Top Three

Happy Day After Christmas to you.

Fern from Fern's Smith's Classroom Ideas is having a linky party about our Top 3 posts for the year.  Seeing as how my blog is just about to have its six month birthday, this shouldn't be too complicated.  But it does require that I look at my Stats and I don't like to do that.  It makes me feel nervous when I go over there.  I don't know why.  Anyone else feel like that?  It feels like I am looking at a report card and I am worried that I did not get straight As.  I am sick.  I know.

Well, here are my top three.   It's amazing that this many people looked at my posts.  However, please take into consideration that Kerry said she is probably responsible for over 100 views of my Halloween post because she has read it to anyone and everyone who will listen.  She read it to my family last week even though we already know the story.  I laughed and gasped in all of the right places.

Without further ado . . .

Well, I have to say that I'm not surprised about the Halloween post but the Nouns and Action! post is actually weird.  Who knew?  I offered noun and verb cards that apparently were a hit but the worst part is that I haven't made those cards for myself yet.  

And that, my friends, is it.  Now stop looking at my stats and I will, too.

Instead, go link up with Fern!

I made a very good sized dent in the couch yesterday.  Here's what I did:
*ate cinnamon rolls and drank creamer with coffee
*watched The Proposal
*stalked blogs
*ate left over tacos, chips, salsa, guacamole, and tortilla soup
*watched The Blind Side (it was a Sandra Bullock kind of day)
*read a few chapters of my book (Crossed - do you know it?  It's the second in a trilogy and I hear it will be a movie, too.  If you liked The Hunger Games, you should like this.  But I warn you - the third book won't be out until November of next year.  I did not know this when I started.  A trilogy should be a trilogy.  Not a doubly with the hint of something on the horizon.  I am against this.)
*ate two peanut butter cups
*opened a bottle of wine
*went to bed and slept for ten hours in order to rest up for another day EXACTLY like it

Currently, The Help is on in the background.  LOVE. THIS. MOVIE.

Tomorrow, Hadar and I are going to be hosting a linky party together.  And Wednesday, we are going to meet IRL.   That's In Real Life in case you didn't know.  And I am agonizing over what to wear.  I'm not a fashionista in the least.  My gut instinct is to wear cargo pants, converse, and a T-shirt because we're just going to Ruby's.  But then I think I should wear something with a heel so that I am not so teeny tiny.  And then I heard that the weather is going to be really nice.  So do I dress for the season or the weather?  Oh!  And the Ruby's we're going to is on the Pier so my hair is going to be a disaster once I walk all the way down it to the restaurant.  A disaster.  Flat.  Plastered to my head.  Lifeless.  I can see it now.  So should I just ponytail it?  The stress.  It's killing me.

What would YOU wear? :)


  1. I am so jealous that you guys are meeting!! wahh! =)
    Don't stress about what to wear, you will look great no matter what!
    First Grade Blue SKies

  2. hehe what a dilema! Wear cute jeans and a cute top! works evertime!

    I love your Halloween post!

    I just started Matched last night!!! I bought it along with Crossed last week to read over the break!

    I've been vegging out at home all weekend too, alternating between reading, blogging, and making Jen's foldables :)

    I read The Help over the summer and never made it to the theater to watch the movie. I was planning to watch it this week on "On Demand".

    Have fun with Hadar!

    ❤ Mor Zrihen ❤
    A Teacher's Treasure

  3. I second the Don't stress about what to wear. Wear something that you feel comfortable in!

    I recently found your blog and I love your energy!

    You have motivated me to try and start posting more often.

    I took your christmas survey and did it on my blog.



  4. Honestly no one is going to notice what you wear - they are all going to be too busy hugging you. After the hugs you will sit down and then they will only see you from the tabletop up. So wear a cute top and a huge smile and remember that the rest of us are oh so J.E.A.L.O.U.S. I put it in caps because we are really, really J.E.A.L.O.U.S., not just a teeny tiny bit jealous!

    O, please, please, please will one of you post a photo of you all together IRL? We all want to live vicariously.

    Have fun!
    An Open Door

  5. I love that Rubys! I have been there many times. I am sad I am so far away. Dress with your gut. cargos and t-shirt. Jealous YES...happy for you...also yes. Take a zillion pictures.

  6. First, I have stats and follower envy and only looked at my stats for a minute. It depressed the competitive side of me.

    I just finished reading Night Road by Kristin Hannah and would recommend it to you...it is wonderful!

    No matter what you wear, you will be awesome because your funny sense of humor and beautiful heart will always be what others see first!

    Heather's Heart

  7. I feel super-duper special that I got a sneak peek of the blog post before you even posted it!!! I am going crazy psycho right now, I need to get off of the computer! That is of course, after I finish my linky party post! And then that's it...I swear...

  8. Wear whatever is comfortable for you. Skinny jeans, baggy sweater, and flats are always a sample in my wardrobe! I can't wait to see what you and Hadar will be doing for your linky party!

  9. Hello there and thank you for linking up at my linky party! You have only blogged for 6 months but have close to 1,000 followers? Amazing...simply amazing! I am so impressed, but then I go and read your Halloween story....Holy Cow, I can't wait to share it with my 'real' team at work. This has been our year for accidents on the playground, anytime I use the walkie talkie {I'm the team leader} to say, "Clinic, this is Fern" the entire Emergency Response Team pours out of the building!!! I've learned to say, "Clinic, we are sending you a student that Just.Needs.A.Jacket, this is Fern!"
    I am so looking forward to seeing your pictures from Ruby's! What a fun and wonderful idea that technology has started for y'all!
    Fern Smith’s Classroom Ideas!
    PS...Watched The Help for the first time last night, it has moved me profoundly! I teach mostly poor, African-American males....it gave me a whole new perspective on their families' background here in the south!

  10. PPS....I'm back....
    I don’t think I finished my train of thought….but I meant to say after I read you Halloween story I can see why you have so many followers…you are sooooo funny! I bet your kids really enjoy your humor too!
    Also, don't you love The Proposal when they are in the back of the beat up old truck and she realizes he wasn't just her "assistant" but part of the town’s millionaire family!?!?! One of the best movies ever!
    Fern Smith’s Classroom Ideas!

  11. I think you better stop by Michigan first so I can check out your outfit and make sure it's suitable for meeting up with Hadar - okay? I'm that kind of friend. You're welcome. I'll see you around...let's say, 10:00 am okay?

    Hope you girls have a blast!!!! And yes - TAKE TONS OF PICTURES!!!!!

    {Are you at all nervous? I would be}

    Crisscross Applesauce in First Grade

  12. My only fashion advice at this time of year is wear something stretchy :) Jealous that you get to meet, hearing about a pier too and being outside....bright and sunny here but very coooold. Loved my day, sounded a lot like yours...wine, chocolate, blog stalking, napping (hence my stretchy advice)...now watching Elf, a holiday favourite. Have fun at Ruby's !

  13. Well, my today sounds a lot like yours. My feet have actually fallen asleep (more than once, eek!) today from being in the same position too long. That can not be good...
    I read The Hunger Games and whizzed through all 3 obsessively. If I had to wait for one of them to come out it would not have been pretty. Thank goodness I was late to that party.
    I'm trying to read Matched now and I just can't get into it!! I think it was too soon after Katniss. She spoiled me, even though she really pissed me off too.
    Sunny Days In Second Grade

  14. I read Matched and loved it, but I read it in the summer and am having trouble getting into Crossed. I am jealous of those who can read the Trilogy together, as I did with the Hunger games. Kristen, if you liked Hunger Games and Matched, you will also like Divergent, another Trilogy about teen triangles, set in the future.

  15. I have been doing some serious blog stalking and Pinterest pinning yesterday and today! I would have to agree and say that there is now a permanent dent in my couch too! Love the blog!!!

    Adventures of a 6th Grade Teacher

  16. I sooo love your blog! Have fun on Wednesday - and take lots of pics so we can feel like we were there too! :)
    Crayons and Curls

  17. I had just finished reading your Halloween story to my kids when I saw you had commented on my post. I am seriously so very excited about Wednesday! I think I'm just going to wear my 'Apple Basket Teacher' vistaprint long sleeve T-shirt & jeans...not sure though...my 3 kids will be with me...15, 12, & 8. Yeaaahhhhh!!!

  18. My jealous rage is coming out!!!! I want to hang out with your and Hadar! HOW FUN!!!!!!

    As for what to wear. I bet you could pull off anything. I, however, might not be able to find anything that fits me after all the crap I ate on Christmas {and before and after}. I'm sucking in as we speak...and I'm wearing sweats! HA! :)

    Have fun and take lots of pictures. And blog about it.

    No pressure.