First things first.

It is the last day of my Thanksgiving vacation.  I have a serious case of the blues.  Love my class, miss my friends, enjoy my job BUT . . . wish I could do it in my pjs from home.  And not have a schedule.  And go to the bathroom whenever I want.

Oh, and somehow, I accidentally posted my 100th post without even realizing it.  I was mad at myself (after the fact).  I wanted to make a big deal.  They always make a big deal about the 100th episode of a show so I was planning on that, too.  We were going to have a cake and everything!  I was watching for it, and preparing for it, and here I am on my 101st post.  And I'd rather have cake than think about the 101 Dalmatians.


Let's all go eat a piece of cake and come back to reconvene.  How does that sound?


I just searched my pantry for a piece of cake.   There is no cake here.  :(    I had to make do with a 100 calorie bag of chocolate chip Keebler something or other that I found.  I ate them.  Then I looked for something else because they are never enough.  I found a snack sized Butterfinger candy bar at the bottom of my Halloween stash.  I'm pretty much down to Almond Joys which are for my sis, Kerry, who loves coconut.  I do not.  This is why they call us fraternal.

Anyways, now that we're semi satisfied and finished celebrating my 100th post in blogging, let's get to the real reason for this post.

I've been awarded the Sunshine Award.  By a lot of you.  And I think the sheer number of times I've been awarded is because I've failed to tell anyone that I've received it.  So let me be clear - I have received my award and I am honored.  I feel really bad that I keep receiving it.  Like, I'm trying to be sneaky and get it as many times as possible.  I'm not trying to do that but it looks that way.  

Just eat your cake.

So, let me say thank you to the following blogs for awarding me the Sunshine award.  I really really really appreciate it!!!  It made me happy every single time (and a little guilty).

I am really sorry if I forgot anyone!!!  

I have to answer some questions.  I won't answer them 9 times.  :)

Favorite color:  green, although I am color blind like Little Miss Kindergarten.  It is a problem.  And can be embarassing like the time I took a professional development course with PROFESSIONAL people and colored grapes BLUE.

Favorite animal:  dogs (I believe that they are actually people)

Favorite number:  3  

Favorite drinks:  creamer with coffee (yes, you read that right) and coke zero.  I wish I could say water but I don't like it.

Facebook or Twitter:  Facebook but not so much anymore (blogs have taken over my computer)

My passion:  I love the Lord.  I love reading.  I love writing.  Teaching.  Blogging.  TALKING.  

Giving or receiving:  BOTH

Favorite day:  Wednesdays

Now onto nominating some of my friends . . . and I have no idea if they have already been nominated.  :)  Because I'm not very good at this, as you can tell.  I'm nominating some "newer" blogs so you can go check them out.

Thank you again for the Sunshine Award.  I hope everyone has a good week back at school.  I hope we can all wake up tomorrow.  I'm a little worried I forgot how to set the alarm.


  1. I think I need one more day of rest just to get my brain ready for these next 3 weeks...because just thinking of how busy they are makes me TIRED!

    I needed some inspiration too so that is what my blog post is about today. YOU are a gift to me and I know you are a gift from God to each one of your kiddos. Hop on over to my blog and hopefully get a little Sunday night inspiration!

    And if I had room for cake, I would eat a piece with you! Congrats on your 100+ posts!

  2. I'm with ya. I love my kiddos but love to go to the bathroom when I want to! Congrats on 100 posts! I love reading your blog. I still laugh about the Halloween one. Very funny!

  3. How I can relate to the whole PJ and bathroom thing! I love my job, but I love my PJ's too!

    Yeah for 100 posts, that is super exciting!

    Adventures of a 6th Grade Teacher

  4. I put so much creamer in my coffee hubby calls it "candy bar in a cup"...peppermint mocha is my new favorite.

    Have a happy Monday, chickaroo!

    Crisscross Applesauce in First Grade

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  6. Thank you so much for following me and helping me get my name out there!! Congrats on your 100th post! :)

    Classroom Confetti

  7. Let's hear it for PJ power. My holiday party this year is going to be a holiday breakfast in pajamas. Also, my twin and I are fraternal..but we are sooo much alike.


    Yearn to Learn Blog

  8. Thank you so much!!! I can't thank you enough for helping me get started. You are just AWESOME!!!

    Primary Punch

  9. Sunshine awards are the best!
    It's like opening the mailbox to get a great card, but you don't even have to get off of the couch!
    Thank you for mine.....enjoy yours!Going Nutty! Staci

  10. You are most welcome~~I am so thankful for you!

    100th post....don't most shows do a musical number/theme for the 100th episode? Yes, I expect a musical from you in, oh, the next few days.

    Ha! LOL! I think I'd better just go to bed now.
    Have a sweet week! ReadWriteSing

  11. Shout out to a color blind friend...so am I. Very uncommon for females and most people don't believe me. Glad to hear I'm not the only one :)


  12. Thank you so much for the Sunshine Award and for the encouragement!

    Congrats on your 100th post--hopefully I will get there at some stage : )

    Hope you have a good week back (I have now realized I've put my lessons plans off as long as possible....it's 8:00 Sunday night!!?)

    Thanks again,


  13. Kristen...NO YOU DID NOT! Holy Blog-O-Moly! I am beyond honored...I kinda' feel like you are my fairy blogmother...(gonna' coin that phrase, too!) Anyways...I can't wait to post this award to my blog and then share with someone else, too. This is a Christmas gift come early, for sure! Have a beeeeautiful week!
    2nd Grade Paradise

  14. "I have a serious case of the blues. Love my class, miss my friends, enjoy my job BUT . . . wish I could do it in my pjs from home. And not have a schedule. And go to the bathroom whenever I want." - You took the words out of my mouth!!!!!!
    EXACTLY how I feel! Congrats on your 100th post!
    Seems like you got a lot of love :) based on your award nominations.

    Have a great week at school and cheer up :)
    Only 3 weeks till Winter Break!

    ❤ Mor Zrihen ❤
    A Teacher's Treasure

  15. Oh my, so you're going to think I'm so silly! It just hit me that you honored me with the sunshine award!! Duh! I just thought you were spreading the word of new blogs, don't know how I missed that?! BUT! Thank you so much for that!! As a new blogger, that is just such a compliment! You are so wonderful to have faith in me. :) I hope to continue learning from you!

  16. Um, your first paragraph--my thoughts exactly! Christmas break can't get here soon enough. Thanksgiving break went by too quickly and I'm sad.

    I wish I had some cake. This post made me so hungry. Dang.

  17. Congratulations on your multiple awards! And 101 posts already...you are one hard-working blogger! I'm so glad I found your blog recently :)
    Mrs. Bremer’s Kindergarten

  18. Oh Kristen:
    You ARE the sunshine award! (You are getting it from me too!)

    Just soak up the love and be joyful--because, so often, you make our day (I know I speak for the multitudes!)

    I hate that this little comment section won't let me increase the size of the type so I could leave you a GIANT CONGRATULATIONS (close your eyes and picture a font of 72!) for over 100 posts! (You will need to open them to read the rest!!)

    If you count all of the comments you have left around BlogLand, it's probably closer to 500!

    Thanks, Kristen. You deserve to be celebrated! WooHoo for you!

    Finding JOY in 6th Grade

  19. THANK YOU so much for the Sunshine Award!

    I appreciate your insight, support and tips! The award was very encouraging for me, thanks so much!


    Tales from a Traveling Teacher