I've Got Nothing

I did not blog yesterday.  

But I am okay.

I did not have a heart attack over THE UPHEAVAL on Monday.

I have no news.  None.  The rumors are flying.  Swirling.  One of the 5th grade teachers said he heard I was coming up to teach with him.  

He was joking.

I think.  It's hard to tell because he was the only one laughing.

Our principal said she would try to let us know by Friday which really means next week or the week after . . . or sometime before the new school year begins.  One can hope.

Anyways, I'm super tired.  I was working on some adjective cards to share with you, but then I stopped.  Then I thought I'd share some Graphing papers for centers (or whatever) with you because that's the math we're working on right now.  Data and Graphs.  Topic 17.  LOVE IT.  Even my kids who typically struggle in math are successful with Data and Graphs.

I was going to say my low kids, but is that wrong?  Which reminds me that during our PTT meeting today, our topic of discussion was "Test Pollutants".  Yep.  It was riveting.  I was on the edge of my seat the entire time.  The best part???  We got to write down the pollutants and possible solutions on chart paper!  My favorite!

Anywho . . . one of the upper grade levels put a Sweet and Low packet on their chart paper.  As in, their "sweet and low" students have anxiety about The Test and a possible solution is give them some iced tea.  Wait.  I think I may have that wrong.  At any rate, I really liked the Sweet and Low packet.  It was cute.  It wasn't clipart, but it was creative.  And I have some "sweet and lows" in my class.  So I got it.

This is all to say that I am tired.  I did not upload the graphs to share with you.  It was too many buttons.  And PTT wore me out.  Coming back from Spring Break is just too tiring.  Walking around all day?  In regular street clothes?  Need I say more?

So I don't have a freebie for you.  And I intended to give you one because you all were so sweet about THE UPHEAVAL.  THO THWEET!  Really.  I just love that I was able to put all that out there and get back such great support.  Like a good bra.  Not that I need one.   

I'll come back later this week or on the weekend with something for you.  As a little thank you.  Because I mean it when I say how much your comments and prayers and fingers-crossed and good vibes and chocolate and wine (on my part) have meant to me.  

Before I go, did you read about Farley's spots?  It's an important message and I think you should read it.  Really.  Think of it as the main show and everything that I've written in this post up to now is just the commercial.  

After you read about it, you can catch a rerun of my spot story {HERE}.  Can we do that?  Can we have reruns?   


  1. Hey! I was just wondering...do you guys use Envision math? I notice that you called them Topics. We just started with Envision this year :)

  2. am I first... MAYBE!!! thanks you are THO sweet!!! can't wait til this summer BUT I will have on a large hat and long sleeves... protecting my spots :)

  3. MAN I am number 2... if I just left out the hat and sleeves comment... darn it!!!

  4. The waiting and rumors is the worst part...you are strong- you got this!
    You need to perk up.....I know...Toddlers and Tiaras is back on....that'll raise your spirits:)

    Going Nutty!


  5. I hope it all works out ! Spring is such a lovely season but I detest the 'upheaval' at school and it seems to happen every year. One year I went from Gr. 1 to Gr. 8 but you probably don't want to hear that ! Good luck :)

  6. Yes... YOU can have reruns!
    I'm sure it will all work out... AND the numbers still have tons of time to change, right?
    I will be using "sweet ad low" from now on... not in my tea, though... too many chemicals. :D
    Dragonflies in First

  7. Oh my goodness..how is it the middle of my spring break and I am so tired, I can't even think about going back to work!!?? I hope it works out and you will find out where you will be..before summer is over..


    Apples and ABC's

  8. Hey...if you don't have a FREEBIE...I'm outta here!! j/k

  9. It will all work out. I'm praying that your principal will make her decision soon!

    First Grade Magic

  10. Even when you've got nuthin' you seem to make it somethin'! I'm on the edge of my seat waiting to find out what grade level you'll be teaching. My gut says first. We'll be having that talk next week...there will definitely be movement in my school as well. Hmmm....

    My fear is I'll have to teach a split...yikes.

    Crisscross Applesauce in First Grade

  11. ugh, I was hoping you would know something by now Kristin! Still crossing my fingers and sending positive thoughts!!

  12. The waiting is THE WORST PART! I hope you find out soon one way or the other. Well, I'd really rather you find out soon that you're staying and not moving . . .
    We refer to Sweet & Low's as little pink packets here. :D Of course, besides little pink packets we all have some PITA's (Pain in the A**) in our classes. Maybe your new boy?

  13. I'm so happy you ran your spot re-run- somehow I missed that one!!! And that was hysterical (although I was sad at first... it was like a rollercoaster!)

    So glad you shared the 12 in 12- I'm going to do it soon!! Fun!!


    Let's Teach Something