Homework Part 3

I feel the need to number this post.  It is how my brain is thinking right now.

1.  Our amazing custodian fixed the laminator.  But not until about 5 minutes before school started.  This is not how I envisioned it happening.  I envisioned (and prayed!!) that our custiodian would arrive at school at about 6:30am, begin to turn on all of the machines, and then see my lovely little note with all of the sad faces on it explaining that I had broken the laminator and had no money, tools, or handymen standing nearby to fix it.  I envisioned that he would fix it IMMEDIATELY, throw away my note, get the three remaining pages OUT of the laminator, put them in my box, and no one (as in: THE STAFF) would be the wiser.  HOWEVER, seeing as how it was 192 degrees by 7am, he decided to mow all of the grass, and weed, and do yard work because we are having our huge Patriot's Day Assembly tomorrow.  I did not know this when I arrived at school . . . a little bit later than 6:30am.  So my note, and the laminator, and my three stuck pages were just screaming out to everyone, "Kristin broke the laminator!  Look!  Kristin did it!  Did you see it?"  A few laughs, a squeezed shoulder, and two horrified faces (seriously, did they think I did it on PURPOSE?), later, our custodian finally fixed it.  Still not quite sure HOW but I got my 3 pages out of there.  :)  I am so glad I can keep getting my Friday latte instead of saving for a new laminator.

2.  Click HERE to get the **INDEPENDENT**STUDY**PROJECTS**!! (in stereo) in a PDF format. (special request and I deliver!)

3.  We have not had ONE recess all week.  I am about to lose my mind.  The irony of the whole Recess Debacle of 2011 coupled with no recess for an entire week has not escaped me.  I mean, I've got one hand in my pocket and the other one is giving a high five.  So . . . tomorrow the high is only supposed to be 90 degrees.  In a normal school setting, this would be "appropriate recess weather".  Oh, but we are not in a normal school setting.  Because we have a . . . wait for it . . . blacktop.  That's right!  We have a blacktop.  And it has its own weather.  For real.  So 90 degrees on the sidewalk or grass or on a roof or on my toe is different from what the weather will be like on the blacktop.  And it's always hotter on the blacktop.  Face the facts.  (People - I am telling the truth.  The powers-that-be call inclement weather if they think the blacktop will get too hot.  Hand on heart, I am telling you the truth.)

4.  One of my kids with special needs had a melt down today.   He does NOT like transitions from the desks to the carpet.  He has managed very well since the beginning of the year but this week has been extra hard on EVERYONE (see number 3) and he lost it today.  This is what he said as he stood by his desk:  "I do not like this school today.  I do not like this class today.  I do not like this teacher today."  It was kind of hard not to laugh.  I didn't take it personally at all because I was feeling THE EXACT SAME WAY but the rest of my kids were super offended and promptly told me how much they love me.  :)  He got over it . . . a bandaid will fix anything.

5.  Jordan just got evicted.  :(  I am talking Big Brother, if you didn't know.  This leaves Adam, Porsche, and Rachel.  Seriously?  Am I really thinking Rachel should win??  Am I really typing this???  See what no recess will do to a person????



  1. I can't believe that someone deems it too hot for recess. I live in Florida and we've never not gone out because it's too hot. We might only stay for 10 minutes but at least they get to run around and be social. BTW I would have totally cracked up at your student "I do not like this teacher." So glad a bandaid fixed the issue! Rambling About Reading

  2. I just can't handle the thought of Rachel winning. Ahhh!


  3. You are HILARIOUS...I get really cranky without recess too. BUT we are in Texas and even in the blasting heat wave and fires with bad air quality alerts, our babies get their time outside. ON THE BLACKTOP! ha ha...But seriously have you tried or heard of Adventure Fitness? It is an indoor PE tv program and the kids LOVE it. I found it through proteacher this Summer.

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  5. Thanks for sharing your independent study projects!! I have a few students who ask for extra homework and so I might have these ideas at Parent/Teacher Conferences for my high kids. Thanks again!!

    Marvelous Multiagers!

  6. I am a student teacher and mom to gifted kids in 5th and 8th grades. As a parent homework was the bane of my existence. So when all the other teachers gathered around to plan homework on the second week of school and complained about having to give it I asked "is there some kind of rule that says we have to give it?" When another teacher said parents ask for it, I thought she had to be kidding! Thanks for the idea, I will spread it (giving you the credit you desrve, of course.)
    Check out my blog while you're stalking- it has owls! (not real ones!)

  7. I actually took a picture of my bandaid stash today. Yup....gonna post about it :-).

    I hope you can get outside soon. Wait. Even as I typed that, it sounded a bit bizarre. lol!