYS change my bulletin boards though to display the student's work. That is one thing that won't change!

    I moved to a new room so I will miss my bulletin board that I had in the hallway with my other room! That one always HAD to be super perfect, with our best work, and changed with the seasons & holidays! :)

    If it makes you feel any better about the craziness of getting more students, I get new students all.year.long. With special education pre-school, as soon as a child turns 3 and is identified with a developmental delay, the state is required to provide them services. Our class sizes are growing all year! It's always a scramble the night before a student is suppose to start and I'm trying to get everything together for them!

  3. okay I just wrote down that I need to make about 5 extra of everything a put it in a new student tub. YIKES! The beginning of the year shuffle=stress. You are a champ. A rockstar. I love your inner dialogue turned blogging. Perfection.

  4. That's quite the day you've had! Our kiddos start back next Wednesday, but we have Meet the Teacher tomorrow night, so I'm excited but anticipating a little drama. Something always happens at the Meet the Teacher! I just started following your blog and could use some more followers myself. I'm new to the blogging community. Check out my blog!
    A Day in First Grade

  5. The room looks great!! Your library looks so cozy and I love your turn-in center. I don't have a "theme" either... just bright colors! haha :) And it sounds like you had an... okay first day! So stressed and worried for mine! :) EEK! Here's to a good second day for you!

  6. You made me laugh!! Love your blog!! I start in 2 weeks....I remember having to scramble for new nametags, etc because of last minute changes. :) It's never a dull moment. :)

  7. Your room looks great!! I can totally understand the new kid situation. I've gotten calls from the office almost an hour after school has started saying, "Hi, your new student is here. Can you come and get him?" No heads up about the kid...CRAZY!! Here's to a better 2nd day! :)

    WILD About First Grade!

  8. Wow! I'm so impressed by your classroom! It looks amazing! I have a teeny tiny classroom. ;)


  9. I always look forward to reading your blog! You sound so much the way I think! I shared your story with my stressed out teammates today to help them realize that things could always be much better or they could be worse. Our literacy coach couldn't believe it!!
    Take care, keep sharing your stories...they make me smile or able to relate. Have a great school year. I see my kiddos on Monday!
    Robin (Bigbird)

  10. I just love your curtains so much! I wish I had windows in my room! They looks so lovely and calming. I could read all day in your room!
    Rambling About Reading

  11. Your classroom looks great! I think your school may be as big as mine. We have grades Pre-K-5 and have 1200 students. I will have 33 4th graders in my class on Monday.

  12. First, thanks for leaving me a comment! :-)

    I love your curtains and lamp and book area! I could snuggle down in the corner and read for hours!

    Yikes on the multitude of changes. I am the only K teacher, so the challenge of having students change classrooms doesn't happen. The cutoff date in MO is Aug. 1, but my school has extended it until Aug. 31. Still, I will have students in my class who will be older than your new lil guy! I am all for states rights, but we live in such a transient society. I think the cut-off date should be universal.

    Get some rest!!!

  13. Um, I forgot the possessive apostrophe on "states". I think I need a writing refresher course!

  14. You should link you classroom pictures on over! I am doing a linky for before and after (or just) classroom pictures! =)

    Empowering Little Learners!

  15. A principal has got to be able to make hard decisions and stand behind them. It's very difficult to run a school when you're trying to make EVERYONE happy b/c THAT will NEVER happen! Your room looks great, you have awesome ideas, and I'm SURE your year will be great! Love your blog. I always catch myself smiling as I read!
    How about them apples?