Homework Part 2

Happy Wednesday to everybody (although it feels like Tuesday but tomorrow is Thursday!!)!  I did a little laminating before I left school today.  And, um, well . . . I broke it.  It's not entirely my fault because it was a take home project and this family went above and beyond with the cuteness factor and the laminator couldn't handle it.  And these jelly looking, squishy feeling, raised up, popped out stickers got stuck.  IN. THE. LAMINATOR.  And MELTED.  And three sheets of her book are just stuck in there.  I thought about just nonchalantly walking away . . . whistling or something, walking really slowly, not a care in the world . . . but I didn't.  I left a note for our day custodian who is practically like Superman and MacGyver and Mr. Home Improvement all rolled into one.  I am hoping he can come to the rescue and I do not have to start asking parents to donate to the cause of a new laminator because their child's teacher broke the old one.  EYE YIGH YIGH YIGH.  (I made that spelling up.)

Okay, part 2 for Homework.  Some parents do not think the homework extension activity ideas are enough.  I know!!  This is something I do not get - aren't you busy with sports?  Dinner?  The regular homework packet?  Phone calls?   Um, life in general?  But still, it's true, some parents just want more.  Since I can't explain this (and believe you me, I have tried), I just join them.  And with lots of thanks to Susan (THANK YOU, FRIEND!), I now have these handy dandy Independent Study Projects.  Or, as I should have said, after lots of throat clearing . . . **INDEPENDENT**STUDY**PROJECTS**! (in stereo)
Just so you know, the actual projects that I print out are black and white with no cute border.  We can't have **INDEPENDENT**STUDY**PROJECTS**! (in stereo) looking cute, now can we?  They must look . . . smart.  Impressive.  Something.  I can't find the right word.  The best part is that my friend Susan got this from something called "Teaching Gifted Kids in the Regular Classroom" and it's listed on the Student Project Ideas page.  Oh, yes.  Some parents live for this.  So all you've got to do is click on the picture and it will take you to 9 months of independent study project ideas, student project ideas, and an award.  I always run each month double sided with the student project ideas.  Not all kids will do a project.  I tend to have 4-5 kids each month at the beginning of the school year and then around March it drops off to about . . . zero.  Oh yessiree, I still put it in the first homework packet of the month, you betcha, Bob!  I have had some fun power point presentations and one of my girls last year did a presentation on the overhead.  Poor thing.  She has NO IDEA what a Smart Board or Promethesus Pyramid Parenthesis . . . WE have no idea what that would be like around these parts so we still use TODD (terribly old decrepit dinosaur, aka The Overhead).  Anywho, if you like these or download these, please leave me some love - of the commenting variety!  :)

PS  I did not put PDF files on the download in order for you to edit the dates due, topics presented, etc.  So it will not look as nice as it does with my ABC Teacher fonts.  :)  Sorry about that.  If you want a PDF format, just let me know.  I do not like the way it did not keep true to the margins, etc.  :(

As for last night:  Rachel Zoe and the butterfinger - DE-LISH!  And tonight is BIG BROTHER!  Can't wait.  Need to go cut some laminate (the parts that survived) BEFORE it starts so that I can read all of the whisper captions.  It takes some concentration, you know???  Oh!  One last thing!  We revisited the literature today.  GUESS WHAT?  The cat DOES sit on the mat!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  :) :) :)


  1. Thanks for the ideas, I teach Kinder at a school with some very "involved" parents so these projects will be perfect for my families that want to go above and beyond.

    PS - I've taught Houghton Mifflin for 2 years now and the one thing I really don't care for is "revisiting the literature" especially in Kinder where we don't get a new story for week 3 of the theme. We are supposed to read the same 2 stories that we've read at least 3 times before!

    ✪ Miss W

    Miss W Teaches

  2. What a great idea. I also have the parents that want more. I would love a copy of it in PDF.


  3. Um the thought of being the person to jam the laminator...yeah, I definitely would have tried to nonchalantly walk away myself!

    Our laminator is a pain in the behind. We have to keep a pant hanger or large binder clip, clipped to the end of the film so that it doesn't feed back into the machine. Surprisingly the thing was bought last year!!!

    Oy vey. what a love hate relationship we all must have with our laminators!!!

  4. As usual, YOU ROCK!!!!!! LOVE the homework extension ideas and the indpendent projects!!!! THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR SHARING!!!!! The kiddos came back on August 15 and I've been completely OVERWHELMED (since I'm a first year teacher). Thanks for making it easier:) Also, LOVED your short vowel and rhyming activities (studying those now so the timing was perfect).

  5. I love these! Thank you Kristin and Susan...miss you both mucho! Your blog friends are super lucky to have you (me too) wish we were still teaching buddies,you inspire me! So glad you are loving your kiddos! XOXO

  6. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU! I have been browsing amazing blogs all night looking for homework HELP! I am so glad I found your blog! :D I looped with my kindergarten class to first this year and have some very, very involved parents. I am NOT a big homework fan and our school is blessed to get raz-kids.com ... between the assignments I regularly give and this AWESOME differentiated website, I was about to have a breakdown. I will definitely be utilizing this. Thanks again girl.

  7. This was a fabulous find! You have done a wonderful job in creating a format that has enough guidelines so the tasks aren't so willy-nilly but they are options to explore and keep the creativity door wide open. Great job! I can't wait to get this going...even if it's already April. :) Thanks a million!!

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  9. I would love a copy of your independent projects! Thank you.