I tried to write a post yesterday, but I think I was still traumatized from my periodontist appointment.  

I drove to a far away land for my "consultation".  

Once there, I was complimented on my printing.  Gushed over, really.  I made the clerk's job super easy, she said.  Then, my flip flops from Payless were oohed and aahed over.  Seriously.  Last, I was told that primary teachers in grades K through third are just the sweetest people ever!  Smile.  Blush.  Aw, shucks.

I thought I had come to the best periodontist in California, ever.

In hindsight, I should have known better.

After a thorough examination, it was determined that I need a gum graft.  We will not talk about that.  No.

But first!  Mr. Perio explained I needed to do a step before that.  A pre-step, if you will.  A step that MILLIONS of kids have done all the time.  Apparently, it's the SECOND MOST COMMON procedure of all time, next to TEETH CLEANING.  And since I've traveled SUCH A LONG WAY, why don't we just do it right now and get it over with?

Sure, I said.  Why not?  I mean, it's the SECOND MOST COMMON procedure of all time.  Kids get it done all the time, they reassured me.  I can do this, they said.

Well . . . let's just say that I now have STITCHES in my MOUTH.  (Which, actually, is a good thing because if he had put stitches somewhere else, I might have a different story to tell.  On KCal News.  And I am the type of person that things like that happen to so it's quite a relief that a periodontist put stitches in my mouth, rather than somewhere else.)

Excuse me, but I have never had stitches in my mouth after a teeth cleaning.  Or a cavity.  Or a root canal.  Never.  

People, I think I unwittingly had surgery.

I have a list of things I have to do now, post operatively.  And it is really cramping my style.

1.  No drinking through straws.
2.  Soft diet.  (I have no idea how to diet.)
3.  No brushing the area.
4.  No spitting.  (Drat.)
5.  No exercise.  (Silver lining)
6.  No alcohol.  (I may have let a tear accidentally slip out)

This SECOND MOST COMMON procedure is called a Frenectomy.  Basically, Mr. Perio cut my frenulum.  That's the muscle (or the disgusting stringy thing) that connects your lower lip to your lower gums.  They CUT mine.  Apparently, it's too high.  

How I've lived this long with it that high is beyond all comprehension.  

These stitches will dissolve and I will go back next week so they can make sure.  Otherwise, they'll remove them.  

Whatever, I said.

I went in for a consultation.  I came out with stitches.

And I didn't cry in the car on the way home.  The windows were down and that's all.  It was dry eye.  Or something like that.

To make it up to me (because this is how Hubby handles things like this), the Hubs took me out to eat (I had SOUP!  and a few french fries and a crouton or two, but that's all), and then we went to see the Avengers.  Finally.  He's been chomping at the bit.

I have now decided that I am completely and totally in love with Thor.  And the Huntsman.  And being that they're the same person, I am not cheating on anyone.

And you know how people write OMG?  I never do.  I don't want people to think I'm saying God (out of context).  If I do say it, I'm saying Oh My Gosh.  Oh My Goodness.  Or Oh My Good Golly Gracious.  BUT NOW, seeing as how Thor is supposed to be a god, I think I will start writing OMT.


It made up for EVERYTHING.  


  1. Hahahaha! Oh my Thor!!!!! Sooooo funny! My daughter had one of those operations in her mouth but hers was her upper lip and they knocked her out for it....You're brave:))

    4th Grade Frolics

  2. I totally know what a frenectomy is . . . had one when I was ten. Did they put a wire around your front teeth too? I will admit that I remember feeling kinda felt cool cuz it was like having braces ;). Golly, was I a dork or what?? As an adult this would be do fun. My heart goes out to you. Forget soup! Upgrade to ice cream STAT!

    Kelley Dolling
    Teacher Idea Factory

  3. I am sorry about your periodontist expereince. I had the same thing when I was 12. I am still semi-traumatized by it. Are you having a graft placed over your front gums/teeth? That's where mine is. The Orthodontist wouldn't put on my braces for fear my front teeth would fall out. Seriously??? I am now 25+ years out of braces with all my teeth in tact. Iam sending you good wishes!
    Splish Splash Ms. Lander's 2nd grade class

  4. My dentist has been talking about a gum graft for quite some time. I am ignoring him for now. My sister had it done in college and hers did not take. And the only thing worse than a gum graft in my mind is a second one.

    I can only make dentist appointments for first thing in the morning since otherwise I get too stressed beforehand.

    I feel for you.

  5. OMT!.... what were they thinking giving you surgery when you just came in for a consult!!! That's just wrong. Hopefully it will heal quickly.

    So are you going back for the root canal?

    I made some of that delicious, incredibly beautiful, blackberry frozen yogurt I posted about a few weeks ago. Sounds like you could use some. ;)

  6. I think you should stay away from the dentist! I still tell people about your "mole scare" that was just hair dye from one of your visits to the dentist. Take care and eat LOTS of ice cream!

  7. Seriously!? I couldn't tell when I talked to you at all! I must not have been able to hear much over the hysterical crying...but still! I'm sorry! Hope you are feeling okay!!!

  8. I would get a second opinion about the 'no alochol' rule. Here's mine.... Alocohol is fine, AOK as long as you don't drink it through a straw!
    Dr. Syracuse, NY

  9. I agree 100% about Thor and the Huntsman... *sigh* :) Hope you get to feeling better soon.

  10. I also had this same thing done when I was in 4th or 5th grade. I have the skin graph over the bottom of my front teeth. It sucked, but I remember my dad giving me a Garth Brooks CD on the way home... and a Frosty from Wendy's...lol. Apparently that helped make things better. Good luck with it!
    First with Franklin

  11. My husband had a gum graph, twice- it was cow membrane, correct? He needs another one but he is afraid he will not have feeling in his upper lip (last time he didn't for a month & it scared him). Not trying to scare you... his was pretty severe (he had a tooth pulled while he was in the military and they did a bad job which caused him to loose bone. He had to have a bone graph too).

    Ok- enough with the gross stories. Hope you are feeling better soon!

    Every New Beginning

  12. Your post is making me squirm. July 10, I will go in to have gum lengthening! Just 4 days before our beach trip :( I see lots of ice cream in my future!

  13. I quickly read through all the replies to your post, and I must admit that my stomach is squeeching - that thing it does where it squeezes and feels all nervous.

    Seriously what what that perio thinking??? I had it done when I was 15, but on the top. OUCHie-wah-wah!! And just as a heads up, my sis had a gum graft done last March, and they used cadaver gum tissue. If that doesn't make you want to hurl, I don't know what will. Hers has finally healed, but it took fo-EVAH.

    Maybe you should take Diana's advice, and drink a cocktail while watching Thor again. I just saw it last weekend...it gave me major heart palpitations. OMT is right.

    Hope your lip/gums feels better soon!

    Peacocks and Penguins - 4th Grade

  14. I always type it out like OMGosh...JUSt because I don't want them to think I'm saying oh my God...ahhh...I don't even like writing it in that context..lol

    I had those same rules for me when I had my wisdom teeth taken out - maybe that's what you had happen?? lol

  15. I feel the same about the OMG thing. I ALWAYS say Oh my gosh...so if I type it I read it like that...others might not though!

    AND just so you know Thor/Huntsmen = Australian :)
    Me = Australian. I think that means I'm pretty much married to him, right?

    Coffee, Kids and Compulsive Lists

  16. i also had to go to a peridontist just recently. They said i would just have to go for deep cleaning, the first right half was done a little pain but healed quickly, the left half was worse and still hurts aftrer 3 weeks, they didn[t say anything about surgery until now. so next week i have to go for a graft and am scared, just saying it sucks but i will be brave like you. good lucn. mary at apopovic@primus.ca

  17. Thor is a HOTTIE! And, my daughter had the same exact procedure you did when she was in 5th grade! I had to sit through it with her and I was SERIOUSLY traumatized! She, on the other hand, was just fine! And she healed SUPER quick. Of course, she was 11, which I hear, helps. Just try not to look at it, so the tissue will adhere to the gums quickly.
    I'm so sorry, girl! But, you'll get through it!
    Kerri B

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  19. I had seven teeth pulled at once and 3 were adult teeth in my gums so they had to dig then out. Needless to say I came home with stitches as well. It was summer time too and I insisted my mother make her homemade chicken noodle soup!! Oh and by the way my stitches bothered me do bad that I cut them myself! I lied to the dentist and said they dissolved!! :)

  20. Periodontist = SCARY! I had a similar experience years ago called "trimming my gums". I totally feel for you! Hang in there!

    Teaching with Moxie

  21. OMGoodness! I am so sorry friend! You and dentists really do not get along! I hope you are starting to feel better and I look forward to seeing you soon... Xoxo P.S. I think PB cups will melt if you suck on them....that sounds like a "soft" diet!!!

  22. BTW.. Looks like your about to have 1600 followers!!! I know I am still your #1 fan...hahahahaha :)

  23. Yes I've had that lovely procedure and it made me have a lisp for quite a white! My children thought it was funny. I however was not amused. My periodontist also took skin from the roof of my mouth to do a graph on my lower gums. He set up a mirror so I could watch. It was cool. Be prepared for lots of milkshakes! And don't wait until your mouth starts hurting to take the pain medication.

  24. OMT - seriously. Hot Stuff. Did you know there's a WHOLE ENTIRE MOVIE just about him? It's called Thor. I am not making this up. So yeah, you get to see a WHOLE LOT MORE OF JUST HIM without other distractions. Plus, I think you would understand the Avengers a lot more. Talk about a Hot Diet. Isn't that what you called it?

  25. Kristin,
    I thought your title, Frenectomy was super scary. I had never heard the word before, but I am really, really good at figuring out what words mean. Hmmm ... I thought ... FREN must be short for friend and I know that ECTOMY means you remove something so I guess Kristin is removing her friends. WHAT??!! NO, NO, NO! I read your post in super speed because I was so scared you were removing me (just like people can "unfriend" you in Facebook). I didn't relax until you finally told us what frenectomy means. Phew! I am now relaxed and calm. So sorry that you had to go through such an icky procedure! But it could have been worse ... you could have had a friendectomy.
    Love to you,
    An Open Door

  26. I am an OMGosh gal too!

    You are always having some kind of adventure or crisis...I guess I lead a pretty boring life! Lol!

    The no alcohol thing needs to be looked into...doesn't he know that you are a teacher??!!??

    Heather's Heart

  27. What a tramatic day! My daughter had that same procedure, but on her upper gum and lip. But she had time to prepare...go out for a special dinner prior to surgery, stock up on videos, buy lots of soft foods...and get lots of TLC. You didn't get the prep time! Not fair! Here's to a quick recovery...(clink of wine glasses)...oops, it's only 8:30 am...and you're not drinkig...ugh!

  28. I feel so bad for you! I am in grad. School to become an SLP and we were just talking about this procedure the other day! It is common for children or used to be but more and more docs. are shying away from it. It used to be done if it was too short or too long and was affecting speech. I'm so sorry and I hope you feel better soon!

    Primary Punch

  29. Oh my...when you said you were going to the perio., I foolishly thought it was for a root canal (tells you what I know about dentists!) - yikes! I hope you're doing okay! Lisa

  30. Kristin, I had to have the same surgery when I was 14! The doctor told me that is the most painful place in your entire body to get a numbing shot. I feel your pain!

  31. Umm...gum graft - NO! You need a second opinion. Let me just tell ya, my brother had a gum graft recently. Not good. He lost 15 lbs (he was not big to begin with) and was in serious pain for weeks. My aunt is his dentist. I think she likes to try experimental torture techniques with our family from time to time. I'm smarter than him. I have a different dentist. I'm worried. Do you really have to do that? People never had gum grafts before. Oy...

  32. This is awful, what does this say about the dental community at large???? I mean, seriously, frenectomy's are being performed without us even knowing about it! And they are monitoring our teaching, call the frenectomy police and alert the press, this is insanity! I have a dentist appointment on Monday, I think I may cancel.

    Faithful in First

  33. Kristin,

    I am your newest follower! Your blogs make me laugh. This one especially because I had a gum graft a few years ago. I was asked if they wanted to use the skin from the roof of my mouth or cadaver skin. I looked at the dentist and said...."dead people's skin in my mouth...uh, no thanks!" I am new to the blogging world so come check out my bog if you get a chance. Do you teach/live in California? I am in El Dorado Hills near Sacramento.

    Happy Friday!!

  34. UGH! I am so sorry. There is nothing worse than a trip to the dentist. Especially when they want to do "things" to your mouth. I had an emergency root canal over winter break...what a miserable weak. I can't even imagine what you're going through. Hang in there and ask for the good pills!

    Smedley's Smorgasboard of Kindergarten

  35. Ewww! This perio is a sneaky bugger! Watch out!

    I have to have a gum graft and am dreading it. We should schedule on the same day and be in pain together.

    2B Honey Bunch
    Honey Bunch Blog Design

  36. Hey I've awarded you with the Versatile Blog and One Lovely Blog awards. Head on over and pick them up!
    Kate :)

  37. I literally just had the gum grafting surgery on Monday. Should I say it's wonderful ??? :( I'm no longer in pain, but I'm STARVING!!! Good luck!!

  38. Ouch you poor thing! I had a root canal retreatment a couple of years ago (for a root canal that was 18 yrs old). I remember sitting in the chair at the endodontist's office throughout my 45 min appt, I wonder if this is how people who are tortured felt, like the experiments performed on people during WW II. I know, bizarre musings, bust as I sat there with this weird contraption keeping my mouth open, that is where my mind went. Glad you are doing OK.

  39. Kristin, I love reading your blog. I check it out daily. I too have had the same procedure, but also had to have that bit of gum removed from the upper lip as well. It was so long that it went in between my front teeth and I had a gap between them. Thank goodness I didn't get both procedures done at the same time. Just be glad you are not at school now. Enjoy eating all the ice cream and have a great week.

  40. Oh, Kristin! That's awful-
    I couldn't imagine having stitches in my mouth-especially when I wasn't expecting it!
    Anything that results in stitches- IS surgery....you should be on complete bedrest!!!

    ☞Go NuTTY with ME!


  41. I am so sorry friend. Why do these things always happen to you? I pretty much went to Snow White to see the Huntsman. Swoon! I think soft diet=ice cream, don't you? I wish we lived in the same part of the state so I could bring you some and we could watch a chick flick in our pjs! Feel better!
    Finally in First

  42. My 18 month old had an "involuntary frenectomy" when his upper frenulum was accidently severed after his 16 month old cousin shoved him down on our deck and fell on top of him. Voluntary or involuntary- not fun!

  43. I forgot to tell you in case the perio didn't, sloshing warm salt water around in your mouth gently really helps with the pain. You can also dissolve an aspirin ( if that's ok for your heart) in warm water. Both are very soothing.

  44. I am a little crazy about Thor also! I noticed you've seen Avengers and the Huntsmen... but have you seen the movie Thor. You should.... just imagine a whole movie only about Thor. My husband thinks I'm crazy for watching it all the time.

  45. OMT! Haha, so funny! I am a fan of Chris Hemsworth, too! Lucky for me, my husband thought the Huntsman was a "cool character." Yes, that is a direct quote! Haha! :)

    Hope you're feeling better soon!

    ~Heidi V.

  46. This is what's happens when I can't check my emails in several days and read them backwards. I saw where you had stitches but had no idea what they were for. And then, when I read this, I didn't even look at the heading of the blog and went OMG (gosh and I would have went OMT but didn't know to yet) when I saw it was a frenectomy. I must say that's very unusual to do it in the same day. I mean, you need preperation for that! At least enough to psych yourself up for it! And you've got to be given some sort of anesthetic - were you by yourself? Did you drive yourself home after that?! My daughter had a frenectomy almost three years ago when she was four. Stitches, anesthetic and everything but hers dissolved. And she got a balloon. I hope you at least got a balloon.

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