Talk About It Tuesday

I just saw on Kelli's post at Castles and Crayons that's she waiting for my Talk About It post.

I have to apologize for the delay.

I met some friends for dinner.  Instead of having the chicken that kissed the walnut, I opted for garlic chicken pasta.  Stay far away.

Okay.  So.  The Bachelorette.  Reagan texted me during some of it. Yes.  Reagan at Tunstall's Teaching Tidbits.  We text.  It's new.  (Look at the way I'm name dropping tonight!)

She's two hours ahead, though, so she couldn't tell me much.  I wouldn't allow it.

And ABC (All Bloggers Communicate about The Bachelorette) didn't fix the time for me last night!!!  It didn't come on until 9:00!  I was up past 11:00!  (due to all of the rewinding)

My lack of sleep was okay, though.

Because this is what I did in school today.

1.  Awards Assembly that lasted FOREVER.
2.  Math Assessment Review on whiteboards for about . . . five  twenty minutes.
3.  Centers.
4.  Play Practice.
5.  Oral Language.

That's it.  You don't need to be wide awake for any of that.

Okay.  Back to The Bachelorette.  Reagan texted that it was a little boring. 

And now that I've watched, I agree.  

This is what happens when you boycott helicopters.  It takes the fun out of everything.

Anyways, the night started off with a one-on-one date with Ryan.  He's the Pro Sports Trainer.  Lots of you liked him last week because he was good with kids.  Instead of jumping off of things or diving into water or flying over something, he had to bake.  BAKE!  He was a good sport.  I like that he talked about his pastor.  But mostly, he just made me want a chocolate chip cookie.

Ryan and Emily got all gussied up later and had some live music playing for them.  When bands play for the happy couple that just met, I always feel . . . awkward.  Like I'm on the date.  But I'm not.  But it still makes me feel uncomfortable.  Because number one, I can't dance.  And number two . . . I don't have a number two.  I just can't dance.  I can do it in my head, but then when I do it live and in person, it doesn't match what was in my head.  This happens to me on a daily basis, but mostly with cooking and cleaning and lawn mowing.  I'd never heard of that band, but I liked the song.

Group Date:  Here we go.

Miss Piggy was funny!  She's my kind of girl.  I was waiting for her to say "No one comes between me and my man!" and then I remembered she wasn't Rachel.  And that this wasn't Big Brother.

Charlie, Charlie, Charlie - the man with the brain injury.  Emily was really sweet to him.  I don't know what to say about that whole thing.  Shrug.  Except that I would have wanted to be in all three activities.  I love me a microphone.

And the Rainbow Connection?  PERFECT SONG TO SING INTO A MICROPHONE!  The lovers, the dreamers, and me!  (Just found another thing I can do in my head that does not match up when I do it live and in person.)

Emily said she was a proud mama when it came to Charlie pulling through onstage.  Um . . . call me crazy, but she's not picking him in the end.  

And, truth be told, I thought the whole Muppet thing was corny.  Just saying.  I can't decide if I'd rather see helicopters.  Or death defying stunts.  So the couple can test their relationship and see if they can come out on top or if they'll fall in the valleys.  Is that how it goes?

Long haired dude????  Did you see his super high ponytail after the Muppets?  NO.  Stop that.

How is Chris only 25?????  He's really cute, but how is he only 25???

She really likes Jef.  Skater boy.  Duckie.  I don't know.  Like I said last week, I think I'm missing something.  Most likely my youth.  Because he looks like a little boy to me.

Kalon, aka dubbed Chopper by Stevie (because Stevie is a cool name, don't you know), is . . . I don't know.  What is it?  Does he talk out of only one side of his mouth?  Like he wants a Vlasic pickle?  

If we have Duckie (Skater Boy Jef) from Pretty in Pink, then I think Chopper is Steff (the obnoxious guy played by James Spader).  

Joe - the guy who got to fly in a private jet to go to West Virginia to then ride in an old fashioned car - reminds me a little of James Van Der Beek.  You know, Dawson.  Anyone?  Am I the only one?

(As an aside, I would like never to see Emily in her bikini again.)  

Let's interrupt the date for some guy time by the pool.

Kalon, just check it.  CHECK IT.  No one puts being a parent on hold.  Got it?  CHECK IT.  Then mark it off.  Then turn it in.  AND CHECK IT.

Back to the Joe Date.  She didn't pick him.  And she felt awful.  Tears.

Poor Joe.  Maybe he should have CHECKED IT.

Oh well, what are you going to do?  She can't keep everybody.

Rose Ceremony:  Ryan (Pro Sports Trainer) made her a gift.  He said it was like Christmas.  Wow.  He is so humble and doesn't think highly of himself in the least.  Anyways, the gift turned out to be a novel.  With a lot of chapters.  It was possibly a trilogy, but I don't think the third book is out yet.  (I can't fault him too much.  I tend to go on and on, too.  But I know you people.  He just met her.)

I couldn't believe she called Kalon's name first.  Gag.  That boy better know how to run.  Or have some bodyguards.  Or the chopper on standby.

Ponytail boy got a rose, too!  ?????????  We could call him Ponyboy.  You know - from The Outsiders?  

This is going to be a season of nicknames.

That's pretty much it.  I missed the previews for next week.  I don't know what I was doing  -- possibly brushing my teeth.  


After our awards assembly, a set of parents ambushed my assistant principal because I did not give their daughter the Principal's Award for Overall Academics.  I just gave their daughter the Principal's Award in Reading.  The horror.   

My assistant principal had to calm them down, and reassure them that their daughter is the smartest girl in our entire school, and that she is destined for early admittance to Harvard.

Meanwhile, some of my kids didn't receive an award AT ALL this year.  Too many kids and not enough awards.

I'm irritated.  But I'm letting it go.  


Does that stuff happen at your school?


  1. Ugh... the award stuff happens all the time at our school, too.

    I always wonder if the parents remember that they threw a hissy fit way back when once their kid is in high school and they realize that award in 1st grade really wasn't an issue.

    Whatevs is right. HA!

    Hilarious "talk about it" as always.

    I think long hair guys is cute... IF he would cut off that hair. It does NOTHING for him.

    I cannot believe she kept chopper dude. Yick.

  2. I am on my iPad and I type so slowly and I want to be first, silly but I do.....what is happening with your table ???? My guided reading table is yellow and we call it the banana table, more silliness....

  3. Hi Kristin:
    I enjoyed the review...
    But now I'm waiting on an update about the TABLE!
    (You DO love to keep your pals in suspense!)

    And a hug for your Mom!

    Finding JOY in 6th Grade

  4. Are we not going to talk about how many times Emily attempted to put her hair behind her ears?? Or that obnoxious smacking sound she made before calling each guy's name during the rose ceremony?? Am I not allowed to dislike her??? I laughed out loud when I read the vlasic pickle line!! Boyfriend thought I was laughing at something he said. I just went with it…

  5. Ok, Bachelorette...
    That was absolutely the most boring episode I have ever seen. I get that she has a little girl and its important to her to incorporate her daughter. But REALLY? Making the episode about her daughter? I am with kids all day, I want the romantic DRAMA!!!! :) I think I feel most embarrassed that I like the trash t.v.........


    (p.s...we should do a bachelorette date...I wonder if Hadar watches it???)

  6. hahaha she just commented before me!!!

  7. ok:
    1. I had to scroll through the Bachelorette part because it is sitting in my DVR waiting for me...i will watch...i will watch..
    2. The thumbnail that is on my blog of your post about the table looks like the curtains are on fire- because of the lamp...initally, I thought that was the Ruh roh
    3. Our new PAL does not encourage awards unless you have earned it. we have these filler awards and if a child is not going to get anything at all for the whole year, you can give them one of those (out of guilt) but they are effort awards or citizenship. Old PAL said everybody gets something! I think that takes away from those who really deserve it....
    4. I bought my ticket!Staci

    Going Nutty!


  8. Thanks goodness we do not give awards. We did at my last school and I absolutely HATED it!!

    I wish I watched the Bachelorette so I could be part of this fun. I do watch Big Brother in the summer so I hope you will Talk About It this summer.


    Finally in First

  9. Don't judge me for this...but I don't even watch the Bachelorette! Don't hate me:( I hope you will still sit by me in our next blogger meet-up! However, I do feel like I watched an episode:) And yes...I hated it when most kids didn't even get an award. I guess that is what Reagan's cute awards with all that candy are for:)

  10. I loved your Bachelorette review as usual. I have never watched it but I started because I wanted to see what you were talking about. I thought it was boring too.
    We give awards at my school and this is the first year every child has not received an award. I was a bit worried how that would go down but nothing was said. We did do diplomas for all the children because after they leave 2nd grade at our school, they move on to the intermediate school.
    Have a good week!

    Swimming into Second

  11. Bachelorette- longest word ever and blogger hates how I spell it but moving on...
    Thanks for the name drop. Scared I was going to get a nick name for a while there. I can't believe you didn't see the melt down scene from next week...I think that was the most entertaining part of this week. When the whole muppet hour was happening I almost went and got my 11 year old daughter because I thought the show was meant to entertain her age and not mine. Very corny but I do love Miss Piggy.
    .....and Kristin...
    So CHECK it!

  12. Hey Kristin - I think we teach at a similar kind of school...we talked about it briefly at the meet up but yeah! This kind of thing happens a lot at our school. I get irriated because they are only first grades and have the rest of their life to get awards. If I don't have enough to go around ( like student of the month say ) then I don't want to give them out. Not into the drama either on the parent side of things...UGH! How many more days?!? LOL

  13. Lol I can't belive that award stuff. My son got an award for "best teacher hugger" in the whole class and I think that award is better than any old academic award (but he did get a trophy for learning 100 sight words too and he was thrilled with it!) I gave out my Brag Tag chains and some kiddos had 9 and some only had 3 - they all knew what they had to do to earn each Tag, so it was no surprise when they did or didn't get one. They were still thrilled with whatever they got and I think that's what parents have to remember - it's about the kids, not about the parents!

    Jennifer @ Herding Kats In Kindergarten

  14. I definitely have parents like that! I will miss the kids...but those parents...not so much! Good Luck!


  15. My awards ceremony is on Friday. Every class does their own awards ceremony. Every kid gets awards. Yes plural. The least number one of my kids is getting is 4. The most...14. A little crazy, I know.

  16. Well I did watch the previews for next week, and I can tell you that there will be some egg dropping going on. Egg hurling and smashing to tiny bits, more like. She could have made a big batch of cookies with that egg too.

  17. As a team, the first grade teachers decided to boycott all awards this year. We don't have a program, so why do it?? We are much happier!

    Okay, Pretty in Pink was exactly my thought. Although I did call Stevie "Ducky." Kalon is SO Steff! I think he may be a little misunderstood, though. He is definitely an outsider!

    Jef knows how to play hard to get. I think Emily likes that. And now, he knows she likes that. I really just wanted to see more of the other guys, but apparently, they aren't causing any drama. At least the Mississippi boy put down his egg...

    Peace, Love, and First Grade

  18. Okay, so when you were doing Talk About it Tuesdays with the Bachelor, I felt slightly left out. Mainly because I have never watched the Bachelor. Sooo....when I heard Bachelorette was coming on, I was sooo excited...for 2 reasons. Number 1, I can finally read your posts and know what is going on!!! Number 2, Ryan and I went to high school together! True story! Our whole hometown is pulling for him :)


  19. I have been catching up on your blog tonight. We have award disasters every year. However, due to the earthquake in Virginia, that was centered where I teach, we are doing our assembly different this year. We lost 2 schools and another one lost the use ot it's gym. (That is 3 out of 6 schools.) The principals all agreed that teachers would do awards in their own rooms. I am so freaked out about doing my awards on my own. I started a linky party to get some ideas but I have had only one person link up. :(