Vowel Teams and Other Stuff

Well, fascinating as I may be, I'm pretty sure you can only vote once for me.  So I won't be bothering you anymore.  You're off the hook.  Is it weird that while I see a Curriculum Cop Badge, several of you see a can of beer or a beer keg?  Do I need to get out more?  Have the C.C.'s gotten to me? 
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It's not raining today but it's going to rain tomorrow.  My phone says 100%.  I guess there's no getting around it.  To top it off, I have a Leadership Team Meeting in the morning before school, INSIDE RECESS ALL THE LIVELONG DAY, and a School Site Council Meeting after school.  Tuesday morning I have an IEP before school and then a FEMALE DOCTOR APPOINTMENT after school.  Yuck.  Shake head.  Cringe inwardly.  Cross legs.

That's a gigantic paragraph of negativity.  Bitter Betty-ness, if you will.  Or Downer Debby-ness, if you'd rather.

Let me try to put a Positive Polly spin on it.

....................................thinking.........................thinking harder.......... ........................hmmmmm...........................

Let's see.  We really need the rain and it's going to do just that tomorrow.  GUSH!  I love my "schmoops" and I get to be with them INSIDE ALL THE LIVELONG DAY.  GIDDY!  I have a Leadership Meeting in the morning which means my voice will be heard. COUGH!  WOW!  I have a School Site Council meeting . . . 

Oh, forget it.  I can't keep this up.

So . . . moving on.

Our Language Arts District Assessment Window opens tomorrow, too.  It's a window I'd rather keep closed.  And locked.  It's not like cute little birdies perch on the windowsill and sing me a lovely tune.  Instead, it brings back this monstrosity  tool of the devil  unique and clever piece of equipment:

You can read my thoughts about it {HERE}.

So I have to spice up my week just a bit.  Obviously.  

I searched high and low and found this little diddy about vowel teams.  It's cute.  I'm going to play it for my kiddos tomorrow.  I love it towards the end because the second vowel keeps trying to talk and says "But-" and the first vowel keeps shushing it.  Ha!

I'm hoping this will help my kids during assessments.  There are a lot of long vowel questions.  Of every kind of nature.  Mainly, it's in the nature of trying to trick the kiddos and make them pick the wrong answer.  Really.  I love it.  It's practically sarcastic.  

PS  Yes, I will make sure that we do Adventure to Fitness tomorrow.  But it's still not the same as children going OUT of the classroom while I nap.


  1. Sounds like you are going to be busy, I have nothing Monday! Woohoo! Tuesday I have building leadership, Wednesday pd, Thursday plc's then I am free on Friday. They wonder why we say we have no time to get anything done!!!

  2. Yuck! Your day does not sound like fun! I showed my class this video last year and they loved it. So, hopefully, that will be a little positive light into your tomorrow ;)

    Fun In First

  3. My favorite part is the "But..Shhhh" part too! I laugh every time. The kids pretend they get it too, but I think they just want to laugh with me.

  4. Oh, yes. The questions are definitely designed to trick the kids. I tell my kids that they have to think of the meanest people they know...and the test makers are meaner. They sit around all day thinking about how kids get things confused and they make sure to put those answer choices on The Test so kids who are confused will choose them. Cause they're mean. So now when we see an answer choice that represents a mistake some of the kids made, we say, "Why is it there?" and the kids go, "Cause they're MEAN!" I wish it wasn't true, but it is.

  5. PS. This video made me laugh, but mostly because I was so distracted by their floppy feet. haha

    Buzzing with Ms. B

  6. Female dr. appt..........I'm...well, lets just say legs crossed too!!! Hate those!!! You're too funny....I'm not a fan of indoor recess either....they tend to get a little...lot nuts:/ Video is cute!!! Have a happy, positive Monday:))

    4th Grade Frolics

  7. It's supposed to be 79 degrees on Thursday! If that doesn't cheer you up, I don't know what will! ;)

  8. I think the Dr. appointment sounds like the best part of your day, ad this is coming from someone who HATES going to ANY Dr. Best Wishes and good luck, and Hadley is working on your O Hobby Lobby has been out of owl paper, so hopefully by the end of the week it will be shipped your way!

  9. ugggghhh...we've had incessant indoor recesses too. I can barely take one more. I'm hoping tomorrow will be our day to go out...and I'm on duty and I don't mind!

    I love that video...tryin' to think if I can trick my 4th/5th graders into watching it. Actually, they would probably like it. Whenever I'm nerdy about stuff like that they love it.

    So, my stalking sister...you know I do the same. Perhaps someday we shall teach the same grade level and everything will fall into place!

  10. I love that video! It cracks me up. I found it over the summer and showed it to my class, and they definitely were not laughing as much as I was... oh wells!! Haha!

    Marvelous Multiagers!

  11. Indoor, Schmindoor....I'm sorry for you!!!! {Any consolation - I think it's supposed to rain here tomorrow too...so I'll be miserable with you...many states away!}

    Crisscross Applesauce in First Grade

  12. I also LOVE (insert sarcasm) those responders. My kids are oh so proficient at putting in their A.M. answers. They NEVER EVER screw up! (ahem...)
    I will say a little prayer for you, for the responders, and for the rainy day schedule!
    Kerri B

  13. Gotta love Between the Lions. Thanks for the link.
    Don't you think using the responder is better than you bubbling in all of their answers 30 times on a bubble in sheet? Or is it just a different form of confusion for them?
    This week is already sounding like along one for you.
    Hang in there!
    Dragonflies in First

  14. I love that video. My kiddos still sing it all the time even though we did that skill a long time ago. I hope your Monday and Tuesday pass quickly and are better than you anticipate. Maybe, no rain..? It's been constantly raining here too..like thunderstorms in January, weird. Anyway, I'd rather have indoor recess lately because we have to patrol the playground like prison guards. Ugh!

    Swimming into Second

  15. Dear Debby Downer,
    Your life sounds super.
    Sarcastic Suzy.
    (Seriously can you fast forward to Wednesday by chance...sick day?)

  16. This may seem a little crass, but I hate going spread eagle for the doctor too...but it does seem like the highlight of your week :( I had a veteran teacher next to me for many years and she always said that when it was her time to go...so I say that to honor her :) Hang in there...maybe it'll be cloudy and your kiddos can run for a bit. I happen to like indoor recess because I can get a little bit of work done. Have a good week :)

    Following Optimism

  17. Hmmm, don't try and slip something in your coffee or take your hostility out on a child's fingers! You can watch The Bachelor tomorrow night and spend time with PJ. Assessments are so frustrating but your kiddos will rock it because they have you as their teacher! Sending prayers and a bloggy hug your way!

    Heather's Heart

  18. I feel your pain! I feel like Debby Downer and the week hasn't even begun yet. Thanks for the reminder on that cute vowel team video. I'd forgotten about it. Love Between the Lions. Keep your chin up this week if you can.

    2B Honey Bunch
    The Best Endings

  19. Oh my gosh, I love Behind the Lions. Have you seen Brian McKnight and Ms. Cleo Lion's video on homophones, it's the best! :)
    Stories From Second

  20. Dang! Just watched our weather and we are supposed to get rain in AZ too! Heads Up 7 Up, here we come! Two days then a half day PDD, Wednesday then 2 personal days to go to San Diego with DH while he goes fishing I go have fun!

  21. Well your post just proves my point, but...I gave you a new award (I hadn't seen it before) over on my blog! I can't wait for you to check it out!

    2nd Grade Paradise

  22. I know you're in CA where the weather is wonderful most of the time but last night it rained here than it froze! ICE DAY!!! = rachel stayed inside and watched reruns of Law and Order and CSI allllll day!!!

    I also have IEP tomorrow, go us!!!

    and what is that scary digital contraption? Ill have to go back and read about it!

    and i love that video!

  23. Finally watched that video! How fun would it be to make one!?