Giveaway (again!) :)

I woke up again today.  Not of my own free will but because the alarm clock was extremely rude.  Then we had a Staff Meeting.  It's however many hours later and I don't recall what was said in the meeting.  I'm pretty sure I went.

Today is the "first time we kissed so let's call this we began our life together anniversary" day between my hubby and me.  Well, obviously it's between my hubby and me, otherwise he might be a little upset with me.  So, 20 years ago today, we kissed for the first time.  That was also a little against my will, too.  Wait.  That doesn't sound right.  Let's try this again.  He was trying to kiss me and I was fighting him off because he was my best friend's boyfriend and I felt bad . . . oh, that doesn't make me look very good, does it?  . . .  One more time . . . my best friend broke up with her boyfriend who I was in love with (and actually quite close to, really) and she knew that I was in love with him but she went out with him anyway.  And then I was the bigger person and I said, "Let's not let a guy come between us."  Wasn't that nice of me?  Then they dated for like eight months (and seven of those months were lots of fights and I was the referee) and then they broke up.  Her EX boyfriend and I stayed friends, much to her dismay, and then twenty years ago on this very day, he tried to kiss me and I tried really hard to be a good friend, and a good person, and fight him off.  I tried.  Really hard.  I'd say . . . oh . . . maybe after about thirty seconds, I let him.  And then I kissed him back.  My friend and I are no longer best friends or friends of any kind, for that matter.  Remember how I was the bigger person and I said, "Let's not let a guy come between us?"  She did NOT say that.  She said . . . well, we'll just leave it at that.  

Can you tell that this happened in elementary school?  No?  Too early?

Okay, how about junior high?  No?  Still?

All right, it was high school.  Except hubby and best friend were seniors and I was at a community college.  But still.  Twenty years sounds like a long time, but in all actuality, I am really young.  For real.  Age is just a number.

So happy anniversary to me.  And I hope all is well with my ex-best friend.

I don't know how to transition from that story to the reason for this post so I'm just going to start a new paragraph.

Did you know that I am part of another giveaway?  Yes, I AM!!!  :)

I have joined forces with Rebecca from Teaching First, Jennifer from Rowdy in First Grade, and Caitlin from Ms. Preppy.  Rebecca is hosting so you will need to go over to her blog to check out the goods.  Just click on her adorable button.
Teaching First
It's pretty darn easy to enter.  You just have to find someone's boyfriend and then steal them away.


All you have to do is follow each of us, follow their awesome stores, and then tell a story about what you like to do in the winter with your class.  How easy is that???  

Before you click on over there, leave me a comment about my sordid story.  But you have to be on MY SIDE even though you don't know the whole story.  It's quite clear that my hubby and I were supposed to be together because it's been 20 years!!  HELLO?!  So no nasty comments.  Please.  Remember how I wouldn't tell you what she said?  Uh huh.  That was nasty enough.  Also, if this reminds you AT ALL of the Dylan, Kelly, and Brenda saga, I will tell you that I thought someone listened in on all of my conversations during this time in my life and stole my story and sold it to the 90210 writers.  My only issue was I didn't know if I was supposed to be Kelly or Brenda.  


  1. Of course I'm on your side :) Too bad for your friend not to have you in her life anymore. If she was a true friend, she never would have went out with him in the first place knowing you liked him! Congrats on 20 years!!

    GREAT giveaway btw!


  2. Wowser! You said a lot there! My eyes were glued to the screen. I can't even begin to tell you how much I enjoy reading about your life. You seriously need to write yourself a book! I'd be first in line to buy it (and of course get an autograph!) Thanks for the laughter.

    First Grade Delight

  3. oh Kristin, you must grow weary of hearing this from everyone but you crack me up!! I'm always excited to see a new post from you :) And thanks for the sweet words the other day. Believe it or not, I used to post every day on my blog--and it was wonderful. I miss those times...I hope to get back to that soon. Talk to you soon, and no judgements on your stories here, ever!!

  4. I am totally Team Kristin forever and always. I think we need t-shirts.

    Ms. Preppy's Adventures in Primary and Polka Dots

  5. Oh my gosh-forget blogging about your classroom-we want to hear other crazy stories from your life ;) I just love reading your hilarious posts!
    Keen on Kindergarten

  6. You tried and that's all that matters in my book! Happy "Kiss" Anniversary!
    2B Honey Bunch

  7. You are definitely Kelly. I've been there, but I'm more Brenda.

    1st in Maine

  8. Clearly you are Kelly because Brenda was a terrible &#$!#, she had bad hair, and she is crazy in real life.

    Rowdy in First Grade

  9. Also- thanks. Now I have the 90210 theme in my head!
    Da da da da, da da da, bop, bop....

  10. That was a GOOD story. I should use it as a model for writing in my own classroom! Except for the content which may be inappropriate for third graders. Nuts!

  11. Umm...I am majorly impressed that you know the date of your first kiss. I might know the month of ours...I love stories like that. Not the no longer friends part, but the pining after the boy but getting him in the end part. :-)
    Finally in First

  12. Awwww....Happy Anniversary!!! And Jennifer was right- Brenda was a total bleep- so you were Kelly.... I never really got the Dylan thing....Okay, I am lying....He bought a house in the town outside of mine (like 20 years ago) and we drove there every weekend trying to find it!!! (I am going to google him now, I hope he isn't old and ugly)

    hee hee!
    Happy Smooching!

  13. I forget, who ended up with Dylan - was it Kelly or Brenda? Didn't Brenda go away to France (well, really I think the actress was kicked off the show, right?). So does that mean Kelly ended up with Dylan. If so, you are Kelly. But if someone else ended up with Dylan, then you are that someone else. At least that is the way it seems to this tired teacher!
    An Open Door

  14. I was going to say you are definitely Kelly but then I got to thinking about Kelly and Brandon. But I think Kelly ended up with Dylan in the end or at least it was alluded to. It makes me so happy that you had a 90210 reference and that others chime in. Loved that show!

  15. Can you ask Rebecca to change her coment boxs to pop up so I can enter the giveaway. She has it embedded. I can't seem to figure out why my Google account won't work on embedded comments?????


  16. If there was not conflict or controversy in a post of yours I would be disappointed. Bring it on! Never a judgment from me. Loyal till the end.

  17. My comment has nothing to do with your post, but I want to tell this story again.....
    I'll call my story, "Fashion in Second Grade" It goes like this.
    Yesterday, 'Lucy' comes into class wearing a t-shirt that says NOT DESPERATE. So I ask Lucy what that means. She replies that she doesn't know. Off she goes to breakfast and returns with her smart friend, 'Alice.' Alice tells me that she knows what Lucy's shirt means. "You know its like when your somewheres with a door and you don't want nobody to disturb you."
    Me: "Ooohhhhhhhhhh. Her shirt says, DO NO DISTURB?"
    Lucy looks at her shirt and says, "yea, but it doesn't have the d."

  18. hahahahahahaha! You go girl! And the winner takes all! :)


  19. Team Kristin all the way! Making t-shirts. Done! LOL!!
    <>< Crystal

  20. I am SO on your side! your hubby is a lucky guy. He was wasting his time with that other girl!