Grammar Worksheets

Happy Sunday to all of you!  What a fantastic weekend so far!  I am so happy to be a lot less stressed this go around compared to last weekend.  :) :) :)  I saw The Help last night ---- it was just as good as the book (although we all know nothing compares to the book but I am talking THIS movie lived up to the book whereas The Time Traveler's Wife did NOT and don't get me started on Twilight!) and I loved it!  Hubby loved it, too (don't tell him I told you this but even though he may look like a big manly man and the guys at work call him grumpy bear, he is a BIG ole Teddy Bear and enjoys chick flicks as much as me.  And he needs the kleenex, too, although he will say that something is in his eye or the ceiling fan is making his eyes water) and I would honestly go see it again tonight!  If you want to go and your significant other won't take you, I WILL!!!!!

My internet was down earlier and I felt AAAANNOYED!  Grrrr.

But all is better now.  :)  I just posted over on the First Grade Lounge at Me and My Gang.  Woo Hoo!  I'm an author!  If you haven't checked it out, you MUST.  You can grab the cute button on my right sidebar to head on over there.  The two lovely ladies and partners, Monica and Mrs. McCumbee, thought up this whole thing to showcase more SECOND grade blogs.  And even though they were calling all second grade teachers, I couldn't help myself.  I commented.  I may even have emailed.  I just had to verify that it was only for second grade teachers.  If you didn't know, I teach first.  AND I SO BADLY wanted to be a part of their gang.  I mean, A GANG!!!  How cool!  I am sure I could dig out a leather jacket from somewhere!  (Oh my gosh, I actually need to find the picture of my twin, two friends, and me when we were 14 and dressed up kind of like the Outsiders - except we wore brown trash bag vests that we made and and put bandanas in our hair!!!  I have always wanted to be bad.  :))  I digress.
Obviously.  This is what happens.  I go off on tangents but inevitably bring it back around.  SO!  Much to my surprise and delight, the Second Grade Gang decided to open it up to the rest of us!  Yeehaw!  And they said I could be a part of it!  So please go check it out.  :)

Now, onto curriculum.  Our district uses Houghton Mifflin curriculum.  And on Friday, my team and my principal wasted  spent a half day (subs included) to go over the curriculum and make sure that we were using it with FIDELITY TO THE CORE.  That's the new thing at my school.  I am trying not to roll my eyes as I type this because that's not very . . . it doesn't show fidelity.  So after teaching first grade for 14 years, and the Houghton Mifflin curriculum for 8 (yep - we did not get a new curriculum after the 7 years were up.  Explain.  I have no idea.  California??  Who knows?), my principal proceeded to show me how to read the Teacher's Manual and find the bullet points for each day.  BULLET POINTS point you in the right direction.  Did you know that?  OOOOH.  AAAAAH.

It was kind of nice to see how shocked my principal was at how SLOOOOW Houghton Mifflin is in the beginning and what a waste some of the practice pages are.  When we pointed out that some of the concepts have no follow up practice, she actually agreed that we could use some of our supplemental materials!  This was a big victory for us.  STILL - no reading groups allowed during the two and a half hour Language Arts block (I mean, really.  Wouldn't that just be dumb?  To read with first graders at their level?)  And STILL - no daily 5 unless each activity has a Houghton Mifflin emblem on it or I tattoo my kids' foreheads with HM during Read to Self or Read with Others.  I wonder if I could get Houghton Mifflin to sponser the tattooing??

So the bottom line is that I can use some of my supplemental grammar worksheets.  Or worksheets for those of you who are not a fan.  :)

Click the pic to grab them.  The first one talks about my special management plan (not a clip chart - oh no, am I in trouble?  Will you still like me?) which includes Fun Friday so if you need that document changed, please let me know!  I will un-PDF it or whatever so you can make changes.

I hope you can use one of them.  :)

One last thing -- a couple of you have left a comment asking me to email you my P.I.N. treat bag tags.  But you didn't leave your email address for me.  :(  So if that was you, I promise I am not ignoring you or being lazy.  So just leave me your email address and I will get it to you.

All right, people!  Have a great week at work (if you're back to school like me) and I have promised myself that I will blog every night this week.  So be on the lookout!

P.S.  Big Bro tonight!!!  I hope Jeff or Jordan win this HOH.  And that only the people I am not a fan of fall down and eat it in the suds.  Is that mean?


  1. Well, your wish came true.. Jeff won! I am all for one of them winning this season.. I read the live feed reports so I knew ahead of time who won and who he nominated.

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  2. Luv them! Miss you, hoping for an enjoyable week for you!

  3. These are great for the first week!

    I gave you a blog award...head on over to my blog to check it out!

  4. My district uses HM too. Thanks for the worksheets!

  5. Well... you fought a good battle with your principal... too bad there is still a "no" to reading groups.. I don't get it. anywhoooo.... Keep up the positive attitude! In the south, we say "kill them with kindness"... bless their little hearts! :)

  6. Thanks for all your freebies!! :) By the way, I have been trying to figure this out: How do you make the empty handwriting lines on your worksheets? I can't figure it out.