A Thilly Story and Three Winners

Happy Friday to you!  I imagine most of my non-Pacific coast friends are not up because it's already late here so it must be even later where you are.  Unless you're across the world and it's already tomorrow.  In which case, don't tell me what happens - I want to be surprised!  (I got that from Chandler on Friends and use it whenever the hubs travels to Asia.  I'm a riot, I tell ya.)

Today, we were killing time  reviewing some sounds in the most fascinating way which I can't conveniently remember right now or otherwise I'd blog about it.  

At any rate, we had a little practice sheet/quick assessment/worksheet/blah blah blah with pictures on it.  The kids had to identify the pictures that had a certain sound which I also can't remember right now.  K?  M?  T?  I don't know.  It was important, though.  Trust me.

So we're naming all the pictures before we go back to our seats so that umpteen children do not attack me and chase me around the room with, "What's this picture?"  or  "What do you call this one?"  or "I'm hungry."  or even "My bottom hurts."

That last one happened today, just not during our Review Time.  It happened later.  I responded with, "The bottom of what hurts?"  Turns out, we had a little, um, er, well . . . it's not in my job description and this little guy needs some practice doing something that I'd rather not discuss here, in the classroom, or anywhere, for that matter, whereas he had absolutely no shame or embarrassment and announced it in front of his whole table group.  I mean, to each their own, right?  Hey, I ate too much at dinner tonight and I feel a little bloated, but you can bet I'm not going to bring it up to a bunch of people sitting at my table.  

Wait.  that's not exactly a good example.

Anyway, you can bet that some things in life should remain private.  I mean, I have certain things in my life that are private.  

Hmmmm.  Let's see here.  I won't ever talk about . . . well . . . I couldn't ever discuss . . .

I'm sure I'll think of something.

Anyways, we went through all the pictures and then we came to a thimble. You know, the sewing kind that I have never used because I have no clue how to sew.  And I'm sure I'd just stick myself with the needle a dozen times in the same manner that I burn myself with a hot glue gun over and over and over . . . no thimble necessary.

My kids did not know what a thimble was.  I said, "This is a thimble."

They started giggling. 


Confused, I said, "It IS a thimble.  People use it when they sew."


Still confused, and then wondering if I had spinach chocolate in my teeth,  I repeated, "THIMBLE."

A couple of kids called out, "SYMBOL!"

"No.  TH-imble."

There was a lot more laughter and a lot more, "SYMBOLS!" before I finally got it.

They thought I was being funny.  Since I'm tho thilly and all that.  

I laughed.  And laughed.  And then I got the giggles. 

I lost control of myself.  And my class.

Fun was had by all.

It was THO funny.  Theriouthly.


Thanks for the interest in the Daily Language Arts Skills Review pack that nearly killed me.

Big hugs.

Onto the winners!

Congratulations Melissa, Trudy, and Pam!  


I'm stuffed.

I feel disgusting.  Chips, salsa, flautas, and a salad will do that to a girl.

I've heard ice cream helps soothe upset tummies.  Right?


  1. hahahahh!! the funny thing is, I was totally saying "thimble" how you would say "symbol" so I totally got it! Your kids are funny!

  2. Ha! The thing I love about your teaching is that things get to be funny. I loved that about my teaching too. How could anyone possibly be serious? I mean just the idea is a joke setup. So there's this lady locked in a room with 25 kids under 7...

  3. Your kids are thhhoooo lucky to have you! We had a fire drill yesterday and of course there was a kid in the bathroom....because there's always a kid in the bathroom when the fire alarm goes off. Obviously. Anyways...I called for him to "hurry and come on..."

    He shouted back...OOOOKKK...I'm just wiping my booty!


    OK. Well...what do you say to that?


    Thanks for the laugh.

    By the way - I am hosting a GIANT giveaway on my blog. There is a LOFT gift card and products from over 20 fabulous teachers up for grabs.

    Come by and visit me! Easy to enter... so you can stock up on some cute stuff for your classroom...and for you!



    What Happens in First Grade

  4. Some of the pictures in some of my old "phonics" practice sheets crack me right up. I keep telling myself to make something new...another thad thtory? My kiddos were tripped up by a RADIO...it was an "old fashioned" transistor radio and they had no idea what it was and what it did...in our phonics song we have from about 10 years ago it says "Robby Rabbit Hops on Down to the Record Shop"...say what?!?!?! That's when it's time to pull out the 'ol record player....at which time begs the question "Were T.V.'s invented when you were little"...oy

    Crisscross Applesauce in First Grade

  5. hahaha....I saw the name Meliisa on the winner and let out a shout cuz I thought for sure I maybe had won! So sad.....I took a closer look and saw it was a different Melissa. What a let down!!!! Anyway....Love your stories. So I had a kiddo who was gone to the boys bathroom waaaaayyyy to long. When I asked what took him so long and he he stated simply "Duh,,,,I was just wiping my butt Mrs. C." in front of the whole class!!! Gotta love those first graders :)

  6. Thank you tho, tho much for the lanugage arts pack! ;) I am so excited to start using this in my classroom! Hooray!

  7. In these times of testing and yuck, it is nice to hear a funny story!!! I love it when the kids and I get a case of the gigles. They will remember that always!

    Lori @
    Bee the Change
    Mrs. Faas’ First Grade

  8. Very funny! I have had to explain yearly what a thimble is- they look at me like they have no clue. I know you're probably getting tired of it- but- tho cute!

  9. You are the best. An absolute laugh-out-loud guarantee. I wanna teach with Y-O-U!
    Growing Firsties

  10. Hee Hee, I make up names for the lunches, I.e. cold cat instead of hot dog, yestday it was rib e que, silence then somebody said what is it really. It took a while to convince them it was a legit name.


  11. EVERY time I have to explain what a thimble is I feel tho thilly. It's a strange word. :D
    Missed ya today!

  12. Haha! Too funny! The kids pick up on the most interesting things!! Have a great Sunday!

  13. This is a great story! I have an English Language Learner Level 1 this year again. He is always asking me what is ______? What is "sentence?" What is Count to 3?" Oh boy the kids get a kick out of it.

  14. I just have to tell you that my first grade team and I talk about your blog like we know you. Thanks for making us smile and for your great ideas!