Shoes and Such

Happy Wednesday!  I am SUPER DUPER excited today because the hubby finally came home from his trip to a faraway land.  I can now say that . . . 1) my husband was in Singapore  2)  it was for 10 days  3)  I didn't post it on Facebook so no one could come and get me or rob me or anything like that. 

My hubs can't stand it if I announce number one or two IN CYBERSPACE because he is afraid of number three and thinks I'm naive to think that nothing would ever happen.  I think he may be just a tad bit paranoid.  

But he is home and I'm going to celebrate with the BEST SLEEP OF MY LIFE because while I might call him paranoid, I am an out and out FREAK when he is gone.  Even with a house alarm, german shepherd mix dog (who is actually a scaredy cat so it doesn't count) and a baseball bat by my bed (which is actually stupid because I am the most unathletic person I know and if I can't hit a baseball, I don't know why I think I could hit a bad man.  Especially in the middle of the night without my contacts in)!!  I seriously can't wait to go to sleep tonight.

SO!!!!!  Onto my post.  

SHOES.  I decided over the summer to embrace my height.  All 59 inches of me.  I stopped wearing flip flops with a cushion and just got the plain old flat kind.  And I am really super lucky because we can wear flip flops to school.  We all do.  Well, with the exception of my partner who has decided she has Fred Flintstone feet and won't show them to anyone except her family.   Call it unprofessional or what have you, but we wear flip flops at my school.  You can go ahead and tell me that I am a bad teacher.  I will have to reply that it actually makes me a better teacher because my feet are comfy and I'm in a much better mood when my feet don't hurt.  On the rare occasion that I decide to wear wedges or something crazy like that, I tend to get a little grumpy.  And I usually switch them out for flip flops at first recess.   

Well . . . like I said, I switched to flat flip flops.  And twice last week, I had two different teachers at two different times ask me if I was . . . you will not believe this . . . it is so mean . . . but they asked me if I was . . . SHRINKING.  UH HUH.  No joke.  

After a little tussle in which I pulled some hair and said some nasty things, I started to wonder if it was because they were used to seeing me in my cushion(y) flip flops.  Hmmmm.  And I also wondered if I should start wearing heels and get those Dr. Scholl's inserts or something.  Just suck it up and do it.  Corns, bunions, and all.

So what shoes do you wear to school??  Are you allowed to wear flip flops?  Do you wear high heels?  I have my eye on these cute little heels.  What do you think?  Are they me?



  1. Haha, I loved your post, it made me laugh...my husband sounds like yours! I just bought some new "teaching" shoes, so my feet weren't killing me when I got home! I bought some Clarks shoes and sandals.


  2. I wear Yellow Box flip flops almost everyday. The days that I don't wear them, I usually change into the pair that I keep in my desk drawer. Oh and I am 5 ft 1. I know it is weird when a first grader can literally see eye to eye with you. Haha!

    1st Grade with Miss Snowden

  3. Now I'm REALLY jealous of you. Flip flops!? That's my dream, I tell you! When I totally break the rules and wear flip flops, I get nasty looks from other teachers and my principal =( I have to wear boring shoes and I search low and high for flats that aren't old lady and are comfortable. So far, I've come up empty. =(

  4. I wear flip flops in my room a lot - but switch out to my other acceptable shoes when I leave the room. My team partner wears heels on a daily basis. She is my hero because I never could wear them as long as she does. I am also a short person - I learned to accept it a long time ago and wear mostly flat shoes, but I wish someone would explain to my tall husband (of 15 years mind you) WHY mirrors should not be placed on the wall at his eye level. Really, I don't need to check out how only my forehead looks! He can squat down and look easier than I can jump! But I digress.....
    Spotlight on Kindergarten

  5. I wish I could wear flip flops....I wear flats but I can never find a pair that are comfortable...I want to scream by the end of the day. I hate shoes. I teach at a private school and we have a dress code ...NO UGGs either.....I love those too.

  6. Girl...go get yourself some Jack Rogers! Best investment EVER!!! They are definitely the "it" thing at our school. They are seriously better than the flops and look a little more dressy! Love mine! :)

    Hope King

  7. You are too funny! I am also 59 inches and my students are as tall as me or taller. I always wear a heel. I wear volatile flip flops to work sometimes. They are pretty popular with the teachers at our school, but my flip flops always have a lot of cushion. You go girl!

  8. I wear flip flops almost daily.,. or tennis shoes. We can dress casual.. so most days I wear jeans and a v-neck t-shirt with flip flops or tennis shoes. Heels.. never!

  9. Thanks for being so inspiring! I gave you a Versatile Blogger Award!!! Check it out @ The Kinder Life!!! Have a great night!

  10. I wear tevas in the hot weather and Danskos when I have to start wearing pants. NOTHING is more comfortable than a pair of Danskos,( plus, they add a little height, which in my case slims me down a bit). Love, love, love your blog!!! :]

  11. Love your post. We don't have a dress code for the staff in our district, but this is the first year students have a dress code. I've found myself being a little more "stuffy" in my dress with the new student dress code. I feel guilty being comfortable when students are stuck in their uniforms! LOL But I do occasionally wear flip-flops in the spring and into the summer, and I guess into the fall. LOL Heels are a more rare occasion though, as they do tend to make for cranky teachers! LOL
    ☺ Tanya
    First Grade is Fantabulous!

  12. Kristin!!!! You seriously need to stop with all this blogging what I'm thinking nonsense. I mean... how can a complete stranger have nearly everything in common with me?!? Weird.

    Anyway... here's my response:

    1. My husband is the same way. I rarely frequent FB because of him.
    2. I heart flip flops. This is my fifth year teaching and the first in which I've worn flip flops nearly everyday. I've always hated heels. I'm short, too... 61". :) I've worn grandma shoes, Dr. Scholl's, Aerosoles (pretty much grandmas shoes), and then I found Soffts through my academic coach. She said they were soo comfortable, but this is coming from a lady who looks like she's ready to go to the club every day. 4" heels, hair teased, jewelry. LOTS of jewelry. So, needless to say, they hurt like hell.

    So, I've resorted to wearing wedged flip flops like Roxy or Reefs. They're black, leather, sorta dressy in the flip flop department. You know what else I like though? Those gladiator style sandals. They're better than flip flops because of the whole buckle thing. Theeeennnn technically, it's not a flip flop, but rather a sandal!

    I'm in CA, too. SO I can wear sandals for quite a while during the year. In my 3 month sandal hiatus, I wear Uggs. I KNOW! I'm THAT teacher!!! haha That's just tacky, right??

    Side note: It's fall!!! What about leggings??? Are you as obsessed as I am?

  13. I (and really, our whole school) wears flip flops EVERY DAY! Ok, for 2 reasons a)I'm pregnant so I need to be comfy (hey - it's an excuse, right?? ha!) and b) it's not very practical for me to wear my heels with my little 2nd graders all day and be expected to get on the floor with them and walk around all day....PLUS We live in Florida, so it's kind of our daily attire anyway. Our principal has said something to us as a group about the type of shoes we wear, but has stated she understands it, so as long as we are still dressed professionally....
    I agree, that it makes us better teachers since our feet are happy. ha!

  14. Flip flops all the way! I make sure there is slight "bling" to them just in case my principal says something about it being to casual. But so far so good! We just had Back to School Night and I was SOOO tempted to wear them, but I opted for fancy ones. Back To School Night was at 6:30 and the fancy shoes went on at 6:25. :)
    Love your blog!
    Simply the Classroom

  15. I am passing on The Versatile Blogger Award to you! Thank you for all of the amazing inspiration. Come on over to grab the button!

    Adventures in Kindergarten

  16. I just love this conversation! I found some Bass shoes at the outlet store and just love them - they look like a Mary Jane style sneaker-ish but better looking than a sneaker. They are so comfortable - AND they have velcro for the straps! I feel like one of my first graders! Love love them! I also wear Crocs, which drives my principal nuts but they're comfortable! :)

  17. This was so funny reading...that I decided I had to comment. I too hate having sore feet at the end of the day. The only rule for our shoes is that they have to be "professionally appropriate." Therefore, I wear heals most of the time, but my 41 year old feet just couldn't take it anymore. So....I broke down this year and bought several pairs of slippers to wear just in my classroom. You know, the ballet slipper kind. I had to have several pairs in different colors so that it would go with my attire just in case an administrator decided to pop in. Every day, just after the news, I change out of my heals and into my slippers. I have even caught myself sining...It's a beautiful day in the neighborhood...I beautiful day for a neighbor.... Wow! Now I am really showing my age. Anyway....that is my shoe story. I toe-tally understand where you are coming from. :) Ann

  18. This post cracked me up! I couldn't see your pic but I'm sure the shoes you pick will be cute!

    I WISH I could get away with flip flops but at my schools, I don't even think that'd be ok on "casual" Friday :( I usually wear some nice flats or wedges. I rarely wear actual heels...wedges are much more comfortable!

  19. Um...seriously...I laughed out loud like a crazy woman at this post. DO NOT wear heels. It's not worth it...I've tried. Ya know, to be more "professional," but my feet are crying at the end of the day...and frankly, so am I. Go with the flip flops and embrace the height. I usually wear flats because my man is the same height as me...so with heels, I look like the jolly green giant next to him. Youv'e heard the old saying...beauty is pain!?! Well....I'm here to tell you, YES IT IS! And forget it....we'll be beautiful in flip flops! ;-)

  20. Your post was perfect timing for me! I wore flip flops to school today for the first time EVER. It was dress down day and it was supposed to be warm and muggy out. So I caved, even though my colleagues wear them during the week all the time! They just made me feel less professional, but you're right, I'm a better teacher when I'm comfortable!

    In the winter, danskos are amazingly comfortable! They give me a little bit of height over my second graders and I don't want to kick them off the second I get home. They're a bit expensive, but worth it.
    Sara :)

  21. I mostly stick with flats, tennis shoes or my comfy "teacher shoes." At open house I wore heels and had a student say to me "Miss B I can't believe you are wearing heels!!" Cracked me up!

  22. Thanks for telling about Adventure to Fitness! It worked out great since we lost another two days due to "lightening strikes!"
    Also, I'm a shortie and I wear Birkenstocks every day. One: because I have terrible, awful, painfully high arches and these are the only shoes I can wear and still be able to walk at night.
    Two: because the are open and I can spread my toes out to my hearts content.
    I'm a Florida girl and I'm used to being barefoot often. So much so, that I have gone to the mall, Target, out to dinner, and to my in-laws and FORGOT to bring shoes with me. My husband asks me in the car if I have shoes with me because he's sick of turning around!

  23. I have Fred Flintstone feet, so no flipflips for me. I used my first TPT check to buy some really comfy tennis shoes in August. That is all I ever wear. I overheard one of my first graders whisper to a classmate that she thought I must be poor because I wear the same shoes all the time, lol.

  24. I'm laughing with the rest of you! I have the opposite problem. I'm tall! 70 inches! (I had to calculate that.) I have always wanted to wear those cute heels, but alas, I really would be the jolly green giant! I teach first graders, so I often have to sit to be on their level. Anyway, we can't wear flip flops, but we can wear sandals, so you know what that means. (Hehe!) Our definition of flip flops are those that are made totally of rubber and cost $3.

  25. Usually I order size 7 for my shoes but after reading the reviews I decided to order size 7.5. And I'm happy with my purchase. It fit great.
    Louis Vuitton shoes

  26. I am with you! I am a tall-ish teacher, but most everyone else is in heels. Me? Comfy flats! I have seven pairs of ADORABLE Payless shoes SUPER comfortable flats. I even blogged about them: http://eslcarissa.blogspot.com/2014/07/teacher-fashion-back-to-school-shoes.html