I have to talk about two new products I found/saw/bought/obsessed over last week.  

First, ya'll, fall is here.  (ha!  I never say ya'll but I'm trying to be cute like everyone else)  Did you hear?  It kind of snuck up on me but I saw all of Blogland talking about it so I figure it must be true.  And since I don't have an actual "theme" in my classroom (gasp!), it's time to change my bulletin boards to fall stuff.  Number one on the list is re-do my door.  We don't have hallways so we decorate our doors.  Or, I should say, we put up a welcome poster and then put cut-outs with the kids names around the poster.   It's THE THING to do at my school.  I try to change my door every single month but somehow August became September and I never knew.  Go figure!

So off I went to the teacher supply store (be still my heart) and I went JUST TO GET SOME CUT-OUTS.  Really.  That's all.  I was picturing pumpkins in my head.  Possibly leaves.  And I found . . . 

I mean, they aren't just pumpkins.  They aren't just orange.  LOOK AT THEM!!!!!! 

LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE!!!!  There are some leaves and corn on the cobs but I just like the pumpkins.  There were only 12 pumpkins so I had to get two packs.  I also have to write two kids' names on each pumpkin (or cut out - doesn't matter which month it is) now that I have a million kids in my class.  The door is only so big and I really do need the handle AND the rectangular window to look out for bad guys if we ever have a lock down.  Also, the rectangular window came in handy last year when I had to lock a student OUT OF the classroom and I couldn't help myself -- I had to look to see where he was even though the office and the powers that be told me to ignore him and that they would handle it.  You don't even want to know.  Well, you probably do but it's a long story and doesn't go with this post.  I'm off on a tangent and have to find my way back somehow!

Here's my door:

See?  That window is VITAL.  :)

Second product --- DJ Inkers has a new clipart cd!!  Math and Science!!  Look at it!

So adorable, I can't stand it!  This little pic reminds me of all the blogs that have monster themes.  It's perfect!  I don't have the cd yet but from what I can tell it offers dinosaurs, planets, weather, life cycles, etc.  The math covers fractions, measurement, counting, etc.   Just click the pic to go to their site.  And no, I don't work for them but I wish I did.  I can honestly say that their customer service is amazing.  I have emailed them a couple of different times asking for a specific product to be designed (such as a border with bears) and they always thank me for the suggestion and then follow up later with the product!!  And an email saying that it's out now!!!  :)  TRUE STORY!

Before I go, I have to say I LOVED reading all of your comments about classroom interruptions.  I am SO RELIEVED that I am not alone, nor will I be if I end up in a mental institution.  Phew.  Some of you mentioned that whoever is calling will leave a message if you don't pick up.  What kind of fancy phones do you guys have?  I AM the answering machine.  

Happy Wednesday to you tomorrow!!!


  1. Those are some CUTE pumpkins! I am jealous that you have a teacher store near you! We had some but they all closed! :(

  2. Your posts are too funny! You have me cracking up.. love reading your blog. And those pumpkins really are adorable!
    Check out my blog when u have time and follow me too!


  3. Just like Lori...I am VERY JEALOUS that you live near a teacher store! We have a store in our little town that will order stuff for us, but the closest "teacher store" is at least 45 minutes away! :( Sigh! Anyway...those pumpkins are the cutest...and your blog is awesome!!! I hope that one day my blog will be as entertaining and interesting as yours!!! Great job! My blog is BRAND NEW...if you have time check it out and follow me too! I have 2 followers now, so I would love to have some more!!! :)

  4. I love those pumpkins! It reminds me, I need to pull mine out from where I stashed them when I got back up here this summer.

    Very cute!

    ✪ Miss W

    Miss W Teaches

  5. Since you are the DJ Inker's expert/biggest fan, maybe you can answer my question about them since my schedule doesn't match up to their customer service phone hours and my 30 days from order is either passed or 1 day away :(

    I bought a CD for a mac (Critter Craze) and half of the color images on the CD are coming up all black. Do you know what this is? Is there an e-mail address for questions like this? It seems they suggest phone calls, but I'm at school during their hours! :(

  6. I look forward to your posts! You are so funny and REAL!!! Thank you for making me laugh! I love your pumpkins....I am afraid to go to the teacher store...I can't walk out of there without a HUGE bag of stuff!!