Hair and Stuff

I just got my hair "did" (why do people say that?).  I have been going to the same girl, Faye, for years.  Love her.  She is from Indonesia and is hilarious.  Because of her, I have become a product snob.  I admit it.  I spend way too much money on hair products.  I can't help it.  It's not my fault.  She started it.  

I was using Schwartzkopf stuff.  Yes, that's how you spell it.  Faye totally turned me onto it.  It's expensive.  But I love it.  And it's worth it.  When Kerry visits me and asks if she can "borrow" my shampoo, I say NO.  :)  And then I tell her I think the hubby has some Head and Shoulders under the sink.  

Recently, Faye started selling some very expensive shampoo and conditioner.  It's called Unite.  This wouldn't matter one bit to me.  Except that she said this:  "Right now, you're washing your hair with a BUICK and the Unite stuff is like washing your hair with a MERCEDES."  

A BUICK?  A BU---ICK?  My Schwartzkopf stuff is a BUUUU---IIIIIIICK?  


So I yelled said all that.  The last three times that I've visited her.  I will not bow to peer pressure.  I have also reminded her that I am a poor, lowly teacher and besides the Buick I'm washing my hair with, I'm driving my Nissan for the 9th year IN-A-ROW.  

But today.

Oh, today.

My tutoring money was burning a hole in my pocket.  And I did it.  I bought the Unite stuff.  The big bottles.  FOR A LOT OF MONEY. So much money that she gave me a spray to use for right before you blow dry your hair, FOR FREE.  Yes.  That's how much I spent.

I am now washing my hair with a Mercedes.  

The silver lining??  Faye said that Kim Kardashian uses this stuff.  (I promise that was said AFTER I'd made my purchase and not before.)  Well.  I'll be.  Kim Kardashian.  A reality TV celebrity.  I guess my only worry now is if using this product will make my butt even bigger . . . 

On a completely different topic, our school is currently being considered for a High Honor.  I have no idea if I can talk about it so use your imagination.

My principal has pretty much cancelled all staff meetings until we're visited by the High Honor People.  Without saying so, we are to use that extra time to get our rooms in tip top shape.  Really.  WITHOUT SAYING SO.  But we sure felt like we got the message.

The High Honor people are coming mid-March.  What to do?  What to do?  It won't officially be spring yet.  Do we keep it looking like a winter wonderland?  

No.  Too easy.

Our team decided to strip the walls and bring in the spring.  I haven't started yet and I need to get busy.  So before I change my boards, I thought I'd share them with you.

We wrote about the activities we would do if it snowed where we live.

Bear Reports

This is that small board above our cubbies that isn't big enough for 29-32 pieces of student work.  So it's just for looks.  I know.  Terrible.

I should have another picture for you, but I kept forgetting to take it.  It's my Sick Kid Art Projects with our writing.  The title of that board said "Ah . . . Ah . . . Ah-choo!" and turned out really cute.  Please use your imagination.

So I've got a big week ahead of me while I try to change all those boards.  Man.  And just for clarification, I don't have Open House until the end of May.  So I will be changing my boards AGAIN.  Do you change your boards this much?

I'd like to leave you with a freebie.  But I don't know what that would be.  I don't have one.  And it occurred to me that some of you might want a spring poem or a St. Patrick's poem so I need to get busy.  But I don't have a freebie.  :(   I just have a hair story and that's all.

I would like to know about your bulletin boards, though.  And maybe your hair products.   Because I like to be in the know.  (as well as not be alone in my dilemmas)


  1. A "Mercedes"?!?!

    I think that means I am rocking a "Yugo'! I totally buy my hair products at the Wally World- and sometimes it is on the endcap and sometimes- I can get a bottle for less than $5....scratch the "Yugo"...I think I'm on a Mo-Ped.

    Going Nutty!


  2. I had a HUGE hair product addiction. I REALLY miss that. A LOT. I've gone to the same girl forever, too! 19 years now, I think.

    I change my boards EVERY month. Without fail. It all comes down. It all came down today.

    I need a March poem, tonight!!!!! I was gonna ask you about it. :D
    Dragonflies in First

  3. I change my boards all the time. I have 3 that I change whenever I feel we made something hallway worthy. Like the Truffula trees we made yesterday that I had my Aid hang up today-can't wait to see how the board turned out!
    As far as hair products I have been switching like crazy lately-I can't seem to find one I like-besides Tea Tree products.

    Can't wait to see your new boards!

  4. By the way, your bulletin boards are adorable.
    Dragonflies in First

  5. I am totally cheap and use Pantene BUT I was just telling a friend today that I am getting split ends and she recommended Morroccan Oil. Ever tried it?
    Finally in First

  6. A few things...

    1. I wish our principal would cancel our staff meetings to do actual work!

    2. I am terrible about changing my boards. I still have Christmas paintings up..... but they are pretty....

    3. I love how you write about things you WOULD do in the snow!!! That cracks me up.

    Marvelous Multiagers!

  7. I have four things that I change at least once a month! (1) A hallway board, (2) my door decor, (3) a clothesline across my room, and (4) then I also have small cork strips in the hall and a small clothesline by my windows that get a project {the same one} so that's four projects total. I'm... busy :)

    And the expensive stuff makes your hair cleaner. It just does!!! ;)

    A Cupcake for the Teacher

  8. Oh and in case you don't see my reply to your comment on my blog, "no prep Mondays" means that on Mondays my kids don't have a special so then I don't have a prep period... so you don't want that!! lol.

    A Cupcake for the Teacher

  9. I am usually the Wal-mart queen but my daughter talked me into buying Kenra blow-dry spray. It is fabulous. My hair dries in half the time and smells soooo good!
    Concerning bulletin boards, mine get changed 1-2 times per nine weeks period. (we just started 9 week vs. 6 week periods and I loooooooove it!)

  10. Well shiver my patootie, haircare AND boards…that's exactly what I was doing today!!! New products for me too…went for the BMW model so the 16 yr old diva wouldn't grumble. Goodness knows it's not about my needs. HA!

    As for my boards, I change them 3 times a yr…and today was the beginning of the BIG change… I won't have a lot of parents in the room before Open House so I'm safe and I just add a splash of new color to liven up the the joint when needed. The kiddos are excited to see what's ahead.

  11. Oh my gosh...I think I need to buy that shampoo. Of course I haven't googled the price yet..but if YOU buy it then I must NEED it too!

  12. Hmm...just googled the price...first I need to find someone to tutor!! Well, if it makes your hair feel like a Mercedes they HEY...why not??

  13. I have become a product snob too!! lol And I TOTALLY blame my hair girl :)

  14. Love your bulletin board! Where I teach, there are VERY STRICT fire regulations - only 20% of our walls may have paper on them and it must be at least 18 inches from the ceiling, nothing hanging from the ceiling, absolutely nothing on our doors or in the windows on our doors, nothing on the top shelf of our book shelves (they even removed the shelves in some rooms), NOTHING on the walls in the hallway (because the children hang their coats out there), and no appliances (I'm in big trouble if they find the coffee pot I have hidden behind a curtain - the curtain is also "illegal" because it's not flame retardant but I lie and tell them it is). You can imagine how drab things are but we all sneak stuff up when no one's looking. We have a big fire inspection coming up next week - the day of Parent-Teacher. I'll be whipping stuff up as soon as they clear the building so parents don't think their children spend all day in some dull, boring institution! Shh, don't tell! :-)

  15. You could give samples of your new hair stuff as a freebie:))) I am probably only washing my hair with a......oh I don't even know....I try to hit sales when I can on the fancy stuff but boy is it expensive....and Lord help him if the hubs uses it!!!!

    Love your bulletin boards!!! I only have little ones.....I can't believe how big yours are!!! Are all those yours and up at one time????? I am BB jealous....I can't even put up work for maybe 10 of mine....so I use the hall, the wall, sometimes the mall.....oops just kidding, not the mall....kinda got caught up in a Dr. Seuss moment with the rhyming.

    4th Grade Frolics

  16. I don't use anything special on my hair but maybe I should. I'm having a love hate relationship with it right now. I cut it before Christmas kind of short and I liked it. But with a wedding a few months away I didn't want it to be too short. So my guy (I've been seeing the same guy for the past 5 years or so) just trimmed and it's in a weird in between stage.
    I have limited space for bulletin boards. In my room, they never change. One is my word wall, one is my writing center wall, and one is the calendar. Ok so actually the do change a litle but nothing big. In the hallway, the students pick something that we've done for the week to go up and it changes weekly.

  17. Mercedes? Wow.
    We are being observed by the fed/state next week...something about Title 1, seeing if we are doing what we're supposed to...I promise, if we have one more faculty meeting about it, I'm gonna...wait, we have one today (again)...so nevermind lol

    First Grade Blue SKies

  18. Kristin, I never leave your blog without laughing...at least once! Have a great day! :)
    primary practice

  19. OhMy. The Kim K. comment was a laugh-out-loud moment.
    And I REALLY needed one.
    I took down down the "It's the First Day of School" poems in January. No lie.
    BBoards are another of my aspirations that never seem to materialize.
    You have 33 little ones? That is BEYOND ridiculous. I'd be putting Kahlua in my coffee at recess if my too-many-to-teach-at-once kiddos were LITTLE. {Shiver. Shiver again}
    Good luck with your visit. I have a feeling there may be some knocking going on in mid-March...

    Finding JOY in 6th Grade

  20. I have the hair fixing abilities of a two year old, when I have a shorter bob, I do like big sexy hair spray, not that I get big sexy hair, but it holds really well when the Idaho winds start to blow and I am on bus duty.

    My room is essentially all bulletin boards, I don't do much with them, because there are sooooo many. I put up the sound spelling cards, and the math posters and then change the others once in a blue moon, or when I have time which is basically never. We have big rules about how much of our room can be covered so I wait till after the state safety inspection (November) to put much up at all. By the by, your bulletin boards are so cute and perfect and level. My not so much.
    Thanks for the blog, I love it and it makes me smile.
    bubbalulu.blogspot.com Tales from Second

  21. I don't have any boards :( The ones outside my door in the hall are blocked by the junk pile that our principal won't let us get rid of just in case we need it when the new addition is done. It's a huge pile of chairs, filing cabinets, desks, tables and sports equipment and its completely blocking my boards :(

    About the hair though...I totally have a Lamborghini product for you to try....it's what they give to the women on The Bachelor to use on their hair on the show...just send me your next TWO tutoring checks and I'll hook you up ; P

    Jennifer @ Herding Kats In Kindergarten

  22. Oh my. And schwarzkopf means "black head" in German. Just thought you'd like to know lol.

    Bulletin boards...well at the schools I sub for, depends on the teacher. Until yesterday, one teacher had the same board since September. One has had the same board for 3 months now.

    And some teachers change theirs once a month.

    Journey of a Substitute Teacher

  23. I only have one changing board. Outside in the hall. It changes weekly because I am THAT teacher...roll your eyes. everyone does!
    But my hair...I do like to change the style of it and mix it up but my husband has me on yugo products. (the car not a real hair product name) I occasionally sneak in the highest quality of local store brand, but nothing from the salon. I get in trouble.
    When I go to the salon I have total product envy. I sneak in the extra fun hair products by keeping them under my sink. I am pretty sure he is on to me cuz that's where we keep a lot of stuff that he needs too, but so far so good!

  24. aw, ya! I am all about the hair! I've been using Ouidad products for awhile now...they're meant for wavy/curly hair (mine is somewhere between) and they work great (though I'm not sure they're as fancy as your shampoo!!). I also use Garnier when scrunching/curling my hair which sounds cheap, but that stuff rocks and they totally use it on the Project Runway models!

    I adore your boards...they are gorgeous! I don't do seasonal ones in the same way (since my guys are older) and they are always black in the background. I LOVE your blue!

  25. A girl has got to have another addiction then stationary, right ;-)

    I love your bulletin boards, they are super cute! We tnd to change boards according to topics, on my last prac we were doing wet and dry environments and we had wetland and desert animals everywhere :) when changing the boards it feels like the unit is completed :)

    Hope you have a wonderful day

    Kylie :)

  26. ugh- hair products stress me out. I have the lamest hair EVER... it's stick straight and wont hold a curl- even if I plaster it with spray. And that makes me sad because I want those big lose curls that are sooo cute! Anyway- my friend's sister started a hair salon and now I get my products from her at 1/2 price! So, maybe I can test drive your Mercedes at Buick prices!!! I'll have to ask her about the products!!

    Let's Teach Something

  27. I have decided my hair does what it wants to and I have no say in it what-so-ever. When I want it straight, it wants to curl. When I want it flat it decides to be big. We argue but I lose everytime! Until it starts listening it is getting Garnier from the grocery store. Oh... I have treated it to some special things a time or two but did it listen after the reward? Of course not so... its grounded!

    Bulletin boards - I put up fabric for the background and it stays up all year(s) long. For some boards, I will switch out the board for others it is always the same. I try to do a monthly seasonal one or at least some sory of unit we are working on. The students also pick what they want to be on display on their individual board.

  28. Gaaahhh we're getting the "High Honor" visit in 2 weeks too! I spent a big chunk of Saturday in my classroom. :( Well, I was also prepping for a sub, so there's that.

    I am a "Wen Girl". It's pricey, and I don't make much (need salary points!). But I love the stuff. LOVE. IT.

    I try to change my bulletin boards when the units change. But so much of my space is dedicated to anchor charts now, it doesn't really matter.