Okay, so I tried to gear up for a good old game of tag.  The problem is, I'm old.  It got the best of me.  Kelly from Buggy for Second Grade tagged me first and then it just went on from there.  I think by the time it was done, I was lying face down in the dirt and I'd been tagged three times without ever once getting back to homebase.  So much for the Rocky music.  And what a waste of raw eggs.  

There's no way I can come up with 12 new things about me.  You guys pretty much know everything there is to know about me.  I mean, you're lucky you don't know when Tom is coming to visit.  (Tom = Time of Month)  I'm an open book.  Always have been.  So this is going to be a difficult task.  

Here's what I came up with.  I apologize for any duplicates or any information that you already gleaned from my blog.

 Here are the questions Kelly wanted me to answer.
The other amazing taggers are:

I'm not going to answer their questions because I think that would be overkill, don't you think?  I'm going with the first person who tagged me.  Something tells me they'll understand.  I don't think it's my fault that the RHOBH Reunion and The Bachelor are on tonight.  You may call that bad timing.  I call that a wonderful night for TV watching.  Let's agree to disagree.

My other problem in this Tag Game is that I haven't gotten up from the dirt yet.  I'm just lying there and no one has really come by to offer me a hand.  I see so many other bloggers playing and going back and forth and shouting, "TAG!" but I feel a little lost.  Who's been tagged?  Can they be tagged again?  What if I tag them and they already did all the rules and now they're annoyed with me?  What if they're so into The Bachelor and crazy model chick that they can't bear to pull themselves away to come up with 12 new things about themselves?  

I think it's safe to say I'm out.  I think.  I don't want to make anyone mad at me, though.  I just don't know who to tag.  I actually don't even know if I'm on a team.  Are there teams?  Was I the last one picked?  Why does this feel like junior high school all over again?

If I had to ask other people 12 questions, I don't know what I'd ask.  Unless it pertained to the Real Housewives of Atlanta.  Did you see NeNe?  She was practically a peacekeeper.  I couldn't believe it.  I think she was embarassed by Marlo.  Who'd have thunk it?  

No salty butt kissing here.  Uh uh.  Nope.  

So there you have it.

That's all I've got.  I'm just sitting on pins and needles to see the Bachelor.  He would make a great math word problem.  Ben has 15 girls.  He kisses 15 girls.  He sends one home for being upset about group dates.  How many girls are left?

I can't wait for RHOBH either.  It's going to be a great night!

So . . . rather than being "out" of the game, I'm going to leave you with this.  

TAG!  You're it!  Feel free to tell me 12 things about yourself or just one or two things.  Or did anything I say strike your fancy?  Such as International Delight Coffee Creamer a la Coldstone Cream?  Or have I instilled a fear in you about me slapping you if I laugh too hard?  Really, it could be anything - there's lots to choose from.


  1. hahahah I'm in the middle of doing my tag post and it sounds way too much like yours!

    Uh... I NEED that creamer!

    Enjoy your shows. Remember way back when...when soaps were called stories? That's kinda like what reality tv is to you. Just sayin' haha ❤
    Dragonflies in First

  2. We seem to be sharing mutual thoughts about this tagging game. Although, you're ahead of me because you have responded to your tags!!

    I thought once you were tagged you out?! Is that not true anymore?!

    Maybe one day in the near future I'll try answering a gazillion questions about myself! :)

    Creating & Teaching

  3. Oh, boo, somebody else was first.

    Yes, I agree - this tagging business is a lot of work. My post was forever long (even longer than my average post which is already pretty long) and I feel guilty about it. I've been re-tagged too, but after I answered the questions the first time, so I'm not sure what to do about it...cause I also feel guilty about not answering.
    And I would LOVE to go to Rome. I've been to England, but I sooo didn't starve.
    Buzzing with Ms. B

  4. Is it just me, or is the Bachelor not very cute physically or personality wise? Now I know I'm not supposed to think that way but...

  5. I need to be out, I've been tagged 7 times! So your doing better than me, I was going to try to keep up but who can write that many things about themselves??? Oh well, guess I'm in the dirt too!

  6. I just have to say that I laugh every time I read your posts. I mean like out load, my husband looking at me funny laugh. I missed last weeks bachelor and was going to watch it online. I ended up reading your blog first and pretty much died when I watched it. Can't wait to hear your thoughts on this week.

  7. OH! And publish your books!!! YOU KNOW we will ALL buy them!

  8. Nene is too much. I don't like her...and what was the last thing Marlo and Sheree were doing? Childish.. I enjoy me some RHWoATL :)

  9. I also silent laugh-it always makes the people around me laugh harder then I laugh at them laughing-it is a terrible never ending laughing cycle that ends in a stomachache. But it's always totally worth it!

  10. I hear ya! It WAS fun, but now it is over....no more tagging, unless it is freeze tag and you just have to freeze and not do anything....I have had a few more tags...I will refer any and all to my first tag post:)

    Going Nutty!


  11. Your posts are always so funny! I love Mumford and Sons...they have such a great sound.

    First Grade Magic

  12. I know this post is not talk about it Tuesday, however I am in the eastern time zone which messes the whole thing up! So my comment is really for your next post!
    I know you are going to talk about the intimate moment/skinny dipping incident. I think they did IT!
    But can you please talk about two other things. What is up with Ben's hair?? He needs to get a new stylist/barber whatever. And the other thing that drives me nuts is Courtney's smile and how she presses thoses lips down into a stupid smirk. Who is paying her for her looks? She obviously doesn't talk at these shoots or they would know how ugly of a person she really is.
    And finally, how about the previews??? I see a lot of Kacy B in there. She is my pick.
    Previews were the best part of the show.
    Have a great day! Love your blog!

  13. Can't wait to read your bachelor recap.. it was a little boring show for me last night.. .not too much drama. ...

    Have a great day :o)

  14. Very well put! I haven't tagged anyone because, well, I stink at running. I'm tired! I don't want to be a jerk and I hope my bloggy friends won't hate me for it!

    I am enjoying reading about everyone and learning new and interesting things... but I haven't tagged back yet.

    Sorry friends!

    Mrs. Bainbridge's Blog

  15. Kristin:
    I love all of your posts. But, now and then, there is a post that especially warms my heart. This post did that. You are so (tho) loved by the BloggyWorld. You could have skipped Tag altogether. Nope, not the thankfully-avoided-Mrs. Little. You played along. And we're all glad. (I think you have fulfilled your duty splendidly--and can be officially counted "out.")

    I just think of it as a two way blessing. We get to read hysterically funny stuff and shower you with love. You get to read a truckload of often funny and always heartfelt comments (and then exercise your brain for the next offering). I know you put so much of yourself into each of your posts and I (along the other 7538 people who read them) am thankful for each and every one.

    You have left us with a new math word problem: How many Teeny Tiny Teachers does it take to equal one Dennis Rodman?

    Happy Day, BlogFriend!

    Finding JOY in 6th Grade

  16. Yay! I love Gavin DeGraw and Frou Frou too! I saw Gavin in concert and he was soooo good! Do you like Regina Spektor or similar? I LOVE music! I am focusing on this aspect of my upcoming wedding the most...is that weird?


  17. I don't make any noise when I laugh really hard either. My mouth is open really wide and nothing is coming out. It use to be embarrassing but I've come to terms with it.

  18. Thank you for making me laugh! I had a terrible day today....no I mean REALLY TERRIBLE; and then I read your blog and forgot all about my crappy day. You made me laugh out loud when you commented about being visited by "Tom." I will so have to use that statement with my friends, next time. I will have them all perplexed! Anyway...you made my day better!


  19. Im also over tag, I did my part and now Im hiding inside with my book, thats how I was in school.

    Im super psyched for the bachelor tooooo... YIPPPPEEEEEE

  20. Actually, I am the last one standing without a team. :-) Eeewwww...it so feels like 5th grade all over again! I like being tagged, but I'm not too fond of the running!

    Your #11 is going to send me to Target tonight. And if they don't have it, well, I will just have to buy ice cream instead.

    Please, pretty please, publish your books!!! Also, can you recap post about the reunion part 1? What is up with Lisa and Adrienne?!

  21. OK first of all...I was SO mad you didn't answer my questions!...


    Second, I LOVEV RHOA and Holy African Moly...NeNe the peacekeaper say wWhhhhhaaaat?? The fact that you love them and I assume you love OC housewives too makes me not so mad anymore...

    Can you snap your fingers though and send some commenters over my way? How exciting to have 20 comments and you just posted...I would DIE from pleasure when I opened my gmail account.WHOA!

    <3 Blog love friend, even if you were the kid who ducked on the playground to fake being out so you don't have to play! :)

    2nd Grade Paradise

  22. Coldstone....COLDSTONE.....Coldstone. It can be sub zero temps here and Michigan and I still love me some Coldestone Creamery!!!!!

    Crisscross Applesauce in First Grade

  23. Ew!! Your skin peeling grossed me out!!! Yucky!!

  24. I love Frou Frou!!!! ~Heidi V.

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