Favorite Read Aloud Linky Party

Courtney over at Swimming into Second is having a Favorite Read Aloud Linky Party.  This one started out a little bit difficult for me.  How do I pick just one?  I LOVE books.  But I especially love reading to kids.  1)  It's fun.  2)  The kids are quiet.  3)  I get to use different voices.  4)  All eyes are on me the book.  5)  The kids are QUIET.  Need I say more?  Honestly, though, if I could find a job where I get paid to read to kids ALL DAY, I might just take it.  Not the SAME kids all day, but different groups of kids.  Different ages.  A coffee break here.  Read a story.  A nap there.  Read another story.  Wouldn't that just be ideal???

So I thought of SEVERAL books that I love to read to my kids year after year.  I'll just make a quick list and then move onto my NUMERO UNO pick.  

1.  Anything and everything by Robert Munsch (except for Love You Forever which is NOT funny and just makes me want to cry.  I also loved it when Joey read it on Friends but that's it.)
2.  Anything and everything by Kevin Henkes.

That's not much of a list, is it?  I was prepared to write down more but it's late and I'm in a first night of the world series-had to order pizza-get free garlic knots when you order online-coma.  (go Rangers!)

My number one pick to read aloud is Junie B. Jones.  

Please don't get all high and mighty on me and say that the grammar is all wrong and that she uses BAD words.  (gasp!  BAD words!)  She is so funny to me that I don't care that I'm corrupting little children.

Really, though, the grammar is wrong because SHE IS IN KINDERGARTEN, PEOPLE.  That is great character development.  Kids DO talk like that.  Plus, it's a great opportunity for a  mini lesson if you feel so inclined (I don't.  Maybe once or twice, but really, I'm just too into the story to stop.)

And the BAD words??  They aren't BAD.  They just aren't nice.  I edit them out.  For example, if Junie B. ACTUALLY SAID, "I don't like my DUMB baby brother", I would read, "I don't like my baby brother".  Easy.  No problem!  

I've been reading Junie B. for probably 12-13 years now.  I have only had one parent complain.  (please pause while I roll my eyes)  I forget what I said to resolve the situation but most parents say I have lit a fire under their child and where can they purchase the books?  

I read Junie B. in order.  I start with book one.  And so on.  I have yet to read every single book in the series in one school year.  The kids usually beg me the last couple of days of school to only read Junie B. and do nothing else so that we CAN finish but I've never made it.

My favorite part about Junie B.?  She is HILARIOUS!!   I have a Junie B. voice that I use and my kids always want to know how I can sound like her.  (Um -- I made her up??)  I also have different voices for Lucille, Philip Johnny Bob, and Jim.  I use my regular voice if it's her teacher or parents talking.  It is FUN!!!  I ordered the Junie B. doll and my Teacher's Pet (kid of the day) gets to hold her when I read the chapter.  Even the boys want to hold her.  It cracks me up when I look up from the page and someone has Junie B.'s head shaking back and forth furiously as I read a "screaming" part.

My first graders end up bringing their own books with them to the carpet and they follow along while I read!!!!!!!  It makes me SUPER HAPPY.

Also, I use signals such as, "Hot - " (kids say Dog) "Pepperoni - " (kids say Pizza) and now I just throw in "Junie - " and they all say "B"!  :) :) :)

Not to toot my own horn or anything, but I am good. 


Go link up with Courtney to see what everyone else is reading!!!


  1. When I taught fourth grade I used to read another hilarious Barbara Park book, Skinny Bones. Goodness, I would laugh so loud at this book! Sometimes, I felt like I was alone in the laughing department but i didn't care. Check it out if you get a chance. I wouldn't read it to my first graders but I will for a laugh.

  2. Oh my goodness! Yucky Blucky fruitcake is my favorite too! I crack up so bad when she is pours her breakfast in chapter 1.... Hilarious!

  3. Love Junie B! She's playing at the South Coast Rep Nov 4-20, you should go watch! And I love when you toot your own horn! Also, you should be a Librarian! Then you could read books all day! And just have the students shelve the books for you ;) Perfect!

  4. I love Robert Munsch. His books are hilarious!!


  5. I agree with you! I edit some of the "bad" words, but for the most part it's just funny! :) My 1st graders don't really get most of the jokes, but I still like to read it! She does talk like a kindergartner and I just tell my kiddos that! I tell them that when she gets into 1st grade, she'll learn the right way! :) hahaha! 1st grade is the best!

    P.S. feel free to toot your own horn. any day, anytime.


  6. I love Junie B.. I have read it to my classes (first and K) and to my own daughter. I would even hear my husband (who does not typically like to read) laughing so hard he is crying when it is his night to read. This year I have a tough group and it wasn't quite so funny because it was a bit too close to home! :)
    Pam@Kindergarten Night Owls

  7. Just wanted to share- I told one of my teammates about your "homeless man" story and we were literally crying we were laughing so hard--that is until the superintendent walked around the corner and I ran away! Thanks SOOO much for the laughs!

    Queen of the First Grade Jungle

  8. Thank you for that post. I read Junie B. Jones to my kids too, and I have struggled a bit with some of the language. I also just edit if I feel it's not appropriate, but her personality is so funny, and the boys even love her! I can't seem to put her down.

  9. Thanks for joining my linky party! I do exactly the same thing with "bad" words in Junie B. Jones.

    Swimming into Second

  10. I do the same thing with "Bad Words" - I also agree with you about the grammar in the book! They are KIDDOS!!! OY - love the eye roll comment - I cracked up!

    Come check out my new blog - just started! Could use a few awesome followers!