Ah-choo! (but I'm not sick so you can come closer)

Today was the day that I found out more about my new troublemaker student.

I learned lots of new information.

For example, if he is on the playground, he feels very comfortable telling other first grade boys that he is going to beat them up and that they should run.  As in, "Yeah, you'd BETTER run!"

He also feels it's within his right to state his dislike for me when he can't find his scissors.  You know, the scissors I gave him one day ago that are somewhere in his desk but not in clear sight.  I suppose I understand.  I often dislike others when I misplace my sanity.

During lunch, my principal and A.P called me into their office to chit chat about their very special phone call with the administrator of new boy's previous school.

I'll just say this.  BAGGAGE.  Tons and tons of it.  We would not be able to find Blakely anywhere in all of the baggage that he brought with him into my classroom.  So.  Staying positive.  God put him in my room for a reason.  And later in the day, when I called him a math wizard (yes, it was a stretch, but that's what I call my kiddos during math, and it just came out), he beamed.  He hugged me, said he loved me, and that I was the best teacher he ever had.  I know.  But don't gush too much.  It didn't last long. 

My principal had him come up to the office when we were having our little pow wow.  It was interesting.  Mainly because my principal kept telling him that he needed to be nice to his "little teacher".  And that he couldn't talk to his "little teacher" like that.  And that "little Mrs Oldham" is going to have fun stuff for him to do and he needs to cooperate.

I could go one of two ways.

One:  Does she say "big teacher" to the taller teachers?  "Listen here, mister, you'd better respect your big teacher."  Or "Your big teacher really cares about you and wants the best for you."  Or "She's the best big teacher we have."

Two:  Thank God she did not say "your teeny tiny teacher" because then I might be paranoid that she knows I have a blog!!!  And then I would have to die.  Die.  People!  My blog is a secret.  SHHHHHHHH.  You know nothing.

Speaking of scissors (way back up there in the second paragraph or so), guess why we needed them????

No, silly.  We weren't cutting hair.  Guess again.

No, stinker.  We weren't trimming our nose hairs.  Guess again.

YES!  We did art!

Our Step Up to Writing topic this week was all about what happens when we're sick.  The kids had tons to say because . . . well . . . they are full of germs and like to pass them around by either picking their nose and rubbing it all over the carpet, or by picking their nose and eating it.  Yes.  It's gross.  I gag.  Sometimes, if I am so lucky to see this happen right in front of me, I have to pause while teaching or reading a story to breathe through my mouth while I let the nausea pass.

We read these stories (along with some other titles that I can't recall because I was too busy being disliked):

Then we wrote.  It went well.  Blah, blah, blah.  That's not the exciting part.

THIS IS!  We made these little faces to go with our writing:

They're sick.  Get it?  :)  I got this idea from my very first partner, Sheri, who helped me forage in the trash for the finger.  I've done it every single year.  It makes for a cute bulletin board.  What's that?  Huh?  No, I don't have a picture of my bulletin board.  Between new boy, assessments, the third grade team providing soup and bread for lunch today, the Bachelor, RHOBH, and catching up with the Kardashians, I've been consumed with other things.  I am getting it up by Friday and the title is going to be "Ah-choo!"

(yes, we could have used yarn for hair but I was doing assessments and got lazy --- there, I said it)

I've had "Dance Moms" on in the background while typing this.  Holy mack.  Now THIS is drama.  Whoa.  Do you guys watch this?
No judgment here.  Just wondering if it should be added to my syllabus.  I think I remember getting a comment about it but I might be wrong.

I'm off to read your blogs now!


  1. Yes! I'm first today! {better make this short so no one cuts in front of me!} Love those little sneezy kids!! such a cute project! And I LOVE dance moms!!! I watched it all summer!! Great show, definitely should be added to your repertoire!

  2. Hey, "little Teacher" keep your "little Chin" up and know that there has to be a "little silver lining" in there somewhere!!!!

    Going Nutty!


  3. I love Dance Moms too! :) I LOVE your sneezes! We do a unit on germs at the beginning of the year! Stay healthy! And hang in there with your new little guy!

  4. I've stumbled upon that Dance Moms show a couple times... scary!

    How insulting! Did you ask Ms. Principal if she refers to others as "big"? I wonder what your new classroom addition took away from that "little" meeting.

    Your sneezy kids are adorable!
    Dragonflies in First

  5. I like the hair made from construction paper!! It looks much easier than yarn, and glue, and strings of gluey yarn all over their fingers, and kids trying to wipe the gluey yarn off of their fingers and...well you get the picture! Oh yeah and I do love Dance Moms too! It is crazy how much drama is in that show!!

  6. Kristin, I am really trying to feel bad for you about your new student BUT OMG I just can't stop laughing. So, I am sorry, sorry, sorry ... but I am so happy that he has entered your class because he is giving you super funny things to blog about. I can hardly even type I am laughing so hard. Please don't be mad at me - I really want you to have a perfect class because I like you so much, but all can do is laugh.
    An Open Door
    P.S. Your principal worries me - what she said was not okay. Would I be her best chubby teacher or her best elderly teacher? (I am not sure if I am old enough to be elderly, but your principal might think so.)

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  8. Love the kleenex art, timely as this is the WORST class of nosepickers I have taught in a long time, I hear you about mouth breathing.....I better head off to bed, with the time change, I have to stay up way too late to catch your blogs hot off the press, just can't wait until morning :) Before I go, true story about newbies arriving midyear...a few years back I had a lovely, almost perfect SK class. Then litte T arrived late in the year with a lot of baggage. I felt sorry for myself and the class,he was so troubled and so disruptive, why did he have to 'wreck' my perfect class.(mean teacher evil thoughts) Then his OSR arrived (official student record) and he had the exact same first and second name as my Dad who had passed away earlier that year. It was a sign, I felt a chill, same spelling and everything (and an unusual name too). So your little special guy is a sign too, just takes longer to see some days. Oh my, I do go on.....sorry ! Happy Friday....

  9. Uggghhh... Blogger needs an edit button so that I don't have to re-do my whole post when I see an error. Can you say OCD?

    Sometimes those little bugger are the hardest to love, but they need it the most! I think I saw that on a Hallmark card or Pinterest. I can't remember.
    He'll just love you! When he's being naughty just tell him how awesome he's being and it's kind of like reverse psychology! :)

    I was just talking about that hot mess of a show tonight {Dance Moms}. Who does that to their child? Could that lady be more crazy? What mom has 10 hours at night to just sit in a room and watch their child dance? Geez.

    Anyway, loved your post!!!!!!!!!

  10. Kristin, you're so right. God put him in your room for a reason. Give him time. As Ivan Drago said in rocky 4, "I must break you. " ( best rocky movie ever!) keep on him, he'll break ( in a good way) sooner or later! And keep praying!!
    Kerri b
    Teacher bits and bobs

  11. Oh my gosh...you are such a great writer, Kristin!!! You are right, God has that little boy there for a reason!! He needs YOU!! Well, since my girls are sick with a cold, I think I will have to make these ADORABLE crafts!!!! Yay!! LOVE them:)

  12. Seriously? Your principal and parents don't know you have a blog? Holy cow! I hope they never find out b/c I LOVE hearing about your day and unedited thoughts! I'd love to pluck this "little teacher" (totally inappropriate for admin to say, btw) up and place her in my building! ;)

  13. I have watched Dance Moms and OMG why would anyone 1. put their kid through what she demands and 2. put up with being treated that way.

    Commiserations on your newbie. I have a newbie who is very ASD and constantly melting down over change in teacher and routine

  14. Oh. My. Goodness. How are your other kids reacting to your new guy? Amazement? Horror? Deer in headlights? I feel for you!

    First Grade Magic

  15. Kristin, thanks for the great crack-up! I am sooooo glad I stumbled across your blog! I am addicted! Keep it coming and know that you are earning jewels in your crown! I got a challenging child (to put it nicely) this year, but I know where this child lives and the previous school. We have 90% good days now, and he is such a joy to be around on those days! Hang in there!

  16. The 'a-choo' bulletin board is going to be A-dorable! I totally agree. When I see one of my sweeties digging for gold I have to take a big deep breath and then quickly say, 'grab a tissue and wash your hands!' YUCK! :)
    As for Dance Moms...is that even real?! I mean, what type of dance instructor of young children acts like that?! I can't watch that show. I don't want the ratings to go up! HA! She scares me!

    Beg, Borrow, Steal

  17. Don't you just love it when they tell you they love you after they've been AWFUL all day long! Even after you have had to discipline them for the millionth time.
    Yup, I get these types of kids every stinkin' year.
    My principal tells me how wonderful I am with them. I think it is just because I don't send them to the office.

    I love them too, but I need a break! It is not fun being a truant officer all if the time!

    Your sneezes are so cute. I like the hair!


  18. I feel your pain for those types of students. Definitely kill him with kindness. He'll warm up to everyone. Of course, this will be in June on the last day of school ;)
    Love, love, love your sick children!! (That sounds bad to say we love sick children.) They are really cute!!

    Fun In First

  19. I feel your pain! I had a student who I was pretty sure hated me at the beginning of the year. Every morning he would scream, cry, and throw himself on the floor to avoid going in my classroom. Ego-boosting, right? Well sometime in December, something clicked and he has started to get much better. I will keep my fingers crossed for you that your new little friend has something click, too!!
    Good luck and keep your chin up! :)
    First Grade Adventures

  20. I really like your sneezy kids hair. I think it looks cuter than yarn which can sometimes look messy! I really can't believe your principal called you little in front of your student and you and probably others as well. I might be slightly offended. I also keep my blog a secret. No one at work really knows about it especially not my principal and most of my friends/family know I blog never read it. That is expect for my parents they signed up for e-mail updates--oh jeez--there love for me is so big! Thinking of you and your new little monster I mean sweet child and hoping you get through the week without being hated on to much more!
    Rambling About Reading

  21. ahhh!!!! I just had this WHOOOOOLLLLLLLEEEEE big comment typed up and then it froze while "publishing" it!!! umph.

    The Teachers' Cauldron

  22. I have a nose picking chair at the front of my room. If I see someone picking their nose, I scan the class and say, "I see someone needs the nose picking chair and on the scan back across the room I nail the picker with the "look". Everyone else is so busy looking around that they don't see the "look". That has really cut down on the nose picking in my classroom.

  23. Love dance moms! So much momma drama! Good luck with your new one, hopefully he will start to appreciate his new class!

    Primary Punch

  24. Don't you just love little ones who come with baggage??

  25. Welcome to my world! I have more than a few of your
    'new student' kind! My 'new kid' came at Thanksgiving time because he used to live with Mom two hours away. But Mom had a new baby (with different man) and called Dad to 'come and get him.' This poor guy is such a cutie and gives me hugs all day long. However, he is so so bad. He too came with lots of paperwork from the other school. He has had 5 bus referrals in January alone. And he is not the only one.
    I was out for the past two days at a workshop and I came back to this:
    'Suzie' was crying and crawling around on the floor. She didn't do any work.
    'Jack' put his butt in 'Carls' face and farted.
    'Suzie' left the room without permission and I found her down the hall.
    I have 8 kids that get pulled for academic support. 6 kids that receive counseling on a weekly basis. 3 kids diagnosed with ADHD, but only one is medicated. And another with Asperbergers.
    I come home and crash every day. I tell my daughter, Mommy just needs 30 minutes of quiet please.

  26. # 1 Dance Moms is Ridiculously incredibly shocking and I am HOOKED. Did you like that they were giving birth to each other in their group dance? Her teaching style makes my worst day seem absolutely sweet as pie. And the insults and crazy town on that show makes bachelor look like sesame street.

    #2 Boo to principal undermining your authority and stature. What's principal's nickname? I know you must have one!

    #3 I can't believe you blog about your admin and students. My blog is too public. Wish I could start over sometimes and be super secret but it's too late.

    #4 Why did I number these? Sort of weird of me. But not the first time I have done this.

    #5 waiting impatiently for Achoo BB

    #6 Laughed out loud at your pause for nausea sentence. Today we had a mystery smear on the rug that caused a few gags and almost went further...me included.

    #7 is this going to be a top ten or something?

    #8 I rearranged my classroom today for 2 hours. It is 100% different. Why did I do this on a Thursday night?

    #9 I am stealing your sick germ lesson. Thankyouverymuch

    #10 I am done now. THO DONE.

  27. Love your crafty sniffles pics!!! So cute!!! Ok...I can't believe I finally watch something you may start???? Dance Moms....not sure how long I can endure....the dance instructor drives me nuts and talks terribly to the moms and kids so not sure why I watch..and that Candy Apple chick (another dance person...the rival...) is CRAZY!!! The moms are kinda like BHW....it's interesting...I would love it if you watched and blogged about it....love to hear your thoughts on that Abby Lee the "head" dance chick!!

    4th Grade Frolics

  28. Your art project is ADORABLE!!
    (As for your little dude, everything happens for a reason---there is a reason he's there with you!) :) I wish you the best!!

    First Grade and Fabulous

  29. Ha! I love these! And it's a nice reminder to use a kleenex instead of snotting all over everything.

    Buzzing with Ms. B

  30. my life = students with a bazllion pounds a of paper, but im a SPED teacher, so im used to it, i mean it's what i do...

    i mean you're just a little teacher... I CANT BELIEVE HE SAID!!! HOW FREAKIN AWKWARD!!!!! and rude.

    have a fabulous friday!


  32. Oh, and one year I had a kid tell another kid she wanted to tie me to a chair, kick everyone out of the room and cut me up into a thousand pieces. That was my first year of teaching. Gee. I wonder why turnover is so high in new teachers?

    Buzzing with Ms. B

  33. Yea for art!! Super cute! Good luck with your new kiddo, sounds like it will be a ride.
    Finally in First

  34. I love, love your faces!! They are so cute! Oddly enough I remember doing something similar to this when I was in, I think, first grade. We had paper plates and decorated them, for our faces and made our hand prints to put over the faces, I don't remember if we used kleenex or not. But I still remember the little quote that went with it: Cover your mouth if you cough or sneeze, if you don't you'll spread disease! :) I love the construction paper hair! Bless you with your new student! And I might have to check out this Dance Moms show! :)

  35. Kristen,

    I think that was your principal's secret code to tell you that she reads your blog! If not then that was EXTREMELY odd.

  36. It's so weird you ask that, 'cause I've been wanting to ask you if you watch Dance Moms--crazy show, huh?! I watched it all summer like Hadar and loved it too--you should watch it!

    Sorry about your new guy...you have such a positive attitude and that will make all the difference. Still can't figure that principal thing out. Strange!
    Kristen :)

  37. I love the little people! I tagged you! http://teachingandlifeatthebeach.blogspot.com

  38. *BIG WAVES* I tagged you over at my blog (: Come over for a visit ! Kylie (:

  39. I am very jealous that your blog is a secret! My principal knows about mine and reads it. We have had faculty meetings about being careful what we say on blogs...I am now paranoid and thinking...Is she reading this??!!???

    Your sneezy kids are adorable!

    Heather's Heart

  40. I just got a new student that is also very trying... I may have to try your "math wiz" but he doesn't even do his homework, so I'm sure his answer would be "what math". Keep up the great blogging... love your style!

  41. I LOVE your writing! You crack me up! If I am ever having a bad day, I know if I come over to your blog you will have some story that will make me laugh!
    I can't wait to do that craft with my kiddos!


  42. I'm glad I dont teach at your school. I'd definitely be the big teacher or the fluffy teacher or the squishy teacher...none of them are good. I've already vowed never to be photographed standing next to you...so even though I'd love to work with you, we'd have to come to some mutual agreement. LIke you'd have to wear a parka and stand on a desk if we were to be in the same picture...

    Thanks for linking up to show and tell this week ;)
    Sunny Days In Second Grade

  43. My favorite is when our students put their hand up in front of their nose to "block" what they are doing behind it. They are just so sneaky. We have nooo idea what they're doing.

    Your lil (I'm assuming he is smaller than you ;) friend will have your stamp on his heart forever. No doubt he was placed for a reason.

    Blessings from your big, tall, vertically gifted (ok that may be a stretch-literally) friend.
    Fluttering Through First Grade