Emmy Awards

Here's my fantasy:  I have been nominated for Best Actress in a Comedy series and they have just played a clip of my hilarious show at the awards ceremony.  I have been nominated with four other lovely ladies and we all clap politely for each other.  And THEN, Matthew Fox or Kyle Chandler or Neil Patrick Harris announce MY name!!!!

Ha!  :)

However, I WAS awarded the Versatile Blogger Award by four different bloggers.  AND THE CROWD GOES WILD!!!

Speech Time!!!!!!!!!

First, I would like to thank God who gives me the strength and brain power and creativity to do this (almost) every day.  AND the fact that He understands how much this means to me!  I must also thank my family for always supporting me and allowing me to be as white as a ghost for always staying inside with my laptop.  I have to thank Kimberly over at Funky First Grade Fun and Hadar over at Miss Kindergarten for "spotlighting" my blog when I first started out.   I have to thank all of the people who blog and give me inspiration, too.  And a special thanks to all of the people who actually READ this blog.  Well, I could go on and on.  I'm for sure going to thank Chad Lowe since Hillary Swank forgot to thank him in her Oscar speech.  And I will definitely NOT kiss my brother the way that Angelina Jolie did with her brother.  And I imagine the music is already playing and the hosts are trying to drag me off the stage but I am going to stay up here just like Julia Roberts did because, by golly, this is exciting!!!!

All right, I'll stop.  

Wait - one more!  

You like me, you really like me!! :)

So I have rules that come with receiving this award.

*Thank the person who gave you the award and link back to them in your post.
*Share 7 things about yourself.
*Pass this award along to 15 recently discovered blogs.

Thank you Lori at Bee the Change,  Kim at Starbucks, Standards, and Sharpies, Jess at Rambling about Reading, and Mrs. Magee at First Grade Brain.

I feel like you all know me pretty good so I am going to try to dig a little deeper and think of some new stuff you may not know.  Hmmmmmmmm.  This is a toughie.  

1.  I have TERRIBLE eyesight.  I can't stand it when people get Lasik (sorry) who only have a -1 or -2 prescription.  I am a -10 in my left eye and a -14 in my right eye.  I KNOW!!!!  I am not even a candidate for Lasik.  I would STILL need glasses or contacts.  And just for the record, I wear contacts almost 24/7 because if I wore glasses and the sun was out (and I live in California so let's be real) I might  cause fires wherever I go.  Only my family and SUPER close friends see me in my glasses.  And by SUPER close, I mean one or two who got lucky and I'm still not sure how it happened and I was mortified.

2.  I was in Show Choir in 8th grade.  I auditioned and everything.  I can't sing now but apparently I could back then.  Or they were desperate.  For a teeny tiny person to sing all of the little kid parts.  I don't know.  We had three groups.  Two Mixed and one All Girls.  I was in the All Girls.  And guess what one of our songs was?  For competition??  IT'S RAINING MEN!!!  We used umbrellas for props!  I was 13 years old!!  Is this really appropriate???  Ha!!  But I guess it could have been worse and we could have sang Like a Virgin or I Want Your Sex.  Which were pretty popular at the time.  :)

3.  My parents met in high school in drama.  They LOVE drama.  Every new church we ever went to (we moved three times when I was younger), they started a new drama group.  My sisters, brother, and I were always in their skits and plays.  I love drama, too.  I am not afraid to get up on stage or speak in front of a crowd.  Hence, the Emmy Award fantasy.  I tend to get the drama out when I read stories in class.  It's pretty much my most favorite time of the day.

4.  I am not into fashion.  GASP.  I know!

5.  I am a creature of habit and eat an English muffin with peanut butter every morning.  For like the last year and a half or something.  Oh well.  Before that, I ate nothing for breakfast.

6.  My favorite movies are Footloose, You've Got Mail, and Return to Me.  I can watch them over and over again!  I can quote them.  I am NOT looking forward to the new Footloose but I will go watch it so I can critique it and slam it from here to there.  We'll see.

7.  I hate confrontation and will avoid it at all costs.  My partner at school was arguing with another teacher and turned to me to confirm something and saw . . . no one.  I had tiptoed away.  I do this a lot.

I am passing this award onto 15 other bloggers so if you haven't checked them out, please do!  


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Enjoy your blog hopping!  I have to go do my progress reports.  SIGH.  At least I'm in my pajamas and I have junk food nearby! :)


  1. Yay! Thanks so much for the mention!!!

  2. You sooooo crack me up! I love reading your posts....they are so witty:)) Congrats on your award:) and the crowd goes wild again...lol

    4th Grade Frolics

  3. Thank you so much for the plug! You are too sweet!


  4. You made me giggle as I read about your show choir "It's Raining Men" comment. Thanks so much for the award and I will have to post about it tomorrow since I too am working on progress reports. Nothing like waiting till the last minute! Thanks Kristin!

    First Grade OWLS

  5. You rock....thank you sooooo much!

  6. You're cracking me up, Kristin! You do not look bad in your glasses. Remember how we used to joke that if you got contacts they would have to be bi-focal and they would stick out so far your eyelids wouldn't close. Ha! Sorry to be making fun...you know I love you. :)

  7. I'm crackin' up too! Loved your speech. Thanks for the shout out. I can relate about the glasses/contacts...but I was a candidate for Lasik...maybe you'll be a candidate some day. :)
    Funky First Grade Fun

  8. Thank you for the award. Wow! It was such a nice suprise.
    Fun 2B in First