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Day 2 of Vacation.  I have nothing to blog about unless you want to know that I stayed up super late last night to watch the Housewives of the BH (Kyle was a little too emotional for my taste and I am still worried about Russell even though I know what happens to him!) and I slept until only about 8:30 because my nephews played a game outside of my bedroom door and the sound of their giggling cracked me up and I laughed myself awake.  Really.  I did.  And I almost took a picture of my youngest nephew's Converse shoes because they are SO tiny and cute but then I thought you might think they were mine.

In the spirit of having nothing to blog about, I've been stalking other blogs and Sarah at Waiting on the Butterflies completed a survey so I thought to myself, "Aha!"  Now I know.  And I get to talk about myself.  This is genius.

1. Wrapping paper or gift bags?
If it's a present for a kid, I wrap it.  They don't care if the paper isn't pulled tight and they love to unwrap.  If it's a present for an adult, I 

just hope they got me something, too.  :)

2. Real tree or artificial?
We had real trees when I was growing up and it was the big family tradition to go on the hunt for it.  One year, we picked out the shortest, widest tree you have ever seen.  My dad had to bring it in through the sliding glass door because it was so wide.  It's hilarious to see in pictures.  

My hubs and I carried on that tradition for awhile but a few years ago, we got an artificial one.  I do appreciate not having needles to clean up.

3. When do you put up the tree?
Friday of Thanksgiving weekend.  We usually order pizza, open a bottle of wine, and watch a Christmas movie.  I love it.

4. When do you take the tree down?
No set date.  Whenever.  I tend to be lazy and procrastinate (as stated before).  For example, I should probably start Christmas shopping soon, seeing as how Christmas with my family will be this Friday, and I haven't bought one gift.  

5. Do you like eggnog?
In Oh.  NO!!!

6. Favorite gift received as a child?
Barbie's horse.  Dallas.  I still have it.  IN THE BOX.  With her saddle and comb. 

 7. Do you have a nativity scene?
Yes!  I got it when I was Mary for a Live Nativity at a Boys Ranch Town in Oklahoma.  Those were some of the best days of my teenage years:  Bad boys playing Joseph to my Mary.  Fantastic.  I was pregnant Mary on the way to Bethlehem and my friend and I alternated in 15 minute shifts because it was snowing and so cold.  She went first and got bucked off the donkey (it was a LIVE Nativity with real camels and such).  BUCKED OFF A REAL LIVE DONKEY.  When it was my turn, I just stood NEXT to the donkey.  I'm no dummy.  Anyways, they gave me a Nativity Scene for helping them out.  Ha!!  They didn't know that my gift was being around all of those boys during my boy crazy time.    

8. Hardest person to buy for?
My older niece and nephew.  They want cold, hard cash.  Let me 

know if you know where to get some.

9. Easiest person to buy for?
Myself.  I always know what I want.

10. Mail or email Christmas cards?
MAIL.  Email???  Yikes. 

11. Worst Christmas gift you ever received?

It was from a Secret Santa at school.  It was a salt shaker that had been turned into Mrs. Clause.  There was no pepper shaker.  Just the salt shaker.  That's all.  And it was one of those little glass ones that you might see at Denny's or something.  There was also no salt.  Just the shaker.  

12. Favorite Christmas movie?
The Holiday, Love Actually, A Christmas Story

13. When do you start shopping for Christmas?
Well, if this year is any indication, not yet.

14. Ever recycled a present?
Yes . . . shhhhhh.

15. Favorite thing to eat at Christmas?
My mom's homemade fudge.  DEE-LISH.  But I'm not a fan of Christmas dinner - the turkey and fixings and all that.  It's wasted on me.  Just give me some fudge and See's candy and then let's go to Taco Bell.  Anyone?  I'll drive.

16. Clear lights or colored lights on a tree?
Clear lights only.  On the tree and on the house.  And on the stairs.  And please don't mix your colored lights on the house with some clear icicles thrown in for good measure.  Do us all a favor and make a PLAN. 

17. Favorite Christmas song?
The First Noel and the Charlie Brown Christmas cd which I played every.single.morning in the classroom.

18. Travel at Christmas or stay at home?
I stay home unless my twin doesn't come out here and then I go out there.  It's not Christmas without my twin.  It's just not.

19. Can you name all of Santa's reindeer?

Yes.  And I have to look it up every year because when I write my kids back as if I were Santa, that's one of the questions they ask.

20. Angel or star on top of the tree?
We don't have anything on top of our tree.  We keep saying we'll get something but we haven't.  

21. Open the presents on Christmas Eve or Christmas morning?
Christmas morning.  Although this year, that will be on December 23 for us.

22. Most annoying thing about this time of year?
People.  Traffic.  Parking Lots.  Spending money.

23. Favorite ornament, theme, or color?

Well, my tree is filled with ornaments that my mom has given me each year.  So there is no theme.  At all.  Or any kind of color theme, either.  You can call it a white trash tree hodge podge tree.  And the hodge podginess of it all is my favorite.

24. What do you want for Christmas?

iPad 2  Amazon gift card  Norstroms gift card  Movie tickets  World Peace and World Recognition for Teacher Blogs everywhere (or just a segment on Ellen's show)

I like to read these when I come across them in emails or on facebook.  I'm not making this a party because I don't know how and I have to go so I can't take time to learn either.  But if you decide to post about this, let me know.  :)  I'd love to see what your survey looks like.

And that's all for today.  Tomorrow, my parents are taking the kids to Disney on Ice so Kerry and I get to go have a looooong lunch, and then we're going to start my Christmas shopping.  I hope I can find some hard, cold cash somewhere


  1. I also love The Holiday and Love Actually!!!!! I was just talking about The Holiday today and how dreamy Jude Law is. :)

    Marvelous Multiagers!

  2. Ha ha. Too funny. I'm thrilled that I actually beat someone in the great Christmas shopping race. Bought my first two gifts today. Good luck and be sure to let us know if you find any cold hard cash :)
    Grade ONEderful

  3. I'll tell my step sister to mention there is a world of teacher bloggers...but I think the conversation will go something like this, Hey Ellen there is a very creative, amazing, hilarious, world of teacher bloggers. Would you like to feature a few on a show? um what? PASS...Then she'll blow her nose on some cold hard cash...
    just a hunch. HA! But who am I to say???
    Have fun shopping tomorrow. :)

  4. #24. All I want for Christmas is the most amusing, hilarious, comical, hilarious, witty person in the blogging world to follow me! Please. In return... I’ll follow you forever! I must warn you... no matter what I will continue to stalk your blog! Okay that’s it. That’s all I want. Thank you for listening.

  5. That's funny. I was reading Sarah's post this morning and thinking I'd like to post this survey, too. However, 3 of my little darlings sucked the joy and life out of me today so I couldn't find the desire to do ANYTHING other than eat, drink, and watch mindless television (Tosh.0) until I fell asleep on the couch. Having school this week stinks! Anyway, I'll post my survey tomorrow. Enjoy Disney on Ice!

  6. Cracking up at the Christmas lights comment: "Do us all a favor and make a plan!" I think the same exact thing when I see 900 different varieties of lights on people's homes...looks like they just cleaned out the box 'o' lights!

    Love your blog!
    Mrs. Wheeler

    Stop by my blog!

  7. 3 more days of school and it is pouring rain and indoor recess (bad teacher stalks blog during her break, come on, I need something fun today). At least my kiddies won't come in covered in mud from the field...that will be tomorrow ! LOVE The Holiday and Love Actually, fav. movies along with White Christmas (gotta do the swisters song). Loved your survey, love to read trivia like that. Keep blogging, I need to laugh....

  8. This is such a great teaching blog but more importantly this is a HILARIOUS blog! I sense that there are a lot more stories you can share, especially about the "boy crazy" teenage years!
    Merry Christmas!

  9. I absolutely love your hilarious blog! And....I must admit I have complete blog envy over it too!

    Check out my little blog if you get the chance. I would love for you to follow me (please, please, please!!!!!!) Okay enough begging! (please!!)

    Ms. McBee’s Kinderbugs

  10. Haha people! So annoying..agreed! And also, I'm thinking you need to write "n" like "en" because whenever you write "in" I get confused! Do you have some sort of accent I don't know about???!

  11. You totally named my 3 Fave Christmas movies! Love Actually might even be my favorite "all the time movie."

    Also, thank you for making me feel like a nicer person about my Christmas lights attitude! I couldn't have said it better! My friends and family literally call me a Christmas lights snob because I never cease to speak up when someone could have "planned better!" :) I also have a major dislike of Net Christmas lights. Sometimes these can turn out cute. But most of the time I'm thinking: Come on, we all can see the sides and back of the bush?! (Told you I was a lights snob! lol!)

    Classroom Confetti

  12. Too funny, Kristin! I just love reading your posts. You entertain me on a daily basis!! I posted up this survey, too. Feel free to check it out! http://circusoflearning.blogspot.com/2011/12/christmas-survey.html

  13. I feel the same way about Real Housewives. I can't stop wondering and worrying about Taylor and Russell. It's like watching a movie based off of a book that you've already read and you know the ending.

    Fun In First

  14. Reading this just made my day! Colored lights...what were they thinking!? :)

    Kindergarten Is A Hoot

  15. I decided to do the survey too! It was fun! Thanks. :)


  16. You know how Ellen did everything possible to make it on O's {Oprah's magazine} cover?!? You and I need to make it our personal mission to get on her show...

    Hope you're having a great time with family!

    Crisscross Applesauce in First Grade

  17. Darn it! If we didn't live so far apart I would totally jump on the Taco Bell Christmas dinner. :)
    Funky First Grade Fun

  18. I LOVE your blog and am now following!! Hopefully you can visit mine and let me know what you think!!

    Merry Christmas!!


  19. I can always come to your blog and get a good laugh. Today is my first day off and I have a huge to do list. Getting my carpets clean at 9:00 AM...what was I thinking!? I totally agree with the mixing of the colored lights and white lights!

  20. I know you are treasuring the time with your sister and family. I just wanted to let you know again what a blessing you are to me! Merry Christmas sweet friend! =)

  21. I did the survey- it was super fun. Come check it out :) http://letsteachsomething.blogspot.com/2011/12/survey-says.html


  22. Oh my...so every day I look for your blog update ...and each day I cant find it?? ...so I (being the stalker type) type in your web address and start stalking away...and then today I realized....I WASN'T FOLLOWING YOU? The horror, the pain, the agony...I was mortified. SO...I am officially a follower...even though I probably supply more traffic than New York City to your site! I <3 YOu...which you know! :)

    2nd Grade Paradise

  23. I filled out the survey and would love for you to check it out!!


    My Life as a Fifth Grade Teacher

  24. I loved reading your survey. I even copied it on my blog!


    I am a teacher too, I recently found your blog and I love to see the new ideas you create!


  26. Thanks for stopping by my blog!!

    Merry Christmas and enjoy your family!!

    Tales from a Traveling Teacher