Teaching? What's that?

First Monday off.  Soooooo good.  Sooooooo good!  I am loving it.  The hubs had to leave for a work trip today and won't be back until Friday.  I know!  Boo hoo, right?  Normally, yes, I'd be tho thad.  But seeing as how my twin and her kids are visiting, I couldn't ask for more perfect timing.  

We took the kids to see The Chipmunk movie today.  I laughed, I cried, I sang.  It was pure joy.  The dialogue was so moving and I really identified with Brittany.  We also got the biggest tub of popcorn you have ever seen (I think I could have saved it and used it for an above ground swimming pool this summer) and we ate all of it.  ALL OF IT.

The previews reminded me that I wanted to ask you all what you thought about the previews before Breaking Dawn.  I'll list them for you.

We Bought a Zoo
The Lady in the Red Dress
Man on a Ledge

What is up with these titles?  Pretty soon, my daily routine is going to be the next big movie title:

 I Had an English Muffin with Peanut Butter for Breakfast

This post is going to have almost NOTHING to do with teaching.  And I can't post a freebie because we're at my mom's and I'm using her computer, not mine.  I cannot get on their WiFi to save my life (thus ,no access to my documents) and it is so annoying and frustrating, but I'm taking the high road and reminding myself that nothing shalt bother me whilst on vacation.

I will answer a question that I got a few times (in the comments) about my staff and the arguments and the endless debates that range in topics from tardies to performances to duty schedules to lounge clean up to Kill Me Now. 

I do NOT engage.  I make no eye contact.  I have several bruises from my partner hitting me in the shins but that's about it.  I cringe inwardly, I pray that my principal will pick a side and put her foot down, and I try to stay awake. 

The one time that I can remember speaking up was about the Teacher's Lounge and whether or not we should have each grade level clean it up every month or some such crazy idea.  People, I clean up MY OWN HOUSE.  And then I go to school and clean up MY OWN CLASSROOM.  And then I eat in the teacher's lounge and I clean up MY OWN MESS (but I really don't make a mess but if I did, I would) and I'm NOT CLEANING UP AFTER YOU.  But that was the idea.  If it was first grade's turn to clean up the lounge, then we would have to wash some 6th grade MAN teacher's tupperware because he just threw it in the sink and left it there.  Do YOU get that?  I do NOT get that.  If you brought tupperware, how about taking it back home with you and washing it in your own darn sink?

I can't remember exactly what I said but it was something along the lines of "Your mother doesn't work here and if she did, I know she didn't raise you like this."  And then everyone cracked up and that kind of ended it.  Really.  We don't alternate months or anything.  We just do this outrageous thing called cleaning up after our own selves.  I know it's kind of out there but that's what we do. 

There.  That's my teacher talk for the day.  Since I'm on vacation.

Before I go.

1.  Is it too soon to talk about Survivor?  Is everyone caught up?
2.  Do you have a Lounge Clean up situation??
3.  Did you work today?  If so, I am tho tho tho thorry.  Theriously.


  1. Without saying too much...Just in case someone out there has not watched it...Let me just say... I am a bit disappointed!!!! There, I said it... and I don't feel bad about it all all. In fact, I didn't even watch the final hour. But my hubby kept it for me (just in case I change my mind). Which I probably will after my mind clears a bit. Okay. I didn't give anything away did I?
    First Grade Delight

  2. Your posts always make me laugh. You are so funny! We're supposed to have a grade level clean up our workroom every month, but I sure as heck wouldn't clean out someone's Tupperware container...YUCK! That's gross and weird. I totally agree with you, clean up your own messes. Hope you enjoyed your Monday off...I know I sure did :)

    Living A Wonderful Life

  3. my staff sounds like they argue just about as much as yours! dont feel bad or different. We had a huge disagreement...argument...heated discussion...whatever you call it about the lounge and clean up and we ended up deciding that everyone should clean up after themselves. Imagine that right??? UGH!!! so annoying!

  4. I did work today :( We (my first grade teaching buddies and I) decided to have a different day everyday this week. Today - gingerbread day, Tues. - Grinch day, Wed. - Santa & Christmas party, Thurs. - Polar Express day. Our principal decided to have data team mtgs. today. Planning for something the sub (who turned out to be my daughter) could do to keep them busy and happy for 1 1/2 hours proved interesting! Needless to say, the kids were craaazzzzzyyyyy! To top it all off, I have lost my voice! So the next three days should be soooo much fun (sarcasm here)! I am totally jealous of you that have this week off. Totally jealous! But I hope you have a blessed holiday!

  5. we've had the same staff room debate...that ended kind of like yours except now someone leaves little notes all the time, like last week on the microwave was a sign that said "Santa is watching you...whoever is leaving spills in the microwave is going to be on the naughty list" and one time there was a note on the table with a poem about being a slob and someone noticing so you should not be so messy, Can't remember how it went just that it makes other furious and starts the whole debate up again! I also feel it's the administrations responsibility to take a stand, I feel it's absolute ridiculous that it even has to be discussed when more important things like which students need intervention support gets skipped over!! We saw the Chipmunk movie this weekend soooo cute!!

  6. I did work today and I have to work ALL WEEk so I debated about actually not getting on the blogs this week. I thought that it would be too depressing to hear about all the fun activities ya'll were doing and how relaxed everyone sounded. You see how long I stayed away, right?


  7. I did have to work today, but the kids were surprisingly good! I was completely shocked! They even earned the rest of the their goal and they voted on a root beer float party. Which of course I had to at the store in the rain/snow. Oh well what can you do.


    I'm watching it tomorrow night, so feel free to post about it after December 20th at 8:00pm. Please don't let Brandon or Coach win. I don't want to have to remove my eyeballs with a rusty spoon.


  9. We have no problem with lounge clean up. We have no lounge. We used to...a dungeon (ok basement) it is smelly, and creepy, and dark, and I refused to eat down there...then so did everyone else. And Survivor...yep disappointing. Why are they always so predictable? Ah well the Bachelor is coming soon.

  10. Your posts always crack me up! Yes, I did work today and have to work through Wednesday!! So, I am so jealous of you!! I am hoping that there is some kind of pay off for me at the end of the year to be going these 3 days. Like I get out before Memorial Day or something!! I am actually doing a writing assessment tomorrow, so keep your fingers crossed!

  11. Our new pal took out one of the tables and moved the copier and the riso in there. So it is wall to wall. I never really ate in there anyway...I try to stay away from negative ju-ju...And I can usually multi-task....like grade a test with a pbj in one hand.

    So when the rotation for who would clean it up came around and it was by grade level, I had to voice concern, too.

    There was a proclamation from admin that said everything in the fridges is thrown away on Friday and if it doesn't stay clean, all the tables come out and we will be required to eat at the tables with our class.....that got everyone's attn!!! So I hear it's pretty clean in there now:)

    Going Nutty!


  12. Old school {no, not like I'm kickin' it - but literally my old school} it was always a hot topic of conversation. Notes everywhere "your mom doesn't work here" "clean up after yourselves" - blah blah. Then we were assigned lounge duty {mind you, I don't eat in the lounge half the time - I eat in my room and work through lunch...I know, every January 1st I say I'm going to turn over a new leaf and eat in the lounge} and when you got the "golden sponge" - no joke, we had a golden sponge placed in our mailboxes as a reminder that it was "our week". Oh how I resented that dang sponge - but still, I did my duty...lounge duty that is.

    New school - we still sign up for our big week of clean up {and no, I still do *not* eat in the lounge - unless it's indoor recess} but there are no reminders, no golden sponges...remember, we're still all on our best behavior because this is only our second year together.

    Next year - fit is gonna hit the shan because I'm going to take your stance. Why on earth would I clean up after other GROWN people!?!?

    And please explained what I missed with the th's....I'm lost. Or should I say losth?!?

    Crisscross Applesauce in First Grade

  13. 1. I am theriously laughing over here.
    3. we have one nuerotic teacher that gets fed up and cleans the workroom then tells everyone she did it so we can all adore her. (no adoring for a mess I didn't make)
    4. caught up on survivor-ready to talk about it.
    5. you ROCK for commenting on my son's blog.
    6. tho thorry you can't accthess your documentths
    7. I'll stop now.

  14. I had to work today. Boo, but I get to wear my pajamas to work the next two days and then I'm done!

    We have signs in our lounge that say, "You mother doesn't work here! Please clean up after yourself!"

    But I don't know how many people actually eat in the lounge. I don't think too many do. Most of us eat in our classrooms or someone else's room. I know I'm usually walking around my room, sandwich in one hand, setting up for stuff with the other!!

  15. Jealous of your day off!! But I will enjoy one come Thursday!!
    First Grade Blue SKies

  16. I have to work until Friday :( and my usually lovely little ones are starting to drive me crazy.....just way too excited and wound up. Counting the days !! Was actually at the mall tonight because my daughter had to finish her shopping...I just bought shoes and a pair of boots for myself haha
    Staff room cleanup, arrrggghhh, I was assigned that duty for one whole year !!! Whilst others had "photocopier and paper cutter cleanup". I just flat out never did it, I never eat in the staffroom or use the dishes. No one ever asked why I was not cleaning up and left it at that !!
    Enjoy your sister and kids !!

  17. I think you can talk Survivor. I was really hoping for Coach.

  18. Wait.. do we work at the same school? I took my name right off the clean-up list and stopped eating in the lounge (hah!) because it is tho ridiculous. Also, since I am the ultimate complainer this week... I'm teaching until Friday... at 3:30. Enjoy your time off!!

  19. We actually have a sign in our lounge that says: "Your mother doesn't work here. Clean up your own mess." Enjoy your vacation! :)

  20. Haha, love it! I hardly ever use our lounge since we eat lunch in our classrooms with our kids (joy!) but the tutors and Specials teachers use it and some teachers do use the microwave for their lunches (I eat school lunch cause other wise I'd forget to bring my lunch every day). Apparently the mess got so bad that our principal put her foot down and declared that if we can't keep it clean she's taking away 2 of our 3 microwaves! Oh the horror! I just had to laugh at the thought of a staff of professionals being scolded and given consequences like a bunch of 9 year olds! Sooo glad I do not use the lounge!

    Jennifer @ Herding Kats In Kindergarten

  21. Such an amazing feeling not to work today!!! I feel so sorry for those who did :(
    Glad you're enjoying your twin and her kids!!!

    Happy Holidays!

    ❤ Mor Zrihen ❤
    A Teacher's Treasure

  22. We do have lounge "doody" at my school. Each grade level and/or specialist team has a week approximately every 8-9 weeks. Concerning Tupperware in the sink...trash! Tho thorry!

  23. Hit a nerve! Each teacher in my school gets a month of lounge duty. Wash dishes, wash towels, clean out microwave and fridge, make coffee, etc. I don't drink coffee so don't bitch that my coffee tastes like shit. I don't ask you to make my can of soda. Yeah, your mother doesn't work here. Do I look like her? I clean my house, my classroom, the lounge, and at the end of the school year I have to clean up some other common area like a storage room or art room. If everyone was adult and cleaned up after themselves it wouldn't be necessary!!
    2B Honey Bunch

  24. I thought the same thing about We Bought a Zoo! What a dumb name.

    Our "lounge" is this little tiny room that the 5 of us teachers can barely fit in. We have no sink, so, no mess! We're lucky to have a fridge and a microwave shoved in there. But it's every person for him- or herself in there!!

    Marvelous Multiagers!

  25. I bought a microwave plate cover hoping a "certain someone" on our staff would use it. I even announced it was for everyone's use. But, noooooooo, the certain someone never uses it nor ever covers her food. Can you believe it! Aaaaagh!!! Our microwave always looks like something you wouldn't touch with a ten foot pole.

  26. We don't even have a "lounge". We have a tiny room with 2 tables, right next to the workroom. It's because our school is at 119% capacity - every space is full, including all 4 relos, offices and closets.

    ✪ Miss W

    Miss W Teaches

  27. At our school, the person on staff devotions for the week has to do everyone's dishes and keep the room tidy for that week. HATE IT.

    By the way, I have nominated you for the Sunshine Award. You have probably received it a bazillion times, but here is bazillion-and-one. Because you are so sunny!

    And we have school until Friday. THE FULL FREAKIN DAY. So technically, our school does not start Christmas vacation until AFTER Christmas is over. Which blows. Feel free to shed a tear for me, if you're not too busy. :)

    Mrs. Bremer’s Kindergarten

  28. I am sooo on break and now catching up with all my blogs I've missed soo much! I can totally relate to your movie experience but a preview that did intrigue me was The Hunger Games. I've heard the buzz on the books and then saw that previews. I totally went out this past weekend and got all 3 books and read all 3 of them! Gotta love winter break! :)
    Rambling About Reading

  29. At the schools I sub for, each grade level takes a month, the specialists get a month, the assistants get a month, the office/admin. Or something similar.

    They also bring in sweets/treats at the end of the month at 2 of the schools.

    And I'm a bit disappointed in the results on Survivor but next season looks interesting.

    Journey of a Substitute Teacher

  30. Glad to hear that you and that twin of yours are having a good time! :) Tell her I miss her.

    Love reading your blog!!!


  31. Hey! You are so welcome for the gift card! I'm so glad you got it. I didn't get your email, my gmail has been really acting up. :( But I was worried because I didn't get a confirmation of delivery from Amazon, so I'm glad it made it's way to you! :)

    Classroom Confetti

  32. I eat in my room because the rest of my team seems to always conveniently "forget to invite me" when they go out to lunch. Nice, huh? So I don't even think about it anymore! I just stay in my room and mind my own business! The lounge is a whole two blocks away because the school is so big anyway, so by the time I would get there and find out that there is nobody there, I would have wasted half of my lunch finding that out. There are no other grade levels at lunch when Kinder goes to lunch, so I am on my own.
    And I am not on vacation until FRIDAY. UGH!
    Heidi Butkus

  33. We Bought A Zoo needs to buy themselves a new title that doesn't suck!

    I don't eat in the lounge. But as far as I know, people just clean up after themselves. ?! I agree, I clean up my own house and my own classroom every day--I don't want to clean up after other TEACHERS. seriously? er, theriously?