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Well, happy Black Friday to you.  Although I think I need to adjust the title of my Black Friday to something more along the lines of Be Lazy and Watch Movies and Stay in Pjs Friday because that's what's happening over here.  We try to avoid Black Friday people at all costs.  They kind of scare me.  No offense.

Well, I wasn't sure if anyone would want the Ornament Template or not but apparently, lots do.  So rather than email a bunch of people (because remember I am having Be Lazy and Watch Movies and Stay in Pjs Friday), here it is.  Click to download. 
Ornament Template

I saw Breaking Dawn on Wednesday.  I loved it.  What's not to love?  But I have three critiques.  Or negatives.  Or parts I didn't like.

1.  Edward's eyebrows seemed too bushy to me.  I felt like they were taking over his whole face and I kept trying to rearrange his features by squinting my eyes, but it didn't work.  Bushy.

2.  There is a scene where the werewolves are talking to one another . . . I felt like I was watching a cartoon.  It was so weird to me.

3.  It ended!!!!  I hate that it ended.  I would have been good to go with a short intermission for a bathroom break, restocking my snack supply, and stretching my legs for a bit.  I thought it was cruel and unusual punishment for it to end.

There was NO ONE in our theater.  It could be because we went to the first showing at 10:30 in the morning, but there were only three "groups" of people.  Some people sat way below us and some people sat way behind us.  Lovely, my friend and I thought.  This is perfect.


Here come three ladies.   They sat on our row and left one seat between us.  I'm all about the more, the merrier, but seriously?  In this whole big empty theater, you have to sit right next to us?  Really?

Here's what they said when they sat down:

"Are you all Team Jacob?  I can't sit next to no Team Jacob . . . hee hee.  Ha ha."

I said I couldn't make up my mind, we laughed, made some small talk, and we settled down.  All was well.

Until the movie started and they TALKED THROUGH THE WHOLE DARN THING AND ANSWERED CELL PHONE CALLS AND TALKED ON THOSE, TOO!!!  At one point, I thought one of them was talking on her cell phone and relaying the entire movie to the person on the other end.  

I about turned into a werewolf myself and attacked them.

Instead, I've just been complaining about it to any and everyone who will listen.  

The women in my life respond with, "Oh no!  That's terrible!  What's their problem?  Why did they even want to see the movie if they were just going to talk through it?''

The men in my life respond with, "Why didn't you say anything?"


"Why didn't you move?"

BIG SIGH.  They just don't understand.  As angry as I was, I can't have those stranger ladies not like me.  

Anyways, I hope everyone enjoyed their Thanksgiving.  We had a marathon day of brunch with my family and dinner with the hubby's family.  We were back home in just under twelve hours.  We brought home some leftovers but I'm not big on leftovers.  I know, I know, how awful.  Am I crazy?  Maybe.  I just can't eat the same thing all weekend long (unless it's an English muffin with peanut butter for breakfast OR chocolate).  Hubby already went and got me a turkey sandwich from Jersey Mike's.  I know!!!  That's so silly when yesterday was turkey day.  But it was delicious, let me tell you!

So I leave you with two questions.

1.  Do you like leftovers?

2.  Do you ever have bad movie experiences?  I can honestly tell you that you should never come to the movies with me because I am bad luck and stuff like this happens all the time.  For example, another friend and I went to a movie and it never started.  We had to go tell the people to start the movie.  They did.  Then we had to turn out the lights OURSELVES (this was in the olden days, obviously) and then it was the WRONG MOVIE.  For real.


  1. Well I do like leftovers, but I am already past my leftover allotment. As a matter of fact, we just pulled everything out of the frig and I didn't eat any of it. I am done with turkey and ready to move on to the pasta or bbq chix quesadilla.
    And I have no problem complaining about obnoxious people in the theater. Once a kid was so drunk, he started puking. Instead of leaving, he just got up and moved to a new spot where he puked again. I left and demanded a refund.

  2. 1. Leftovers are awesome! Until you get to the point where you have lots of sides and you are out of turkey... some things just don't taste right if you are missing the turkey!

    2. I RARELY go to the movies. The first time I went with the MR it was a double date. His roommate told me as we went in, "Don't talk to him. He HATES when people talk at during the movies!"
    So I didn't. And he never said a word the whole time. Very awkward!
    There are some movies that are just better on the big screen, and we go to see those...but there is nothing but silence from our seats.....and because this is how it has been for so long for me- I can't stand it when other people talk!
    My other pet peeve is when couples bring their baby because they think it will sleep through it! And of course, it doesn't!!! If you can't afford a sitter- wait for it to come out in the Red Box.....geesh, people!
    Headin' to the fridge now to get some pie and then watch a movie!

    Going Nutty!

  3. Don't really know anything about the books/movies...but I do agree his eyebrows are pretty bushy from what I've seen on TV! lol
    Our leftovers are GONE! Where oh where did they go??? (I think we all know the answer to that)
    First Grade Blue SKies

  4. I love reading your posts, you truly bring a smile to my face each and every time!
    Bad Movie Experience: Without getting too graphic, here goes.... I took my daughters (then 16 and 14) to see "My Sister's Keeper" and we were the only 3 people in the theater (it was a 2:00 movie during the week), until a MAN came and sat about 5 seats away from us. Here is the bad part: Guess what he started to do in that seat????? Use your imagination and yes, ding ding ding you are correct! I froze and just told my daughter's to keep watching the movie. No, I didn't get up, no, I didn't report him, I FROZE LIKE AN IDIOT. Thank goodness an usher came in after only about 2 minutes, so the man was removed and we continued our movie. My girls had a story for everyone who would listen and my husband was so mad at me for not getting up, but I just was in shock, like I couldn't believe that was actually happening in a movie theater right next to me.
    So there you are, my awful movie story.
    I saw Breaking Dawn last night and I have been prepping my neck for Edward all day, lol.

    Faithful in First

  5. I'm not too much on leftovers. One or {maybe} two times, but then I am ready to move on!

    I do have a movie story. First of all we do not go to the movies often, so when we do it is a big deal. We get to our movie early, find our seat, the movie is about to start and a WHOLE TEAM of kids walk in and sit right in front of us! It was a soccer team and they were about 12 years old. They were hitting a ball up in the air and keeping it going RIGHT IN FRONT OF US! The adults with them said NOTHING! Finally, they hit it back to us and I got it and held it..... until the movie was over. The End! :)

  6. Totally agree with you on the leftovers and the black Friday shopping...no thank you. I confess, we have only been to the movie theater 3 times in the past 14 years. Talking, popcorn chomping, people who sit too close (hello scoot over!), plus I'm afraid that a mouse might crawl up my leg with all that food on the floor or that I'll get lice (I know - freak!) - that about explains it. :) I've been missing you. I'm hoping to be back in action soon.
    Funky First Grade Fun

  7. Alas, I have no really juicy theater stories. When I saw New Moon in the theater the teenage girl next to me was wasted, but she didn't puke or drive home. I checked.

    I loved breaking Dawn , sigh. Except, I too, was completely captivated by Edward's eyebrows! They were like these huge, dark, furry caterpillers that crawled across his face when he emoted. It distracted from his stunning jawline!

    But I perservered through it and enjoyed every second! I am strong like that.

    I hope you had a fabulous Thanksgiving!!!

  8. Alas, I have no really juicy theater stories. When I saw New Moon in the theater the teenage girl next to me was wasted, but she didn't puke or drive home. I checked.

    I loved breaking Dawn , sigh. Except, I too, was completely captivated by Edward's eyebrows! They were like these huge, dark, furry caterpillers that crawled across his face when he emoted. It distracted from his stunning jawline!

    But I perservered through it and enjoyed every second! I am strong like that.

    I hope you had a fabulous Thanksgiving!!!

  9. 1. Totally depends on the leftovers - but if you're talkin' turkey...YES!!!! I love me some microwaved, salted and peppered turkey...stuffing and tators are good reheated too. My mouth is watering just thinking about it. Now mac and cheese...that's a whole 'nother story {yes, there are people who "just add some milk, reheat and it's as tasty as day one...UMMMM, no!!!!!!}

    2. I went for a popcorn refill once and went to sit down and sat in some guy's lap...

    Your day sounds like mine...LOVED every second of it.

    Crisscross Applesauce in First Grade

  10. Wow...I think Janine won the "Worst Experience Ever" prize!

    My worst experience was more weird than bad. Can't even remember what movie it was but after it was over the lady sitting behind us dumped all her left over popcorn on the ground, then poured all her leftover pop on top of the popcorn and stomed on it a few times. So weird. I just stared at her in shock...mouth wide open like an idiot. Guess she didn't like the movie??

    Leftovers...a necessary evil.

  11. I don't like leftovers either!! I still live with my parents (sigh) and whenever they say it is leftover night, I make sure I find somewhere else to eat...! And I totally agree with Holly that macaroni and cheese is the absolute worst!!

    I am hoping to see Hugo soon so I hope my experience is better than yours!!!

    Marvelous Multiagers!

  12. I love leftovers!! And is it safe to tell you now that I could have made the wreath templates?? I've been dying holding it in for this long!!!!

  13. I just posted that my movie had rude people, too! What the HECK?! How could those woman have called themselves fans? No true fan would talk through the movie! Of course, I do go with superfans so I may not know normal. My friend said the wolf scene bugged her, too. I'm not sure what else they could have done though? I totally get your not liking it was over. I came home and started reading the book...again...
    Finally in First

  14. I love turkey sandwiches the next day and stuffing too.....
    The older I get, the crabbier I get at the theatre, can't stand the talking and munching and I always embarass my daughter when I shush people. I will make the exception for George (as in Clooney).

  15. Thanks for the template, Kristin, and who wouldn't love "Be Lazy...and Stay in PJs {Fri}days?

  16. I avoid cooking like the plague so I do enjoy leftovers. However, I only eat leftovers given to me by people who are OCD about clean surfaces like I am. This does not include any of my cousins at the 200 count family reunion my family and I HAVE to attend every year for Turkey Day. My grandma points out who cooked what every year for good reason. They have a talent show. And a sing along. It's terrible. We all wear name tags. I like to think we're the normal ones, but I'm probably wrong.

    I am so sorry about your Breaking Dawn experience, but you're right. I wouldn't have said anything either. And my fiance wouldn't have understood my not saying anything. I agree that the movie shouldn't have ended...I would've have sat there for 4 hours. Happy Friday! =)

  17. I smoked a turkey yesterday, but went to a friends to eat. So we have a lot of first-overs. I agree Black Friday is to scary for my nerves. What people do to get a gift just isn't cool at all. Never seen twilight, but if you like it, rock on sister.

  18. I'm glad you posted the template....I just went to Michaels today and bought the glass ornaments. I can't wait to try them out this week....of. Course, I should be working on reort cards to go home in two weeks, but the ornaments sound like much more fun. Thanks for the great idea.

  19. I cannot agree with you more about the weird werewolf scene. A group of us from school went to the 10:00 movie on Tuesday night and one of my friends says, "I feel like it just turned into a Power Rangers movie." Other than that part, LOVED IT and I'm so, so, so sad that it ended. How can we wait a year before Part 2 :(

  20. Hi!
    I really like your blog!

    1) I like leftovers because I don't like to cook, so that puts off cooking a little bit longer for me : )

    2) I don't like to go to the movies because of people talking, bringing babies, or texting (the light on the phone is distracting!)

    3) Can you give me some tips on blogging? How often I should blog....how to connect with other bloggers......I am terrible at it!



  21. 1. I love leftovers. Especially when it means I don't have to cook for a couple of days =)

    2. We went to see Breaking Dawn and someone brought a 2 year old. Who talked, cried, screamed through most of the movie. I think someone else finally got annoyed because they left with about 30 minutes left in the movie. I also totally agree with your 3 critiques. The wolves talking..totally out of left field and I couldn't help but snicker a little =)

    Kinder Kraziness

  22. ok, first thank you for the template!
    2nd - before I answer your questions, let me ask you - HOW do you get your "signature" (when you post comments) to have a link on your blog name?? I'm so tired of typing out my blog name link! lol

    and now for your questions...
    I LOVE leftovers...and we have TONS of sides leftovers, but NO Ham (and we get Honey baked Hams for Thanksgiving which are SUPER yummy as leftover sammies!)...
    and yes - lots of bad movie experiences...I felt like I was in a Seinfeld Episode where I was the one people telling them to HUSH! lol

    And yes - the talking werewolves were a BIT hokey...

    p.s. - my daughter is usually sitting on my lap when I blog (imagine how easy it is! lol) and as I'm typing this, she is screaming OWL!!! over and over...she loves your page like I do! :)

  23. Hey Kristin! That talking at the movie thing would have driven me right over the edge--I can't believe people sometimes. Of course, I would have said nothing because I'm too chicken!!!

    I love Thanksgiving leftovers, I was just asking about turkey on my blog :)

    As for the movies, one time a friend and I went and watched the first 20 minutes before it just completely broke (the screen went all crazy) and some kid came out and announced it wasn't working and we could get our money back. Not that strange I know, but definitely was a bummer!

  24. I just awarded you The Sunshine Award! Head on over to my blog to receive it :)

    Faithful in First

  25. I'm on a "Twilight" hiatus right now... this is my least favorite of the books. The second she popped out a vamp-uman baby and named it RENEESME... it was all over for me! :)

    I just wanted to say that I *so* feel your pain about the rudies at the movies. My husband and I went to the Muppet Movie last night and someone in the row in front of us played on their ipad the WHOLE ENTIRE TIME. Sim City, e-mail, Who Wants to be a Millionaire... UGH! Why'd you pay $8.00 to do that?!

    And... when I went to see Armageddon the projector exploded. Just as Ben Afleck was about to stay behind to blow up the asteroid! I had to read about the end of the movie online to know what happened!

    Mrs. Bainbridge's Blog

  26. I do NOT like leftovers either! I Thanksgiving Hopped myself and each place tried to send me home with leftovers, but I just couldn't do it. What's wrong with me???

    And because I just LOVE your blog and the way you cheer everyone up, YES, IT'S TRUE!!! I've nominated your blog for the Sunshine Award because you make me smile! Come take a look!

    Teaching First

  27. Kristin-

    You are too funny! And if you must know-I am Team Edward!!! I went to see it with my mom and my daughter the day we got out for Thanksgiving. I just thought I was becoming a fanatic until my mom told me.......she has a shortcut folder on her computer titled "Robert Pattinson"!!! LOL! She is 64! :)

    I do like leftovers,BUT I just might puke up some potato salad-going on day 4 now!

    Isn't that funny when the whole theater is practically empty and someone sits RIGHT NEAR you! It's almost like people think there's safety in numbers-I don't know who they are trying to be safe from!! Maybe the "werewolves"!!


  28. Well you already know I'm a Black Friday crazy! Left overs...not really. I had a small plate today but yesterday I wasn't having it. I needed sushi! I get so annoyed when people bring babies to the theater and the cry through the whole movie and I REALLY hate when kids sit behind me and kick my chair!

  29. I love love love leftovers! Except Turkey. I don't really like turkey to begin with, so leftover turkey isn't my cup of tea. Mashed potatoes, Sweet Potatoes, Stuffing, Cranberries, all of those I LOVE. And I'll make a meal of them by themselves. :)

    I totally understand your movie experience! A friend and I saw Breaking Dawn 2 weeks ago and a girl in front of us kept taking out her phone and playing with it. I never realized how BRIGHT phone screens are! Annoying! I however am also a chicken and will not say anything. They might yell at me or turn it into a hostile situation and I just CANNOT handle that!

    I don't have any other really good stories for you....I was once the only person in the theater. Like me, myself and I, all alone. I was a teen and my mom and aunt took my cousin to a kids movie that I was WAY too cool to see, so I saw some Comedy by myself in the middle of the afternoon on a Sunday. It was actually a bit strange sitting in the theater by myself, but I pretended I was rich and famous and had rented it for just me. :)

  30. 1. I do love leftovers. There's nothing like extending the "stuff your face until you have to wear elastic pants" for another day or two.
    2. I HATE those people at the movies. Being from NY, or maybe it's my inner "guy", I would have said something. I'm sorry the movie got ruined. :(

    P.S. I've nominated you and your blog for The Sunshine Award since you always brighten my day. :)  Stop by my blog for more details.
    Simply The Classroom

  31. Come to my blog to pick up your award!

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  33. I really want to watch Edward and Jacob, I'm planning a trip to the cinema next week.

    Speaking of movies for teachers,do you have a list of films for teachers that you find interesting to every teacher MUST watch:::


    From Brazil!!!

  34. I awarded you the Sunshine Award because I love your blog! First Class with Mrs. Mac

  35. I thought the werewolf scene where they were talking to each other was hilarious! I could NOT take it seriously! And I definitely agree on Edward's eyebrows. I have to sya I was much happier with the movie than I thought I would be (I always think the book is much better!)

    PS. I just found you blog a few days ago and I LOVE your writing style! So fun! :)