My Eyes

Those two words always make me think of the Friends episode when Phoebe sees Monica and Chandler kissing for the first time.  Phoebe is in Rachel's apartment and Monica and Chandler are across the way in Ross's apartment.  Anyways, she screams, "My eyes!  My eyes!"  I love it.  It's as if she's being tortured.

So . . . my eyes.  I am being tortured.

They're playing tricks on me because it is either too early for me to be up on a Friday morning of summer vacation, OR something is wrong with my blog.

I do not like this font.

I think it's . . . (hold your breath, look away, peek through your fingers) . . . Times New Roman.   No offense to any Romans who are new.  Or on time.  Or who read The Times.

But I do not like it.

I do not.  It makes me feel . . . gross.

I use Josefin Sans.  It makes me feel . . . good.  Comfortable.

So I went back into the Design part of this blog (of which I did not design, but I do know where you change the fonts and such), and it says I'm using Josefin Sans.  


So I "applied" it again.

It says it "applied".


What is going on??????

Also, when I click "Default Font" on the Compose part of my posting box, it will not stay there.  It refuses.  I don't know why it's so mad at me.

Do you see what I see?  Are you screaming, "My eyes!  My eyes!"???????????


P.S.  This was not the planned post for today.  So I may be back.  Prepare yourself.


  1. lol, I see Josefin Sans, so your post looks simply lovely :)

    My iPad was making my blog font look weird this morning, but then my regular laptop loaded the fonts just fine.

    Blogger should know to never mess with teachers, our blogs & font!!


    3rd Grade Thoughts

  2. Your post doesn't look like Roman...I think it's the font you like.

    I'm giggling now though :)

    Journey of a Substitute Teacher

  3. When I type my posts it shows Times New Roman on the dashboard but once I hit publish, it changes to cuteness. :) I don't see Times New Roman on your blog either!!

    The Learning Tree

  4. Usually you'll see Times New Roman in the editing box while you're typing the post, but it actually publishes as the correct font!

  5. Bahahaha! Girl, you seriously made me laugh out loud.

    We see Josefin Sans, and it looks lovely.

    Times New Roman is quite atrocious. The ONLY time I can handle it is if I'm writing a paper (which, THANK GOD, is not happening right now in my life!). I sometimes see teachers making copies of yucky looking worksheets with yucky looking fonts, and I would love more than to snatch them and change the font immediately.

    Does anyone else understand what I'm saying?

  6. I see a clean, funky sans-serif font...I think the one you like! No Late Romans here!


  7. Oh My Sweet Pal, Kristin:
    That is one of my FAVORITE Friends episodes (Time Warp: I once saved it on VHS!)
    Originally I thought this post was about your vision more literally, and I thought the associated Friends episode would be the one where they are tackling Rachel to put drops in her eyes... Also funny!
    Thank you for the SWEET comment on my blog. I am happy to be back in BlogWorld. Summer feels so luxurious!
    Your vision and your font selection are fine. And only Romans reading The Times might see the font you dislike!
    BTW, I don't have Josefin Sans on my computer, so this font is reserved solely for you and your blog on my computer...

    Finding JOY in 6th Grade

  8. You crack me up.......I don't know what or who josefin is so I can't help you.....I think it looks fine though:)

    4th Grade Frolics

  9. p.s. My teen boy says that "my eyes, my eyes" when we walk through the "girl" section of Target...bras, undies....lol

    4th Grade Frolics

  10. My blog fonts have been messed up since late last night.
    The blog title, blog posts and headings have all changed to some default font. I googled the problem and found a post about it but no fix yet. I hope it goes back to normal soon!

    Here's the link:

    Yearn to Learn Blog

  11. I was worried about your eyes when I saw your blog title on my blog roll - thank goodness you're a-OK! Blogger does have a mind of its own, does it not? Thanks for always finding a way to keep us in stitches. You are VERY funny indeed.

    Sending summertime smiles,

    The Corner On Character

  12. Another thought, do you have a Mac? Maybe we are seeing different fonts on our blogs because it is a Mac issue?
    I should have the font "Coming Soon" in my blog posts, but to me it is a way different font that is showing.

    Yearn to Learn Blog

  13. Okay, now I am questioning my font on my blog too. What do you all see? I've used multiple computers, and when I've brought up my blog I always see my pretty font. However, I just went to my blog page on a computer in my condo's lobby and it is showing up as TIMES NEW ROMAN.


  14. I'm using an IPad and I see the yucky Times. Maybe it is a Mac thing. Hopefully it will be resolved soon!

  15. I see Helvetica....

    Just kidding...

    Still cute as a button...

    No TIMES!

    Crisscross Applesauce in First Grade

  16. I see Helvetica also!! NO Times New Roman...that font makes me feel like I'm back in time with the Romans (no offense to the Romans!). Girl you are good to go! Thanks for making me laugh though-- your posts crack me up! :)

    Learning Is Something to Treasure

  17. It looks okay to me. Are you using your iPad cause mine sometimes does funky things, but also it's your eyes rebelling because there are no more of those chocolate eggs you like and your eyes are not planning on working right until you eat some.


  18. I'm on a mac... only see Josefin Sans here.

    Maybe it truly IS your eyes? ;/

  19. HAHA! You have many people trying to help! When I use Internet Explorer on my GoogleSite, it comes out in this nasty, TimesNewRoman-y font but when I open it in Firefox or any other computer, it is just fine. Maybe it's just MY computer? I don't know, good luck! I'm a new follower! Mostly because you just cracked me up with your Friends reference and we share a disgust for ugly fonts. =)
    Kindergarten Schmindergarten

  20. Opening in my email it's Times New Roman, but on the website it's your usual font.

  21. Same font as always for me...but Internet Explorer messes up everything FYI. Just saying.
    2B Honey Bunch
    Honey Bunch Blog Design

  22. It looks different to me when I go through Internet Explorer...it look good through Google Chrome.

    I bet only teachers can name and identify about 100+ different fonts. I feel like we are doing a police font line up! =)

    Heather's Heart

  23. Haha Friends is my favorite show and I love that episode! Your font looks fine! And I totally understand your dislike for Times New Roman. Who even uses that anymore??

    Sara :)
    Smiling In Second Grade