Another House Project

Happy whatever-day-it-is.  

I have a few things to discuss.

First, my vision has cleared.  This could be due to the major amounts of rest, lounging, and lunching going on around these parts.  And the complete lack of school, work, cleaning, and anything else related to doing something worthwhile with my day.  At any rate, my blog's font is all back to normal on my end, too.  I am seeing what you all were seeing this whole time.  Bam.  It just happened today.  Out of the clear blue sky.  And I am an authority on the clear blue sky.  I spent an hour under it reading Best Friends Forever by Jennifer Weiner just a little while ago.  And I may or may not have been in a bikini on an old orange folding lounge chair.  And I know that I did not overreact by jumping up and down and running around because a killer bee came near.

Second, have you caught "Blue Lagoon - The Awakening" on Lifetime yet?  It's fantastic.  I almost watched it two times in a row, but then I saw a Dance Moms Marathon.

Last, I sort of did a project yesterday.  Sort of.

I didn't start it until about 6:00pm what with the remote control and dark chocolate covered Acai with blueberries.  Or as I like to call them fruit disguised as chocolate.

Get some.  
And the hubby and I have decided they're good for us.
So we buy two bags at a time.

My project involved the desk drawers in our kitchen.  Which are not really in a desk anymore.  They used to be.  

Let me explain.

When we bought our house, it was non-existent.  That's right.  We're fancy pants.  We built a house.

Okay, okay.  Not with our own two hands.  And it's different here in California.  We picked from three tract homes, decided on a lot, and then they built it.  Cookie cutter.  That's what we have. 

In the model, there was a built in kitchen desk.

In our house, there was empty space.

So my handy husband built me a desk our first week living here.

And then a few years later, I kept saying that a spot on the wood floor next to the desk felt warm.  I said that for a few months.  And then finally I was heard.  Turns out we had a bad pipe under our house.  Or pipes.  Or plumbing.  Or what have you.  We didn't know.  We don't go under the house that often.

So we basically gutted the whole first floor and rebuilt.  And now, instead of a kitchen desk, we have a 


I know.  Talk about fancy pants.  And heaven.  

{Source - My Kitchen}

I'm talking about those drawers on the left.  There are four of them.

Some might call them junk drawers.  

But that just hurts my feelings.

So I call them desk drawers.

And they need to be organized because they are full of junk  important things.

Here's something I found on Pinterest.

Those containers are TUNA CANS.  

I happened to have five in my super clean pantry.  I opened all five.  Gave one can to Syd with her dog food (and yes, I looked it up and it's okay) and dumped the rest.  Don't tell.  I know there are hungry people everywhere.  But I needed to do this.  Right then and there. 

This is my version.  Five cans does not look as nice as nine cans.  And there was no tutorial on what to do with scissors, glue, and crayons that don't fit in tuna cans.  

Oh, and also I didn't find a tutorial on how to get rid of the tuna smell.

Here's the next drawer.  

And here's the last drawer.

Seriously, this is way better than it was.  I rubberbanded the cords (I got the rubberbands from the tuna can two drawers above) and everything.  But I seriously need some square tuna cans or something for this mess.  By that point, though, I was tired.  I had been off the couch for at least an hour so no wonder.

The top drawer is the hubby's.  I'm not touching it.  It is a disaster, but at least I don't have to look at it.  I have trained him to put his stuff on the counter, open the drawer, and just slide all his stuff in.  Then close the drawer.  That last direction is super important.

That was my project.

Any ideas for all those cords??????

Any idea where my school to-do list is?  Because it wasn't in any of those drawers . . . 


  1. I LOVE chocolate covered acai berries!! They are a terrible addiction at my house...but I convince myself they are healthy as well :)

    Love the tuna can idea...I have a few in my pantry (hmmm...)


  2. Love your area! It looks awesome!! So do your drawers. You can come to my house next and clean out my drawers. :) I have seen on another blog to use toilet paper rolls to hold cords.


  3. Your so funny!!! I love your wine cabinet/area:) Your drawers look awesome. For the wires....Hobby Lobby and a store called Batteries Plus have super cute different sized thingies that you can wrap your cords around and it keeps them all nice and neat....I'm sure other places carry them too:) Where do you get those berry chocolates...they look yummy:))

    AND would you please start a segment on Dance Moms...I don't watch Bachelor...I know, the horror....but I don't but I do watch Dance Moms although I don't know why because Abby drives me nuts and if she ever talked to my kids like she does there would be a "throw down" and I would win!!!

    4th Grade Frolics

  4. Yeah for your organized desks. Mine not such much.
    I've seen pictures of the paper towel tubes/toilet paper tubes used to contain cords.

    Yearn to Learn Blog

  5. Kristin,
    Of course you know that I love your blog and your ideas and so on and so forth. BUT I am confused. As usual, I read your synopsis and then watched The Batchelorette. Usually you do an outstanding job preparing me each week. But not this week. You never mentioned the turquoise shoes. I agree about the shirt, but what about the shoes?
    Your loyal follower,
    An Open Door blog

  6. Love that wine cabinet! Beautiful. And, your tuna can organizers are genius. It makes it even funnier that you dumped the tuna. That sounds exactly like something I would do. :)

    The shoes were atrocious, but I just couldn't get past that awful tank top/shirt. Maybe Kristin couldn't either. Ha!


  7. LOL! I have to get to the tv. Asap. I remember seeing a preview for that Blue Lagoon movie. I am sad that I spent my afternoon watching "Eight Days to Live" instead of the awesome "Blue Lagoon."

    Thanks for the heads up.

    Mrs. Wheeler’s First Grade
    Mrs. Wheeler TpT

  8. Here's a cute pinterest idea for your cords:


    But you have to go buy some cute, preferably vintage labels. And a cute, glass cookie jar (also preferably vintage, but one from Pottery Barn or Resoration hardware would also do). And you need some more cords. Maybe you could pick some up at a garage sale. ;)

  9. HAHAHA...trained him... love it! :) Drawers look great- stop by my house whenever you get the urge ;)

    The Learning Tree

  10. I LOVE those acai berries! I could gobble down a whole bag in...well...less time than I'd like to admit. :)

  11. Will have to try those berries! You make me laugh and that is why I started following you. Thanks for keeping things light. I need a break from school thoughts and I haven't been successful.

  12. Will have to try those berries! You make me laugh and that is why I started following you. Thanks for keeping things light. I need a break from school thoughts and I haven't been successful.

  13. Haha! You are hilarious! I love your wine counter/desk. I need to organize my kitchen drawers too but I'm in no hurry. The couch is too irresistible.

    Swimming into Second

  14. I watched Blue Lagoon: The Awakening too!

    Didn't you think the girl looked like a young Brooke Shields?

    I'm glad it wasn't cousins like the first Blue Lagoon!

    And I noticed her name was Emma...and the first BL was Emmeline. And did you know Mr. Christansen in the BL: The Awakening is actually the guy that played Richard from the BL?
    Journey of a Substitute Teacher
    Endless Pinabilitites!

  15. We have been scarfing down the pomegranate version of those berries here at my house.
    Love your kitchen nook makeover. I am sitting at mine now but it is a desk...and the drawers are in need of tuna. We jumped on that dance moms marathon and watched till the bitter end! Thanks for the head's up!

  16. I liked the Blue Lagoon show. I have caught it both times at 11:00 P.M. and stayed up to watch it. The girl made me mad though the they he treated him when they got back home. Those blueberries look delicious!

  17. I am laughing outloud AGAIN!!! I think you should rename your blog to "LAUGHING OUTLOUD."
    You truly have a gift for writing.
    welcome to first grade room 5

  18. Ohmygosh, I had a roommate in college that every time her mom came to visit would bring a ginormous bag of chocolate covered cranberries - talk about heaven! We would eat them in like, 30 minutes and it was HUGE!

    I adore reading your blog! You are seriously so funny! What a fun lunch date you must be! haha!
    Rowdy in Room 300

  19. You always make me laugh! I love your drawers. That's a project I need to tackle too.
    First Grade Found Me

  20. Ok first... tuna smell..yick. Did you wash the cans in the dishwasher? That generally works for me when I'm reusing jars - not sure about cans.

    LOVE those chocolate acaii berries... well chocolate covered anything really. Oh, probably not ants, though. :P

    Is the Blue Lagoon like the old movie with Brooke Shields and Christopher Atkins back in the 80's (I know, totally agin myself)

    I LOVE your desk/wine area. Absolutely beautiful.

    I have a few junk, err desk drawers that need organizing. They're not on my To Do list. Ya wanna come tackle them? I'll supply the tuna cans. :D

  21. I love that there are crayons and white glue in one of the drawers. It is like a grown up pencil box- with alcohol!!!
    I think all pencil boxes should have a lil "something" in them. Would make for a nice day:)
    You're non desk- desk looks beautiful! Cheers!

    ☞Go NuTTY with ME!


  22. Looks like you have a winner...Toilet paper rolls for the cords! I also saw that on pinterest. Now you'll just have to go teepee someone so you can get all those empty rolls FAST! :)

  23. Love those chocolate berries :)
    The drawer looks great even if it may stink a little...hehe.

  24. Okay my favorite part is "source-my kitchen" Bahaha! I died! P.s. that's gonna be all over pinterest! When are you inviting me over??? I wanna see your kitchen IRL!!

  25. Oh my gosh!!! My mom,my sister, and I just gobbled down almost a whole bag tonight. I was just thinking I need to go to Costco and grab the industrial size before we head out to cedar city and the Shakespeare festival (our yearly pilgrimage).


  26. I read this once to myself - laughing the whole time... then read it to my husband - he didn't appreciate it as much, but I think it has something to do with the fact that it is almost midnight... and he's a grouchy pants, who by the way also needs training in what to do with his junk. ;) This is my first time on your blog, and I will be following you, because I feel like we just connected. I love this post... I love that it is so me. Haha :)

  27. oh.my.gosh!! I absolutely llllooovvvee the wine fridge! The whole thing looks out of a magazine. I am literally drooling. lol Please enjoy that daily :)

    Always A Lesson

  28. Oh my goodness! Where did you get your wine glass shelves?! Our rental has them and we really want them for our new house (our very own!!) and I've been googling forever and can't find them!! If you tell me where you bought them I will love you forever in a non-stalkerish way!! :)

    PS- Super jealous you have a wine area. I want!

  29. Wow look at your go!! I love all the organization!!

  30. did you see my post I just did?? It has all kinds of fruit water to make :)
    and ....BIG question - are the drawers and counter STILL cleaned out/off?!?! :)

  31. Awesome work! One idea I saw on Pinterest is using empty toilet paper rolls to contain cords. You could wrap the rolls in pretty scrapbook paper so they don't look ridiculous. Here's a link and here's another one. Awesome work :)

    Living A Wonderful Life

  32. Do your rubber bands smell like tuna?

  33. Fun post! ya--wondering about the smell too :) But I LOVE the blueberries! Have you tried the pomegranites??!!! Those are my fav.or.ite!!!


  34. Love your blog! check out mine. :)


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