Holy Cuteness

Well, the verdict is in and I'm not guilty of failure to comment and/or read blogs in the first degree.  This is a huge relief, considering I have charges pending on an un-approved Art Lesson that I taught.  My lawyer says I'm not allowed to talk about it.

So, onto the cuteness!!

Our standards state that first graders need to know what life was like a long time ago.  It says one hundred years ago, (to be exact) but the longer I teach, that one hundred years ago keeps creeping up in the 1900s and stuff is just not as cute.  For example, I'd rather teach about covered wagons than a car.  And one-room houses rather than apartment buildings.  So my team and I have kind of "tweaked" this standard to mean first graders should know what life was like during the Pioneer Days.  It's way more fun.

Shockingly enough, DJ Inkers only has a little bit of this kind of clipart.  You can check out what I already purchased {HERE}.  It's cute.  However, it's not everything I'm looking for.  And lo and behold, they did not jump on it like I thought they would when I emailed them and suggested it.  Besides the clipart, I strongly recommended that they make a bulletin board set and matching borders.  I'm still waiting.  Ahem.  Do they not know who I am?  I mean, really.  

So, I had to try something different.  For example, when Nikki at Melonzhead Illustrating asked for some suggestions, I said, "PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE MAKE ME SOME PIONEER CLIPART!"  "Have you considered a possible Pioneers bundle?" 

Well, guess what, peeps?  Ask and ye shall receive!

LOOK AT MY BUNDLE!!!!  (And I can say my bundle because she named it after me.  That's right!  Uh huh.  DJ Inkers, listen up!!!  You could learn a little something.)

(click the pic to go visit my bundle)

Ohhhhhh, I just love it.  Squeal.  I can't wait to start creating with it.  I don't know quite what I'm going to do with it just yet.  But the juices are flowing.  My team and I are changing what we usually do for Open House (Habitats) to Pioneers.  It's going to be really good, whatever it is.  Open House at my school is like the Oscars.  Over the top.  Red carpet.  Gowns.  The curriculum cops become our  body guards because parents try to shove their way in to hand-pick the teacher that they want for the following year.  And upper grade kids try to sneak in to eat my food.  Yes, that's right.  I serve food.  

I don't have a freebie with the clipart yet.  I've been hanging out with the hubby.  Or, rather, sleeping.  I didn't quite hit the 14 hours, but I was close.  Hunger won out.  

But I'll share whatever I come up with so don't worry your pretty little heads.

And thanks again for the not guilty verdict.  I must say, I'm enjoying my freedom.  


  1. I love it!!!! You, the bundle named after you, and the fact that YOU have been found not guilty!!!!

    Have a great week!

    Crisscross Applesauce in First Grade

  2. Love the bundle and how cool that it's named after you?!?! You're even more famous now lol :)

    Journey of a Substitute Teacher

  3. HOLY CUTENESS!! I cannot believe how adorbs that is! I NEED IT, MAN!
    Look what you've done, awakened the clipart junkie within me! And, I love that it's named after you! YAY!
    Kerri B

  4. This is great!! We teach pioneers in 2nd grade!! And our open house is like the Oscars as well!! It's coming up so fast! March 22nd! I would love to see what you are creating :)


    An Education Lasts a Lifetime

  5. Clipart named after you, well that means you hit the jackpot! So cute.

    Yearn to Learn Blog

  6. So cute! We just finished learning about the past!! I will have to go pick this clip art up!! Thanks for sharing!

  7. I was wondering if that Kristin was YOU! lol!! Good to know that it's there when I need it :)

    ♥ Jen
    The Teacher's Cauldron

  8. I love the clipart...and consider yourself famous that it is named after you!! We know we will never be rich being teachers, so we gotta give it a shot of being famous. CONGRATS!! Can't wait to see what you do with it!!

  9. well call me marybeth anne and hoop my skirt...that's so darlin.
    can' wait for your creation.

  10. Kristin, When I saw Nikki's new bundle, I just knew it was named after YOU! But I wasn't sure why you wanted cute pioneer items. Now I know and am so excited because I usually do an old fashioned school house theme in June BUT I haven't had anyone want to jump onboard with me. Now when you share ideas, I am just going to pretend that we are at the same school and working together. What fun! I got some of my ideas from the Interact Schoolhouse unit, but I had to tweak it A LOT because that unit is really aimed for older children.
    Idea #1 from Camille: My students all get "pioneer" names. I assign them to "families" where their unseen parents are of different professions. I have a giant map and they have to (as a family) pick where they are going to live based on their parent's profession. (Example: the farmer's children need to pick a farm, the shopkeeper's children need to pick a place in town to be their shop and home). This is getting too long. Maybe I should blog about this. Will do!
    An Open Door

  11. I am obviously a dork. I don't know much about clip art AND I don't know why you have an open house in March. I'm going to check out the clipart on my own, please fill me in on open houses in March. We have one before school starts.

    First in Maine

  12. Melonheadz stuff is so cute. I have a similar problem with social studies. Texas history. There's nothing. Except for cowboys, which covers, like, one standard out of two hundred. I bet I could stretch a little of that pioneer melonheadz stuff to look like Texas stuff... hmm...
    Buzzing with Ms. B

  13. I wish I had a good reason to use that, but teaching pioneer days isnt my top priority, lol.

    Ms. Rachel’s Room

  14. I just love Nikki's stuff!!!! I had no idea it was you....THE Kristin....that it was named after when I saw it on her blog. I mean, we {Nikki and I} live in Utah and I was SURE that it came from someone here. It's in the 4th grade curriculum {Mormon Pioneers}. But it was YOU! Which makes it fabulous. I heart you and I heart Melonheadz! YAY!!!!!!

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  16. Are you in the one in the pink, on the end?
    har de har har!

    Very cute!

    Going Nutty!


  17. I saw those little Pioneer Peeps last night.. but I didn't know that they were YOURS!! You are a celebrity :o) Very cute.. even if I am not really into the "old people"

  18. I love that you have some clip art named after you! That is like accepting an oscar! I so look forward to reading about your life. You may think it is an average life, but to many of us, it's a breath of fresh air! (and a laugh or giggle too!)

    Second In Line

  19. That is super exciting and super CUTE! My boyfriend is a graphic artist and is about to get on the clip art making train, which I have to admit I'm super duper excited about since I will have more say in what clip art I get.

  20. I saw that and I knew it must have been for you!! Nikki is incredible, isn't she? I asked for a set too...I can't wait 'til it comes out.

    I hope you enjoy the rest of your weekend Kristin :)

  21. It is adorable!! The first grade teachers at my school do Olden Days {I'll find out any information I can and pass it to you!} Hope the Academy Awards are helping you escape the Sunday Night Blues!

  22. Obviously, DJ Inkers doesn't know who they are dealing with! Melonheadz is awesome and so fast and obviously has good taste. Ahem! With a bundle named after you, you know you are somebody! Can't wait to see the gown for Oscar, I mean Open House, Night! :)

    2B Honey Bunch
    The Best Endings

  23. Oh, now I want to teach a pioneer unit! This is too cute :-)

    It is so nice to know a famous person!!
    hugs, Chrissy

  24. Cute graphics! Isn't it so silly that we have to feel like we're doing something wrong by doing an art project? I recently went to a Common Core workshop put on by my county office of ed. The presenter said that there is no other state as tied to its textbooks as California. I thought "That explains why other people seem to do so many creative fun things." But these standards might help make things better here too. Let's hope!
     Chrissy

    First Grade Found Me

  25. "Your" bundle is adorable. I love her stuff. Our dog and pony show... I mean Open House... isn't until May. Yep, those kinder parents love to come in an "interview" us for the following year. They don't get to pick. I never understand the interviewing.

    Looking forward to what your making with all that cute clipart.
    Dragonflies in First

  26. Whew! I haven't been by all week so I had a lot to catch up on. Love the clipart. Courtney on the Bachelor makes me throw up a little in my mouth and I can't believe he got rid of C. I was heartbroken. I didn't know you watched the Challenge too. We could definitely be BFF's. I am so glad you got to sleep. I overslept today and didn't make it to church. I was sad but feel rested now. Longest week ever! I hope you have a good week. How long until your Spring Break? Two weeks and counting for me.
    <>< Crystal

  27. The clipart is soooo cute. And we have Open House every single year in March!

  28. Super cool!

    Now, what I'd love to see is a *truly* Kristin set... complete with severed finger and all!

    Mrs. Bainbridge's Blog

  29. That is really cool! I want someone to design my own clipart! Now I just need the idea............. Thanks for the laughs and tips! I love love your blog!



  30. Oh yea! A new place for clipart. Congrats on your new bundle.

    Mrs Poland
    Think, Wonder, & Teach