Three Ways to Read a Book

I'm so happy it's Saturday.  I just slept for twelve hours.  Hallelujah!  I love my sleep and I sure needed it after the first three days of school.

I LOVE LOVE LOVE my class.  I'm holding my breath and waiting for something to happen to screw it up.  These kids are quiet, polite, and sweet.  I'm in shock every time I give a direction and 31 first graders go do it.

They are so cute and adorable.  They are naturally quiet - I haven't really had to tell them to lower their voices.  I am in heaven!  :)  I hope your year is going as smoothly as mine is so far.

HOWEVER.  I still have to figure out this whole two and a half hour language arts deal.  Our principal says we can pull reading groups during our Universal Access time which is only 30 minutes.  I don't know where she came up with that number because I just read the TE cover to cover and it never mentions how long it's supposed to be.  We have a half day planning meeting with her this Friday (we're getting subs so I get to write sub plans.  So fun.) so I guess I will be able to ask more questions then.

Anyways, in preparation for Daily 5, I found a bunch of stuff.  I don't know if you can use this but I made a little poster for three ways to read a book.  The idea is not my own - I just added clipart.  I couldn't find one with clipart so that's why I made this.  I hope someone can use this.  I'm totally using it whether I'm allowed to incorporate Daily 5 or not.  I just have to google the Houghton Mifflin image, copy it, stick it on here, and I'm good to go!  JUST KIDDING!  But do you think that would work?????

Click on the picture to download.

Before I go, BB Fans - what did you think of Brendan getting back in the game???  I was kind of laughing because LeWon looked as if he didn't know what hit him.  What was he expecting?  He volunteered to be evicted!!!!!  Don't get me wrong - Brenchel is going to be SO annoying now that they're reunited.  GROSS.

Have a great weekend!


  1. I am so glad that you have a wonderful class!!! I love your poster and have already printed it out. Thank you!

    re: HM
    When my district first adopted HM, the buzz word was "fidelity". We were only allowed to use materials that were made by HM. At one point I was told that my read alouds couldn't count as part of my language arts block unless they were HM read alouds. I thought about going into business making stickers that said "Houghton Mifflin" on them and selling the stickers to teachers to place on every reading material they wanted to use. Please believe me, this is not about HM; it is about being limited to certain materials when we all know that children learn in different ways and we need to be flexible to meet their needs.

    I am so sorry I have no HM stickers. If I did, I would offer them as a freebie to every teacher at your school!!!

    Love to you, Camille
    An Open Door

  2. I feel for you. Last year I had a very violent child (victim of abusive parents). And by the end of the school year, I was SPENT! The whole class revolved around his attitude. (Bonus: he was NEVER absent, unless suspended) I pray that you have a much better year (and me too!)

  3. Glad you had a great start to this school year! The Daily 5 is more about center management & scheduling. It is conducive no matter what reading program you are using- it is NOT reading curriculum! I use it to give my students choice in their day. They still have to do the Scott Foresman work (I include worksheets into "word word") but they get to pick when they will complete the task. Also, if you haven't checked out the CAFE book by the sisters, it's really great as well. It explicitly teaches reading strategies that can work in conjunction to any reading program.
    I'm writing this laid up in bed- 7 days with students and I'm already sick! :(
    Thank goodness it's the weekend! Hope you get lots of rest too!
    +Teaching Happily Ever After
    ~Creative Teaching with a Technology Twist~

  4. So happy for you and your wonderful class! I really believe that we go every other year with bad/good/bad/good classes. It seems that my partner and I trade every year. haha. Crazy about that little one - I had one just like that last year.. we never had to evacuate the classroom, but he locked himself in my office (I have a private office in my own classroom last year with a lock on it!!!!) and through the window, I just watched him go to town, thrashing everything in there, papers off my desk, throwing chairs, ah! Finally the VP told the family that he'd be "let go" from our charter school if something didn't happen. Okay now I am starting to worry about my kiddos this year. HAHA! I hope they will be as wonderful as yours!!!

  5. Hi friend, I am so happy to hear you had great first 3 days! I'm praying for you for your scheduling to work out! You are amazing and should never be limited... It would really be asking us to do magic!! :0

  6. I can't even wrap my brain around the scheduling issue... my small district is VERY flexible. I feel for you. No set program is as good as the one a teacher who knows her students and her content could come up with on her own!

    Queen of the First Grade Jungle

  7. I had the class from you know where last year too! And this year is starting off wonderfully! :) I just finished my first week and I too am amazed when everyone actually listens and does it the first time! I'm too happy. :) I'm also a little scared that something is going to go wrong... Hope you have an awesome year!

  8. So glad you have a wonderful class this year. Wow, do you deserve it! Thanks for the Daily 5 poster. As for HM, we use it too and have been told by consultants to our district (we're in program improvement because of test scores) that we should only use HM. In fact they told us that if we wanted to supplement something like contractions (for which I think there is one practice page in the whole series) with something, we would have to make sure the whole grade level approved and that we all used the same thing. My thought was "come one, really?" It turns out we have the advantage of a principal and consultants who don't actually know what all the HM stuff looks like. I think your idea is great. We took some papers, typed "Houghton Mifflin" on the bottom and they passed inspection :-) Good luck!

  9. Hey, thanks for sharing...that's a cute poster. I make a new one every year. I think yours is perfect for my Kindergarten class. :-) I feel for the HM fidelity thing - we used to be a Reading First school and I was in tears when I got in trouble for integrating writing about a book (responding) into my reading block. C'mon people! You'll love Daily 5 if you stick with it. Oh, and about the BB...I'm dreading listening to Rachel go off on people about how she's going to target them. I think Danielle and Kailea better watch out! lol - and Duh, why would Lawon volunteer to be put up? Dumb!!!

  10. I'm glad you have such a great class (even though l can't believe some teachers are back at school already). Thanks for sharing the poster. I am busy blog-stalking for Daily Five bulletin board ideas.


  11. I love when you read another teachers post and can SO relate! That class you described from last year--I had them two years ago! The throwing of objects and such--all of it! (Plus violence toward other children and teachers) Anywho...I'm so happy that you have a great group this year. Enjoy them!
    ☺ Tanya
    First Grade is Fantabulous!

  12. LOVE the poster! Love the graphics! Gonna print this puppy up for each of my lil love muffins and put it in their "book bags". We practiced the 3 ways to read a nook this week in class. I've got a great (well I think so) 1st day of school homework assignment (about the three ways) over at my blog. You should check out. It worked great!!!
    How about them apples?

  13. Your poster is perfect! Thanks for sharing!