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I love Linky Parties.  They give me a focus for writing.  If you haven't noticed, I tend to ramble.  Linkies change all that.  For the most part.

I am joining up with Tara at 4th Grade Frolics.  :)  How cute is this graphic?  It's by Michelle at The 3AM Teacher.  LOVE IT!

Here's my lunch box.  It's not fancy.  But it gets the job done.  I'd like one with longer handles, but it's fine.  It's worked all year.  Plus, I bought it through a school fundraiser.  Yep.  That's me.  Helping out the little guy.

Seeing as how I'm on Spring Break, I didn't pack a lunch today.  But this is what I'm going to have for lunch today, and it's a typical lunch that I would take to school.

I generally don't bring the whole box of cereal and the gigantic jug of milk with me.  So I threw the tupperware into the picture at the last minute so you get the idea.  

Cereal?  CEREAL?  Yes.  Cereal.

I love cereal.  (Not the milk, but I wet it just enough to get my vitamin D for the day)  I don't have time to eat cereal in the morning.  And, believe it or not, I've cut out my English muffin with peanut butter.  I know.  I almost don't believe it, either.  But it's true.  It's gone.  Now that I'm "walking" every morning, I don't have time.  

Let's rephrase that.  I do have the time.  But I am just having way too much fun getting up at 5:30am as it is.  To get up even earlier for a toasted English muffin might be TOO MUCH FUN . . . 

Now I just grab a granola bar and go.  It was a huge shock to my system not having that English muffin anymore.  It was either that or the Fiber One bar (I had no idea fiber could do that).  

So now I take cereal.  And have breakfast for lunch.  Yum.  I usually save the apple for after school.  

I'm not a big drinker unless it's wine, and since that's frowned upon at my school (I know - rigid), I usually bring Crystal Light or Iced Tea.  I keep fifty cents in the bottom of my lunch bag, just in case I need a soda.  You just never know.  It all depends on those little rascals.  

I feel really lucky that our soda machine only requires fifty cents.  I had a particularly bad day when the machine wouldn't take my two quarters.  It kept spitting one back out.  What in the world?  I understand the Dollar Bill Syndrome but I had no clue how to flatten and smooth out a quarter.  No one in the lounge had anything to trade it out with . . . I was in a tizzy.  I never even got my soda that day because as it turns out, I was using a Canadian coin.  My husband goes to Canada about twice a year.  That machine is really smart because that coin could have fooled me.  I mean, it did.  Really.

I also keep snacks in my lunch bag.  I'm a snacker.  Chomp chomp.

Notice there are no pictures of starbursts.  Or math pills.  Or Girl Scout Cookies.  Nope.  I am a healthy eater.  Nod.  Yep.  Nod.

We always go out to eat on Fridays.  Places close by to us include Jack in the Box, Subway, a pizza place (by the slice with salad), Chick Fil A, Wendy's, and Panera.  On days when we feel like the world is on our side and we can drive reallyreallyreally fast without getting caught, we can make it to In and Out.  (I have decided I am having lunch right after I type this post.  I'm suddenly starving.)  

Even though Fridays are our designated going-out days, it's not hard to talk my partner into "going down the hill" and foregoing our lunches from home.  She can just as easily talk me into it.  It's okay.  We deserve it.  We teach first grade.

Tara also wanted us to discuss our lunch situation.

Here's the situation.

My lunch is from 11:25 to 12:10.  Or 12:15.  It depends.  Let me explain.  The bell rings at 12:10.  Which means the kids freeze on the playground at that time.  Then the noon supervisors blow their whistles and the kids run like crazy devils walk really nicely to their lines.  Then they continue to play and chase one another line up like soldiers.  We give the noon supervisors time to reflect on how wonderful our classes are before we pick them up.  It's only fair.

People, I have a DUTY FREE LUNCH.  It's in our contract.  I can't believe all of you who don't have this.  Well, both.  You don't have a DUTY FREE LUNCH so I'm assuming you don't have a CONTRACT.  Our contract states that we get a 30 minute duty free lunch EVERY DAY NO MATTER THE WEATHER.  And our principal is AMAZING when it comes to the weather.  She'll have the kids sit in our multi-purpose room to eat for the first 25 mintues, and then she has them sit outside under the pavillion in the rain or wind for the last 20 minutes when they would otherwise be playing had the weather cooperated.  Yep.  I know.  I'm trying not to chuckle.  I think she thinks it's good for them.  (sneaky smile)  Anyways, I almost always get my whole 45 minutes.  

I feel spoiled after reading about some of your lunch times and eating with kids and everything.  When my class earned a reward of eating with me in the classroom, they wore me out.  "Can you open this?  I can't open this.  Can I use scissors?  The noon supervisor always gets this open for me.  This is hot.  This is cold.  This is good.  This is gross.  This is my favorite.  Do you have a microwave?"  If you do this everysingleday, I bow down to you.  As soon as I saw the rest of the first and second grade classes heading down to the playground, I yelled for my class to get out announced that it was time to play.

So that's my lunch story.  Now I need to go get me some.

Don't forget to link up with Tara.  She's also having a giveaway!  Go check it out!

Did I ramble?


  1. We also eat out on Friday (or have it delivered in) There are not words for how jealous I am of your ability to go to In & Out. Whenever I visit a city that has one, it is my 1st stop! Sometimes, I really think I live in the wrong state...no baseball, no In & Out....but on the other hand...no sales tax:-)

    Chickadee Jubilee

  2. Love reading about your lunch! I think we should get that put into our contracts! I am so jealous! Plus you don't have to watch them at recess?!?! Amazing!

    Living A Wonderful Life

  3. I am suddenly hungry too!!!

    We only have Subway, McDonald's, and Taco Bell where I teach. So we very very rarely eat out. :( We have a contract but I'm pretty sure that a duty free lunch is not a part of it... I will have to look into that (as we don't have a union for only 5 people). When we have bad weather, our 45 minutes lunch turns into a 15 minute lunch because they let the kids come back to the rooms as soon as they're finished eating...

    Marvelous Multiagers!

  4. You didn't ramble and my day is made because you joined my linky:)))) I knew you were on your amazing 2 week break and was afraid that you wouldn't join and was going to email you and ask if you and PJ would come "play" at my linky:)) BTW you forgot to tell us what PJ eats!! LOL! Love your brunch;) Cereal....hmmm...I'm not a cereal person so don't know if I could swing that....but I'm a totally bacon and eggs gal. Do you all not have to watch the kids for recess??? Or is that leftover time after lunch??? Lucky ducky is all I've got to say!!
    Thank you darlin for linking up:) Enjoy your break:)))

    4th Grade Frolics

  5. I have lunch at the exact same time. It's duty free as well! I can't imagine it any other way.

  6. I'm a cereal eater too! I can have it for breakfast, lunch and supper!!

    Btw, have you joined my linky party yet? If not, come check it out ;)

    All Students Can SHINE

  7. I love In N Out too. They have a gluten free burger (it's just a burger wrapped in lettuce), but I have to be gluten free so it works for me! 3 out of 4 of my brothers live in CA so I get to have some when I visit.

    I'm going to join this Linky too. I like the idea of focused writing. Thanks!

    First in Maine

  8. We have a contract...but we still eat at 9:50am with our kids in the lunchroom. Of course, we have a duty free PE time that is 45 minutes long...not sure everyone has that? I guess it is a give and take!
    First Grade Blue SKies

  9. Questions: Whats an In & Out? Do you not have a cafeteria in your school? Is this considered your recess too, or do you get an extra recess?

    We are not able to leave the school building during the day, so I couldn't imagine getting to eat out. Sometimes however we do get to order in. I like those days. :)

    I'm currently having and "Easter inspired" Linky party. You should come check it out!

  10. I do cereal for lunch too! I'm not the only one!

  11. I do cereal for lunch too, but without milk! Is that weird?
    A Cupcake for the Teacher

  12. When I bring my lunch which is once in a blue moon sometimes I bring cereal but....I don't use milk. I looove dry cereal. I know it is weird but I wouldn't have it any other way!

  13. oh Kristin, I'm jealous in so many ways!! A duty free lunch, 50 cent soda, lunch out (we used to be able to do that a long time ago, sniff sniff). Any openings at your school??

  14. We also have a duty free lunch. Our contract states 30 minutes, but all of the elementary's in our corporation get 40 and the middle and high school's get 60. D**n middle and high school teachers. They have it made!!


  15. Cereal is DELICIOUS. I also love Honey Bunches of Oats, however, it must have peaches or strawberries in it, and it MUST have non-fat milk (regular milk makes me gag!)
    Dangit! Now I want some cereal!!
    Kerri B

  16. I miss spring break....feels like so long ago...not just a couple of weeks ago! Ha! And cereal is the BEST. Especially for dinner. And MOST especially when it's Cocoa Puffs. My husband thinks that's "Cuckoo." I told him no one thinks that's funny. He said, "That's right! They think it's hilarious!" {rolling my eyes now}

    Rowdy in First Grade

  17. Your cereal for lunch made me smile - I eat cereal at night {7 o'clock to be exactly exact} every night. Lunch is a whole slew of randomness...but breakfast remains the same. every. single. day.

    Just a smidge of milk? What are you a wacko? You've got to fill it up so full it almost spills over...crazy girl.


    Crisscross Applesauce in First Grade

  18. is your coke machine from the 80's or something? I have to fork over 1.25 for a diet coke. I would actually give my left arm for one so it's ok but 50 cents? That's a blast from the past!
    I assure you I am not starving.
    Don't be jealous of me miss 2 week spring break. Tell PJ I said hello.
    oh and guess what I started reading? I LOVE Hunger Games!!!! Shhh don't tell Dave Ramsey.

  19. I am not understanding this eat and go play thing!?
    We are 30 mins duty free too- I hide in my room and work at my desk- I usually don't eat- just peanut butter crackers sometimes- but DR Pep EVERYDAY- (75 cents...but it is 20oz)
    . I didn't eat today until 3:45pm and I was up at 8:30-!
    I know I should eat smaller meals more often to keep the metab up= but I am a dinner gal. (A lot of dinner- dinner-gal)

    Going Nutty!


  20. I hate to join this party because my lunch is not nearly as healthy as yours.. somedays it is but most of the time it's junk or whatever we are having in the cafeteria!

    lunch without the kiddos seems great...

    Doodle Bugs Teaching
    Doodle Bugs Paper

  21. I am soooo jealous of your duty free lunch. Our contract gives us a duty free lunch, but it's 30 minutes, and more times than not, the supervisors show up late.

    Kindergarten Hoppenings

  22. $1.25 for sodas on our campus. And we only have a 30 minute lunch... but thank goodness for the contracted "duty free" element!

    These 45 minutes specials that everyone keeps talking about are killing me! I thought I wanted them, too, but not if it means I have to have lunch duty. You're right, giving the kids "lunch in the classroom" is a class reward that always makes me thankful for noon supervisors!
    Dragonflies in First

  23. I TOTALLY used to eat Honey Bunches for lunch before this whole healthy non-sense began 4 month ago! I used to keep a family size box in my classroom closet and a jug of milk in my mini fridge. I HEART cereal!!!! I can eat it 3 times a day!!! So lucky that you have a duty free lunch! You cracked me up with the plastics in the pic.!

    Enjoy Spring Break!!!!

    ❤ Mor Zrihen from...
    A Teacher's Treasure
    Teaching Treasures Shop

  24. Your post makes me very jealous! No duty free lunch for this girl. Also, we only get 25 minutes on a good day. Most of the time we run a little late, which pushes us back to 20 minutes. Today was a workday, so I got to eat an adult lunch, in an adult restaurant. It was great. Super jealous of you!

  25. jealous of your duty-free lunch :(

    Found you through Tara's Lunch Box Linky! :)

    Stop by my blog when you get a chance.


  26. We have a 40 minute duty free lunch, so I guess I should consider myself lucky!! We also get a 40 minute planning period when our kids are at specials. I would link up to her lunchbox linky, but I am enjoying my spring break!! Sometimes we go out, too or order in on Friday's to celebrate the end of the week!!

  27. I LOVE Honey Bunches of Oats and can eat it for three meals a day! (I actually kinda named my blog after it :) Seriously jealous of the duty free lunch!

    2B Honey Bunch
    The Best Endings
    The Honey Bunch Blog Design