You know how I was super busy last week?  In terms of a teacher who happens not to be a mother?  Well, it happened again this week.  I won't go into details.

Who am I kidding?  I will.

Monday:  Dinner with Friends (fun times and good food!)

Tuesday:  Dave Ramsey Financial Class (I elect not to put anything here in paranthesis for fear you will get the wrong idea and not take this class seriously.  Money is serious business.  I just don't find it interesting.  So, again, I elect not to put anything in paranthesis.  How'd I do?)

Wednesday:  Bible Study (because someone's kids had soccer, baseball, softball, basketball, Taekwondo, jazz, dance, art, cheer, basket weaving, lego building, homework, headache, etc. so we had to switch from Thursday to Wednesday this week)

Thursday:  Wii Party in the Classroom (My teaching partner and I sell ourselves at this "thing" to earn money for the school.  I bring my Wii and we have pizza and snacks AFTER SCHOOL with some kiddos.  It is fun, but it's still something I have to cross off the list every year.)  I just took a bubble bath to recover.

Friday:  Although it's not here yet, it ALMOST is!  Can you say HUNGER GAMES?????????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  At 4:45??????????!!!!!!!!!!  Already got my ticket!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I won't go into the weekend, but it's busy too.  

I'm hanging in there, though.  What with my TWO WEEK SPRING BREAK coming -- what what!! 

So, anyway, remember how I told you that we were having some very special guests come to our school because we are up for a HUGE AWARD?  

I had to change my four bulletin boards from winter to spring.  It took awhile, but I did it.

Here they are for your viewing pleasure.  Enjoy.  I'm going to go get a Cadbury mini egg while you look.  (By the way, I took these with my new 4S phone.  I'm not impressed.  Do I need to do something with the settings or something?)

We wrote cinquain poems about weather.  

This is that small board above our cubbies.  No student work is displayed.  
I know.  Shoot me.

We wrote about Spring.

We wrote about weather.  I think.  I can't remember.  But I love these ducks. 
 I want to bring them home with me.

I was a wreck when the V.I.P.'s visited.  So was my principal.  It was a BIG DEAL.  The district even gave us money for new landscaping and painting in preparation.  I know.  Where'd that money come from?  My supply closet?  My purse?

The special visitors came through my classroom in the morning.  There was a lot of knocking leading up to that point.  Even a phone call or two.  We were in a tizzy.

The classroom visit went well.  My kids were great.

Later that day, I had to have a sub because the special people interviewed the Leadership Team.  No pressure.  

"No pressure."  That's what my principal said.

I alternated between foaming at the mouth, and saying too much to sitting there like a bump on a log. and not saying anything.  Folks, it wasn't pretty.

We'll know in mid-April if we get the big award.  The big shebang.

We'll see.

In the meantime, I have a lot of blogs to catch up on.  As well as TV.

I don't miss Ben, but I do miss Talk About It Tuesday.  My friend (hi Christina!!) wants me to have Wine About It Wednesday.  And we can talk about the O.C. Housewives . . . anyone?  Is it too late?

Here's the Writing Paper from all three bulletin boards if you want to grab them.  :)
Spring Butterflies Page 2
Spring Publishing


  1. I think your phone took great pictures!!! My camera is dead right now so I have been mostly using my camera to take pictures for my blog and it is awful.

    Also you have a lot of bulletin boards! Wow!

    Marvelous Multiagers!

  2. The bulletin boards look great! So cheerful :)

    Hope you get the award!

    Mmmm wine. I could go for some now. Or tomorrow.

    Journey of a Substitute Teacher

  3. Love you bulletin boards. They are just "Ducky" Hope your school gets the big award!!!

    First Grade Delight

  4. oh I love these bulletin boards! SO cute. IS there any chance you could share the stationary paper you had the kiddos use to write on and your writing prompts?

  5. I LOVE your birdhouse. Ahhh almost makes me want to teach the little people.

    but not that much.
    Buzzing with Ms. B

  6. not too late at all to talk about the housewives of OC ....OR have wine! have fun at Hunger Games tomorrow!

  7. So Springy and cute! Good job!

  8. Hello Sweet Friend:

    Our "supply room" is almost empty. One two-sided sad little row of paper, pencils, bad pens, used binders, etc.

    The last time we had budget problems, we got paper donated from local businesses (We crossed off the letterhead and wrote on the back). The local "arcade place" gave us those mini golf pencils. I am NOT kidding.

    So far we still have "tall" pencils (no offense) WITH erasers!

    I hope you all win the big award. I bet they would give it to your school if they read the story about "the people who were locked in." You earned it for everyone that day!

    Wishing you two weeks of pjs and BLISS.

    Finding JOY in 6th Grade

  9. Our weather unit is in April. Thanks for sharing. :D
    Your bulletin boards are cute.
    I think you can do wine/whine about it Wednesday on any ol' show... we'll be there!
    We had our visit from the VIP's a few weeks ago. Our parents spent the weekend prior prettying up the gardens and made a huge luncheon for them. It all went fabulously. I wish our curriculum police were as wonderful as those State VIPS were!
    You did have a busy week, but I'm not feeling sorry for you because you get 2 weeks off!!!! I'm just feelin' jealous instead. :P
    Dragonflies in First

  10. The bulletin boards are so cute!!! And I have heard from many friends that Dave's class is amazing!!!!


    Apples and ABC's

  11. We are having those same visitors on Tuesday!!! We are in a tizzy as well although there has been no landscaping or painting here! Good Luck!

    Finally in First

  12. I just have to say....I am WAY jealous of all your boards!! I have 4 boards - smaller than the width of my arm span :( and I'm lucky to get all the kids work up there, so there's NO decorating them...
    And I'm' sure y'all passed with flying colors!!

    ♥ Jen
    The Teacher's Cauldron

  13. Wine about it Wednesday...Love it!!!


  14. The movie was EVERYthing you want and more. No kidding- I want to go back and see it again tonight. Please pray I make it through the day in one piece myself :)

  15. Thanks for the papers we are writing today. Your bulletin boards look lovely. I had the Special Ed teacher tell me her niece did bulletin boards and would I like her to do some. I think that was a big hint that my room is ugly.
    Spring break here I come!!!!!!

  16. Wow, no pressure huh? You're boards look great. Thanks for the writing paper!


  17. These are so beautiful, Kristin!! I think your room looks a lot better than mine did when I was teaching:)

  18. I am so jealous you already have your ticket for the hunger games... I am waiting for the crazyness to calm down before I attempt going to the movie theater.

    Love your blog, you always make me smile.

    The Crazy Adventures of a University Graduate

  19. Omg!! You are just a crazy girl! At least you get two weeks off! Have a great weekend girl!

  20. I saw the Hunger Games at 4:50 today :) I thought it was sooo great! I am trying to decide if it would be as interesting to those that have not read the book, though, because I feel like they just wouldn't get the significance of some things, ya know?

    Hope you liked it! Happy weekend! Super jealous of your 2 week break, BTW.


  21. Thanks for the poetry paper! We will focus on poetry in April.

    YES to Wednesday Wine/Whine :-). Any group of Housewives will suffice for discussion (or the Braxton family----LOVE them!).

    My break began at 4:32pm today. I am beyond excited! Why do you live so far away?!

  22. This comment has been removed by the author.

  23. A few tips about your phone...

    I'm assuming you have an iPhone 4S. I love and hate the camera on mine. In the right lighting, the pictures are amazing. In the wrong lighting, they are a disaster. Usually outdoor daytime pics turn out fabulous.

    Some general tips that might help:
    Keep your flash turned off in the daytime. Only use it when it's evening or particularly dark.

    Consider purchasing the Camera+ app. I think it costs about $3.00, but it has some really helpful filters to enhance your photos (backlight, enhance, clarify). I use the Camera+ app on mine any time I am taking photos to post online.


    Hope this helps!

  24. We had our Distinguished School validation visit just prior to spring break and I too was interviewed as part of the leadership team so I feel your stress. We will get word on the results in April. Crossing fingers and toes!

    Yearn to Learn Blog

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