Happy weekend to all of my peeps!  I saw The Help again AND I Don't Know How She Does It.  I don't know how any of you moms do it but I admire all of you.  :)  The critics bashed that movie but my friends and I enjoyed it.  Call me crazy but Pierce Brosnan is H OH TEE HOT for an old guy.  

Besides antonyms this week, our curriculum and pacing guide and maps and traps and all of that stuff introduced NAMING WORDS.  Why, oh why can't we call them NOUNS in first grade?  Actually, never mind.  I call them nouns in first grade.  But I must stay faithful and have fidelity (TO THE APPLE CORE) so I use "naming words" and "nouns" interchangeably.  Just to be safe.  I typically call them nouns when no one is watching and then I will call them naming words if someone happens to stop by.  Or if I see someone through my windows and THINK they're coming in.  I am really thankful for my windows.  Windows = noun/naming word

If you don't know by now, I LOVE DJ Inkers.  They have a fairly new Language Arts cd that is just too cute.  They offer about 8 cards for nouns plus a blank template to make more of your own.  So I had a lot of fun creating more and now you can get them, too!  Just click the pic to go to my TpT store.  I made 90 cards (30 nouns, 30 verbs, 30 adjectives) plus headers.

We sorted the cards into the correct categories and then did a follow up worksheet. 

We did the top part of the worksheet together and then the kiddos completed the bottom half on their own.  My kids did a great job and we're ready to tackle verbs --- um, I mean ACTION WORDS --- next week.  And I should clarify that our curriculum comes with cards and a worksheet.  But . . . well, you see . . . it's . . . I . . .

Just read between the lines.  Thanks.

So, whether you teach nouns or naming words or a combination of both, I hope you can put these to some use in your classroom.  If you have a specific request for a card, let me know, and I'll see if I have the clipart to go with it.  For example, my "school" card actually has the name of our school.  :)

That's it for now!  I have lots of work to catch up on because I rushed out of school on Friday for a girl's night.  FUN times!  Can you say Pizookie?????  


  1. These are perfect! I think I will be using them on the word wall (I teach Kindergarten and I never even say noun or naming word! Hah!) Thanks!

  2. What Grammar/Phonics/Basal do you teach? Is it Houghton Mifflin?

    Thanks for these!

  3. Looove! They look so professional! great job!

    Miss Kindergarten

  4. Thank you! You saved me from having to make my own Nouns/Naming Words activity!- So cute!

    Rowdy in First Grade

  5. I'm right there with ya! Call it what it is! Don't dumb it down.

    We do Houghton Mifflin and this week we're teaching "naming parts" of sentences, which I will call subject. And when we get to "action parts", I will call those predicates. Because I checked, and in 3rd grade, EVERYTHING is called what it IS.

    Such a peeve of mine!

  6. The naming words thing drives me bonkers!!!! Seriously, do they really think naming words is HELPFUL?? That sounds like a proper noun to me! If they can learn math terms like sum they can learn noun! Okay..getting off my soapbox. Thanks for the awesome share. I have DJ love as well.
    Finally in First

  7. Super cute! Thanks for sharing. I LOVE DJ Inkers too.


  8. Great activity- thanks for sharing the nouns/naming words cards. Yep- I use both terms too!

  9. I love your ideas! I have awarded you my versatile blogger award!


  10. We teach HM too and I'm new to primary - used to teach 4th where everything is what it is...I totally mixed my kids up one day teaching noun/verb and then the activity was naming/telling part. Not to mention naming/telling parts are more like subject predicate than N/V - argh!!!!

    Adorable activity!!!

  11. Wow that a great way for teach kids about Noun and other things.

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