Inside My School Bag Linky Party

Hey Peeps!  Well, I had a completely different topic in mind for today (antonyms, as a matter of fact) but then I found this fun linky party and had to join.  I am easily swayed.  And tired.  And this seems much easier, minus the fact that my hubs has my camera.  In a faraway land.  For real.  Which is why I am tired.  Am I the only person who can't sleep when her hubby is gone?  Am I the only person thinking that a bad guy (or two or three) want to get into my house, sneak up my stairs, and . . . well, let's not go there.  I am freaking myself out.   So the camera phone will have to suffice.  Suffice.  Big word!  I'm not as tired as I thought.

Abby over at the Inspired Apple is having a linky party about what's in your school bag!  So let's get this party started!

First, my bag is OLD.  I spent way too much money on it.  It's a Kenneth Cole.  (insert oooh, la, la voice here)  At the time, I wanted a nice bag and let a friend talk me into it.  Since then, I have had the front zipper re-done by a tailor because it broke.  I love this bag.  If I bring my nerd cart to school, my bag is always in the nerd cart. What???  You don't know what a nerd cart is??  One of THESE:

I hate mine but it really helps when I have too much stuff.  It's just not cute.  I can't stand feeling like I'm one of the xerox copier people.  Sorry to any xerox copier people that may be reading.  Oops.

But here's my bag that I put inside of the nerd cart (along with all of the other stuff that my bag won't hold):

And here is what it is filled with (at the moment):

So . . . school calendar (hardly ever check it), last year's yearbook so I could study the pics on my class list and know all of my students before they entered (yes, I am THAT girl), labels, a file folder with to-do stuff, a $10 off coupon to El Torito that my partner gave me, Kohl's coupons that someone put in my box, and a birthday letter from my adorable nephew, Caden.  This was back in June.  He just started Kinder this year.  You can't really see it but the front of the envelope says "TEW CWESTN"  (to Kristin).  I took it to school to show off and now it's just been living in my bag.  AWWWWWW.

Okay, so this stuff was just around the bottom and in the inside pocket.  Let's see.  I have two camera battery chargers.  Hmmm.  Wonder if hubby needed one of those???  And I have two because I broke my camera at my mom's 65th birthday party this summer.  And then I bought the exact same camera for about $200 less because it was discontinued, the floor model, and had missing pieces from the box.  Cha-ching!!!  :)  I've got my "wallet" (I don't know.  Coin purse?  I use it as a wallet), receipts, a binder clip, a bracelet, a random post-it, dental floss (never can be too careful), lip gloss, number cards that I should put back where they belong but I haven't (for about six months or a year -- whatever), lotion, keys, sunglass case (man - that's a big case!  Nothing teeny tiny about my sunglasses!), and contact solution.  The cards next to the wallet are my Table Captain cards that I haven't started yet because I couldn't find them and didn't want to re-make them and now I am really glad that Abby is hosting this party!!!  I can start Table Captains tomorrow.  Woo hoo!  And those yellow rectangles to the left of my wallet are gold tags.  They are what I use for my behavior management plan.  They are everywhere.  But mainly in my laundry.

The zippered pocket in the front of the bag had this stuff:

Wow - how embarassing.  I guess you can tell right off the bat that I care about my hair.  A brush AND THREE bottles of hairspray???  Hmmm.  Well, I am not into fashion or jewelry but I use my hair as an accessory, I guess.  And look at all of the nail files.  Seriously?  I should take a pic of my fingernails.  They are a HOT MESS.  So much so that this morning in our Leadership Meeting when we were discussing the possibility of getting DOCUMENT CAMERAS (be still my heart!  and what will TODD say?), the teacher sitting next to me said "Document cameras show how old your hands are so you have to keep up on your manicures."  Yep.  UH HUH.  Moving on:  (I decided not to dwell on it)  I see a staple remover, some "lady products" and a contact case.  I'm telling you right now -- if you have any kind of hair, nail, eye, or feminine emergency, I'm your gal.  :)  My Mac's charger is also in there but I never need it at school because IT'S A MAC.  Nuff said.

So . . . not too bad.  Considering.  I may have taken some stuff out and made it disappear before I took my pictures.

This is really fun - I am a super nosy person so I love that we get to look in each other's bags.  And you can invite me over without worrying that I might look in your medicine cabinet.  I mean, really.  I would never.  Nuh uh.  Nope.

Don't be late to the party!  Link up with Abby!


  1. I'm a pre-school year yearbook checker, too!!! My friend and I can't wait for the classlists to come out so we can scout out our newbies!!! You're not alone ;)

    I have a nerd cart at school, too! Becks thinks is the greatest thing ever invented and plays with it whenever he's in my room.

    Thanks for linking up today :)

  2. Haha! Loved this post. Oh the random things that end up in my teacher bag....

  3. Love it. Okay so my "nerd cart" that broke a year ago and I was so sad.. was designed by my master teacher during my student teacher. She designs them!!!! She wrote my name all cutesy on it with little kid and school graphics... super cute. Oh, how I miss it :(

  4. I see a few open slots in the nerd cart that are just waiting for a three-inch ribbon bling!

    LOVE Mac...we have four of them in my home. My classroom computer is a 1997 Dell. I haven't bothered to turn it on this year! I've been sneaking the iPad into my bag each morning :-)


  5. Oh my gosh Kristin! I am totally in the same boat on the not sleeping when the hubs is gone!!! I shouldn't tell you this, but there was a random act of murder just a few blocks from our house this past summer, and of course, the hubs had a softball tournament a week later. Needless to say, I stayed with my parents in their camper that weekend!!!! SCAAAAAAAARY!!!!!

    Hope you are safe!!

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  7. Why didn't I think of getting a "nerd cart"?! I go to school with my own book bag and at least 1 or 2 of those reusable bags filled to the brim!
    BTW, I can't sleep when my husband's away, either!

  8. Just stopping by to see what's in your bag. I'm a little late to the party. But better late than never, right? ha!

    Happy Weekend!

  9. You are funny! A nerd cart.. those things are life savers! I am late to Abby's party, here is my bag http://www.bunchofscrap.com/2011/10/what-is-in-my-teacher-bag-and-reveal.html