Happy Saturday!  It's raining here.  I'm so happy.  I love the rain when it is Saturday and I do not have first graders with ants in their pants at my house.  Instead, the hubs, Syd, PJ, and I are having inside recess here.  Love.  LOVE LOVE LOVE!  Hubs made me breakfast, too.  I had an Egg McMuffin without the egg.  Eggs kind of gross me out (and I don't like the way they taste).  A doctor said to me one time, "I don't like anything that comes out of that end of a chicken either."  Now I stand by it.  

Well, I got an interesting email.  From some PhD website.  They've nominated my blog for MOST FASCINATING.  At first, I was so blown away.  Wow.  FASCINATING.  That's a Fancy Nancy word if I ever heard of one.  Plus, a website was nominating me -- not bloggers.  Well, aren't I speshial?  (insert digraph in the middle to get across how I'm saying it)

Not really.  

As I read further, I found out that my post "Uno, Dos, Tres" was the reason they felt I should be in the contest.  It garnered a lot of comments and discussion.

Uno, Dos, Tres?  I don't remember writing that.  I know it's Espanol for One, Two, Three but that's about it.  I had to rack my brain.  It hurt.  I don't recommend doing that.

And then it hit me.  Uno, Dos, Tres was my giveaway for reaching 1000 followers.  In other words, I had 189 comments because people were entering the giveaway.  It wasn't a big to-do that gave people a burning desire to dicuss it.  The only discussion was what people were going to be doing for New Year's Eve -- which just turned out to be lots of staying home and eating junk food.

So now I feel a little sheepish.  Not to be confused with a little lambish.  

I mean, a giveaway post?  It's obvious they didn't actually read it.  It's nowhere near as good as . . . um . . . my post about . . . that one time that I wrote about . . . who am I kidding?  None of my posts are educational.  I should just change my blog name to Teeny Tiny and call it a day.  I guess it's good they're not highlighting the Talk About It Tuesdays.  Then I might really feel a little goatish.

On the other hand, if I accepted the nomination, I got a $25 giftcard to a restaurant.

So I had to think long and hard about it.  

After about one millisecond . . . 

SOLD!  I accept!  I am honored.  Let me fan my face with my hand and choke back a sob.  Someone pick me up because I have fainted!

So anyways, here's the thingamajig:

Online PhD Programs

Is it just me or does that remind anyone else of a Curriculum Cop Badge?

And, if you feel like voting for me, and you're not afraid to get too close to a Curriculum Cop Looking Badge, please click below.  
Online PhD Programs

There.  Done.  I may bother you a few more times to vote.  Just for fun.  It's not like I care at all.  Not in the least.  It's the last thing on my mind.  Not a care in the world.  Nope.  Uh uh.  I'm footloose and carefree.  Careless, shall we say.

And not to put any pressure on anybody, but I did a lot of voting on the best Mom/Teacher Blog thing.  A lot.

But I'm not campaigning (definitely not the way they do it on Big Brother when they're on the block, and they say they're not going to campaign, but then they always do).  No way.  No need.  It's not necessary.  It's just a little contest.  Means nothing.  

Well, the hubs just said that Inside Recess got extended so I'm going to go cuddle under a blanket with my laptop him and enjoy the day.

I hope your day is going just as well!! :)


  1. I think it's a first that you are getting rain and I'm not (at least not a constant rain). Enjoy your relaxing indoor recess!

  2. My blog got nominated for a Giveaway post too! I agree, that's LAME!! Like you, I just wanted the $25 Restaurant Card too. DOes that sound ungrateful??
    Congrats on your nomination. You are in AMAZING company (Hee, hee!) Enjoy inside recess today. Me and the hubs are doing the same!
    Kerri B

  3. I say that having generated that kind of notice/interest makes you speSHial no matter what short of post it was. Congrats.

    - Lisa
    a teachers bag of tricks

  4. Girl, you are too funny!
    And my first thought on the "fascinating" graphic is that it looked like a beer can. Well, enjoy your rainy day with your husband and PJ. It's beautiful here in Vero Beach and I wish I could be outside soaking up the sun, however, I'm stuck inside in report card h#l* (blecky, bluck, blah!)

  5. Congrats on the nominations! :)It it really cold and cloudy today! The hubby and I are sitting at home doing homework together....how romantic! :)

  6. Kristin!
    There is a teeny tiny (incredibly talented) first grade teacher at my site. She's new to us this year. If I ask her one more time if she is the Teeny Tiny Teacher (I keep forgetting you don't live in my neighborhood!) or if I try to tell her one more time about the kindergarten cops (and the knocking), she is going to walk the other way the next time she sees me.

    You were always SpeSHiaL to me--long before you were nominated. This just means someone else noticed your fan following and knew a good thing when they saw it!

    Rain in my part of the state too. Whoopee!
    Maria D. (Pink Tiaras) is a pj person too!
    It's pink and purple plaid for me today...

    Finding JOY in 6th Grade

  7. hahahahahaha I was thinking the EXACT same thing!!! They picked my blog because of a giveaway post too!!!!!! But het... $25 is $25! I'll be using it towards Valentines Day dinner! You crack me up! Congrats on the nomination anyways!!!

    ❤ Mor Zrihen from...
    A Teacher's Treasure
    Teaching Treasures Shop

  8. Congrats girl.....and you have to know that people in blog land would not be able to survive without your blog!! You deserve every nomination you get:)))

    Now, about Petunio....that names not working for me....any other thought?? lol. Imagine the shock and horror and well shock when "we found out"! Thank God it was just my roomie and me and not 22 little ones!!

    4th Grade Frolics

  9. Take the gift card and run and enjoy !! It is very cold here in Ontario , 20 degrees but bright and sunny today. Busy with report cards (this is my break) and listening to my husband install our new hardwood floor....only a few bad words....Time to turn off the laptop and get ready for Church, my turn to read tonight.

  10. I laughed out loud at my computer screen at goatish as well as cop badge. How do you not have your own comedy show? I would DVR it.

    Ok new teacher reality show! You are the funny one. I am the crazy one, Farley is the cute one, and Hadar is the creative one. DONE AND DONE. and everyone else in my blog roll and yours can be included I just can't come up with that many adjectives or names being that I am the crazy one. Or as my new local Bloggy BFF Farley calls it cray cray. :)

  11. Congratulations!!! You deserve it! :-) I'll be voting!!! Have a great rainy day!!! I love it too!!!

  12. I think your blog IS fascinating - it's the reason I started blogging! So you should maybe win the Motivates You To Share Your Thoughts Blog Award. Congratulations! :) And I totally voted.

    Buzzing with Ms. B

  13. Ooh! a rainy day?? I am SO jealous! we haven't had one of those in like 2 months!! I went to the beach today...just another sunny day here in FL..lol...oh! AND bought a washer/dryer ...ooh! aren't I exciting?? lol
    and congrats on the blog award!! though they picked a giveaway for the reason, I LOVE your blog...and would follow you if you were just Teeny Tiny. lol...you are super fascinating....and speshial. :) :)

  14. Okay, so maybe they picked the wrong post, but it doesn't matter ... you are fascinating AND wonderful AND delightful AND every other positive adjective in the first grade dictionary.

    Hey, what if they had picked your Halloween post?
    An Open Door

  15. Congrats! Congrats! You are totally deserving of the award...for any of your creative posts!

    Chickadee Jubilee

  16. I was nominated and felt the same way too! Yay for $25 though! :)

    Adventures of a Third Grade Teacher

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  18. Well congrats! And if for a millisecond you felt that you didn't deserve it (even though you do) because of the post they highlighted being a giveaway post, I thought I'd share with you that blogger tells me that a majority of my blog traffic comes from... YOU & Pinterest.

    So yes, I find your blog to be pretty darn fascinating & I've casted my vote for you! :)

    Creating & Teaching

    P.S. if comments had an editing option, I wouldn't have deleted my first one with a typo!!

  19. You deserve it, girl!! Enjoy your rainy inside recess :) We got snow on the east coast!

    A Cupcake for the Teacher

  20. girl they picked me too for a give away post... but $25 is in my email box waiting to be printed out!!! YUMMY YUM actually I am giving it to my friend because I couldn't find a darn thing I wanted... BUT they had her favorite place soooooooo.... happy day to her on Monday...I will vote for you FO SHO!!!

  21. OMG, I love Big Brother, I knew you would like it!

    also, I will vote!

  22. I echo all the others. Your site is one that I check everyday....several times a day. I want to be your bff. I want to meet with you and the other bloggies....but I live in Michigan where it was 14 degrees this morning with beautiful snow on the ground....and thus too far to travel to meet you for lunch. So instead, I enjoy reading your thoughts and feeling "like" we are bffs!

  23. Of course I voted for you!! It IS an accolade just to get that many comments (giveaway or not!) Besides, your posts always make me smile, laugh, and happy - for so many reasons.
    ...btw it is supposed to rain in SoCal on Monday... inside recess YUCK!
    Dragonflies in First

  24. Is it bad that I thought the cop badge looked like a keg? lol- congrats on the award :)

    Following Optimism

  25. congrats Kristin, I find your blog fascinating so it makes total sense to me!!! You crack me up everytime and there are plenty of teacherly items to make you a Teeny Tiny Teacher and not just Teeny Tiny. Happy weekend to you and best of luck in the contest :)
    PS Sometimes I wish I taught 1st grade too so I didn't have to know about certain math subjects :/

  26. CONGRATS! Holy Moly you are totally FASCINATING! LOVE your blog!


  27. A $25 gift card?!?! Wow! Take it and run...run fast! That's awesome. And, you are definitely fascinating. I love reading your blog :)

    Fun In First

  28. I love when indoor recess gets extended!! ;-)

    Thanks for stopping by to say Ha! Aren't you glad to have such a gullible friend in me?!

    hugs, Chrissy (who will be voting for you)

  29. I saw you on there before you even posted this, so I win! I voted for you because I think you are fascinating. Even if you bribe people to get comments ;) And I think the badge looks more like a beer keg...just saying...

  30. Cinnamon ROlls and coffee and girl talk! yes please :)

  31. Kristin, I did the SAME THING! They picked a decent blog post, but still odd. I took the gift card and ran! Lol. Well ok, I did post it on my blog and shared it lol.

    Journey of a Substitute Teacher