What Happens In Vegas

Well . . . I never intended not to post for four days.  It just accidentally happened.  

As you know, what happens in Vegas, Gods knows.

So all of you can know, too.

First, I didn't bring my laptop.

Second, I did bring my Ipad, but it was only allowing me to work in the HTML format and that, my friends, is frustrating.

Third, I had to pay $20 for 3 days of WiFi.  I did.  But it was horrible WiFi and if I was the confrontational type, I would demand my money back.  But I'm not.  So mostly, I just complained to any family member near me who would listen.

Fourth, I was at the pool a lot.  In it, next to it, by it, etc.  

Fifth, I had to finish reading Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn.  Enough said.

Sixth, my family is here.  Obviously, I need to pay a bit of attention to them.

Seventh, when we got home yesterday, we had to catch up on TWO Big Brother episodes and watch the Opening Ceremonies of the Olympics.  (And in between, watch other things, and then click back to see if the United States had walked in yet.  It's really too bad we're U.)

Meanwhile, during the second episode of Big Brother, we kept trying to shoo the kids out because it's not exactly . . . kid appropriate.  And my six year old nephew turned to me, pointed, and said, "You're addicted to this!"

My sisters and I cracked up.  And then shoo-ed him out of the room.

I am not addicted.  I am just a fan.  And I like to keep up on the lives of the people in the Big Brother house.  And it doesn't mean anything that I know the shoe sizes and the names of the pets of my friends the contestants.

I actually don't have an addictive personality.  Not an addictive bone in my body, as a matter of fact.

I just like things.

Like blogs.  And chocolate.  And coffee.  And school supplies.  And books.  And Real Housewives.  And bachelors and bachelorettes and pads.  

On our way to Vegas, we stopped at a Bob's Big Boy.  We used to eat there as a family all the time.

The service was HORRIBLE.  

A party of about . . . 20 something came in after my family of 8, and they were served their food first.  We were told "they knew what they wanted".  

We knew what we wanted too, but there wasn't a waitress to tell it to.

The table of 5 across from us also waited FOREVER.  Eventually, they got up and WALKED OUT.  Just walked out.  

I would have done the same thing if I was from a confrontational family.  

I'm not.  We all just sat there and complained to one another.  The closest we got to walking out was to stand up halfway and ask for more ketchup.

Then, I had a scuffle in the restroom.  Which is not the place to have a scuffle because it's gross.

But all the stalls were taken so I had to wait.  I was the FIRST in line.  And then two women came in, passed me, and stood in FRONT OF ME in FRONT OF THE SINKS.


And, sure enough, some more people showed up and guess where they got in line?

BEHIND ME.  Because they were NORMAL.  That's how a line forms.  I'm sure all of you kinder teachers are saying "I hear ya, sister!"  I mean, did these ladies never go to kindergarten????

Can you see where this is going?

Because if you think that when the first available stall was open that one of those women IN FRONT OF ME tried to go in it, you are CORRECT.

I whispered, "I was next."

And then I cried.

On the way home from Vegas, we stopped at IHOP.  Everyone had breakfast except for me.  You know how I feel about breakfast.  But my club sandwich did have bacon on it.  Plus, the ranch for my fries was a bit of dairy so I considered myself all set.

Anyways, our waitress there was AMAZING.

No joke.  She was also super cute and adorable.  We were ready to adopt her.

Instead, we left her a GIGANTIC tip with a note.  We wrote her a note.  Like we were in highschool.

And I'm happy to say that there were NO restroom issues at IHOP, either.

I think that takes care of my excuses.

I was ALMOST finished with my Gold Tags Part 2 post, but thought I needed to explain where I've been for the last four days.  So I'll finish that and post it tomorrow like a good blogger.  Wouldn't want to blog twice in one day.  (Oh, yes I would!)

So now you know what happened in Vegas.  And so does God.


  1. I loved Gone Girl! I just finished it and I could not see half of the twists coming. I couldn't put it down.

    Swimming into Second

  2. At least your visit to Bob's Big Boy gave you a good story to tell. You'd think lining up would be easier for adults than for kinder kids! Hope you had a great trip.
    First Grade Found Me

  3. Haha we waited for-ev-er for the United States to come out too! We kept complaining about being at the end.

    Sara :)
    Smiling In Second Grade

  4. So I know what book I'm getting next! Your blog post had me dying laughing. I am so sorry all of those things happened!! I'm leaving for vacation tomorrow and am having SERIOUS guilt about not being able to post for SEVEN DAYS! I might have to try and cheat a bit :) Hope the rest of your trip was amazing!

  5. Sorry you had so many mishaps! Can't wait to read part two about your Gold Tags!! I'm going to try it this year. :)

  6. OY...if it makes you feel any better, we're the same darn way...just grump and fuss but never actually do anything about it. Good for you to leave a happy note...I like that! ;)

    Crisscross Applesauce in First Grade

  7. Oh Kristen, you crack me up!! Looking forward to your gold tags post!


  8. I feel your pain! I just returned from a non-vacation (don't ask) and had to "borrow" internet from the neighborhood.

  9. This is soooo funny. I was actually laughing while reading this. This is probably my favorite post of all times. LOVE IT... Stephanie

  10. And now your newest follower! http://primarypossibilities.blogspot.com/


  11. I just started Gone Girl!

    Stop by soon.
    I am having a Give Away - Stop by & Enter to Win.


  12. I hate that you pay a lot of money for a hotel and you have to pay for internet (should be part of the price of the hotel)!

    Hope everything else in Vegas was fun.

  13. Hello My Sweet Non-confrontational Friend:

    I have to type this quickly because the Internet at THIS hotel goes on and off without warning. I have been sending you good wishes for the last few days without knowing exactly why. And now I know exactly why... I'm so sorry about Bob's. Your post filled my mind with visions of the Bob's hot fudge ice-cream-and-cake that sustained me through all four years of high school...

    Finding JOY in 6th Grade

  14. Thanks for making me laugh. I was having a pity party. (no one came but ME) Your post gave me something else to think about - and to realize that it's not all about "me." Thanks.
    Susan in NC

  15. So the whole time I was reading this post, I thought is was Rachelle's post from WTTW. (Cause the title about Vegas - and I knew she had just been...) And I kept thinking, "This really sounds like Teeny Tiny Kristin - how cute!" Until I got to the end and saw KRISTIN. Duh. Anyway, I will be heading from L.A. to Utah in a couple days, and I will be sure to stay away from the Big Boy.

  16. lolololol!!! I cannot stop laughing!! I so get the non-confrontational family feeling! And WHAT were those women thinking in the rest room?? Do they know who you are????

  17. I loved Gone Girl too-I don't read very fast typically, but I could not put it down! Sounds like a great trip!