Principal = Pal

What a day I've had.  Just picture me hitting myself in the forehead as I say it again.  What a day I've had!  But I am alive.  Life is well.  This is not a Grey's Anatomy day in which terrible things happen every single segment (last week's episode) or a Beverly Hills Housewives kind of day in which my friends sit on a pristine white couch and pretty much tell me that they always talk behind my back (last night's episode).

No, no, no.  It's just that yesterday was a To Be Continued kind of day and it continued.  Shall I explain?

Get comfy.  Here come some words.

Our district has a Print Shop.  They copy stuff there.  My principal lets us turn in "grade level wide" masters and units of things for approval and then she PAYS for all of the copying over at Print Shop.  It's sent there, it's copied there, and it comes back to us in boxes.  Shrinkwrapped, collated, hole punched, any kind of copy word you can think of, and it's done.  It's a magical place.  Much like Santa's workshop.  

Well, at the end of last year, our budget was bad.   This is not new (I mean, really).

We had to turn in "first half" stuff and "second half" stuff.  

It's time for our "second half" stuff.  I asked our secretary yesterday if it was turned in, shipped off, or being multiplied as we speak.  Nope.  But she would ASK our principal about it.  She thought she had heard our principal say she wasn't approving anything that was not core curriculum.  

You just gasped, didn't you?  You know that core curriculum comes with workbooks and phonics readers and . . . and . . . and . . . well, that's about it.  Obviously, anything we send to print shop is SUPPLEMENTAL.

Here is one sample that I need for the second half of the year:
Well, I don't know if you can tell from this, but we call this Morning Work.  And it's a weekly review of what we learned in our Core Curriculum from the previous week.  Make 15 copies, cut in half, good to go.  (well, except that I also have math on the back)

So I understand it's a lot of copies.  We do this EVERY DAY.  The kids come in, get started, and we review.  Each day is something a little different.    

Here's the kicker.  This is my BABY.  It took me FOREVER to create these and find the right clipart and blah, blah, blah.  They are not meaningless.  They go with our Language Arts and Math curriculum.  I don't know why I'm trying to convince YOU.  I am preaching to the choir, as they say.  YOU get it.  Thank you, by the way.

Long story short (ha!), the answer yesterday was NO.  NOPE.  And no extra clicks for copying it on our own at school.  We are budgeted on our copies and we call them clicks (don't worry, I don't get it either).  NO.  


First Grade was DEVASTATED.  We were down in the dumps.  And then we decided to RISE UP.  We would RISE UP and STAND UP FOR WHAT WE BELIEVED IN.  So we marched right into our principal's office and we said . . . and I said . . . well, anyways, in my dream, it was BRILLIANT.  I'm sad to say, we didn't do that.  We just hung our heads and hugged one another and said, "The sky is blue.  We can always count on that." (unless it's raining and then it's gray)

But TODAY . . . my partner and I were eating lunch and our principal came in and asked us to see her when we were finished.

GULP (from the food but also from the nerves).

Here's what happened.  She started the conversation with "I consider us friends."

Hmmmm.  That was interesting to me.  I don't have her number.  We never text each other.  And, in general, if my friends ask me to stop by their room or their office, I am usually not afraid that a) I'm in trouble b) I did something wrong or c) I'm about to be fired.  Maybe that's just MY friends and me.   Maybe we're weird.  

Oh, but did I ever nod my head like a maniac that yes, we're friends, because I knew where this was going!!  I could stand to use a new friend!!!  Yes, let's be PALS.  

All in all, she was very reasonable (so were we) and it was a pleasant conversation.    

She gave her reasons, she allowed us to give our reasons, and then we walked out of her office with a YES.   All because I'm her friend.  

Here are my questions for you tonight.  I only have two.  :)

1.  Are you friends with your principal? (and is it okay to talk about this?  I didn't say anything wrong, did I?  oops, that's 3 questions in one but just ignore that)
2.  Are you interested in the Morning Work that I just showed?  It's a HUGE file.  I have no idea how I would share it.  It's 34 weeks long.  FRONT AND BACK (anyone thinking Ross from Friends?  oops, that's a third question but it doesn't count unless you want it to)


  1. Just like I said before, your stories are the best ever! Just so you know, I am friends with my principal, but I never call her by her first name, even if we are not in school. She also never calls me by my first name, she even drops the Mrs. and just calls me by my last name. We have known each other a very long time, she called me when she was given a brand new school 3 years ago and here I am. I say friends, I guess, because she was my AP years ago and watched my girls grow up, so we talk about them, a lot. She talks to me about her sons and we do laugh together all of the time. I feel more than comfortable with her, but I still get sick if I get called in to her office for anything other than a social hello. I also know the feeling of the no copies, not now, not ever. My school is an environmental school (it is even part of the name), so we are more than limited, we pretty much only use what comes with our series for each subject. I am lucky, in that my parents have donated more than enough copy paper, so I can make copies of my supplemental stuff. If not for them, I would cry thinking about the work I love to have the kids do and not being able to copy it for them. I am glad your "pal" came through!
    BTW, I would love the file, if you want to share. My email is pinksymyink@gmail.com. I don't have anything as creative to share, but if I find something I think you might like, I will send it to you!
    Faithful in First

  2. First of all... LOL

    I read all of your posts with "expression" as we learn in my class!! Haha I imagine I'm you and how I would sound like... I know... LAME! hahaha

    1. No, he is a boy and it is his first year... so I haven't seen him much... except for my formal observation that was today! Ha ;)

    2. I would LOVE your morning work file... It looks like an excellent review!!! :):):)

    Thanks for your posts... they always crack me up!!!

  3. well....not sure about the principal...because we're getting a new THIS WEEK!!!! what!?!? Yes...mid year - My life was so comfy with this last one. She left me alone - she liked me and "knew" I was one of those that did her job because she loved it, and that's why she left me alone (plus I was in 3rd grade my scores proved I was doing my job)....
    and I USED to do something along the lines of your morning work...but now A) we don't have enough clicks to do them either...and B) we don't' have time for students to do them because we have THIRTY minutes of intervention (SCHOOL WIDE!!!) taking up our morning that I would spend "intervening" my students my own way...but whatever. :P

  4. ^^^^^ I didn't leave my email in case you would like to share your bell work...


  5. L.O.V.E. this....not everything you've had to go through, but..nice to know we aren't alone in this boat!

    1. no, not friends
    2. I would LOVE LOVE LOVE your morning work file!!! It's awesome and what a gift! email: klarkins05@gmail.com

    Thanks so much!!

  6. Kristin,
    You make me smile daily! Thank you! If am having a hard day and I know I can turn to your blog and smile! Thank you! 1) No 2) Yes! I teach Kinder, but there are a few in my class that I would love to challenge (and are soooo ready for first, if they were only old and mature enough). :)

  7. Thank you for your post. I would love your morning work file. I enjoy your blog and creataive works. Thank you!

  8. Thank you for your posts! You are too cute! I would consider myself friends with our principal and asst. principal. I call them by their first name and we're fb friends. They are wonderful.
    I would love your morning work file if you decide to share.

  9. Please please please share your morning work files! Those look amazing. I just moved down to first grade...I feel like its my first year again! I'd love to use your sheets for morning work and review.

  10. I feel so bad for you...it really stinks to get bad news during the day...it stinks all the time, but really when you are already there...

    this will answer #1 for you. Three years ago, my principal came in 10 mins before the little darlings came in and said "Squirrels, you're looping to first next year"

    It was 17 days til the end of school. I had already invested so much time into K and I loved it!
    Everything happens for a reason though...because I AM IN LOVE WITH FIRST!!!

    We have a new principal now. I think we could be friends if she weren't my boss....the boundries get too cloudy...but she is a great woman!

    Going Nutty!

  11. Yes, I am friends with my principal. Mainly because she is so nice, helpful, supportive, and fun to be around, AND because the last looser we had was everything she wasn't and a complete idiot as a leader. Once HE was gone, SHE was a breath of fresh air.
    I love your morning work, and I'd love to see them. Prutenba@sturgisps.org

  12. Oh my, I am getting just a little addicted......can't stay away and love to read your blog ! Good to know that we are in the same boat with restrictions, budgets....my principal is a great guy, funny, friendly, supportive, great to work for, I am lucky (has not always been the case) I would love your morning work dianefilek@hotmail.com Thanks for always making my day !

  13. Man, I wish I could post some of the things you post, but my principal found out I had a blog and asked me to show it to him....so yah, can't post a lot of things and I sometimes wonder if I say too much! I was told by my principal this year that he "He has a lot of acquaintances at our school but he considers me one of his few friends." Hmmm....that was a shocker....I consider it a bi-polar relationship of sorts since I never know what he's going to say or when I am in trouble for something I had no idea ever happened.....bah ha ha!!!

    I love your packet!! Looks like something for the give away girl!!! You should sell it on TpT in sections!! I'm soooo glad she said YES!!

    Love ya friend,
    Teaching First

  14. I love your blog! I also read it in my head "with expression".
    1. Not friends, but friendly with my principal. (she's a woman)
    2. I also do Morning Work and would love to have/purchase your morning work file!

    Thanks for sharing!

  15. Yep, my principal is my pal. {I do have his number and do text him so I can say that!} And yep, he also told me duplicating would no longer be duplicating anything that wasn't core. AND YEP, our team sends out all of our work because core is ... well... it's lame! I too have created our "Morning Wake Up" work... all 36 weeks, plus a gazillion other things to supplement that worthless core stuff. Since the district had no choice but to agree that our core ELA materials leave a lot to be desired, they have amended the duplicating policy to "Everything submitted that is not core must have the standard written upon it." Yeah, that's a lot of work. I've gotten into habit of adding standards on the things I've made over the last year or so - but the stuff made before... not so much. I suppose writing standards on each piece of paper is better than copying it all on site (plus we only have a small allotment of copies available to us {but we don't call them clicks... clicks? really?}) Glad to hear that all this craziness isn't isolated!

    PS. I would love it if you shared your morning work.

    Happy to hear you won't be using up your *clicks*. :)

    <3 Traci @ Dragonflies in First

  16. Clicks? Wow. Just last year, we started having to scan our ID badge to make copies, but we don't have a limit. We too have a print shop, but again there is no limit and no core curricula police - yet. Aren't we professionals? How come we are never treated like one? Do lawyers and doctors have to justify making copies?
    And yes, I am 'friends' with my principal only 'cause she sent me one of those mushy pass it forward friend emails one time. We don't text or do lunch. I really like her, but unfortunately there are some haters in my school that make it difficult for her.
    Your 'baby' is awesome. Please share!

  17. LOVE the morning word, I thank you everyday! Glad to hear it worked out for you all!

  18. My principal is not our pal. Well maybe to some but not to me and insists on being called PRINCIPAL and makes all decisions without much input. We are allowed to submit copies to the office but the machine is always broken and they come back 3 weeks later. That being said we have printers in the room and make and print our own stuff on the printers. At least we have ink for now. If you share I would love it and will print all the copies until the ink runs out.
    Thanks for sharing,

  19. YOU. ARE. HILARIOUS. Fantastic post! Yes, I would be interested in your amazing work-it is AWESOME! And, NO, I am not friends with my current "new" principal or my old "too handsome and made me nervous" principal. But I am very fond of both of them! :)

  20. Oops... didn't leave my name!
    Kerri B

  21. The copying "rules" at different places are so interesting. I cannot imagine getting things professionally copied. We better like ours with lines, faded, streaked, upside down or sideways!!
    I teach at a small school in a small community so everyone is pretty friendly with each other. I was scared to death of my previous principal. Now we all miss him. Your morning work looks amazing! That brings me back to copies. We are constantly being "reminded" to stay within our allotment of copies each month and today got our first warning about the paper supply. Seeing as it's only November, we're in trouble. Something else for my cart at Walmart.
    BTW-I understood teeny meant on the short side of perfectly normal.
    You absolutely deserved McDonald's .
    I forgot to mention that one of my favorite quotes from our librarian DURING HER EVALUATION was "Alright, kids, there are two kinds of dictionaries - the blue kind and the red kind." True story.

  22. You make me smile and after 8 conferences today I needed it. I consider my principal a friend. She's great but I wouldn't share deep dark secrets with her :-)
    Copying wow interesting how everywhere is so different. We are given money to use on copies and supplies. When the money is gone, the copies are too.
    Your morning work looks awesome. Great way to save paper too! I'd be interested in it too!

    Thank you for sharing! I love following you.

  23. Great story with a happy ending! I love reading your blog! If you don't mind I would love for you to send me the morning work files. You are so sweet to do this for everyone!!

    My email is: gtmitchell19@aol.com

    Thanks! :-)


  24. Your blog is the first one that I HAVE to check everyday. I love the way you write and share your real life with us, through your fun and entertaining eyes, you always make me laugh! Love your morning work. If you end up sharing it, I would love a copy, or let me know if you put it up on TpT. You rock!

  25. Let me start by saying that I love, love your blog. If I am in a crummy mood, I can count on you to lift my spirits.

    My principal is also a woman. This is her second year at our school. I wasn't so sure what my opinion was in the beginning, but I have had a really crummy year because of one parent and Ms. Principal has backed me all the way. She has totally won my approval!!

    If you would ever consider sharing/selling your awesome morning work, sign me up!! I did something very similar when I taught third grade.



  26. Hi Kristin,
    1. He's nice...but we're not friends, because I don't trust anyone in "those" positions. :)
    2. Love your morning work!
    Funky First Grade Fun

  27. I do not consider myself friends with the principal (friendly, but not friends). I would LOVE your morning work file. It looks awesome :)

  28. I don't consider myself friends with my principal. We are nice to each other but not friends.
    I would love your morning work! I am always looking for new morning work ideas! :)

  29. 1. I have known my principal since I was born (very, very small town) so yes we are friends, but I STILL get nervous when I am asked to her office AND she closes the door, even though I know it's silly. I feel like I'm six again (I am besties with her girls) and we didn't pick up our toys. And I think if I didn't talk about stuff like this, I'd freak.
    2. AND SUPER INTERESTED IN YOUR STUFF. Well, maybe the beginning of the year review stuff, because I teach K. =)

  30. Kristin, I love your posts, much like everyone else! You are a lot like me, honest, to the point, with nothing to hide! Although, I feel like I walk on eggshells since I'm technically a *first year teacher*. Needless to say, I'm living vicariously through your posts! Ha!

    I wouldn't say I am friends with my principal. We do occasional small talk, but I don't go out of my way to spike up a convo. I look at it like, I'm at work for the kids. Outside of work is friend time. That's just me though!

    I would LOVE your file of morning work! It looks similar to Daily Language by Evan-Moor that I use all the time! But yours is much more eye friendly! If you can email, csearles@usd345.com

    Thanks so much!

  31. I love reading your posts everyday. You are amazing. I am friends with my principal...but we have been together for 10 years. I love your morning work and would love a copy. Let us know if you put it on tpt:). Suzanne (smoss7@cox.net)

  32. Oh gosh, you make me laugh every day! I look forward to your blog.

    NO, I'm not friends with my principal. He's the worst principal I've ever had (yells at everyone and has a split personality so I'm never sure exactly WHO I'll be talking to that day.) I used to have principals in the past that I thought were my friends though.

    I'd LOVE your bell work! We have a Print Shop that (so far) I could make copies at. My email is quiltwoman0@gmail.com. Thank you so much! Lisa

  33. Your morning work looks AMAZING!! Right now we just do daily fix-its, but this would be SOO much better! I can't imagine the time that it took to put it all together, nice work!! I would love to use these with my firsties! My email is nlwright52111@gmail.com :)

  34. Love your writing style- you are funny! I'd be interested in looking at your Morning Work. I have a duotang we do each morning and I'd like to see what you do.

  35. Love love love this post!!

    I'm friendly with my principal. I feel like I can talk to her about anything and she's there for me, listens, understands, but we don't text or hang out outside of school... Much better than a previous principal who was feared by most and just out and out rude!!

    It's amazing to me all the restrictions put on what can and cannot be copied!! We are keeping track of our copies. At a previous school we had a certain amount, but you could use it on anything you wanted.

    If you do share, I'd love a copy!! TeachinginHeels@gmail.com

  36. It's constantly amazing to me how teachers have to limit their teaching supplies (AND still raise the levels of learning) yet cuts are hardly ever made to sports programs. Just sayin'.....
    Yes, PLEASE share your lovely hard work file. We'd all be better for it. :)

  37. I would love a copy of your morning work. I have a good relationship with my principal. He is a great guy to work for and makes those stressful things like observations, standards and 5 more minute add ons from the central office bearable.
    Thanks again for your blog and willingness to share

  38. I adore your blog, you capture the spirit of a teacher. I know that when I read your blog, I am going to walk away with a chuckle and a smile :)
    As far as your questions:
    I am "work" friends with my pal. She does call me by my first name however, I do not call her by her first name. When she calls me in her office, I break out in a "Man Sweat" and all of a sudden I can't speak clearly.

    I would love a copy of your morning work, if you decide to share it.


  39. I just typed a really clever comment and it disappeared.


    Basically it went like this -

    #1 - I'm a grubby little teacher. Of course I want you to share it.

    #2 - Even if you didn't have the kind of day where your favorite inter kills your husband, you can still call it a bad day.

    #3 - I love this blog.

    Third Grade Bookworm

  40. Dude, I would pay BIG bucks for your morning work file. I spend HOURS each Sunday figuring that crap (I mean great stuff) out.

    I am NOT pals with my Principal, but yes I do pretend we are for any perks that might come up.

    1st in Maine

  41. So, I started reading this before school - pesky thing called getting my own kids out the door got in the way - meant (and thought about it off and I today) to get back on during my lunch, but kid who peed on the playground prevented me from doing so...couldn't wait to get home tonight...to read your blog (and see my hubs and kids)...

    **No, I'm not "friends" with my principal...but have known him and gone through a lot with him over the last 13 years - so I care about him a lot.

    **Your morning work stuff is cool - I could see that being a hot commodity...I don't do morning work...but can't believe you have the whole year completed. When I used to do it I was one day at a time girl...COOL stuff :)

    **I don't say anything about anybody at my school, but that's because I'm paranoid

    Question: Are you a Twilight fan?

    Crisscross Applesauce in First Grade

  42. LOL

    Do I dare say that you are the first blog that I read now everyday when I get home from school? Is that considered stalking? I hope not...I'm really a normal person...I just love someone with a sense of humor. Maybe that is because I am around five year olds all day who have not developed a sense of humor as of yet.

    Anyway...now on to answering your questions.

    #1- my boss will always be my boss (I am social and friendly to her, but she is still my boss and it is hard to take it much further).

    #2-I would love for you to share your morning work. I do something similar for my grade with homework and would like to compare notes. (I always love new ideas).

    Tomorrow, I will try to read your blog second...maybe then I won't feel like I am stalking you.

    Happy Blogging!


  43. It's nice to hear some genuine teacher talk. You are one that I find myself shaking my head in agreement as I read your blogs!!
    I'm definitely interested in your morning sheets. They look wonderful!! Maybe you could them month-by-month as downloads to keep their sizes down?

  44. I loved this story and was very glad there was a happy ending! We go through the same thing with our copy budget every year. :/

    I would love to have this file if you are sharing! :)


    Thank you!

  45. I wouldn't say that I'm friends, but we are acquaintances. She leaves me alone, I don't feel as though I'm going to get fired or anything if she calls me to her office. Maybe acquaintances is the wrong word... maybe good coworkers. This is her first year in a lower elementary position, so she is relaying on us for guidance.

    YES, I would love the morning work that you have created!


  46. I could so relate to your story. It's nice to know their are others going through the same mess. I love your morning work. It's fantastic!!!

  47. Once again, I say I LOVE you and your posts!!!!! Keep them coming girl!

    I just started a new job. I am friendly with my principal but not friends and that is just fine with me. And she sure beats the crazy that I work for last year....can you say psycho???

    Would love your morning work.


  48. A print station? WOW!! We are not allowed to make our own copies or laminate:( As of today, we do not have copy restrictions, but with the economy and cuts, we all know that could change any day. Fortunately, I have a Promethean Board that I can use to show/use the Flipcharts I created out of PDF files (less copies). I know you don't have that technology luxury, yet. Friends with my Principal? NO WAY! I'm professionally friendly, but that's it. I've already learned (the hard way) that I cannot trust a lot of folks:(

  49. I forgot to add that I would LOVE LOVE LOVE a copy of the morning work that you poured so much of your blood, sweat, and tears into...You did an AMAZING job Kristin!!! Thank you for the possibility of sharing it!


  50. Love your posts. I wish mine could have such voice. :)

    No, definitely not friends with my principal. Quite the opposite actually!!!! She has been out of teaching for way too long and doesn't "get it". It's hard but I keep telling myself it could always be worse!!!!

    Marcy @ http://busybeesandcupcakes.blogspot.com

  51. I love your stories. They always give me inspiration. Your dedication to teaching is what inspires me to teach despite the economy. I would love a copy of your file. It would be a treasure as a teacher. I'm not sure how I could repay you though! Here is my e-mail if you wouldn't mind sending me a copy. Thanks!

  52. I just love your blog and appreciate your honesty each time I read it.
    1. Are we friends, my principal and/or assistant principal and me? Friendly, with the worry that if I say the wrong thing or question anything I will be moved to a different grade level, again.
    2. Your morning work is fantastic. I would love a copy.

  53. 1. I always have a slight panic attack when my administrator comes into my room (whole activating prior knowledge thing. principal=trouble=WHAT HAVE I DONE NOW?!) Plus, our principal resigned and now our assistant is the interim principal.

    2. I teach kindergarten, but I would love to have your file!

  54. First, I always love your posts! They make me smile and think...I'm not the only one that goes through crazy things.

    Second, I do not consider myself one of the lucky ones to be "a friend" with our principal. I mean, he is friendly to all of us, and I think he is doing a good job...but there are some that are always in his office or he is visiting their classroom.

    Last, I would love to be able to get a copy of your wonderful morning work! I think it looks great.


    Keep up the wonderful blog! :)

  55. 1. You make me laugh my guts out!

    2. yes, I am friends with my principal. But we've known each other for quite a few years. Other people in my school are skeered of her.

    3. TOTALLY wold love your morning work - we do morning work also, but I don't have an awesomely created entire file like you do. If you're in the emailing business I am barton1stgrade@gmail.com.

    4. Thanks for the awesomeness you share - stories AND resources! :)

  56. I think you should win some sort of award for getting the most comments on a non-giveaway post! lol! You are awesome!! I'm not "friends" with my principal but he is super, duper and everyone feels comfortable around him :) BUT! I have some exciting news!! I can't wait to share with you in a few weeks!! wooohoo!!!!!

    Hadar :)

  57. I actually am friends with my former principal. We hang out outside of school. He is really nice. I switched school this year so I have a new principal. He too seems nice, but I can't say that I would hang out with him outside of school :)

    Your morning work looks great! Sorry to hear about the copying issue. We haven't come to that yet here....I hope we never do!

    Good luck!


  58. As a sub, I kind of want to be friends with the principal but out of my main 4 schools...um yeah.

    One adores me she told me. The other doesn't talk to me, but once pulled me aside and said she likes my teaching.

    The third nods his head in my direction (people at his school dislike his introvert style and lack of communication).

    And the fourth smiles but it's her vice principal that likes me.

    And yes your file rocks!


    Journey of a Substitute Teacher

  59. There is soooooo much I am dying to say. But I am biting my lips off. You always make me laugh but I could make you say "NO WAY JOSE!!!"

  60. My boss would be more like Lisa from Real Housewives...saying "We're not friends, but..." haha. You're a lucky girl!!

  61. Hey girl- I realize I'm late weighing in, but the drama and ridiculousness of our field trip wore me out. I was worn out the night before knowing how ridiculous the day would be! To answer your questions: Sure it's ok to talk about this! We are ALL on budget cuts. (With more to come....) I would NOT consider myself friends with my principal. However, I do have her phone number. Last year I got a text from her asking me to call her about a student. Very random. But I took it and ran with it. Even texted her a picture of me and my husband just after we got married in Hawaii.

    I have my own question: Are you in Texas? My friend works in a district in Houston and she's always talking about "clicks" and how 2 sided counts as 2 clicks and all!

    Rowdy in First Grade

  62. LOVE my principal! He's been a friend for a while and is not far out of the classroom himself so he GETS it. We are trying to turn him into a wino like the rest of us...lol.

    I'd loooove your morning work file.

  63. I consider my principal one of my good friends. She is incredible and understanding and real. However, our union is having drama right now and I hate that this union business is going to hurt my principal (personally more than anything or at least annoy her massively). It feels weird to want to support the union but to not want to hurt a friend at the same time. Guess there's good and bad things about being friends with your boss,

  64. Holy Moly I realize we just met (or at least I just met you. I mean read something you wrote.) But I'm pretty sure I LOVE YOU. Is that too forward? I would LOVE a copy of your morning work. You had me at, well, first glance! Are you emailing this sort of thing? My email address is kimplank@gmail.com What can I do for you in return? Where are you? What to you eat, drink, snack on etc? Much love!


  65. I just wanted to say that your postings are brilliantly funny - I love your sense of humor. I wish I could be that creative but will have to be content with reading your blog - which will leave me quite happy. I was laughing so hard I am surprised my daughter didn't come out of her bedroom to see what was wrong with me!!! Keep up the great work!

  66. First off I LOVE your blog!! I recently just found it and am one of your newest followers!! I know I am late to this commenting party, but I totally understand we don't have a magical copying Santa workshop like you do. We are fortunate to have the copying machine right in the lounge so we get better personal with it. We were going over budget on copies and are now limited to 5 copies per student a day which doesn't really cover all the curriculum copies we must make let alone any additional activities I want to included. So I was scared to ask my principal about changing some upcoming Christmas activities and things worked out for the best :) But no I wouldn't say I am friends friends with my principal, but I do know she is someone I can call in a pitch and share new ideas with.

    I am definitely INTERESTED in your morning work!! It looks fabulous! :)

  67. I just found your blog and I LOVE it. We too have limits on copies...and a "copy center" where we send anything over 15 copies too...and then they magically come back to us. We also get nasty e-mails/comments if we go over the 15 copy limit on the school's copier, and if we send too much over to the copy center in one day. Oh the joys. I AM "friends" with my principal but to the point of knowing what/when to ask questions and what crosses the boundary of work and social life.

    I would LOVE the morning work if you're willing to share. I was actually thinking of this as I looked at it. Would you be willing to e-mail it? rachel.schmidt@yahoo.com

    Thank you so much for the great ideas and the comic relief on this first day back to school for me!

  68. I know this is an old post, but I would LOVE to know where to go to get awesome black and white clip art to make worksheets with. I love making my own stuff, but get frustrated trying to find awesome clip art that makes the pages look *good enough* for my Kinders (and me!) Can anyone point me to some awesome resources??

  69. Way late on reading this post, but I would love a copy of that morning work you showed! Thanks!

    - Katy


  70. could I get a copy of this morning work..nclumbee@yahoo.com

  71. Could I get a copy of the morning work? mrsjneal09@gmail.com

  72. Are you still sharing your morning work? It looks great and I would love it if so?



  73. Are you still sharing your morning work? It looks great and I would love it if so?



  74. I just found your blog and I loved this story! Are you still sharing your morning work? It's looks amazing! If you're sharing, I'd love to utilize it!