I hate antonyms.

JUST KIDDING!  It's opposite day!  :)  Ha!

I actually really like teaching antonyms and my kids are always successful.  It could be because they play the opposite game entirely too much.  I don't know.  But naming the opposite of a word seems WAAAAY easier for my kiddos than naming a rhyming word.   

I used the cards below for a class game.  I gave each student a card and then they had to find their partner.  They loved it.   It's the little things these days.   Click the pic to grab all the cards.  

In the good ole days, I would then put these cards into a center.  Here's the recording sheet I used.  Just click the pic to get it.

Maybe you Daily 5-ers could use it for Word Work?  SIGH.  Yesterday at our PTT meeting (do YOU have PTT?) we took an hour to talk about ATTACK OF THE STANDARDS.  I mean, ATTACKING THE STANDARDS.  And it was all about pulling groups for intervention based on the standard or strand or stand or sand or something like that (I was a little preoccupied with a bug bite) and I got a little excited.  Pulling groups?  For intervention?  Now we're talking!!!!  Yes!  

But no.  Pull ONE group each day for . . . wait for it . . . wait some more . . . 15 minutes!  During our Universal Access time.  SIGH.   

I followed up the class antonym game with a worksheet.  My kids did really well.  No 15 minute intervention group needed there.  Whew.  I was a little worried that I might have too much to accomplish in that 15 minute period when my kids are giving me notes from home, taking out AR books, saying the pledge, and listening to announcements.  What a relief.

Here's the worksheet.  Click the pic and it's yours.

I hope you can use one of these activities in your classroom.  :)  

All right.  I am off.  I have lots of "TO DO" stuff.
1.  Listen to Snookie cry some more on The Jersey Shore.  (stop looking at me like that.  I already told you I watched it)  She is really upset tonight.  Apparently, her boyfriend is visiting and he doesn't like that she shows her underwear in clubs.  I think he should be happy that she was WEARING underwear.
2.  Wait for Grey's Anatomy.
3.  Watch Big Bang Theory.  Love love love Sheldon and I have two of him in my class this year.  :)
4.  Grade American Symbols test.  Nooooo.
5.  GET SOME SLEEP.  Please.

Happy Friday to you tomorrow!!!


  1. Yay for the cute antonym cards!! Totally made some super ugly ones to use last year because I couldn't find ANY online. Now I have cute ones! Woohoo! Thanks :)


  2. I love reading your blog... really-- no oppoosites here! Thanks for the great antonym activities- my class really needs these this year. One child told me "chicken nuggets" when we discussed opposites last week. Nothing else, just "chicken nuggets".... sigh. No Sheldons for me this year!

  3. hahaha!! I feel you sister!! Small groups?? what are those? With all this testing we've been doing, I haven't even had time to THINK about doing small groups.

  4. Love the cards and *worksheet* :)Thanks for the freebies! And I LOVE the Big Bang Theory, too! Bazinga :)

  5. bahahaha I love #1 on your to do list!

    And your antonyms worksheets are great! I love the cards too--those I could probably do with my pre-k guys. Most of them will be 5 by Christmas so I'm gonna have to step my game up this year!

    Creating & Teaching

  6. I love your cards! I've made them by just writing the words on index cards before, but yours are WAY cuter! I'm so excited to use them!

    I'm catching up on TV this week as well, I'm waiting to watch Jersey Shore, I have to finish Teen Mom first!

  7. LOVE these! They are exactly what I was looking for!!

    Krazy About Kiddos

  8. These are exactly what I need! Anyway you could email the antonym cards to me? My computer won't let me access them, says it is a restricted sight :) adabbelt@cinci.rr.com

  9. Love the worksheet, but I'm having trouble printing it. When I click on pic it takes me to scribd, which says I have to join to print. Is there another way? Thanks!