Vowel Teams and Other Things

Oh, happy day!  And happy Three Day Weekend!  Is there any school out there who does NOT have this Monday off?  I hope everyone does!

Before I start the main reason for my post, did everyone see the Joplin Love going around?  I really want to participate but since I don't have any TpT or TN products, I decided I want to give a TpT gift card.  Here's the problem:  I can't find where to purchase one.  Is this because it's Saturday and I slept too late?  Are my pjs causing some interference with my brain?  Could someone please help me with this???  I'd really appreciate it.  If you're not sure what the Joplin love is all about, go check it out:

Okay, thanks in advance for any help you can give me! :)

This week, I'm going to be introducing Vowel Teams.  Because my curriculum says so.  And I follow the rules.  Right?  (By the way, the Curriculum Cops came in on Thursday, too, and also tried to come in Friday, but I had to leave a little early for recess duty so I wasn't there.  Seriously!  The whole school is abuzz about it.  We can't figure it out.  New Year's Resolution?  Wave of the future?  Curriculum Crack Down?)

I love to use this Vowel Team song that my friend told me about (and then I think she got it from a BTSA coach who got it from a different school and so on.  I have no idea who created this but it wasn't me.  Drat.)  Here's the song.  It's to the tune of "Where is Thumbkin?"

Vowel Teams

Then, my friend made flash cards to go with it.  The idea is that you sing the song and then flash these cards at them and they continue to sing the tune.  But instead of the words, they say the sounds.  For example, "ee, ee, ee, ee, ie, ie, ie, ie, oa, oa, oa, ue, ue, ue, ay, ay, ay, ay, ea, ea, ea, oe, oe, oe"  Something like that.  I'm singing it as I'm typing this and windows are breaking around me, along with some mirrors.  I mix up the flashcards and the kids really learn to look at that first vowel.  I know there are rule breakers and all that - this is just IN GENERAL.  

I mix the cards up so that there's no rhyme or reason - my kids love this song every year!  They will rush to the carpet if I start singing it as a Transition (I use music and sing songs a lot as transitions.  Less talking that way--am I sneaky or what?).  

If you want to save your color ink cartridge, you can grab the black and white version {HERE}.

We are going to church tonight so I will have all day tomorrow to blog stalk and catch up on my Tivo.  Look at the syllabus that awaits me:

(in no particular order)
Grey's Anatomy
Jersey Shore
Teen Mom 2
Tori and Dean
It's a Brad, Brad World
Texas Multi Mamas
Sister Wives

I was really busy with my OLW this week (walk) so I did not have much time for TV.  Yikes.  Something's got to give.  Might just have to be sleep.  It's either that or my job.  

Last random thing before I go . . . Tim Tebow makes me want to watch football.  And I don't.  And when I do, I don't understand it.  (That's right - I don't like to shop and I don't watch football.  I know I'm not normal.)  But I just read an ESPN article about him and I am just amazed by him.  AMAZED.  

So I leave you with three questions.
1)  How do I get a TpT gift card?
2)  Does your DVR look like this?  Should I add in some CNN just for looks?
3)  Does my description of how these flashcards work make sense?  Or did all of the windows in your house break too, as a result of my singing?


  1. Hi Kristin:
    I went to Mrs Wills' blog and clicked on her TpT link and it took me to the right spot.
    Or you can try this:

    Happy Day, Friend!

    Finding JOY in 6th Grade

  2. Kim's got ya covered! I was just about to say the same thing. Mrs. Wills' blog has an update section with the link to it.

    Have a great 3 day weekend!

    Journey of a Substitute Teacher

  3. I LOVE that you admitted to watching Jersey Shore on your blog for all to read! {It's one of my favs, too!}

    Tales of a Teacherista

  4. I adore Tim Tebow!!!!! He's a wonderful role model for young men and I'm still trying to figure out how to fix him up with my daughter:) What a dream son-in-law!!! I read his book...super good!! Just a good Godly person!!! Praying they win tonight!!

    4th Grade Frolics

  5. 1. I thought you could buy one from your account page? Could be wrong though =)

    2. Yes. (well, more or less...my husband keeps recording stupid documentaries and history crap though..lol

    3. Perfect sense...Thanks for them!! Windows are left intact.

    First Grade Blue SKies

  6. Thanks for the freebie and yes my DVR looks exactly like this plus all the morning shows I record (Live with Kelly!, Rachel Ray, the Chew, etc)...I have alot to catch up on!

    Growing Up Teaching

  7. Hey girl,
    Scroll all the way to the bottom of the homepage on TpT and look on the left. There's a little gold box to buy a gc :)

  8. And PS that is so wonderful of you to do. I can't even imagine those teachers. I made a donation too :)

  9. No windows broken from your singing ... but I had to sing the song as I was reading ... and I might just have broken a window or two.

  10. Thanks for the freebie! We teach vowel digraphs together when we teach the cards they are on. The program we have is very phonics heavy. This will be a great review for my kids. I suggest you watch Tori and Dean first because I loooove them!!! :)

  11. I love your song. Very cute! Oh, and I had a hard time loving Tim Tebow because he went to my school's rival school. But, now, I am totally on the bandwagon. He is a wonderful person and a role model. I hate that so many people are giving him a hard time for living his faith.
    Swimming into Second

  12. 213428347 things...

    I have school on Monday.

    I think someone already answered your TPT question.

    Tim Tebow is an amazing athlete and seems like an amazing man as well.

    I have school on Monday.

    I LOVE the vowel song, I think this would realllllly reallly help my kiddos. Its amazing the power of a song to learn something.

    I have school on Monday.

    My Friday evening was spent watching Greys Anatomy, Private Practice, Rules of Engagement, Modern Family, The Middle, The Bachelor (busy week at work). I still have more to catch up on, but I feel shameful typing my whole list on here.

    I have school on Monday.

  13. Love this freebie! I always talk about vowel teams with my thirdsters. They still need reminders at that age. Too bad I'm married or Id be trying to meet up with Tebow! He's a dream and love the way he is so forward with his faith without being pushy :)

    Twins, Teaching and Tacos.

  14. My windows are broken, but I'm pretty sure it's from when I sang on my expo presentation AND recorded it for the whole wide world to hear...ugh miiiight be regretting that now! Anyway, I love songs and this song is awe-some! Glad BTSA proved to be useful for once....

    Miss Kindergarten
    My Fabulous Finds

  15. I am kinda confused on the directions for what to do with the flashcards. It would be soooo helpful if you could post a video of you actually singing it for all of us bloggers! Come on pretty please! I would totally enjoy watching your performance, I'm pretty sure my windows won't break since they haven't broken yet with my singing. hahahaha

    Wow! Your DVD looks nothing like mine! Totally surprised me!!!

    First Grade Delight

  16. We don't have Monday off... but I did have a snow day yesterday, so I ended up with a three day weekend anyway!

    Mrs. Bainbridge's Blog

  17. Love the vowel song :) My Tivo pretty much looks the same, but I love How I Met You Mother and The Big Bang Theory too! P.S. I'm ONLY watching football right now for Tim Tebow, my hubs thinks he has converted me to a football fan, but I'm more a Tebow/Brady fan...hehe :) Have a great rest of your long weekend :)

    Lisa :)
    Made In The Shade In Second Grade

  18. I like how Ms Rachel said it.
    I have school on Monday.
    I don't own a DVD.
    I have school on Monday.
    But....I did have school off on Friday for a snow day.
    I don't watch football. But I do like to people watch.
    I have school on Monday.
    I love your blog every single day. I so look forward to your updates.

  19. love the vowel teams and I sang right along with you!!! Makes perfect sense. But I am still ready for a video singing performance as mentioned above by delighted. Please and thank you.

  20. My DVR consists of 3 different soap operas {only two starting Monday, because OLTL ended :( }, the Kardashians, Desperate Housewives, and RHOBH... plus yucky football shows that hubs records. I hate football too! I just don't get it!!

    A Cupcake for the Teacher

  21. I unfortunately do not have a DVR. The hubby refuses to pay the extra $5 a month for it. However, if I had one...it would totally resemble yours.
    The flashcards totally made sense. I was signing along as well! I agree with the others...I think there should definitely be a video!

    Living A Wonderful Life

  22. LOVE the flashcards. Thank you very much. Can't wait to try 'em out with my kidlets.
    I also do not understand football (my poor hubbie!) But, I love me some Tebow. What a cute Christian guy! Who can we set him up with, hmmmm...
    My TIVO is not QUITE as scandalous as yours...I have to be careful which juicy shows I watch, or my husband will TOTALLY judge me! Ugh...
    But I heart BIG heart Parenthood, just like you!! Dude, we should do dinner sometime for reals!!
    Kerri B

  23. Uggghhhh! I hate the idea of Curriculum Cops!! Seriously?!?!?! what a ridiculous idea!

    I love Sister Wives! I'm a total TLC junkie!

    Enjoy cathcing up!

    ❤ Mor Zrihen from...
    A Teacher's Treasure
    Teaching Treasures Shop

  24. Flash cards make total sense.

    Tim Tebow's a great guy. I recently heard from my brother about how he brings a kid who's been through a lot to the game and spends an hour with him in the locker room after. That's really something. He's a sincere guy. I like him, too.

    Buzzing with Ms. B

  25. 1. Yup, click on the link on Deedee's blog - it'll take you right there.

    2. My dvr is your dvr's twin.

    3. Flashcards make perfect sense to me, but that comes as no surprise, because I also hate shopping and despise football...so I think we were separated at birth.

    Crisscross Applesauce in First Grade

  26. I do this song and love it, but now with the flashcards I love it even more! I don't like to shop or watch football (although it makes good background noise for napping) so I guess I'm not normal either. I don't DVR. More Abby Normal here.

    2B Honey Bunch
    The Best Endings

  27. Thank you for your funniness. You make me appreciate my first graders.
    Thank you for your freebies. They rock.
    Thank you for your honesty regarding your TV choices. It makes me feel better.
    Monday- just another day of school. With an MLK craft for social studies.

  28. Heehee!!! I love your posts. Looks like you already got your answer on the TPT giftcard thing. No, my DVR has Tom and Jerry and Looney Toons on it. I have two little ones and my son LOVES Tom and Jerry :) I love your vowel teams ideas and songs. I wish I were better at using songs and music as transitions. Maybe some day ...

  29. Ha Ha Ha watching Tim Tebow on ESPN right now :) Yes, cute, nice man, but still love me some PACKERS! So nice of you to donate to Joplin. Plan to do that also...my daughter plays softball in Missouri Southerns conference so we have seen the devistation. Couldn't imagine losing all my teaching things. Great thing everyone is doing! DVR...need more than a few days to catch up...and YES...Kelly and I have school on Monday called "inservice" and LONG DAY! Thanks for the cute vowel song and cards!! Enjoy your day off! Diane

  30. I'm hoping you've found out how to send a gift cert from TpT by now. I just clicked from Deedee's blog, she made it that easy!
    Thanks for the Freebie, my windows are still intact but may not be after I practice the vowel song!
    I didn't know who Tim Tebow was until his team played the Steelers last Sunday night. I'm glad he's popular for a good reason!
    I don't Tivo, cuz other people in my house do so the TV is usually taken.
    I do have school on Monday. But we have an In-Service day so it shouldn't be too bad! Enjoy your Sunday!

  31. Love the song and cards. I have a big poster in my room that I made years ago... with the vowel pairs walking... the first one talking... the other one sadly silent. This goes along perfect.
    !. My DVR only recorded 15 minutes of Gray's this week! waaa
    2. I forgot that It's a Brad, Brad World was starting up! Going to have to find it On Demand.
    3. Is Sister Wives back on? I thought the season ended?!
    So much to watch, so little time!
    ♥ Dragonflies in First ♥

  32. I love your vowel pairs, and I am starting to relate to the "curriculum cops". In a meeting on Thursday my Principal basically said that if a large portion of our class was showing up as tier 2 on AimsWeb she was going to have a serious "talk" with us about how we are instructing our core curriculum (HM).

    ✪ Miss W

    Miss W Teaches

  33. I don't have a TPT store either and was trying to think of a way to donate. The GC is a great idea!

    Also, love the vowels song and flashcards! Thanks for sharing. I always prep the kids before I sing that the windows may break and their eardrums may burst. Some laugh, and others look fearful. :)

    As for the DVR, it may not look the same, but I do like your choices. Mine is filled with Blues Clues, Max and Ruby, Backyardigans, and Olivia(darn children hogging the DVR). What space is left is filled with Restaurant Impossible, Big Bang Theory, How I Met Your Mother, and random Food Network shows.

    Enjoy the rest of your weekend!
    Simply The Classroom

  34. I love the Vowel Team song! And yes, my DVR looks just like that. By the time Friday rolls around, I have about 15 shows to watch!

  35. Wow! It was so fun to read your post and all of the great comments!

    *I have Monday off! Thanks MLK! Love you!

    *I don't DVR, but I have seen some of the shows you watch and they are seriously funny or addicting. I just never get to have time alone from my daughter and hubby to watch it. Plus I am on my computer catching up on all of these fun blogs! I do love to read though!
    *Tim Tebow is a shining light in a dark world!
    *I Love your vowel team song. Thank you for the freebie and explanation. Windows intact here as they are used to my singing! I am so sorry about the curriculum police visits. I fear that my District is training some right now and they will soon be patroling the halls at my school. UGH! I am not good at following programs. I have never even taught vowel pairs in kindergarten before!
    *Enjoy your weekend and I love your blog! So fun to read!

  36. I taught first grade last year and when we introduced vowel teams, we called them phonograms from a very old program called Total Reading (I am really showing my age here!!). I bought Sounds Fun flashcards from HeidiSongs and my kiddos LOVED them. They wanted to show everyone who walked in my door, including a whole group of principals!! It was one of the best things I bought until I discovered TpT!!

  37. omgosh...I had so much I wanted to respond to in your post...then I got to the end! PARENTHOOD is back on?? lol....we switched cable companies and have missed programming some shows...lol

  38. Thanks for sharing the great song and cards- can't wait to try it this week with my firsties. We're off today (Monday) and Friday was a Teacher Workday:-)

    My DVR doesn't have as many reality shows... but it certainly doesn't have CNN!

  39. I have school today Kristin...thanks for rubbin' it in that you don't! ;)

    Buzzin’ on Cupcakes!

    P.S. How's that look? :)

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    Thanks for sharing the great post and cards- can't wait to try it at my home today.

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