Hooray for the weekend!  I'm really worried about a big case of the Sunday night blues . . . seeing as how I've escaped them for the last two weekends.    

Also, I can now officially tell you that the hubby was out of town all week (remember he does not like cyber space to know that he is gone so I am not allowed to advertise in case a cyber stalker figures out where I live, and comes to do terrible things to me like what you might see on a Lifetime movie or a Horror Movie.  I think if a cyber stalker found out where I lived, I'd invite her in and we would talk about school and kids and stay up late in our PJs) and so I'm super excited for him to return today.  I am looking forward to 12-14 hours of sleep tonight.  I don't care if he is in the bed with me or not . . . just having him home AT NIGHT, IN THE DARK, DARK, DARK QUIET will be bliss.  One night, Sydney barked and barked.  This is a problem for two reasons.  One:  she can't hear anything so why is she barking?  Two:  she doesn't even know she is a dog and that her purpose is to protect me.  People, I was skerd.  Skerd!!!!! (I know how to spell scared.  Just go with it.)  But then I remembered that I am memorizing verses during our 40 Days in the Word Campaign so I started reciting my verses, and the next thing I knew, it was morning. (Or more like 3:00am for my nightly ritual of getting up to go to the bathroom because my bladder also happens to be teeny tiny.  Microscopic, if you will.  You can't take me anywhere without me scouting for the nearest restroom.)  God is good.

I caught up on this week's episode of Parenthood.  And I basically cried through the whole thing.  I cried for poor Julia and Joel, and even Zoe.  I cried when Amber came home to her mom and said she just needed to be with her. (And then I cried because I wish I could still do that and not look pitiful that I am a grown woman doing that.  I have been known to do it over the phone.  Which is quite difficult because I've got Mom on the other end trying to get me to talk and I'm just crying away.)  I cried for Crosby and Jasmine -- before, during and after.  I was so happy for Jabar so I cried again.

I am not a huge emotional person.  I'm wondering if it's because the hubby was away or if TOM (time of month) is about to join us.  Hmmm.

Yesterday, after last recess, we were in our two lines by the classroom jumping, twirling, shoving, talking  listening to directions before coming into the classroom when the kids in the front of the lines saw a baby lizard (the kids in the back of the lines had no clue because my lines are sooooo long, what with all of the millions of children).  The lizard was hanging out on the "stoop" (It is an outside school and my classroom is right by some stairs) and it was basically motionless.  Actually, Mr. Lizard was doing a really good job of listening to my directions, now that I think about it.  The kids were fascinated.  As I let one line head up the stairs, he didn't move.  Frozen.  About six kids passed him with nothing happening.  One girl asked if he would jump on her.  Would he?  Would he jump on me?  I have no idea.  If he did, it's every man for himself -- I'd be the first person running in the opposite direction.  Anyways, when new boy walked past, Mr. Lizard's head turned and watched him go.  No joke.  Everyone noticed and cracked up.  It's nice to know I've got someone else watching out for new boy, too.  Thanks, Mr. Lizard.

Here's the reason for the title of my post.  In case you were wondering if I was just going to go on and on all day.

Guilty.  That's me.  I feel guilty.  I was very busy on Thursday and Friday night so I didn't get to post.  That's okay.  I've gone two days without posting before.  You all went on without me.  Camille may have contacted me once to make sure I was okay, but most of you didn't even notice my absence.  So I don't feel guilty about that.  Plus, I didn't even have anything to say (see above as an example of me not having anything to say).

I feel guilty because I haven't had too much of a chance to blog stalk and leave comments.  And now I'm two days behind.  When this happens, I do everything I can to go back and catch up.  But it is time consuming.  And other things pull me away (things like The Bachelor, The Challenge, eating, sleeping, and work).  When I get behind on blogs, I feel guilty.  I also don't want to miss anything.  Ever.  I've talked about this before.  I've told my friends not to say ONE WORD while I run to the restroom because what if I miss something?  I also like to comment on everything.  Yesterday, during lunch, we all got a little sidetracked with our conversation, and I said, "Hold on.  I'm going to say something to her and then I'm coming right back to you because I have a question about that."  Recalculating and all that.  Everyone laughed.  But I don't know why.

So what do you do when you get behind on blogs?  Do you try to catch up?  Do you just let it go?  Do you just go to certain ones?  I need help.  I do not want to feel guilty about blogs.  I am okay feeling guilty about that dust on the lamp shade which is two inches thick, or even The Jersey Shore, but I just don't want it to carry over to blogs.

Let me know.  Please.


  1. You're a roar:) I was behind almost a week because I was sick....I did "quick skims"....sounds bad, I know but it's better than no skims at all!! You'll catch up....I used to stress about it, now I know I can't do it all, see it all, try it all, be it all......ya know???

    Happy sleepies tonight:)

    4th Grade Frolics

  2. Ohhhhhhh yeah!!!! I was the first comment...that has been a goal of mine for a while...now I can check that off my bucket list!!!! LOL!!!!

    4th Grade Frolics

  3. ahhhh!!! I cried BUCKETS in this last episode of Parenthood!!!! BUCKETS! And I was holding B at the time too, so I was REALLY sad about it...lol. And hubs just started at me..yeesh! Men..."It's just a show Jen" blah blah blah!
    And I get behind on blog stalking frequently...and it's going to get worse when I go back to work (Monday-eek!). I'm so bad...I'm such a visual person, that I scroll through Google Reader and when I "see" something that catches my eye, then I'll stop...but if I've got like 170 posts to catch up on? that's how I do it...and I stop for my favorite ones too..but shhh!!! I didn't say that! ha!

    ♥ Jen
    The Teachers' Cauldron

  4. When I am behind on my blogs, I zip through my reader and only visit occasional ones until the reader claims there are no more new posts. That's not always true, but it assuages my guilt.

    I know what you mean about sleeping without the hubs. I sleep like a rock when he's next to me.


  5. As a teacher, I think it is almost impossible to get everything that you want to get done, accomplished. I LOVE reading blogs. My boyfriend would say I'm addicted to it. But if I miss a day of reading blogs, I will either just let it go or I will look at the pictures, titles, and snippets of text that blogger lets you read as a preview and choose which one to read that way. There is so many wonderful bloggers out there and I know I for one am always finding more and more.

    So my verdict, not guilty. You gotta have a life
    outside of teaching and blogging too.


  6. I've only gotten REALLY behind once on blogs ... it was at the beginning of this school year and I think I had like 300 unread posts, so I just clicked "Mark All As Read"..... haha!!

    Otherwise, if I have like 50 unreads, I will go through and read the people I like the best (you and Reagan and Jen and Hadar and Kelley... and other people I'm forgetting) and then I scroll so they all look read.

    But this is pretty rare, as typically I stay updated throughout the day using Google Reader on my phone!!

    Marvelous Multiagers!

  7. I skim GOOGLE READER....I had to do it last week. Sometimes I actually type in the names of the blogs that I was sure had posted and I had missed. Yours was one of those! Don't be guilty. Just don't do it. p.s. you are the awesome one btw...referring to your comment on my remission post. You live it day after day and you still make us all laugh and forget our lives. I love you!!! (in a super non threatening or creeper way)

  8. oh and I love that lizard had to give new boy the "fish eye" and a second look. hilarious! Tanner, when he was 4, saw a lizard and he said.."Mom look! It's the statue of lizardy."

  9. Oh, Kristin...
    You know the whole "Pay It Forward" concept? In my mind, you are already way AHEAD.

    You work so hard to be everyone's cheerleader, confidante, audience, and shoulder to cry on (which must be difficult with those teeny tiny shoulders). Even if you just stopped by occasionally on someone's blog, it would be a gift and a treat.

    I love "Buggy in K's" comment above: Verdict = Not Guilty. {sound of gavel, followed by birds twittering}.

    If you are short (sorry) on time, I invite you to skip Joy and come back another day/week when you have time. Or type OOT {out of time}. Or... Or... do ANYTHING so that you don't have to feel bad. Or badly. (I never know which is right.)

    If comment boxes allowed attachments (Heck, they don't even allow italics--pretend those words are leaning to the right), I would attach a "free pass." Proclamation... Kristin can be free from Commenter's Guilt.

    Glad the hubs and the chance to sleep have returned. Happy dreams!

    Finding JOY in 6th Grade

  10. Hi I am trying to follow all the kinder teachers I can find I made myself a blog that is bilingual (Spanish) because I noticed there is not that many out there so pass the word please follow me at http://maestranieves.blogspot.com/

  11. I always have to catch up. I can't stand thinking I missed something! That is why I love Google Reader! :)

    I cried during Parenthood. Jabar's face just made me so emotional!

    Adventures of a Third Grade Teacher

  12. Guilt Schmuilt. Don't you dare feel the least bit guilty. Although, I will admit to wondering where you are when I don't see a friendly, perky little comment from you on my blog. Shoot - I'm just adding to the guilt-factor, aren't I? Sorry!!!!!

    Hey, I watched The Help last night and because I'm notorious for falling asleep on the couch when I watch movies, I finished it up this morning. Oh my goodness...you weren't kidding...world's BEST movie EVER. I'm making hubby watch it again with me tonight....

    Crisscross Applesauce in First Grade

  13. I don't know if I have any advice! I am so guilty of the same thing...and I am way, way worse than you. You are always so wonderful about commenting! I've been making an effort but then I keep falling behind and then I worry that people will think I'm being snobby and too busy and I don't mean to be! I only want to blog and comment--it's my job that gets in the way, haha!

    Glad your husband's home...I don't like being alone either, scary! I bet your lovely Sydney would protect you if needed though!!

  14. When I was in Hawaii for a week, I fell way behind in blogs. I used Google Reader to skim through the blog posts.
    I didn't want to miss anyone's blog posts!

    Journey of a Substitute Teacher

  15. I scan the google reader too! I want to read it all but I can't so I scan and hit the ones that stick out to me the most! You should not feel guilty at all about this!! I love reading your comments but know that everyone is busy and there will times they can't comment - I know there are times I can't! Your already much better at it than me!! Thanks for that!!


  16. Oh man, Parenthood is my favorite show! I also cried, but I cry at everything. I even saved the episode, because I will probably torture myself again with it this week. :)

    Teachery Tidbits

  17. Oh, BTW, I am having a giveaway...so if you don't have a chance to catch up on everyone, just come on over and see me :)

    Its also my birthday....did that guilt you enough to get you to come???

    Teachery Tidbits

  18. I have to thank you for this post! It really made me laugh out loud, especially the part about the lizard. I was having a rough day and truly needed this laugh. =)

  19. Depends on how far behind I am...I have been know to just delete it all and start fresh...but it has to be a really big number for me to do that- otherwise I catch up when I can before it gets to that BIG number...=)

    First Grade Blue SKies

  20. I agree: NOT GUILTY!!!!! ...and it sounds like your entire fan club is in agreement: You have our permission to NOT read our posts and NOT comment on our posts however often you like. BUT just know that we all L.O.V.E. your comments so when you have time PLEASE read our posts and then comment. But when you don't have time, it is fine, fine, fine - REALLY!!!!!

    I was thinking about checking up on you again this time, but I felt like it would be too stalkery. (I think I just made up a new adjective.) But I can't stop laughing that you gave me a shout out for checking up on you last time. I guess I am a stalker. (But not the scary kind; just a super interested, caring kind if that kind of stalker exists - and really and truly it does!)
    An Open Door
    P.S. I am still laughing!!!

  21. I noticed you were missing! Glad your hubbie is home. I totally get the scared thing, remember?! I too feel like I have to try to keep up with all the blog posts but it does get hard. If I get behind I do skim but I always read yours!
    Finally in First

  22. I'm pretty sure I talked you through this before but you were probably just being a big baby and not listening ;) stick with your goal that we mentioned! Then when you have "extra time" do some more! Now you have to walk me through my TpT guilt haha!

  23. I am so behind in my blog stalking too! I try to do quick skims using my blog roll. I am a total slacker and haven't posted in a long time either...oh well...

    Living A Wonderful Life

  24. I would love to tell you NOT to feel guilty - but I would be a hypocrite, cuz I always feel guilty about ... well everything. It's hard to keep up.

    I guess you have to find a way to be happy with the fact that you can only do what you can do. Period.

    I CAN tell you on this side of things, although I TRULY miss your posts - I just assume you are off having a wonderful life and just look forward to your next bit of ramblings that never fail to make me smile. :D
    Dragonflies in First

  25. I love Parenthood and I cried this week, when the baby was born (my baby turns 18 in a few weeks and has been accepted to University) and with Crosby at the end, LOVED it. A great show. Guilt.....that is a tough one, you have to do what you can do and give yourself a break (and this is a Catholic talking). Happy Weekend :)

  26. Back in the day (1998), I was part of the beginning in social media...the forum board. This particular board was dedicated to moms of July babies. With two very small boys running circles around me, this online community was an opportunity to communicate with adults and indulge in all things "baby". When I began to view my real life in terms of must-post-on-board moments, I new I might be a bit...um, addicted.

    Two years later I found a new group if peeps while carrying baby #4. And, you guessed it, I was just a smudge addicted. In both forum situations, posting tapered off as the babies began to toddle away from my computer area!

    Then I discovered The Blog. My personal blog originated in an era that brought some heavy-hitters to the forefront: the authors of Blogging For Dummies, the originator of the Blissdom conferences, many more IRLnow authors, etc. It was fun to be part of the bigger picture, even if I was an underachiever. Then, I went back to work.

    Now, I am absolutely, positively dependent on my teacher bloggy friends. BUT, having learned a few lessons along the way, I am trying not to get the shaky/irritated/snapping at others behavior that signifies a full-out addiction. I am trying to not panic when I realize that stellar things have been created and shared without my knowledge. I am trying to leave encouragement everywhere I go and live in the moment.

    Bottom line? If a blogger is blogging, and you are available to read the blog, then you are in the loop; even if it's on a weekly (or monthly) basis.
    I follow along with Google Reader when possible, but mostly I check the recent post updates on my links list.

    Sorry for being longwinded. I really want you to enjoy your reality tv lineup and not worry about the rest of us. I will definitely keep reading whatever you are writing!


  27. Hey, I just noticed SO MANY typos in my comment! Yikes! I do know how to spell!! :-)


  28. Well I don't watch parenthood, but it sure does sound thad. Tho thad.
    I am glad that your hubby is home, but I love that your faith is so strong and you find comfort in prayer and scripture.
    I can't ever keep up with all of the blogs. Yours is the only one I make sure not to miss. I read it every day. And if there is not a new one posted, I reread the most recent.
    My name is Diana and I am addicted to your blog.

  29. I love your blog! Just remember blogging is fun and a hobby! Don't let it become another "to do" on your list! We all have plenty to do so if you get a little behind, no big deal! Can't wait for The Bachelor this week!

  30. Girrrrrrrrl. You are always one of my first comments. I always feel guilty because I don't do enough commenting and therefore I think everyone gets mad at me. :( I am a WORRIER, you know!

    You post ALL THE TIME, which I LOVE so don't take that the wrong way! I think it is totally fine to have a night or two off when you are as awesome as you totally are.

    ps: I would SO be that stalker. We would hang out, blog stalk, talk, laugh, watch reality TV, talk some more. ...well, you get it...

    but seriously, that would be AWESOME!

    2nd Grade Paradise

  31. You should feel horribly guilty!

    Just kidding~ I got behind when my little chickadee was in the hospital (didn't know they had wi-fi or I would have totally been stalking when she was asleep)
    I weighed it out and ended up marking as read- I couldn't have them sitting there, in bold, looking at me, waiting to be read....it made me feel....

    {nevermind, this comment won't help you at all...scroll to the next one quickly...}

    Going Nutty!


  32. hubs home YAY
    feeling guilty NAY
    lizard stalking new boy YAY
    feeling scared NAY
    meeting up this SUMMER DOUBLE HECK YAY

    don't feel guilty... I have had a CRAZY CRAZY CRAZY week and have lost track of everything...maybe mind included.... I have a top 5 list and I check them and then look at the ones that catch my eye....don't stress out!!!

  33. I think I made up for your lack of blog stalking....recovering from surgery I had lots of time....I did wonder where you and your funny posts went....I needed them!

    I have about ten that are my to blogs....bookmarked and on the dashboard....when I have a busy week...I only check my favs! Have a great week.....can't wait for Bach and the overnight dates!

  34. I cannot believe I haven't stumbled upon your terrific blog before! I love it! I am your newest follower. I'd love for you to come visit me too if you like :0)

    ­Kindergarten Lifestyle

    Kindergarten Lifestyle Facebook Fan Page

  35. I feel guilty too. However, I think you should do a post on how we should not feel guilty...we (myself included) need to realize that we are all so swamped and we DO love each others blogs...but it is hard to leave comments as often as we would like to. I have a good friend that I hardly call, but we have a good friendship where we understand...I think we need the same relationship as bloggers:) BUT I am not talking about going commentlesss....just more grace:) waiting for the book!!

  36. Oh my gosh!!! It is 2:07am and I am leaving a comment on your blog!!! What in the world is wrong with me??

  37. there is never a time i don't have more than 500 unread post.. but i pick and choose which ones i want to read daily. after some sit in my reader for weeks.. they get the "marked all as read" button!

    I read everyday.. but only my favorites. Then when I have time to catch up I have a huge list I can read!

    I have them organized in these categories..
    daily reads (these are my top favorites)
    school blogs
    personal blogs
    business/shop blogs
    who knows? .. yes, that is my last category. Those are the blogs I follow that I have NO clue why I ever follow them! I probably have over 1,000 blogs in my reader.. maybe even more!

  38. I just realized that you are basically the Miss Congeniality of the teacher blog world. :) Look at all of these comments, girl! Love reading your posts... about everything... and Mr. Lizard too. Have a great weekend! Try not to feel too guilty!

  39. In the case of Teeny Tiny vs. Missing Blog Posting, we the jury find her NOT GUILTY!!! Don't do it - you are free to go! As a new blog stalker and blogger (well, it's still in the works), I'm just trying to figure out what a widget, gadget, thing a ma jig is! Let along posting, checking, commenting and creating. LOVE you Kristin whenever you post or don't post!

  40. You absolutely crack me up! Mr. Lizard is hilarious. I think it's impossible to comment in e-v-e-r-y blog but I try to get to as many as possible. Don't let it make you feel quilty..the blogger above said it best that it is first a hobby. We wouldn't let blogging get in the way of our classrooms so nobody expects us to post on every blog we follow. :). But we sure have fun trying huh?! :) love your blog! Have a great week!

    Second Grade Sugar and Spice

  41. I also cried through that entire episode of Parenthood. Crazy crying! I so hope they get the baby, but the previews lead you to believe ...no. When I get behind on blog stalking I skim titles and look for photos. I love when you all post photos. However, I never skim my favs....like you!

    Have a good week!


  42. See how far behind I am? It's ok. Just do your best, and use your skim/speed reading skills. My husband likes to tease me because he says I don't even read things, I just inhale them. I just have a lot of experience reading. :) And with all the blogs I stalk... I do a lot of reading.
    I'm glad your hubby is coming home. I hate when my hubby is gone.
    Life with Mrs. L

  43. I feel extremely behind now that I've moved and took a few weeks off blogging (I just joined my husband overseas and we're NEWLYWEDS!!....can you tell I'm excited to live in the same country as him again?!)

    I feel like I was barely in the loop with the blogs, and now I'm on the outskirts again! Not to keep up with people that follow my blog (it's a little blog), but trying to keep up reading other blogs.

    PLEASE keep me up to date with the bachelor and housewives........it's not here in England!! Maybe if we get u.s. netflicks(fingers crossed).