Printing and Penmanship and other P words


Did you make it?

I did.

We got our morning recess AND our lunch recess.  And then it was determined that the blacktop was too hot for our afternoon recess.  The blacktop that is actually more of a light gray.  But, hey?  Who am I to argue?  Or complain?  Or whine?  Or gripe? 

Not me.  


I might have growled, but it was just a natural instinct, and not on purpose or thought out in any way.

So, I had some comments about the printing on my whiteboard.

One of the first comments was from my BBFF, Hadar.  She wanted to know how I could write that high.


I'll just go on record and say that the whiteboard doesn't go to the ceiling.  

And I stand on my tiptoes.


Then I got several comments and a couple of emails about my printing.  That it was neat.  And could be a font.



No way.

I can't stand my printing on the whiteboard.  Mainly because it slants one way or the other . . . and I need to have the perfect marker.  And if I'm in front of the kids, it's super sloppy.  I wrote "Take One" for P.I.N. at least ninety three times before I was okay with it.

I DO like my printing when it's on paper.  And if I have the right pen.  And if I'm in a good mood.  And if the stars align.  And if I have ice cream nearby.


Close up Evidence

I don't know.  It's okay.  Sometimes I've been accused of writing too small.  Tiny, if you will.

Well, if that's not weird, then I don't know what is (well, maybe it was weird when I had last name envy of a pastor at our church this weekend whose last name was Boss, and instead of concentrating on the message, I thought about what it would be like to be called Mrs. Boss.  I still want to be married to my husband.  I just wish this pastor was my husband's father so we could be the Boss family, and my kids would call me Mrs. Boss.  I might have spent a weird amount of time thinking about it, is all I'm saying).

I think my printing slants too much.  I try not to slant in front of the kids.  In person, and in my printing.  

So . . . that's all.

I was just wondering about printing.  Do you like your printing? 


  1. Wow..I also had thoughts about your printing and wondering how you computer printed on those stickies..your penmanship is..just...wow. So neat. I even looked at your examples...are you sure you're not pulling our legs? So crisp and neat!

    I don't mind my penmanship if I can slow down and focus on neatness. I used to have killer printing. Sadly my printing (on the board) has worsened over the years...ironic huh?

    ~ Mizz J
    Apple Blossoms

  2. I'm a schizophrenic writer...it changes all the time. Sybil, if you will.

    Yours is really neat though...

    Hadar is a bully! ;) {Jussssst teasing}

    Crisscross Applesauce in First Grade

  3. I've heard a lot compliment my printing, but some days, it's just bad! Other days, I'm pretty proud. But I hear ya, writing on the whiteboard is almost impossible!


    I'm your newest follower. Follow me on


  4. I slant on the whiteboard too but without sounding braggy, I apparently have very neat printing, I am known for it, my big claim to fame.....way back when in teacher's college we had serious instructional time spent on printing.. Always love your random thoughts, brings a smile each time....

  5. Your writing is amazing!!! Mine is disgusting. And I am only a bully behind the screen Holly ;) Problem is, I have to see Kristin IRL...then what?? :/ lol

  6. I like mine, but I get major handwriting envy. And now I have to add yours to the list.


    Across the Hall in 2nd Grade

  7. I love my printing. On sentence strips. And the chalkboard. But chalkboards don't exist anymore. Only whiteboards. On those my printing looks really bad. And I'm glad I don't teach upper grades because they have to do cursive. Cursive....(shudder)

    Coloring Outside The Lines

  8. I like my handwriting not because it is so wonderful, but because I am so used to it. But I have a major problem with slant. It only happens when I am writing on large paper. Then my writing always goes downhill. Lots of times I have to rewrite charts because my writing angles down and makes my original chart look ridiculous. Another teacher at our school teases me about it. But I don't think it is funny at all! Boo hoo! Poor me!
    An Open Door

  9. Ok... here's the deal. You have that fancy new iPad, so please get that iFont program and make your printing into a font. I LOVE IT!

    I'm not kidding. This must be placed on your "to do" list!

  10. I'll call you Mrs. Boss, if you would like. Enjoy our non-heat, full recess week! Yay!

  11. I like my printing, my cursive not so much. I need to slant because the school I am at uses d'nelian, I spent 15 years as an educator using zaner bloser. I'm tired sorry to ramble.

  12. lol...you are so fun - love you! and I wish you worked next door to me :)

  13. We can call you Mrs. Boss if you'd like!

  14. Fantastic printing! What kind of pen do you like best?

  15. I am old enough that one of my "teacher classes" in college required us to pass off writing on the chalkboard. A quick brown fox jumped over the lazy dog. We also had to show that we could run a filmstrip projector and a ditto machine.

    @Kathy....I thought I was the only one who liked their printing on chalkboards, but not on whiteboards. When they asked me if I wanted them to put showerboard over my chalkboard to make it into a whiteboard...I said NO. Let me keep my chalkboard. Then I moved rooms. :(

    Terri Izatt

  16. Forget the printing, which IS awesome, you have THREE recesses? Get out! We are only lucky enough to have one! :) Sorry you didn't get your afternoon recess but yay you got your other two!

  17. You are my favorite! Your blog makes me smile every day! I like my printing.... Wish I could fancy it up like all the bloggers I see with their beautiful anchor charts on pinterest. I don't have a whiteboard or chalkboard in my room. I use my smart board and chart paper. If I print too quickly on the smart board the computer won't recognize it!

  18. I'm an oldster too, dittos, film projectors, thermofax and chalkboards. My finger have a little harder time printing now, especially on the whiteboards. One of our Back to Basics schools moved into a junior high and took out all the whiteboards and replaced them with chalkboards! I wonder how easy it is to get chalk? What about asthma and allergies? We now have our am and lunch recess back, 112-116 degree days were not fun! But it's ok for teachers to spend 30 minutes out on parent pickup and bus duty! I sympthasize, I can only reach 1/2 way up my board and it's set low.

  19. You always make me laugh! Printing is my one "claim to fame" and I'm usually suckered into being the scribe during Professional Development activities. This year I'm switching grade levels - 26 years teaching grade 1 and now I'm going to grade 3. My main anxiety is having to teach and write cursive (I call it cursed). Wish me luck!


  20. Your handwriting is incredible and could be a font! My stinks...for real.

  21. I hate my printing. my cursive writing is much nicer and it is quicker for me.

    Come check out my new blog/classroom. love to have new visitors :)

    Pre-Schooler Daze

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