Parent Volunteers

Just had my 4th day of school.  It was another great day!!!  I love my kids!  :)  I feel so blessed - I'm holding my breath waiting for . . . actually, I'm not sure what I'm waiting for.  I honestly don't think any of these cuties will throw a chair.  :)  I also can NOT get over how sweet my boys are.  Out of all 31, if I HAD to pick a stinker (and that's stretching it), my stinker is a GIRL.  But she has some . . . issues and it's not her fault.  Picture Pippi Longstocking.  That's her.  Cute as a button, hair every which way, mismatched this and that . . . beats to her own drum.  Which is why she might stink up the place every once in awhile.  But not in a bad way!  :)

Anyways, we have our PIN (parent information night) this Thursday!  I put out volunteer sign ups then.  I always have TONS of parent volunteers.  It's hard to fit them all in and still get a bit of just "me" time.  I mean, I'm with the kids, but sometimes I just want it to be "me".  And the kids.  Do you ever feel like that?  Or do you love volunteers? I have found that some are better than others.  I can't stand it when they talk loud.  Really?  REALLY?  Can't you see from our noise level chart (thank you, Katie at Little Warriors!) that we are on Level 2??

How do you utilize your parent volunteers?  Here are some of the opportunites I offer my parents.

Homework helper - every Friday (puts together packets, empties the folders, stuffs folders, etc)
Library helper - every Tuesday (helps kids find a choice book and an AR book)
Parent Readers - every day but Friday (pulls kids one on one to hear them read their guided reading book or AR book)
Special Events - parties, teddy bear day, painting t-shirts, making banana bread, etc.
Workbook help - tearing out the pages from all of our workbooks, sorting them, etc.  TEDIOUS
AR help - helping kids log on to the computer, etc.

I feel like that is A LOT of opportunities.  But maybe not.  What do you do???

I also feel like blogging is MUCH HARDER to do now that I'm back at school.  All I want to do is read all of your blogs but I have to go write my professional goals (yep - they're due this Thursday because my principal believes piling on all things at once.  Makes us stronger.  You should see my biceps), half day sub plans for Friday morning (oh yeah - we have our First Grade planning meeting with our principal about our new extended forever long Houghton Mifflin curriculum block aka "INTEGRITY TO THE CORE"), and polish up my PIN packet because, like I said, it's THIS THURSDAY.  I have a lot to do.  But I know all of you do, too!!!  I hope I get to teach somewhere in there.

OH and I have to watch Bachelor Pad!!!!!  :) :) :) :) :)


  1. I actually haven't had any parent volunteers...yet! (Aside from field trip chaperons)I know a student my co-worker had last year, who I will have this year; his mom came in to volunteer! I'm kinda looking forward to it, so I love hearing your ideas! I also think I may offer a sign up for others too!

    I know a lot of teachers who have teachers do copies/laminating or cutting out laminating. As a teacher, I kind of have a pet peeve about volunteers using our laminator (tends to get jammed...) but copies--no problem!! :)

    I'm fortunate to have a *fabulous* para, so she also does A LOT of stuff for me that volunteers might. I'm gonna have to think hard about things for volunteers, but I'm still excited!

  2. parent volunteers??? WTH is that?? I mean....I can't even get them to come in for conferences and I only had 4 of 26 show up for Open House one year. (insert sad face here)

    on the other hand......I've been at my school for over 15 yrs so I am kinda used to it by now. I just do the best I can for the 7 hours I have them and don't stress the small stuff like parent involvement....right?!

    you seem to have the exact opposite problem and I'm not sure I'd trade places with ya! :) I totally "get it" when you say you just want "me" time.....with the kids, of course! rest assured that you are being MORE than accommodating to the amazing parent volunteers you have!!

    *LOVE* your blog and the sense of humor you write with!! Keep up the good work TTT!

  3. I HATE LOUD PARENTS IN MY CLASSROOM!! (that was definitely a level 5 voice!) I had one last year and I felt so badly because I really needed the help, but she mostly just riled the kids up!! hahaha! ooooh well! Have a great school year :)


  4. Do you have a form you sit out on the night parents comme? I would love to see it if you do! Some parents are better HELPERS than others, you know? Some think they are there to chit chat with you and others do what you need done! Oh well, who knows! Thanks so much and I also love your blog and sense of humor! Kelly


  5. My parent volunteers seem to fluctuate every year. One year three...another seven...last year none. And they do not always show up consistently. So I will plan for them and then have to shuffle my plans. But, that said...I love the help. I think I need to assign titles for specific volunteer jobs like you have and see how that goes. Thanks for getting me thinking (and laughing)!
    Angela Just Love Teaching!

  6. This year I plan to use my parent volunteers to re-label and index my library. I also want them to have kids read to them from the books in their book boxes.
    1st in Maine

  7. Hey, Kristin! Oh I have been off of blogger ALL WEEK and need to catch up! Okay the way I do my parent volunteers (since I like the control in my classroom and don't want too many) is I put out a sign up sheet at Back to School Night.. on the sheet I have specific places for parents to sign up ... Monday thru Friday mornings from 8:00-8:15 ONE PARENT to do my homework folders/filing/etc. and Monday thru Fridays 10:30-11:30 during centers TWO PARENTS may sign up to help with our reading groups and centers... if there are A LOT of parents I say, "Oh, so sorry, it is first come first serve sign up, but when a field trip comes along, feel free to sign up then".. This way, I don't have too many parents in and out of my class. Glad you are enjoying your first few days. Now go watch Bachelor Pad girl!!!