I was originally going to get on here and talk about graphing.

But that's kind of boring.  Although, my kiddos LOVE it.  They are dying over it.  Math is so fun and all that.  They love this math and I'm the best teacher ever.  I know, I know.  I've heard that before.  You can continue reading about non-teaching stuff or skip to the bottom and grab the lame freebie I have for you (lame in my opinion, anyway.  It's nothing fancy).

Or, stick around with me and let me tell you the GREAT news!

We got new neighbors!  Next door neighbors!  RIGHT NEXT DOOR neighbors!  And they are normal!

We bought our house twelve years ago and had the BEST neighbors.  They became our best friends.  And then they moved.  Around the corner and down the street, but far enough away that I cried on their front porch when their house finally sold.  We had the best times with them . . . like getting the mail, and waving from the driveway, and taking out the trashcans.

Just kidding!  We did EVERYTHING together!  Lots of meals in our pjs because they were my kind of people!  We still see them, but not as often.  :(

When they moved out, we had all kinds of various people move in. And then out.  And then in.  And then out.

We'll call them interesting people.  Or just people.

One day, I'll tell you the story of how a toddler came through my doggie door and into my house.  A toddler I didn't know.  And he didn't call first, either.

But, today, I finally got to introduce myself to the new neighbors.  They moved in over the weekend, and I saw their car, and their stuff, and their moving van, and their stuff, but no people.

Today was the day!  They were in the front yard!


Her name is Lindsay and his name is Jeremiah and they are really down to earth.

Get this!  Lindsay used to be a teacher and now she's a stay at home mom of three little ones.  Her oldest is in kinder.  We talked and talked.

Jeremiah does what my husband does, more or less.  They talked and talked.  They're going to fix the fence.  

Lindsay gets freaked out if he has to travel.


Plus, I let her know it's a really safe neighborhood.  It's a gated community (yes, ooh-la-la and lah-di-dah)!  I didn't tell her about the time we were burglarized when we were out of town.  I won't tell you about it, either.  I need Lindsay to stay.

Lindsay thinks we should exchange numbers.


I can already see it.  I have a new best friend!  Her name is Lindsay and I'm going to be writing on here about all the shenanigans we get up to.  We're going to get the mail, and wave from the driveway, and take our trashcans to the curb together.  I can't wait!

Also, listen to this!  My cardiologist wrote me off jury duty.  This is no surprise --- he knows how I am.  It's also much better for the judges, attorneys, and people on trial.  Because I'm not really sure that I'm allowed to sing "Jesus Loves Me" while I'm nervous on the stand.

Completely random.  I think this is where Farley would say squirrel, but can I just say that I don't really get that?

Anyways, completely random, but look at this page that we're doing next for our Pioneers unit.

I can't take any credit.  My teammates did this (holla!).  I'm in love with it.  Here's the stationery for the writing portion of this, in case you missed it.

And for those of you who skipped all of the above nonsense, here's the graphing paper.  It's lame, I know.  But we're using it during centers and they can't get enough of it.  I can't tell you how many times I have said dog.  Well, yes, I can.  Four times a day.

Surveys With Tally and Graph Animals

I have some more, but I can't find them all.  And I'm too excited to look.  I am going to go look through the upstairs windows and see if I can see into my new neighbor's house look over my students' writing from today!

See you around the block  blogs!


  1. I LOVE new neighbors, especially when they turn into best friends. Make new friends but keep the old...one is silver, the other gold. I miss like crazy my best GS friend who moved all the way to Colorado. :( We always caused more trouble than the girls and our daughters were embarrassed at how much trouble we did cause. Have fun!! I am wishing I lived next door. I bet you are a great neighbor.


  2. How funny! If she only knew that you were writing about her:) Do you think you will ever tell her?

  3. Ha! I want to be your neighbor. I like PJ's.. and talking... and laughing...and talking. {Don't really like taking out the trash cans... I let the boys do that!} I don't know my neighbors. Been here 21 years...almost 22! Neighbors have come and gone and come and gone. They've all been "people". Boo.
    LOVE what you are doing next for your pioneers unit.
    Dragonflies in First

  4. I am obsessed!!!! Love it!


  5. Hahaha!! You creepy stalker!

  6. I think Farley says --------------squirrel---------because that is where she sidetracks. Like in the movie "Up".
    My friends and I say "Oh, look, a bunny!" and then we change the subject. I think it's a testament to how ADD we are:)

    Going Nutty!


  7. Love that covered wagon!! Soooo adorable! My new neighbor is from France and I love her! She has the best accent ever! Congrats on your Lindsay! I have a Lindsay too! All Lindsays rule!
    Kerri b

  8. Is it just me, or does everybody want to be Kristin's neighbor? LOL! Thanks for sharing the graph paper. I'm preparing myself to say "dog" all day tomorrow too!

  9. She isn't your BFF till you let her read the blog. It's the final step. So if you gave her the blog name then it's official.


    ....reference to the movie UP. The movie would be going along and then everything would get interrupted when there was a squirrel. Right at a high point it would stop and we would watch a squirrel run through or eat a nut or something squirrel ish. Pretty funny. I think the dog was the one stopping everything and pointing all stiff and hilarious.

    Well I know you should be moving out west with all this pioneer teaching, but since you live as far West as those wagons ever could go, I guess you better start preparing the wagon for your trip to south central texas to visit I mean become a part of my school, house, and COW's life.

    You can totally bring Lindsey and I will bring Annie Moffatt. Let's start a compound.
    Little Cult on the Prairie. No...well we have time to ponder a name for it.

  10. A toddler through your doggie door????!!!! Oh my! We HAVE to hear this story!
    Miss Squirrels is right about "squirrel" coming from Up. My husband and I say that all the time to my 4 year old that is so random :)


  11. Glad you have new neighbors, it makes all the difference.

  12. Glad you have a new friend!! And thanks for the freebie! Oh, and let us know if you can see in your neighbor's house...!

  13. Yay for new (normal) neighbors! Our neighbors are always in their backyard smoking something...??? So yay for you on a new BFF! :-)

  14. So jealous of your new neighbor! I am not even sure we have people... there are some mean dogs and a lot of empty houses. Sigh... I miss living in a small town and having neighbors who are friends next door!

    Think, Wonder, & Teach

  15. That's awesome about the neighbors. Maybe when we visit the kids could play with your new best friends kids. :)

  16. I have to hear the toddler and the doggie door story!
    Congrats on the fun neighbor! I want one!
    A Cupcake for the Teacher

  17. Nice neighbors are the best...I have super sweet neighbors. Maybe I should ask them if they'll join my linky party. I bet THEY would....

    Crisscross Applesauce in First Grade

  18. I think everyone explained the ----squirrel---- thing and it is even COOLER that Miss Squirrels did it!!! HAHA... so did my Tunstall!!! my neighbors are well a young couple that teaches highschool I think... never see them out... and on the other side an older gentlemen that is like a mixture between Al Gore and a homeless guy... very environMENTAL!!! glad you got a neighbor friend... all my other neighbors are pretty old... but what evs!!! had to LOL when I read my name in your post!!! have a great FRIDAY!!!

  19. Have fun with your new neighbors!! How exciting! We love our next door neighbors (on the right)...not so much on the left :( The other neighbors just keep to themselves. There's one neighbor who has lived in their house for 12 years...and I don't know what he looks like...I think he comes out only at night...we call him "the vampire"...I think he may be a hoarder also...yikes!! Thank you for making me laugh today...I look forward to your posts :)! I WISH I lived next door to you....we would be buddies :) We could walk our dogs together and sing "Jesus loves me!"....and drink wine on the porch :)!!

  20. I love all the pioneer activities! They are all going to be so cute! I am glad you got "normal" neighbors. I hate it when you get people that are just plan weird!! It also scares me a little!

  21. Well you have me sitting on my couch laughing by myself again.


    Across the Hall in 2nd

  22. I want to move in next door to you and be your best friend. You are hilarious. My kind of people!

  23. I want a normal neighbor!

    Neighbor 1...wears a Darth Vader outfit and stands in the bushes at night.

    Neighbor 2...wears his tighty whities outside and let's just say he won't be on any "Hey Girl" cards.

    Neighbor 3....hangs bloody raccoon skins over the fence.

    We won't go into neighbor 4!!!!

    I love SQUIRREL!!!!

    I tell my kiddos they are being squirrelly! =)

    Heather's Heart

  24. Hi Kristin! I so understand about having good neighbors. Our dear neighbors of 8 years moved last year and we sure miss them and all the good times. Loved reading your post . . .
    Come on over and join our summer linky party