Teddy Bear Poem - Last Time

This is the last Teddy Bear thing that I'll throw at you.  I don't want you to roll your eyes and/or think "Enough already!" (which is sort of how I'm feeling with the whole Seuss thing, but that's only because I'm not ready for it yet.  And you'll be glad to know we have an ENTIRE day dedicated to Read Across America with an assembly and everything. Really!!  So I've been downloading all the freebies like crazy but then I hide them.  Because I'm not ready.)

I am very sorry if you are at school.  Insert sad face here.  My sad face is really masking the happy face that I am wearing because I am off today.  And once again, I'm not going anywhere.  The farthest I will travel today is to the refrigerator, pantry, and the bathroom.  I'm eating my way through two bags (2 for $7) of the Cadbury mini eggs.  People, these are my favorites.  I have no words for how happy I am when they return.   I also have some Reality TV on in the background that I don't normally watch.  Like Khloe and Lamar, Big Rich Texas, Basketball Wives, and some kind of Cupcake show.  It's been . . . interesting.

Speaking of Reality TV, did anyone catch the season premiere of The Amazing Race?  This is actually one of the shows that the hub is hooked on, too.  We were dying over the fact that Brendan and Rachel (Big Brother) were on it.  Oh no!!!!  NO!!!  NO!!!  Go away, already!!!!!  Now hubby is threatening not to watch it with me this season.  NO!!!  

All right.  I'll stop.

Here's the Teddy Bear Poem and Word Cards in color.
My Teddy Bear Color

And here it is in the black and white version:
My Teddy Bear b&w

And last, but not least, the Fill in the Blank one:
My Teddy Bear Fill in the Blank

I hope you can use these poems, even if you don't have a Teddy Bear day.

I had a couple of questions about Teddy Bear Day that I thought I should answer.  I have no idea why we teach bears in January/February.  But we do.  Maybe because bears hibernate in the winter?  Really.  No idea.  I think you could do this at any time of the year.  The kids love learning about the different types of bears and go crazy for the non-fiction books that I check out of the library.  Don't forget to sing "Circle of Life" if your kids get upset about the fact that bears are carnivores.  Which means that they eat other animals.  When I read aloud about polar bears eating seals, I tell my first graders it's perfectly natural.  We understand this completely.  After the kiddos pat my back, get me kleenex, and wait for me to blow my nose, we move on.   

Also, be prepared for the whole mammal thing and how babies drink their mother's milk.  It can get a little uncomfortable.  What is it with these kids and all of their questions????  I just inform my kiddos that animals have access to baby bottles, too.  They register and everything.   I hear the playtex ones are the best kind.  Is this true?

Leave me some love if you grab the poem!  And/or if you saw Brendan and Rachel last night, too!  Grrrrr.


  1. LOVE Cadbury mini eggs! not the kind with the filling the kind that have the crunchy outside!!! Yummmm. Teddy bear stuff is too cute thanks for sharing.

  2. I watched a bit of Amazing Race but I'm kind of getting tired of AR. I love Cadbury's too! I avoided that aisle today at the store though lol.

    Journey of a Substitute Teacher

  3. Love the poem! Now I sooooo want to throw a bear unit/day/event/moment into my calendar. Hmmm ... It will have to be after Seuss Day. I will see what I can do.

    Many of my friends rave about Amazing Race so I decided to watch it last night. I was so hoping that BR /RB? would end up in last place. I liked the golfing sisters, but R was already annoying. Hopefully BR will go home soon! But according to the previews R causes lots of drama in coming weeks so I guess they are sticking around. Sigh. Not sure if I will watch more.
    An Open Door

  4. Thanks for adding more to my teddy bear file. It is huge already. I love Cadbury's. Just came from Meijer and had to look the other way when I saw the candy aisle. I sooooo wanted to grab me some chocolate.

  5. Haven't watched the Amazing Race yet (it's in my DVR to watch soon!!!!) BUT, I did see that "Brenchel" was on it in a preview **insert puke face here** and UGH! I LOVE LOVE LOVED when Jeff and Jordan were on there, but BRENCHEL!?!?!

    Are you going to include Amazing Race in your Talk About it Tuesday?? I'd say pretty please with a cherry on top!! :)

    Let's Teach Something

  6. The MR L.O.V.E.S. the big Cadbury ones- I can't do it. It's a texture thing, it just feels weird.

    I can, however, eat all kinds of other chocolates!!! With no problem at all!!!


    Going Nutty!


  7. I wish I could eat chocolate like you can:((( I would be bigger than I already am and that's not fun sooooooooooo.....poo....I'll munch carrots while you eat chocolate....yeah, right!

    Teddy Bear stuff too cute!

    Brendan and Rachel....YUK!!! Missed it and glad! Can't handle her laugh and "ain't nobody messing with my man....." Uggg.....it's like knitting needles in the eyeballs!!!

    4th Grade Frolics

  8. at a recent girl scout event about mammals one of my sweethearts announced that she {I quote} "never drank from my mommy's booby, but I'm still a mammal." YIKES. Fortunately for me, we were on a field trip and the docent handled the question. ("Yes, you are right, you are still a mammal.") YIKES YIKES.

  9. I do my bear unit in January, too! Is there another time to do it? hmmm

    Loved this post!

  10. Rachel and Brendan make me throw up a little bit in my mouth! They'll probably win the whole thing, darn it! GAG!

  11. I'm leavin' some love because I CANNOT get enough of those mini eggs either! They are like some kind of drug. I was at the grocery store on Friday night with my sister (I know, I live fast) and I jokingly grabbed the entire cardboard tray of mini eggs and put it into the cart (well, only half-jokingly). I decided to get 5 mini bags. They're gone now...though in all fairness it is a long weekend!

    I love your printable--adorable!!
    Kristen :)

  12. My son't Teddy Bear Day is Friday! I am going to send him to school with these!!
    First Grade Blue Skies

  13. son's...not son't (I am a dork...who can't type...lol)

  14. We do Teddy Bear's in September, but anytime is great! About Amazing Race...I hadn't watched it for quite awhile, but somehow got into it last night. I was very sad to see Rachel on there. She wasn't too annoying yet, but at the end when they preview the season, I can see where she is DEFINITELY going to be!!


  15. I LOVE RACHEL!!!! kinda...
    but I do LOVE AR!!! I like it when they put reality stars in there too...but I would rather see like Kim and Nene or Tori and Dean or Farley and Teeny!!! HA HA that would be hilarious because I am scared of anything taller than like 3 stories and I hate running.. there was a reason I was a goalie in soccer!!!

  16. I had a child ask me the other day is dick was a bad word. It could be, why do you ask? The child then got a sad face and said it was his uncle's name. So I had to go into the whole nickname thing. Kids!

    2B Honey Bunch
    The Best Endings

  17. Was it Cupcake Wars you were watching? Love that show but the host is super obnoxious! :)

  18. Feelin' out of the loop lately...but I'm about to be back on track. Thanks for the teddy bear poem! We used to do a teddy bear picnic. I'm thinkin' about bringing that back when we do our animal research reports. Not in love with the Cadbury eggs - but I'm addicted to Reese's Peanut Butter Cup eggs. Yum!
    Funky First Grade Fun

  19. Brendan and Rachel... Grrr... Such a disappointment to see them on Amazing Race... Nothing Comes Between Me and..... OMG!!! Make her STOP!!!!

    The printables are so cute!
    Dragonflies in First

  20. Thanks for all the teddy bear love! We don't study bears at all, but we read the story Corduroy in our 2nd Grade Open Court reading anthology. That happens in our second unit - sometime in October, so I'll be saving all the great teddy bear stuff for next year!

    Also, I don't watch Amazing Race, but The Bachelor - don't even get me started on Courtney!

  21. Thank you for the cute teddy bear freebies!

    First Grade Magic

  22. Love the poem- keep 'em coming! Thanks! The poetry station has become a favorite literacy station, thanks to you!! And sorry, I missed Brendan and Rachel (who?)- Sunday nights are for Desperate Housewives;-)

  23. Cute poems, cute comments double cute!

  24. I'm having a hard time typing this - I have the jitters. See, I was on a mini-vacay and could check my blogs, but commenting took too long with my clumsy thumbs. So here I am...FINALLY able to comment, but still have the twitches from being relatively blogless....AHHHH....

    LOVE your poems...kids LOVE your poems.

    I watched The Amazing Race...and have never watched it before. Just happened upon it and I will admit - it was quite entertaining. I want to two southern boys {Friends} to win already. They were so humble and sweet.

    Crisscross Applesauce in First Grade

  25. Is there a rule against commenting twice on the same blog post?? Either way, I thought you'd enjoy the story I shared with Staci over on her squirrely blog:

    My husband and I were tossing around names for a baby when I was pregnant with my Henry (2 years ago), and I was joking and recommended "Thor Luther" We laughed and laughed :)

    Just made me think of that... when I was reading her blog about tho thorry. HA!

    Let's Teach Something