Oh brother.

Yesterday was THE DAY.  THE DAY OF FUN AND GIRL TIME AND CHEESECAKE FACTORY AND SHOPPING.  Kerry and I had been looking forward to this day since our parents told us they were taking the little kids to Disney on Ice.  We were so excited that we woke up early slept in late and then dropped the kids off with our parents as soon as possible.  We also gave lots of advice, such as:

"There might be lots of traffic."
"You might want to leave early in case of crowds."
"You may have trouble finding a parking spot."
"It may take awhile to find your seats."
"You should go."

Then they left and it was just us.  Hooray!  Let the fun begin!



Really?  Seriously?

Here comes our younger brother. 

"Where are you going?" he asks.

How do we say no?  How do we say, you are not a girl and therefore, you shalt not come with us?  I tried this:

"I don't know."
"To the make up store."
"To the bra store."
"To the feminine hygiene store."

Nothing swayed him.  Nothing. 

So he came.  And he ate with us.  And he ordered a filet mignon in the middle of the day.  Really.  He did.  He says there's nothing wrong with this but I think he missed the point that we were out for a girl's lunch.  And girls have salads and such, and then order a gigantic piece of cheesecake because we had salads and stuff.   And I think he missed the fact that we were at the Cheesecake Factory and not The Outback.

Don't get me wrong.  He's our brother. 

I was going to add to that but I can't think of anything.

So our Day of Fun was a little different than we had planned.  But I did finally buy four presents.  

And now, I believe it is safe to talk about Survivor. 

I am glad that Coach didn't win.
I am glad that Albert did not get one vote.
I thought Sophie should have won out of those three.
I feel that this Season didn't really have any break out characters. 
I don't see any spin offs happening.
I am ready for The Bachelor but I wish it wasn't with Ben.

I am going to go spend time with the family.  We are working on a 500 piece puzzle and I would like you to envision a fire in the fireplace, Christmas carols playing on the radio, a Christmas movie on in the background, Christmas sweaters on all of us, and lots of laughter and smiles as if we were in a sitcom.  Just ignore the shouts of:

"That's my section!"
"Have you been hiding that piece this whole time?"
"Move over!"
"You're hogging my section!"
"Give that back!"
"I wanted to do that piece!"
"What's for dinner?"
"Is there any more fudge?"

Envision the Hallmark commercial.

And tell me:  are you close to your brother?  Do you have a brother?  Do you go out shopping and eating together?  Does he order steak?  From the Cheesecake Factory?


  1. Whoop whoop first comment! (I hope no one else squeezes one in while I'm writing this!)

    I don't have a brother. In fact, there has not been a boy on my mom's side of the family in 81 years. True story. We should probably be on some TV news show or something because I'm sure we're setting a record. I have 2 sisters & the oldest is pregnant with her second child. We just found out last week...ANOTHER GIRL!

    So there's an interest tidbit about my family!! haha I love doing puzzles, can I come join?!?

    Creating & Teaching

  2. I have a brother, sort of...long story...anyway, I probably would be the one ordering the steak...depending upon where we went to eat!! lol
    First Grade Blue SKies

  3. Once again dearie...you totally crack me up!! I don't have brothers, all sisters. BUT there are times that my 18 yr old daughter and I have plans for girl day and then her 15 yr old brother or worse yet.......my husband wants to come....not to have fun with us mind you but to make us miserable!! To act a fool in the mall so people stare at us....to whine, to complain because that's a fun guys day for them!!! So, I feel ya pain girl:)

    4th Grade Frolics

  4. I have a brother. Who I avoid at all costs because he is immature. And he's older than me.

    Don't get me wrong, I am all for bouts of immaturity at times...but not when said brother is 34 and lives in my parents' basement with his kids.

  5. You crack me up!! Yes I have a brother and we are pretty close. We go out occasionally and he ALWAYS wants to go to a steak house!! I think he could eat steak for every meal.

    Ms. McBee’s Kinderbugs

  6. I have 3 brothers....closer to one of them and we like to hangout at Starbucks when he is town (lives on the other side of Canada but love when he visits). Boys don't always get the girlie fun...love my time with my 2 sisters. Except when they build a puzzle which they love to do, only thing I just can't share...give me a book and chocolate anytime !! Puzzles make me crosseyed.....impeding my ability to reach for glass of wine.

  7. I have a brother almost 6 years older than I am. Love him to pieces and we do lots together, but he wouldn't get a girlie day at all. Although now that he's got a daughter it helps! Love puzzles. Thanks for the reminder to get one out tonight. Have you tried an "I Spy" puzzle? They are tough!!
    2B Honey Bunch

  8. I have FOUR brothers and no sisters. One of them is my twin! They would all order salads if I wanted them too and I would want them to come, but I think that's because I've never had a sister.

    plus, I'm not sure if you remember, but I like for steak.

    Kimberley @ 1stinmaine.blogger.com

  9. I have one brother and two half-brothers! My half-brothers are in their mid 40s and have their own families, so we don't see each other much. My "whole" brother is two years younger than me and just graduated from college! He and I spend a lot of time together because he hates sitting around the house, so we wander around stores and eat ice cream a lot.

    He even came to school with me today to help me work on purging. We got a cabinet done! And all I had to do was buy him a $1 Coke from McDonald's!! I think that is well worth it.

    Marvelous Multiagers!

  10. I have TWO brothers. I am the baby and only girl, hence the bossiness Delight speaks of. I would give anything to have them home with me right now. They are the best. One is in Montana, he has a HUGE handle bar mustache, always has a twinkle in his eye and a funny joke or story to tell. He makes COWBOY hats and sells them. The other is in Tennessee, Vice President of his company,cries at sad movies, is really smart, and lives in a HUGE house on a lake (we like to call it our lake house). My kids LOVE their uncles and I love my brothers. All three of us would probably order steak...rib eye. lol Enjoy all of your family!

  11. I have one brother, who lives in Arizona, but comes home occassionally. He drives me CRAZY when he comes home! He acts like he's Mr. Clean House and decides to clean out drawers/closets/garages when he gets to my mother's house. He also is critical of our weight (mine, sister's, mom's). With that being said, we have as much fun as we do argue. Love to see him when he comes, but love it when he leaves too! My sister is a whole other blog. :-)

  12. Yes I have a brother. Three years older. He's awesome. Not a shopper but a steak eater at any time for sure.

    I agree on survivor. I was happy that prince albert got nothing. I loved that sophia grew up a little. Coach was too much for me all the way around. geh.
    I love your family antics. We like to say super sweet things like "you're dead to me"

    ....now I want fudge.


  13. I have a heavy metal rocker brother who is knocking on 50's door and he's still rockin' it out with his band(s) - yes, plural. He and I couldn't be more opposite...I actually chuckle at the mental image I have of he and I shopping and eating out together. Would never happen.

    Love your story though!

    Crisscross Applesauce in First Grade

  14. THANK YOU FOR WAITING TO TALK ABOUT IT!!! I finally watched it on Tuesday night. I. felt. the. same. way.

    Thank the Lord that Brandon didn't win {no pun intended...you know, he was playing that card wayyy too much}.


  15. I love the Cheesecake Factory! It is definitely one of my favorites! When my hubby and I go there we always split a meal because there is no way we are going home without cheesecake! That would be unthinkable!

  16. Have totally been there......I have a brother who is one year 16 days older than me and a sister who is one year 2 months and 4 days younger than me!! My sister and I love our time together - we don't go often but when we do we like to do girl things, sometimes my brother comes along and neither of us has the heart to tell him no! We love him and we always have a great time together but it's not the same as girl time!!

  17. lol Kristin!!! I don't have a brother, just my lovely bff sister and I can imagine how you would feel, 'cause we love our sissy time (Ok, that's a joke phrase we have, we're not that lame!). I just went to the Cheesecake Factory for the first time ever last weekend and it took me FOREVER to choose which kind of cheesecake I wanted. And I had a very small lunch for this purpose too! Happy holidays! I am so glad to have met you here in bloggy land :) :)

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  19. Oh Kristin....I fell off my chair! Sorry it went down like that, but so happy to hear you are enjoying the time with your family...making memories for sure! Just think in 1year you will have ammio to tease your brother with! Xoxo

  20. I don't have a brother, just two sisters. I have always wanted a brother. May I have yours please? Pretty please?
    An Open Door

  21. I have a brother who is two years younger than me.....but thinks, acts, and dates girls that are 20 years younger than him.....so to say we don't have much in common is an understatement. He thinks he is 21. He only talks about what new thing he bought or what he is buying next. But he is my brother so I will enjoy the holiday with family.....:) It sounds like you had some fun.....Merry Christmas

  22. I am catching up on the last two weeks of your posts. Man, I am behind. My BFF and I love to go to the Cheesecake Factory! And, NO we don't order steak. I order fish or salad...you know to lighten the load and guilt for the sweetness to come. Ehem, it is called the CHEESECAKE factory, right? :) I'm sure you don't go back to school until the 9th. My kids don't either (they go to a different school district) and that makes me soooo sad. Must.drown.sorrows. And, you get to meet up with blogging peeps...I'm jealous! I think everyone should come to Texas to visit ME! It would be fabulous. Think about the possibilities! Anywho, Merry Christmas. Finish your shopping!
    <>< Crystal
    Kreative in Kinder

  23. Hi Kristin:
    No brother. One sister--10 years older. For the longest time, we both said we were only children!

    As "complicated" as your day was, at least there was CHEESECAKE in the day. YUMMY! The Heath bar crunch cheesecake is my favorite! Or was it the one with Kahlua? Or the one with Baileys?
    {Serious drooling while trying to remember}

    Merry Christmas, Teeny Tiny Teacher Friend!

    Finding JOY in 6th Grade

  24. I have two brothers. One I can't stand at all and the other is cool but he doesn't live near us. I'm sure he'd be just as clueless as your brother and hang out with my sister and I like yours did. In fact, if it was me, my sister, my mom, my best friend, and two aunties going out he'd STILL invite himself along and not have a clue. I chalk it up to boys being stupid. (oops! Did I say that?)

  25. I have three older brothers and they are all chefs....so on the rare occasion tht we go out ot eat as a family, YES they order steak! I wish we had a CHeesecake Factory around here! Love that place!

  26. 1brother no sisters im pretty sure I would have paid my mom and dad to have a baby girl when I was growing up but no luck and I love love love Ben who would you want it to be?


  27. I am an only child...by my mother, but I have a total of FIVE steps and halves....none of which I ever see. HA! We're all "friends" now (which is more than I can say when we were all younger), but none I have to worry about wanting to impede on my girls' day. ha! And I'm loving your Hallmark "picture"...that would totally be my husband and I - but just because we like to give each other a hard time! Ha!
    Jen Ross
    The Teachers’ Cauldron

  28. enjoy your christmas today! Ours is actually on the 26th because my mom is coming in from Colorado on Sunday night. Have a great Christmas with your sister :)

  29. OK, you are a riot! I've been reading your posts for some time now (creeping, stalking, whatever you want to call it) and I am officially following after this brother blog. I totally put myself into your post . . . my sister and I close at heart but not geographically so our time is PRECIOUS! Our brother, Mark, is SO your bro . . . yep, he'd have ordered the same thing AND a festive drink, probably. He's a great guy - iwth a huge heart - yesterday he ran a little contest to put a caption on a picture he took - a Self Storage place he drove past in WI whose initial S was burnt out so it read: Elf Storage . . . he got some cute captions . . . and gave a donation to the charity of choice to the top 3 reader's captions . . . My fave was: Those little fellas work at the Elf-Serve gas station across the street . . . but I digress . . . thanks for the belly laughs . . . what flavor cheesecake do you choose?

    Merry Christmas from TX!

    The Corner On Character

  30. Nope, no brothers. I'm an only child *sigh*.

    But does my friend's brother count? He used to bother us all the time and follow us everywhere.

    Journey of a Substitute Teacher

  31. I have a little brother who is 5 years younger than me.. we get along really well, and he and his girlfriend go on double dates with me and my hubs! But he doesn't order steak, because he is in college and can't afford it :)

  32. I am cracking up that J joined your fun. That sounds just like something my brother would do. :) I am so glad that you guys are having a great time! You need to fly this way soon.

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