Say what?

Hooray!  It's Friday!  Pizza and wine and a movie with the hubby!  Yes, this is what amounts to an exciting Friday evening for me.  And I like it.  What's that?  Don't I want to go OUT on a Friday night?  Well, I would if you could tell me which restaurant does not care if I wear my pajamas and eyeglasses that magnify everything on the plate so much that I might just be able to call the Health Board to report this, that, and the other.  If you know of such a place, please let me know.

But what I REALLY REALLY REALLY want to know is what's up with this FALL BREAK?  And/or this 3 DAY WEEKEND?  How does one go about getting one of those?  I have neither.  I have a regular old two day weekend that is going to fly by while I work on my report cards and parent conference notes.  Just two days.  And then I will return to school on Monday to continue assessing and pretending that my other kids are doing everything that they should be doing while I work one on one with a kiddo.  And I will return to the stupid stupid stupid portion of the test that requires my little friends to come up with TWO rhyming words out of thin HAIR.  And it's MY HAIR because I am pulling it out by the fistful, especially when one of my smart cookies says CAT and CAT in response to "can you give me two words that rhyme with dog?"  Seriously.  Yep.  And you know I want to scream but instead, I smile and nod and move onto the next one.  Which is not any better.  It's "nose".  Did you know EYE and EYE are two rhyming words for nose???????????????????  

So who ARE you people and where do you live and why do you get a Fall Break????  Or what is your three day weekend for????????  I love my job, I do, I really do, but I would LOVE a little break.  Just a little one.  I'd take this three day weekend some of you are talking about.  Who do I need to call?  Is there a petition that I need to sign?   Should I just take it off in solidarity with you?  I would totally be willing to do that.  Just say the word.

In the meantime, I'll just be enjoying a little of this . . . and be happy to be home and ignoring my nerd cart until tomorrow.  :)


  1. haha....I totally don't like going out on Friday nights - Saturdays are much better/easier for me.
    And we don't get a 3 day weekend...well, the kids do, we had an in-service on Friday in the morning and...wait for it...we ACTUALLY got time in our rooms for a few hours!! say what?!?! I know - it seems impossible. lol. But we've had a TON of 3 day weekends recently, and all I want is a regualr 5 day work week so I can actually establish some routine in my room! I know - I'm weird. lol

  2. I feel your pain...our kids have a 4, that's right, 4 day weekend!!!!! Teachers have a work day on Monday because the quarter is over and report cards are due...yikes, already? Tuesday is an inservice day!!! So I only get 2 like you:((

    4th Grade Frolics

  3. I love quiet friday nights myself. My boyfriend and I had fajitas, beer and watched True Grit. It was so nice to just chill. We don't get any kind of fall break either. Our kids don't get out a day either. We use to get one day in October but they took that away and I'm not sure they ever gave it to us any other place. I'm pretty jealous of all the people saying they are going to the beach or somewhere or just staying at home.

  4. Agree!! Where is this 3 day weekend coming from that people have been speaking of! I too, have a normal everyday 2 day weekend. No fall break either. Ever. No break until Thanksgiving. No day off work until Nov. 11. They REALLY skimped on our days off this year, and do you know, there is not ONE SINGLE half day at all?!? Oy vey. Little breaks are nice here and there.

    I'm totally with you on Friday nights! Friday is my FAVORITE night to go to bed. It's the first night in 5 nights where I can go to bed and not worry about when I wake up & I'm just so exhausted that I love it!

    Enjoy your weekend! :)

    Creating & Teaching

  5. Pizza and wine is usually how my Friday night goes too! I totally ignore the large bag waiting for me to make a million centers and grade papers until Saturday morning. I also do not get Columbus Day (Monday) off either! For some odd reason no one knows they gave us Friday October 14th off. It's a non teacher work day soo I'm really not complaining on this one. Then at the end of the month I get Friday October 28th off if I finish my report cards and report card conferences. If I don't I have to do work-I always finish on time. The great thing about that day is usually it is Halloween so we don't have to deal with our kiddos. Why why why is Halloween on a Monday this year!? Oh and no Fall break here...Cheer up buttercup! 2 days are better than none!

  6. I feel your pain - we do not get a fall break, a three day weekend, any kind of break in October! We actually have parent teacher conferences on the 27th from 12:00-8:00pm then work a full day on the 28th. We don't get our 1/2 day to make up for the long day until the Wed. before thanksgiving UGG! It's going to be one long month as we have state assessments, hold conferences, and "celebrate fall" (no Halloween for us) with no break until the end of Nov.

  7. If you're having movie night I DON'T suggest Date Night. We finally got around to seeing it last night and thought it was terrible! I do have off for Columbus Day and I did a terrible job of teaching the kids about Columbus Day on Friday. I thought I had that In 1492 book by Jean Marzollo and I totally didn't so all I had for them was a song and me. So we pretty much skipped it. I didn't even make the crazy Columbus Day art project ships because I too was busy assessing kids because we have progress reports. Oh well, Columbus killed all the Native Americans anyway, he's not my favorite guy so if my little cherubs don't know too much about him this year it's okay with me. Maybe I'll read them In 1492 on Tuesday anyway.

  8. I feel bad for all of you! Our students get a 4 day weekend...we had a Superintendent's Conference Day on Friday and we were done at 12:15 woo hoo!! I got so much done in my classroom. We have off on Monday for Columbus Day....any Federal Holiday, schools are closed around here. I thought everyone did that!


  9. We have inservice on Monday which I am not looking forward to. I would much rather have a work day where I can clean and organize my pit of a room before we start having serious parent conferences in 2 weeks. I feel your pain about needing a break!

  10. I completely understand what you are going through....no breaks here either. I worked all last night on organizing a project for the kids. Today correcting papers...tomorrow organizing for the week. Next week is open house on a Friday Night!!!! Really!!
    The Very Busy Kindergarten

  11. I don't have a 3-day weekend right now either. The kids have next Thursday and Friday off, but we have teacher workdays, so we don't exactly get the time off either. I'm starting parent conferences this week, too so I will be right there with you working on those notes this weekend! Have a great weekend and enjoy some more wine!
    A Day in First Grade

  12. I had no kids, professional development day on Friday. Then Columbus Day off on Monday. I think most of New England celebrates this day.

    1st in Maine

  13. We did dinner at home last night (all brought home from Trader Joes) and watched TV on the couch. Sounds like a perfect Friday to me! And that pizza looks SUPER yummy!

    We have a day for Columbus Day on Monday. I'm SO happy for a day off. Though I'll probably spend it preparing reading centers.

  14. I totally agree with you on the Friday night thing. By the time Friday rolls around, I am too exhauseted to do anything.

    I think maybe some people have a 3 day weekend for Columbus day? I'm not sure. We have a 1/2 PD, 1/2 Teacher Worday coming up on the 10/21, which I consider not having to work since there are no kiddos there!

    On a total random (and probably creepy side note), my kids had to spell the word tiny the other day and I totally thought of your blog...

    Living A Wonderful Life

  15. AMEN! What the heck is up with the fall break?! My kids have a three day weekend. We have parent conferences all day Monday. Goodie- let me waste my time telling half my parents that their kids are completely on track and I have no concerns. This year is kicking my butt and I could totally use a three day weekend!

    Rowdy in First Grade

  16. I just had to write a comment. We actually have next Monday off for (are you ready?) Pheasant Monday! I live in South Dakota where pheasant hunting is a huge deal and many of the families have lodges that provide pheasant hunts for out-of-state hunters. Next weekend is the opening of the season so we have a three day weekend! :)

  17. As much as I love a day off, it freaks me out about how long we'll be there in June with each one! We don't get out til past the middle of June as it is. We have a Fri off in 2 weeks for the state teacher convention. If you don't go you can work in your room but many people take a personal day (no sub plans needed!).

  18. Friday nights are the absolute best. I typically just come home and crash. lol.

    And, yes... I live in one of those hated places that will be on "Fall Break" next week. I live in northern Louisiana. We started school on August 1st - so a break is much needed! We start early and get out late May so we can get a fall break in October (perfect for the start of deer hunting season... lol) and a winter break in February (usually around Mardi Gras).

    So, I will be relaxing in this great fall weather and thinking of you and everyone else this week! Have a great week next week -- I am actually sad we are out during Fire Prevention week!! lol :)

    Kindergarten Katy

  19. I have a similar class this year, too. They are lucky to have you!! I love your sense of humor and the way you find the laughable moments in everything.

    We had a three day weekend last week because it was supposed to be an inservice day but there wasn't funding to pay the teachers. And in two weeks we have another three day weekend for Fall Break. It's unusual for us to have so many breaks, but this year, I'm grateful. I'm in Utah freezing my hind end off with our first frost and snow storm this week.

    Sending hugs your way!

    Teaching First

  20. I understand your pain. The 3 day weekend is for Columbus Day on Monday. Growing up I always had Columbus Day off. But I've never had it off since moving south. As far as the fall break goes...we never had one until a few years ago. It's actually an Extended Learning Time where kids below a certain % have to come to school for extra help. This is the last year because the federal funds will be gone. Our fall break is in Nov. I don't know what I will do next year! Hang in there. Maybe consider a "mental health" day. We all need those. (But I hate doing sub plans) Happy Columbus Day at school tomorrow!

  21. Oh Columbus Day...if it makes you feel better, we don't have it off either!! Posting some teaching ideas soon. Maybe that'll help you get through tomorrow. ;)

    Little Miss Glamour Goes to Kindergarten

  22. Here in Utah (and in Idaho too) they have Fall Break in October, usually towards the middle-endish and we get a 4 day weekend. No Columbus Day break though... In Idaho they call it "Harvest Break", it's when they do the majority of their potato and other crop harvesting. A long time ago, many of the students were part of farming families and they needed every hand available to pick those crops and to go hunting at the start of the season, so many kids would miss school. I guess they decided it was just better to give us the time off :) We don't have any breaks from MLK day to the middle of April for Spring Break except for President's Day...so I think that makes us for it :) I'm sooo looking forward to a break next Thursday! We too had Conferences this week...3:30 to 7:30 and barely a third of my students' parents showed! So I feel your pain!


  23. We had the last 2 Fridays off. One for our parish (Louisiana's version of a county) fair, and one for parent/teacher conferences which were cancelled due to funding issues which translated into a furlough! Oh well, it's a day off. Only thing is, I could really get used to a 4 day week!

    Live Laugh and Love to Learn