Too Soon?

I really enjoyed reading every one's Thankful posts from the linky parties co-hosted by What the Teacher Wants and Oh Boy, Fourth Grade.  There was a trend -- most of us are thankful for reality TV.   And there is nothing wrong with that.  Nothing.  No intervention needed here.

Is it too soon to share a December poem?  I had a couple of comments asking for a December poem for after the Thanksgiving break.  I debated for awhile and then I just decided a poem was not something to agonize over.  I mean, really.  It's much more important to agonize over the Beverly Hills Housewives and the rifts between Camille and Taylor, Brandi and Kim, Adrienne and Lisa, and why in the world Kennedy is so disgruntled all of the time.

So here's a December poem without any agony:

December Color

December Word Cards Color
December Fill in the Blank

Did you see what I did there?  I embedded these.  You can't see me but I am patting myself on the back and taking a little bow.  And crossing my fingers that this will work once I publish this post.  

Now, you might notice that the word "Christmas" is in this poem.  And maybe you're not allowed to use that word in your school.  Much like the word "fun" in my school.  Maybe I need to change the word Christmas to something else.  Let's see.  Hmmmm.  Here are some possibilities:

But December brings "weight gain" at the end!
But December brings "family feuds" at the end!
But December brings "credit card debt" at the end!

Oh, I don't know.  They just don't have the same ring.  On a serious note, how about:

But December brings "VACATION" at the end! :)

You can grab the black and white poem {HERE} and the black and white word cards {HERE}.

Well, remember I said I am SUPER THANKFUL for comments so if you like or love these, please let me know.  Also, if you have a different idea for what December brings at the end, leave that too!   :)  And if you really can't have the word Christmas, let me know, and we'll change it to whatever you want.  Within reason.   


  1. Kristin, I think we all love that you have all this time off because it means you are able to post more often. Hurray! Love the poem! Congrats on embedding! That is something I will have to learn, but not today!
    (No, not the Camille who is feuding with Taylor; although Taylor is my cat's name and we do feud at times)
    An Open Door

  2. OH drat I was not the first one to comment today!!! Oh well once again you had me cracking up and what is with Kennedy!!! and those sisters let's face it she is COO COO for CraY CraY Puffs...jus sayn

    thanks again for the shout out!!!

  3. had to write again because I forgot to subscribe :) PLUS 3 is my FAVE #!!!

  4. Kristen:

    Maybe you could make extra $$$ on the side for being everyone's therapist!

    Sweet Barbara from the Corner on Character was having a tough day today. My solution: Go read some of Kristen's posts! (She agreed!) Of course I had to hop right over too!

    Also, I hope your heart was warmed to see how many times your name came up on the Thankful Linkys. You made my list--and the lists of many other bloggers as well.

    Seriously, O' Bloggy Goddess, you are a source of inspiration and joy to so many. I, for one (of 4,831) am thankful for YOU!

    Happy Thanksgiving!

    Finding JOY in 6th Grade

  5. I passed the Sunshine Award along to you. I love your blog and I love that you offer freebies!!!!!!


  6. I love these poems! They make awesome centers. Thank you!

  7. Hey Chickaroo -
    Love your poems! Keep 'em comin'. How about "holidays" instead of "Christmas"? I come from one of those schools where our principal would prefer we steer clear of the holidays. We don't, though, I try to do a hodgepodge.

    Are you enjoying your time off?!?! I'm quite sure that you are. Today was my last day - hubs and I both have off tomorrow, but the boys have school. Woot, woot!

    BTW, Edward was dreamy, positively dreamy!!!!!

  8. We can talk about Christmas. It falls under the customs and traditions standards....and we do around the world....blah blah....but we are not allowed to to ANYTHING with Halloween..I was so jealous when I saw all the fun things everyone else was doing!!

    Going Nutty! Staci

  9. "And maybe you're not allowed to use that word in your school. Much like the word "fun" in my school."

    HAHAHAHA. love it. your posts always make me laugh!

  10. This is so adorable. It almost makes me want to teach little(r) people. Almost. But third grade is about as short as I can handle.

    Also, thanks for following! I'm so excited. I have quadrupled my followers in two days. Which means now I have...FOUR! :)

    Buzzing with Ms. B

  11. I LOVE this poem and can't wait to use it in a center. I didn't participate in the Thanks linky party, but I am oh so thankful to all of you bloggers that I stalk! I've acquired so many great ideas and activities from all of you. I hope I can be as much of an inspiration to others some day! Have a great holiday!

  12. PS: My blog is farmingthefirstgradecrop@blogspot.com if you want to check it out!

  13. Yes!!!! I would love a copy!!!! (But only if you have time to change that one word, you know the one)...


    Crisscross Applesauce in First Grade

  14. I love love love your poems! I'm lucky to be at a school that allows us to celebrate Christmas, so I'll definitely be using it! I also adore your fill in the blank poems. My kids did the turkey one today (we read the poem last week) and they loved it!

  15. Too soon? Seriously? Target and Walmart have had Christmas "posted" so long that I feel like I am in some sort of Holiday Hodge Podge...what the heck month is it anyway??????...I can't tell anymore. Octcember????
    But I already broke into the Christmas posting too...:) GUILTY!!!!
    gotta go...reality TV is coming on...it's prime time!!!!!

  16. Thank you for the new poem! We "built" your scarecrow poem today, for the umpteenth time. They LOVE it! (I mixed up the words in the pocket chart and asked each of them to perform surgery. They laughed themselves silly!)

    I'm passing the sunshine award your way, come over and grab it!

    Sweet Kennedy....I thought the same thing as I watched her birthday party unfold.

    Happy Thanksgiving!

  17. FUN is definitely a word not allowed in our school! I feel ya pain, sista! :D

  18. LOL...You are too funny! Very cute. Thanks for sharing.

  19. Love it...what does that mean that you embedded them?

  20. Kristin! Thank You!!!!!! you seem to save my butt quite a bit. I have been trying to build my December workstation planners so that I can focus on the joy of the season and not stress about stations. i am putting this in for sure!

    I would like to add that it brings "after-Christmas sales" at the end! LOVE that shopping!


  21. Love the poem...

    I also love your "extra" endings because all of those things are totes true.

    ps. realhousewives = love.

  22. Hooooow about...December brings a new year in the end!! Am I good or what?! LOL!

  23. This post had me laughing and smiling! I love the alternate endings! Thank you for the poems and great job embedding them! I learned how to do that this week with Google Docs. It took me awhile to figure it out and I watched Hadar's video over and over! It feels so good to finally post a freebie! Thanks again!

  24. Love this post. And, for me Christmas means Vegas this year (well Dec. 26th that is). Go ahead, be a little jealous! (Just kidding!) I love the poem and p.s. I hate using google docs. It never works correctly. I barely had the energy to blog hop tonight but since my FINGERS aren't sore yet, I just had to leave a comment!

    :) Crystal
    Kreative in Kinder

  25. KRISTEN!

    Do you never sleep?! You actually commented on a post about Mesopotamia?! You are an angel!

    I know you might find this hard to believe, but I have a continent song to share with you! (Mesopotamia isn't even in it--since it's not a continent, although, apparently, Orlando is!)

    Go to:
    It's near the bottom of some inane abbling about I'm not sure what.

    I know it is almost holiday time, but you need sleep. You cannot comment on all 6 million blogs in the universe tonight. Maybe tomorrow.

    You're amazing (and probably tired). I am in AWE of you!

    Finding JOY in 6th Grade

  26. Your blog is a HUGE bright spot in my day!! (usually a crack me up, laugh out loud one). Thanks for that, I am giving you the Sunshine Award. Pop by me bloggy to pick it up and read about it:)

    4th Grade Frolics

  27. Today, I am thankful for YOU and YOUR BLOG for such *fun* and print-ready things for my students! You are especially gifted at disguising the *fun* as truly educational, so my admins approve!! Thanks for all you share!

  28. Thanks for sharing this1 I am going to use it at my writing center for December.

  29. Wonderful- thanks so much for sharing a great activity. My firsties loved the turkey poem- this will be a big hot:-)

  30. Your blog is hilarious. I don't know how I wound up on it since I teach 3rd but I love it and plan to follow it now so I can have a good laugh reading your commentary. It's obvious you love what you do and your blog is full of great ideas and links.