Good Old Giveaway

We all know that I don't have a TpT or TN store.  And there's no way I'm going to have one in the new future.  Just. Not. Happening.  So you know when I'm part of a giveaway, I'm giving away cold, hard cash.  Well, almost.  I'm giving away a gift card which allows you to buy stuff as if it WAS cold, hard cash.  I wonder where that saying came from . . . how come it isn't Warm, Wadded up Cash that's been squashed in the bottom of my purse or squished between couch cushions?

Anywho, I'm in another giveaway!  Woot Woot!

Kimberly from Funky First Grade Fun is my mentor.  She introduced me when I first started blogging.  Really.  If you want to check that out, it's right {HERE}.  Aw, the memories.  Makes me want to sing.  "Memoriessssssssss.  All alone in the moonlightttttttttt.  I can smile at the old daysssssss.   They were beautiful thennnnn."  FYI:  I do not assume responsibility for any broken windows or mirrors in your house.

Jennifer from Rowdy in First Grade is just a good bloggy friend.  We have done a giveaway together in the past, too.  Also, she created a Sweet Literacy and Math Center Pack and offered it to the first six people to comment on her blog (this was recent).  I just missed being one of the first six.  Well, not really.  I think I missed it by like eight people or something.  And I believe I may have been a poor sport.  It's possible I may have commented, "Dang It!!!!" and that's all.  Well, Jennifer just sent it to me.  Free of charge.  Out of the blue.  Just because.  She said I make her laugh.  And she sent it to me.  I know!!!  This is why I love her.

So here's what we're giving away!!!

$10 gift card to Amazon from me (I'm on a kick because I want more books for my Kindle and so I think everyone must want that, too)

$10 gift card to TpT from Jennifer

$10 gift card to Target from Kimberly

I would REALLY like to enter this giveaway.  I may make Kerry, otherwise known as my twin, enter this giveaway and then make her give me the loot if she wins.  :)

So here's all you need to do.  Follow our blogs.  And/or their stores.  That's it.  But you've got to go enter on Kimberly's blog.  She's the hostess.  I'm more of a . . . caterer?  Or a waitress?  The entertainment?

Before you go, though, you know you've got to leave ME a comment.  Otherwise, I feel unloved and then I start to question my lot in life and what am I really doing here in this virtual world and do you not like me anymore?  The agony.  Try living with it.

SO!  Before you go to enter this giveaway, leave me a comment about any reality TV show you've seen this week.  I just caught up with Tori and Dean last night.  I am in love with Stella.  She is the SWEETEST little thing.  She's so adorable.  

I also caught up on Teen Mom 2.  I am worried sick about Jenelle.  I can't believe (yes, I can) that she got into a fight with her roommate.  Who does that?  I've never had a roommate (I went from my parent's house to a condo after my "honeymoon in Vegas" with the hubs) so maybe that's normal?  Is it?

If you don't watch Reality TV, maybe you can tell me about the lunch you're having tomorrow.  I'm super excited about mine because one of our support teachers (who has more freedom than we do) is taking orders from the yummy deli that we almost-never-go to-because-they-take-so-long-in-the-process-of-making-absolute-deliciousness-like-you've-never-had-before AND she is going to go pick it up and bring it back to us!  I'm telling you, that just made Friday sparkle before we ever even got started!  :)

Okay.  So after you've left me a random comment, you can go enter over at Funky First Grade Fun and get all the details!  I grant you permission.  :) :) :) 


  1. I love to order lunch on Fridays! I look forward to a delish chicken salad sandwich!!

    A Cupcake for the Teacher

  2. Thanks for the hot tip on the great giveaway!

    Lori @

  3. I watched RHOBH and Atlanta this week...but I am more excited about Jersey Shore tonight, hope it's a good one! lol
    First Grade Blue SKies

  4. I'm watching The Bachelor. But...this week I was thrown off.
    I didn't tune in until 9:00 and it was already an hour in.
    So I had to watch the first have the next day on my computer.

    Yearn to Learn Blog

  5. I don't have time to watch reality shows. However... could you please send some of your enormous energy my way!!!!

    First Grade Delight

  6. Ok - so this week I haven't watched a BIT of TV... super busy this week and I don't have much of a lunch going but I am SUPER excited because we have a Friday Treats tradition at our school! We always have lots of yummy breakfast treats on Friday morning.

    (and we just got our staff school spirit wear, tomorrow will be the first day in a *NEW* sweatshirt! yipee!)

    Ok, off to comment on Kimberly's blog!


  7. #1. I'm trying to get motivated, so I've been watching Biggest Loser...they don't really get along this season and it hasn't really motivated me b/c I still keep buying Cadbury mini eggs!!
    #2. I'm still trying to figure out lunch tomorrow. Usually my bff at school's sister comes with lunch, but she has to work tomorrow :(
    Mrs. Plant's Press

  8. Oh man! I would love to have lunch from somewhere on Fridays. I hate packing my lunch.

    Swimming into Second

  9. Do you ever catch the toddlers and tiaras? Those moms are craaazeee! They spend thousands of dollars that they may or may not have to enter these contests. They teach their daughters to be divas who are really brats instead! They buy fake hair, teeth, tans, and ex$pen€ive dresses! These little girls are so stuck on their outer beauty that I wonder how they would be in the classroom. If you're ever bored, check them out on tlc. Enjoy your lunch! Sounds yummy.
    Patty in Michigan

  10. Toddlers and Tiaras....but the season is over for now :( But they have re-runs.

    American Idol auditions. Some of those people are CRAZY.

    And Jersey Shore is on tonight. My hidden, guilty pleasure. Pretty sure no one knows I watch it. Except for you and anyone that reads this comment lol.

    Journey of a Substitute Teacher

  11. I'm not really watching reality TV right now (except for Bachelor now thanks to you)... waiting for Big Brother and Survivor to come back.

    I actually will have time to go to lunch tomorrow because I am taking the day off!!!! I decided if I have to go to the Dr.'s ... I probably need a WHOLE day off. So there ya go!

    Headin' to Kimberly's blog! Thanks!
    Dragonflies in First

  12. Does The Bachelor count? I'm almost embarrassed to admit that. Almost =)

  13. American Idol is back and I'm LOVING it! Thanks for catering this great giveaway and enjoy your lunch tomorrow! Jealous!!!

    Kinder Kraziness

  14. I am SO turning you into a TpT/TN seller, just watch! And then I'm making you do EVERY GIVEAWAY EVER WITH ME! And you're such a dork begging people to comment on your blog! hello! we love you!! Anyway, I'm with Laura, American Idol is my fav!!!

  15. Reality TV is something I can't really get into because I am to busy watching, Dog the Bounty Hunter and jail shows like that! Why I am not really sure... wow I feel better I finally admitted that. Oh that feels good that its out in the open... I guess the wide open now!

    I am just happy I am not Dogs daughter. She was arrested for drunken stupidness and the family was in shame. If they all weren't in shame before because of their hair-do's then his daughter really did them in! Anyway! Thank you for such a wonderful blog! Your ideas, thoughts and comments are fun and real! Thanks again!

  16. I love your blog! It makes me laugh and smile. Keep the stories coming!

  17. I so look forward to your blog. You make a cloudy day sunny!

  18. Thanks for the tip on the giveaway! You are my idol when it comes to blogging :) I just love reading your posts and I can definitely relate to so much!

  19. I'm glad you gave me options - I don't watch reality TV (I've had enough of reality).
    For lunch, I'm having tasty bratwurst and vegetables (green, red, and yellow pepper, onion, and mushrooms) that I made my boyfriend grill for me. I've eaten the same thing all week (it's what I always do cause I'm too lazy to make multiple things) and I'm still super excited about it cause it's so tasty.

    Buzzing with Ms. B

  20. I watch Teen Mom 2 weekly. I feel like they were all going through something this week! Makes me very glad that I was not a teen mom!

  21. I don't watch reality TV shows--unless Chopped on Food Network counts. But then again, over Christmas break I did get sucked into Jerseylicious. Don't know why I couldn't walk away from a 4 hour marathon--I'm from NJ but I don't talk, walk, dress, look, or act that way--maybe I'm secretly coveting smokey eyes!

    But anyway, I do enjoy your blog. I thought I was the only one without a TpT or TN store. I was starting to get a complex. Feeling a little Wayne's Worldish in the blogging world: "I'm not worthy, I'm not worthy!" I feel a little better now.

    Thanks for the give away info!

  22. I am catching up on Teen Mom right now! Have a great Friday!!! :)

  23. Oh, Kristin! You are soooooo hilarious! I think we share the same sense of humor....and my last name is Christen (pronounced the same as your first) so I think we channel each other...or something...or not. Anyways, the only reality TV show I watch is Top Chef. I shouldn't watch it though because I feel the need to devour everything in the pantry while I watch it. Oy. For lunch tomorrow I'm having a wonderful sandwich from Sonnet. It has turkey, bacon, apple slices, sprouts, and much, much more. It is heaven...but what isn't that has bacon on it?!

  24. I had my Friday treat lunch today 'cause my daughter is writing Gr. 12 exams and came to help in my class for the afternoon. We went out and had soup (rainy, yucky day with crazed school population, 10 supply teachers today,yes 10, can you guess that report cards were due last Monday, wonder what all the absent teachers were doing... hmmmmm)
    My daughter LOVES Toddlers and Tiaras, The Next Great Baker and Dance Moms so that is my taste of reality t.v. Watching crazy, psycho Mamas makes me feel a little bit saner. Thanks for posting earlier tonight, I can go to bed on time :)

  25. You're so funny! Look forward every day to reading your post. Is that tho thad?

  26. I love Top Chef! And I am chuckling because someone above doesn't watch reality tv because she is too busy watching Dog the Bounty Hunter (ummm...excuseme.... I am pretty sure...). I also watched a bunch of American Idol (it was on 4 times!!!!).

    And I am going out to lunch tomorrow. yay!! It's Friday!!

  27. Jenelle, fight?! NO WAY. {insert sarcasm font}

    Her and her momma need an intervention in a bad way. My heart goes out to their whole family.

    Also, I fell asleep within the first 15 minutes, so I have yet to watch the fight scene yet. Maybe if I can stay up past Jersey tonight...


  28. Teen Mom 2 is a train wreck...I love it though! I just hope Jenelle figures it out! I LOVE Barb though she makes the whole show. :)
    Thanks for the heads up on the giveaway gurl :)

    -Ms. Thomas
    The First Grade Jungle

  29. Does American Idol qualify as Reality TV? I guess, right? So I TOTALLY loved the chick who came in there all tomboyish and 4wheeler ridin' and blew their socks off. Gosh knows I can't remember her name to save my life, but you catch my drift right?
    Just stumbled onto your blog... plan to get lost here. ;)

  30. I am watching the Bachelor right now!! What would we do without our reality TV?!



  31. Ok, so I am really jealous that you get to order in tomorrow. My team and I are doing the 10 in 10 program, so NO GOODIES for us! I'll just imagine you enjoying a yummy lunch and be happy for you (Ha-ha) I'm still jealous.
    I only watch Sister Wives, as far as reality TV goes. I haven't seen it in a while because my husband refused to watch it and he hasn't gone to bed early enough that I can watch it without falling asleep!
    Enjoy your lunch tomorrow!

  32. PS: My blog is Farming the First Grade Crop, please come over and check me out! Thanks!

  33. You are definitely an entertainer!!! My dinner entertainment thank you! :)
    My reality tv is American Pickers and Pawn Stars! My lunch is a wonderful Lean Cuisine entree that will be warmed in my microwave. I will dine by my fine classroom light and listen to the sound of me clicking my computer keyboard (addict here!). Have a great Friday! :)
    Crayons and Curls

  34. teen mom 2 is so disturbing... and Jenelle is cray cray

    Tori and Dean LOVE them
    and yes Stella is so tho cute
    and I want a pet chicken
    ok let me say that again
    I want a CUTE pet chicken
    and a pig
    and a goat
    and a mansion
    and endless supply of money to throw fab parties
    and then I could fly you out to all of them
    and your twin too
    and it would be FANTABULOUS!!!!

  35. First of all...I <3 your blog!! Ok...on with the trashy TV I'm so addicted to...I watched the Bachelor this week....oy...that show!

  36. How do all of you get to go out to lunch......or even have time to eat lunch? So jealous! :-)

    Sunshine, Sand and Scissors

  37. Helloooooooo waitress, may I have an extra serving of Idol this week? Yep, would have to say that's my weakness. I'd just like to say publicly that our cafeteria is having a potato bar for us today (Friday, as it is most unusual for them to do anything exta or out of their way). That is due to a new principal with new ideas (insert big smile here). It is also dress-down (jeans and school shirt), so I'm actually planning to go in a bit early to tie up a few loose ends for next week.
    I thoroughly enjoy reading about your "adventures". Thanks for the entertaining blog! and giveaway!!

  38. I've been watching the Toddler and Tiaras reruns on TLC. It never fails. The parents give their child like 16 giant pixie sticks and then can't figure out why said child is acting like a crazy person!

    First Grade Magic

  39. Does being your mentor mean I get to sing too?!?!? I can't comment about any reality TV, because I'm pretty sure Solid Gold isn't on anymore. What's wrong with me? It's like I live in a hole. And I have no idea who Tori or Dean are...but I do love the name Stella! I wanted to name my second child Stella, but he turned out to be a boy (so hubby said NO). We have tons of entries for the giveaway already on day UNO. Thanks for joining me!
    Funky First Grade Fun

  40. I've actually cut back on my reality tv, except for my daytime addiction of Say Yes to the Dress. I'm on maternity leave right now, and TLC shows this when nothing else is on. It amazes me how much those girls spend!

  41. I DVR all of the "Watch What Happens Live" with Andy Coen on Bravo. Also, "Tabatha's Salon Takeover" is a guilty pleasure. She is so mean. I definitely wouldn't want a principal like her. Although, I do think she could come into my faculty room and get people to wash out the microwave when they have a spill in the microwave. Oh, and she definitely would make everyone cry.

  42. Yikes, My lunch will be a salad eating it while watching a former student teacher (7 years former) teach me :) what readers workshop looks like in a multiaged classroom. I can't wait to go to her school district. I am so proud of her and am excited to learn from her experience.

  43. I watch way too much of reality t.v., lets see this week I watched RHOBH, and Atlanta, I like NeNe Leakes she cracks me up trying to be classy but trashy at the same time.

    First Grade Journal

  44. I am in LOVE with your blog! I watched the Bachelor this week. I was just confused when he told the girls that this process (meaning the Bachelorette) worked once for him. Wait, it did? I remember it doing the opposite for him. Hmmm...

    Anyways, I love reading your blog. Every post makes me laugh. :) Have a great Friday!

  45. Hello, I am your newest follower. I found you through this giveaway!
    You are hilarious and loved reading your post! I'm off to check out the rest of your blog ;)

    I'd love for you to check out mine in return.

    Grow Up Learning

  46. I watch Crime shows on Investigative Discovery, does that count. Last night a whole family was reunited after forty come years, tear jerker. I hope you have a great weekend. This has been a rough week thanks for the laughter.

  47. I forgot to mention I did watch of rerun of Toddlers and Tiaras. I'm never quite sure what to think of the parents, except my you would think this pagent is about you, oh wait it is!

  48. You crack me up. I'm home on maternity leave with my beautiful 6-week-old daughter, so I'll be scarfing down a sandwich between diaper changes, feedings, and snuggles. (It's a good thing I have vast experience with sandwich scarfing!)

  49. You are the lucky duck to receive my very 1st blog comment ever. Your blog is the 1st one I've followed. Reality TV - I thought really hard, I didn't watch any this week. I still have Bachelor on DVR to watch. Keep up the blog!

  50. This comment has been removed by the author.

  51. I'm a little bitter that my taching partner was named Teacher of the Year at our school. I'm sure I'll whine about it for another 2 hours, then go buy her a card (because I feel guilty for whining and coveting her accolades).

    Sorry for the double post- yikes! I got over zealous on my clicking (probably out of frustration with my lack of Teacher of the Year award status!)

    New Adventures in First Grade

  52. I watched RHOBH but I'm a week or two behind not sure. I usually have to catch it on a rerun. I always look forward to your updates on it on Tuesday. I also am a big fan of Jerseylicious but new ones aren't on yet. I also tend to get sucked into anything with the Kardashians on it. I dream about reality tv when I watch too much. I dreamed last year the Kardashians were my sisters.

  53. I am FOR SURE your biggest fan :) I bet stalk you more than anyone else..hehehe. I like to watch Say Yes to the Dress...I have to admit it is my big Friday night treat....living large huh! See ya soon!

  54. Love catching all your blog posts!!! I still love watching One Tree Hill. It's one of those shows I watch even though it is not good anymore. Now heading over to enter the giveaway!!!

  55. You crack me up but I totally understand! I am the same way!! I just deleted a blog I started as it had no comments. SO I started over... again. I need comments PEOPLE! Ah yes.. we do have too much in common perhaps that is why I love you so much. No time for reality tv-too much homework but I love hearing the stories! Lunch was made by my teenager and trust me... you don't want to know!

  56. No reality TV here... well, actually... I was *slightly* obsessed with the A-List Dallas when it was on in the fall. I really wanted to move there and be friends with Ashley! She's super cute!

    On a side note, I just wanted to pop over and let you know that I've just given away my first award ever on my blog and one of the recipients is you! :)

    Thanks for brightening my day with your comments and hilarious posts over here. When you have a sec, pop over and check it out!

    Mrs. Bainbridge's Blog

  57. I love that ya'll give out cold hard cash...cards.

    fingers crossed!!!!!

  58. You always give me a good laugh! I do not watch much tv at all....people in my life are the ones who are cray cray and I get enough of them daily! =)

    Heather's Heart

  59. Love reading your blog. You always make me laugh. I've been missing them lately. I'm not receiving the emails (which I need to remind me that I have a couple of snickers coming my way). Any ideas why I'm not getting your emails?

  60. First time to read your blog. You sound like my kind of person. I love some reality tv and use the dvr to keep me posted since everything I watch seems to come on at 9:00 or 10:00 and I try to head for bed around 9ish (I read for awhile after I get there). My favorite right now is Top Chef. I really wanted Niesha to beat Beverly on Last Chance Kitchen. I don't like her much. I also like Housewives of Beverly Hills. They don't scream at each other all the time like the other shows and they do seem to have somewhat real lives. Can't wait for the reunion.

  61. No reality TV here. In fact, no time for much TV at all! Crime, right? I LOVE getting Amazon gift cards so I can keep buying Kindle books so we have that in common. :-)
    Finally in First

  62. I love me some Tori and Dean. I'm not sure why, but I do. Dance Moms. The show I love to hate. Those poor girls. I AM getting irritated at the adding of new people (moms, that is). Don't like it one bit.

  63. I am addicted to Teen Mom 2 (and pinterest, but that's another story...). I feel something different for each girl, but wish Janelle would shape up most of all!
    Love your blog!

  64. I am waiting for So You Think You Can Dance to return, because there is no way I can dance! Every once in a while I watch Say Yes to the Dress but my daughter is at college so I don't have a viewing buddy :(

  65. Kristin I tagged you! Come check it out!

  66. I'm a new follow and watch Teem Mom 2 as well.. my guilty pleasure I guess. Excited to follow you.


  67. I'm afraid I only follow Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. Such a tame episode this past week although it's nice Pandora was able to have a drama free wedding!

  68. I follow your blog! LOVE it! I entered on Kristen's blog...thanks for the giveaway!


  69. I watch Teen Mom 2 and the Jenelle situation with her roommate is NOT NORMAL! Yeah roommates fight but the knockout drag down you witnessed is really rare!!

    Also I have RHOBH saved on my DVR from last week but can't bring my self to watch it because I could care less about Pandora's wedding!! Is that rude?

    Love all your post thanks for making me laugh!

  70. Just discovered your blog today-wow I wish you were my first grade teacher. I can just see your smile in your words. I also love reality TV right now i am watching The Biggest Loser. Looking forward to following y our site. My daughter is in Kindergarten and I am an Early Childhood Educator-I teach 3 year olds. I love to see their eyes sparkle when they have accomplished a new task. Have a great day and enjoy your special lunch tomorrow!!!

  71. Tag your it! Come visit me to see your tag! :)
    Crayons and Curls

  72. So I stumbled upon a 'new to me' reality show yesterday. Parking Wars! Who knew watching people get the boot could be so entertaning! So of course I had to watch that marathon. Love your blog!

  73. TAG....your it!! Head over to see what I mean and join in the fun!
    2nd Grade Paradise