I am so happy that it is Saturday and that I made it through my first week back from break.  Or, more importantly, yesterday.

Here's what I went through on Friday.

It rained.  Hard.  And the wind blew.  Hard.  I've talked about our open school format before.  It's open.  I open my door and then I have to walk outside to get anywhere.  Anywhere!  We were inside all day which meant the peculiar phenomenon of students having to use the restroom way-too-often occurred, and has led me to conclude and diagnose my entire class with urinary tract infections.   I have never wanted a bathroom inside my classroom, but I am beginning to rethink that idea.

Towards the end of our day, it began to thunder.  


But not as loud as the two kids in my class who completely lost all sense of themselves and fell apart.  

It didn't matter to them that I grew up in Oklahoma and survived tornadoes.  Sort of.  I mean, we had the siren in our own backyard, practically.  And I remember crowding into the downstairs bathroom and running out of room for my dad (which made us all crack up and broke a lot of the tension).  And another time, I sat in a friend's hallway and her dad insisted we keep our shoes on.  (that one still makes us laugh today)  However, neither of those stories made my two over-the-top-scared-out-of-their-wits- kids laugh.  HUH?  It also didn't matter to them that I was a teeny tiny teacher who rescues people.  Nope.  We smelled the soup so much that I have now completely cleared my nasal cavities.  Interestingly enough, both of these kiddos are twins and their siblings are in my partner's class.  So I did a quick check and I was right.  Their siblings were fine.  I stole the calm twins and made them come sit with my hysterical ones.  Just for the record, I would have been the emotional twin and Kerry would have had to sit with me.  It makes complete and total sense that these particular twins are in my class.

I really wanted to tell them that my niece and nephews were in lock down last week because an actual tornado was in their midst, but I refrained.  Seriously, though, these kids have no clue.  NO CLUE.  And you poor Texas teachers who had to stay with your kids on lockdown PAST dismissal time . . . you deserve a medal.

(I will not talk about the parents who started pulling their kids out an hour before dismissal.  I will not.  I mean, it was very loud thunder.  Storm Watch 2012 and all that.)

Our dismissal happened at the peak of the thunderstorm.  It was mass chaos.  Not to mention that we had just done construction on the ramp we use to go out the front so we had to take the LONG way.  Of course.  I had pick up duty.  At the circle.  Where the cars come.  Where the kids wait.  In the rain.  The rain that was sideways.  My umbrella didn't matter.  At one point, I was a little nervous that I might fly away.  

Yes.  I know I am lucky to be able to wear Uggs to school.  I am.  But this is the first time that they did not protect me.  They soaked right through.  I was wet.  I didn't take a picture of myself, but if you have ever seen a wet dog, now you know what I looked like.

I swam back to my classroom, loaded up EVERY SINGLE THING that I have to accomplish this weekend, and left (which I never do).  When I got home, the hubby opened the door for me and said he'd already started a bath.  I wuver him. 

On a completely different note, we watched last week's Amazing Race episode.  I don't know if you watch or not, but this part is amusing to me.  One of the teams is made up of two female federal agents.  But they don't want anyone to know that so they told the other teams that they are Kindergarten teachers.  Well, this episode showed that all of the teams are becoming suspicious.  Because, in their opinion, teachers are "friendly, social, and bouncy."  Bouncy!  :)  And these chicks aren't.  I asked my husband if anyone would doubt my teacher status and he said absolutely not.  I am pretty sure the waitress at the Cheesecake Factory wouldn't doubt it, either.  

I finally have some Adjective Cards for you.  They are bundled with my nouns and verbs over at my TpT store.  Click the pic to go see them!  Thank you for all of your support this week - I love you guys!!!
Have a great Saturday!  I have so much work to do . . . but I will be with PJ and some Reality TV while I accomplish it so I can't complain too much.  


  1. Southern CA? If so, don't you love their response to any kind of weather other than sun? Cracks me up, being a MI kid I've seen it all. My class always hopes it snows, so funny! I was lucky and was enjoying my last day of spring break during yesterday's storm. Not the best weather this week for SB, but at least I was off! That was some loud thunder!

  2. Love the adjective cards! Thanks for sharing. I hate dismissal in the rain. We have car rider duty every day and just so happen to have several days like that throughout the year. I hate having wet shoes and socks! Ugh! Hope you have beautiful weather today!

    Swimming into Second

  3. Wet days are always bad... but wet Fridays have to be the worst of all!

    Love the adjectives, perfect for our focus on descriptive writing this term.

    Sowing Seeds of Learning

  4. Your adjective cards are so cute! Thank you for sharing :)

  5. Thank you so much for the adjective cards. We are getting storms in Nebraska also and it is Prom tonight!!

  6. Thanks for sharing the adjective cards! And so glad that you made it home safe!


  7. Hi Kristin:

    I've tried and tried...
    But I think something is wrong
    with the adjective download.
    I keep looking,
    and looking,

    but under the word "little"
    is a mouse.

    I was expecting...



    Wishing you a happy weekend with PJ--
    and warm, dry feet!

    Finding JOY in 6th Grade

  8. Kristin, these adjective cards are so cute and colorful. :) Love them, and thanks so much for sharing!
    primary practice

  9. Oh and so you just HAD to send the storms this way huh. Cause us Okies are used to them. NOTSOMUCH! Trying to celebrate daughter's birthday today and storms are a coming! Bleck. What a sweet hubby you have. Have a fun dry weekend!

    First Grade @ Klinger Cafe

  10. For whatever reason, bad weather ALWAYS comes at dismissal, and parents ALWAYS need to get their babies...It is good to get home on those days! The adjective cards are precious! Thank you!

    Peace, Love, and First Grade

  11. Rainy day dismissals- the worst!
    Super-cute adjectove cards- the best!!
    Thanks for sharing:-)

  12. Stormwatch 2012 was cracking me up. I call every weather incident a watch and add the year because when I lived in LA if it rained the news would come on every dang time and say stormwatch 95. So it stuck. And apparently it is still going on there in 2012. HILARIOUS to me. Just like old times.

    And since it's official that you are moving not only here but into my classroom...
    Don't worry we can eat and crack the students up during our lockdowns. Or lack of. We don't need a reason. We can tag team teach and the one that isn't teaching will go in the book barn for some R&R. done and done.

  13. You need to send some of that rain our way...we keep having fires:/ I'm sorry you got so wet but super lucky you to have such a wondeful hubs!!! So that made it all better!!! I had a MUCH toooooooo long bath today finishing the 3rd book of The Hunger Games!!! AMAZING!!!!! Now I have lots of catching up to do since I blew off half my day reading!!!

    4th Grade Frolics

  14. What a great hubby you have!!! We have had to keep the kids twice past dismissal for tornado sightings/possibilities. It isn't fun. I tend to sing a lot.

  15. Thank you so much for the freebie! I am a student teacher in Kindergarten and I really appreciate all the great freebies and ideas. You are awesome and I cant thank you enough!!! :)

  16. I'm glad you survived the weather. Thanks for sharing these adjective cards. Super cute!

  17. I've always thought that school should be canceled on really rainy days...sloshing my way through the parking lot to get to the building being totally soaked is NOT the way I like to start the day!!

    Hopefully next week will be sunny!

    Thanks for the adjective freebie!

    First Grade Magic

  18. Love the adjective cards. They are so cute. Your hubby is pretty great to have had a bath ready for you when you got home. Props to him.

  19. After having a really bad day, I am glad I decided to catch up on blogs and you, as always, have made me smile! Thanks for the lift and here's to a dry week!

    Faithful in First

  20. That is so funny- I love the Amazing Race and my hubby said the SAME thing about teachers! :) It is a pretty social, bouncy, and friendly job, right. You are definitely bouncy and fun Kristin! :-)

  21. Rainy days at school are the worst! I agree with the others- school should be cancelled on rainy days!

    I've never had to keep my kids past dismissal for a lock down. I can't imagine! At least I know entertaining them would be easy at the pre-school level! We'd be right back in the classroom at centers!

    What a lovely husband you have for starting you a bath!

    Creating & Teaching

  22. Loved hearing about your blustery day! I'm so glad you didn't blow away! I was soaked, too, but I left "early" (that means "on time") and got myself a massage at a foot reflexology place on the way home: hooray! All was well until I had to put those wet shoes and socks back on to drive back home. Booo!
    Heidi Butkus

  23. Kristin, Thanks for these awesome adjectives cards.

    By the way,I am one of those Texas teachers that was in lockdown for about 2 1/2 hours with my kiddos. They were amazing. Dismissal was finally over around 4:15.

  24. I love your cute adjective cards! =)

    Bless you for having to deal with an open school in the rain and pick up duty!

    I am not a bouncy teacher at all!!!

    Heather's Heart

  25. Thank you Teeny Tiny - they're adorable! :)

  26. How sweet is your hubby! We are getting some nasty weather coming in tomorrow. The wind is already CRAZY! Thanks for the adj. cards. So cute!

    Kinder Kraziness

  27. Thanks for the cute freebie and the laughs! You are too funny, I love reading your blog daily :)

    Kaleigh's Klassroom

  28. Sorry about your Friday, sounds horrible. Thanks so much for the adjective cards, they are very cute. Hope your weekend is great.

  29. Sorry for such a crummy Friday and your poor Uggs!! I can't imagine how crazy that dismissal was! I'm such a chicken about tornadoes, since I'm a snowy New England girl.

    Kristin, those adjective cards are ADORABLE!!! I'm sharing the link with my sis, she teaches the younger guys and they will love them. Thanks! :)

  30. I love these adjective cards! They will be great for an activity I do with a little creative drama! We act them out to get the expression in our writing! Thank you! I always look forward to your posts - they always put a smile on my face. Not that your mishaps are funny but the way you present them! Your next career should be a stand up comic!

  31. Thank you for the fantastic adjective cards! I can't wait to use them!

  32. Thanks for the cards. I am excited to use them.

  33. I thought about you and all the other Cali teachers during storm watch 2012. Soooo happy not to be with my kiddos during that thunder. ... Of course I would have had reduced class-size because many of my kiddos would have been pulled out early for the same reason. :D

    The adjective cards are adorable.
    Dragonflies in First

  34. The adjective cards are great! Thanks for sharing.

    What a great idea to get the twins' twin. I still have 4 who will cry just because they miss their moms. Thunder...oh my goodness. I would have to break into song (I am channeling Julie Andrews and her favorite things). Here's to hoping your week is warm and dry.


  35. OH we feel your pain Kristin! Friday was one for the record books and so glad it is over. Hope you were able to enjoy some sunshine this weekend. :)

    Love, Love the adjective cards. So colorful and creative. Cute stuff!

    εїзTammy & Christyεїз

  36. Thanks for the adjective cards! Adorable! I, too, survived the storm - it was VERTICAL at one point, which was so strange! My kids ( I swear) had never seen rain before because they all rushed to the windows, where there was a lot of pushing and shoving to get a small square of plexiglas to put their hands on. :) FYI for the Curriculum Cops: This was my Science for the day, ha ha! :)

  37. Just started discussing adjectives with my kindergarten students...so I definitely grabbed your freebie! Thanks for sharing!

  38. Was your Monday better than your Friday!?!?


    Crisscross Applesauce in First Grade

  39. Thanks for the adjective cards! (and always putting a smile on my face. You are a fabulous story teller!)

    ~Heidi V.

  40. I'm new to your blog and loving it! This post made me love your blog even more; I'm from Oklahoma, too! (And now I live in Texas.) You're right: thunderstorms are nothin' after you've lived through tornadoes. :)

  41. This post was linked up to your Christmas card post so I had to read it. Just the laugh I needed today. Love you like you don't even know!!!